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First time poster here and a question! (Read 141 times)


    Hi all! I've been a lurker here and on RWOL (not RWOL anymore with all that crazy spam! Free illegal passport? No thanks) and I've finally got a burning question. I'm a relatively new runner (since May this year) but I was wondering if anyone else ever felt like running was tougher during their TOTM? I've made significant gains in my endurance since I started running but this week it's just been SO HARD. Like the my easy neighborhood loop was just ugly this morning Sad My breathing was terrible and my legs were just terribly heavy. I was also taking my new Mizunos for their first run but that couldn't have been the cause...right?

      Well, that's the first time I've seen that acronym, but the answer is yes. As with any number of things, running can be more