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beskirted & manicured

    RR - 10K with fartleks, maybe at goal 30K race pace? I don't have a break at work so I'm going to come straight home from work, hope FB doesn't suck me in, and jump on the TM.  I could run after work but the work TMs have the 1 hour time limit, plus I can't blast music.


    TR - very contrary yesterday.  Didn't want to have his diaper changed, to eat, to sit on the potty, nothing.


    FR - ma po tofu again.

    5K - 24:10 | 8K - 40:41  | 10K - 51:40.6 | HM - 1:51:10 | 30K - 2:44:54 | Marathon - 3:59:26



      zorbs- good luck with the TM run later! i just keep my laptop closed/phone in purse so i'm not tempted to get on fb, lol. it's funny the stages kids go thru, somedays they're willing to do anything and others, the simplest thing is a battle. enjoy the tofu!



      RR: Mondays are recovery runs, 6-7 miles at a nice easy pace today. if it's warm enough I'll bring R with me.


      TR: had so much fun with his cousins this weekend! they all ran around like little maniacs, lol. he's definitely gotten taller as several pairs of pants are now high waters on him.


      NRR: great weekend with brother and family! the only downside was that my brother got sick on Sat afternoon and spent the rest of the weekend in bed with what sounded like the flu- fever, chills, body aches. ugh, i bleached and lysol-ed the entire house after they left, and SIL stripped the guest bed and washed the sheets for me. crossing our fingers that we don't get it!

      Back to my "normal" per diem schedule this week- training in the mornings 3x's a week, ah, so nice to get up at 5:15!

       5K: 19:15       Half: 1:29:35       Marathon: 3:13:08



        RR - I have lots of work to do this morning so won't have time to get out for a solo run before DH goes to work. Will do 9k loop on bike path with the stroller on the way to the grocery store this afternoon.


        BR (actually, I guess it's TR now!) - It looks like she's getting at least 2 teeth right now, if not 3. Got a rash following a bath with new baby bubble bath and still has a runny nose, so looks like a mess right now. But was still in a pretty good mood yesterday.


        FR - The whole weekend was a junk food spree so today will be lots of salad!


        NRR - S's first birthday party was lots of fun on Saturday. She finally went down for a nap at 3:30 pm, only to wake up half an hour later when she heard people arriving. Between that and teething, she was a bit fussy for the first while, but after some Tylenol and chocolate cake, she perked right up and was tearing around with the other kids. We actually had close to 50 people come by, though thankfully they did not arrive all at the same time! By 11 pm there was a small group of friends still here who wanted to watch some UFC thing, so I gave them some leftover food and beer and convinced them to take DH and go to someone else's house and then I went to bed. Lol.




        zorbs - Have a good run! I turn the FB notifications off on my phone when I don't want to get sucked in. How much faster is your 30k pace compared to MP? It seems like it would be  tough to figure out pace for that in-between distance, but I guess you've done ATB quite a few times so know what you're doing!


        rg - Glad you had a good weekend with the fam but too bad about your bro! That is exactly how I felt when I got sick last week - the worst was over for me in 2 days, so I feel like I might have had to flu but it was short-lived since I had a flu shot. The 5:15 am wakeup must really feel like sleeping in after waking up at 4 am for weeks!

        5k - 20:46          10k - 41:27         10 mile - 1:15:32          Half marathon - 1:39:15      


          zorbs - Have a great run...hope you can fit it in right after work.  Sorry B was so off yesterday.  Hoping today is better.


          rg - Glad you guys had a great time with your brother and his family.  Boo to your brother getting sick...I hope you all can stay healthy.  Have a great run today.


          ernie - Dang you are a multitasker...9K loop with stroller on the way to the grocery store...supermom!!  I was anxious to hear about the party. Glad it went well and that you had a great turn out.  I am so happy that despite such a short nap that S was in a good mood.  LOL to sending the friends off with food...I would have done the same thing.


          RR - Did 10 on Saturday...was supposed to do 12 but I wasn't feeling it...ugh.  I was so angry with myself the rest of the day for giving up.  Add me to the list of bad runs.  Sunday was better and I did a good 8 mile run.  My legs are dead and its been a week since my last rest day so I am trying to decide if I should take it today or tomorrow.  The weather is supposed to be great today and horrible tomorrow.  I might just do a quick 5 outside right after work.


          TR - Had sooooooo much fun at the huge indoor play gym birthday party we got to go to.  One of the workers took him up the gym and down the slide and he cried.  Then he wanted me to keep taking him.  After this 2 hour party I was exhausted!!  He was so funny eating a huge chocolate cupcake...he at the WHOLE thing too.  All the other kids left theirs 1/2 uneaten...not my kid...he had it up his nose, in his hair, everywhere...too cute.


          NRR - Teaching observation take 2...At 10:20 a.m. it will be over...I so hope it happens and he doesn't get called away again!  GRRRRR!  Wish me luck.  I am feeling a tad unprepared for today and am so tired I can barely function.  Ugh.


          FR - Might do BBQ Chicken Pizza tonight...not sure.  Depends if I have time to make it...might save it for tomorrow.




            RR:  5 after work today.  I normally rest on Monday's but we have another round of PT conferences, so tomorrow is out for running.  It all works out though.  Will have 100+ miles for the month which is good.  Like Jen, I bailed on my 10 miles on Saturday at mile 7.  I was on the TM horribly hot, and just not feeling it.  I am mad, because thinking back I could have done it.  Did 5 yesterday and that felt pretty good.


            TR:  Was a pretty happy boy all weekend.  He took some really good naps.  We ended up going out Saturday night and had dinner at Panera and then shopped and all execpt one store he was really well behaved.  Got to stay up late (till 9) on Saturday and was still up at 6 on Sunday. Fun!


            FR:  All I could think about while running yesterday was what I would eat when I got home.  I had half a turkey sandwich (it was 2pm and didn't want to spoil dinner), sour cream and onion pringles, and an orange soda.  I was in heaven.  Topped it off with a brownie.  YUM.  


            NRR:  So, I have been thinking a lot about fun/creative ways to come out and tell everyone....but sometimes I feel I lack in the fun and creative department. (And I wanted to make sure some key people knew before reading it on here.)  Remember a couple weeks ago when I was so nauseaous and felt like crap and people were asking if I was pregnant?  Little did I know.....  I went off the pill around the holidays because I hated the one I was on and wasn't getting a period.  So, DH and I decided that if we do want another, I should go off and give my body some time to figure things out.  A couple Fridays ago (the week I wasn't feeling well) I had some bright bleeding and figured it was AF.  Yay!  We can start figuring out cycles.  Well, by noon it was gone.  DH and I decided that maybe I should take a test "just in case".  Told a friend it would be a BF (Oh Shit) if it was a P.  Well, even with all of MY perfectly laid plans, God had different ones.  I am rambling....long story short, I am due October 1st.  We are thrilled (well, I am a little scared) and have a lot of logistical things to figure out, but have 9 months to do so, well, 7.  I will be 9 weeks tomorrow.  Our parents don't know yet, so we definitely aren't out on FB and I am not sure I will do a "big announcement"  we shall see.  Okay, I will end my novel there!  Happy Monday, Ladies!

            Upcoming Races: 

            Gazelle Girl 1/2 Marathon 4/13 - 1:48:46



              YYYYYAAAAAAAYYYYYYY Go MER!!!! That is just the best news of the week!!! Congrats!!

              5K 21.12   10K 50:12   HM 2:07   FM 3:50:31


                Omg Mer!!!' I knew it!!! Comgrats!! So happy for you Smile

                 5K: 19:15       Half: 1:29:35       Marathon: 3:13:08



                  RR: 4m easy with DS.

                  NRR: DH begins his work at the data centre so we are on our own in US! I am very excited to be independent here and we have a million jobs to do. Uber quick post for me as I have to get cracking. And I have to keep a really close eye on DS in this house as I haven't been on my own with him in it yet and don't know it inside out.

                  BR: has a bit of a sniffly nose but it is getting better.

                  FR: grilled chicken breast, broccoli and sweet pots.

                  5K 21.12   10K 50:12   HM 2:07   FM 3:50:31


                    Mer - I knew it!!!  LOL!  Congrats to you guys.  That is awesome and don't be too scared...you will figure everything out over time.  Have a great run today!  Sounds like you had a good weekend and had some yummy eats to add a few poundsSmile


                    Bermy - Enjoy you run and first solo day in the US.  I hope you get a lot of things done.  Glad DS is feeling better.  J's cold seems to be getting worse again...he woke up a few times coughing again.  He just can't kick this thing.  Have a great day!


                      Mer - now i am thinking... what do you make someone who is already freakin awesome at crafts.... hmmmmm.

                      5K 21.12   10K 50:12   HM 2:07   FM 3:50:31


                        Wow Mer, congrats!!!!  How are you feeling?  100 miles for the month and pregnant.  Can we say supermom??  I hope I can be like you when I have #2.


                        RR:  SRD.  Ran 20 m Saturday and 5m yesterday.  My legs weren't even a tiny bit tired on Sunday which was awesome.  I think I can finally see how all of these miles are paying off.


                        BR:  Yesterday we took him to an indoor play place in the morning and he had so much fun.  He was just running around smiling and laughing.  He is such a happy baby.  Then, I let him paint in the tub with some homemade paint.  Well, almost as soon as he got in there he squatted down and pooped.  Guess he didn't feel like pooping...  Tough to clean since of course he and everything were covered in green paint.


                        NRR:  Day care has a 3 hour delay because it is on an airforce base and the base has a 3 hour delay.  Of course, school is on time as usual.  Thank goodness for my mom or I would be in big trouble.

                        5k - 21:32  FM - 3:27:40


                          rr: srd. 5 miles yesterday at 7:42 pace! can you tell i really didn't want to be on the tm?! faster i run, the faster i can get off.


                          tr: back to reality. dd1 was exhausted this morning when i woke her up for school. she hasn't had school since last monday due to snow day/scheduled no school days.


                          tr2: dd2 just came downstairs in her underwear to show me all her nail polish is off of her fingernails. (she was supposed to be getting dressed upstairs)


                          br: my little man.


                          nrr: going through a "relfection period" as one of my best guy friends calls it. he's going through one too and we decided we hate it.


                          fr: hamburgers last night. dh made beef/pork in a dutch oven for sandwiches for tonight. i could smell it all the way up in our room. yum!!!


                          zorbs: good luck on the tm! contrary: a very good word to describe a toddler.


                          rg: so glad you had fun with your brother and family. boo the flu! hope it stays away from you guys!


                          ernie: glad s's party was a success. yup, i would have done the same with the dh and friends!


                          jen: good luck with your observations (again!) today! i'm sure it'll be great. what class is it? glad j had fun at the mock birthday party. how was your review of it? Wink


                          mer: congrats! getting pregnant accidentally is way better than actually trying!


                          bermy: having a house so big you can lose your kid in it...wish i had that problem! Wink


                            YAY mer!!!! 


                              Morning!  VERY stressful day yesterday.  More drama with my mom and the kiddo that she watches.  The father in the situation basically blasted on FB for her to go to hell.  Not having it.  No how, no way.  He's a drug addict but that's still no excuse.  I am running on a mountain and had to stop and call my bro to get him aware of the situation and tell him to handle it.  Then I had a good run afterwards Smile


                              RR:  3 easy today.  Massage after work.

                              TR:  Super crank this morning.  Wanted to lay in bed and watch spiderman.  Don't we all buddy.

                              FR:  Uh, grilled cheese and soup maybe?


                              Ok, got to get cracking on some divorces then I will be back for personals.


                                Mer:  Hooray!  I had a guess with the way you had been feeling but I hate when I feel bad and everyone asks me if I am preggo so I kept my mouth shut Smile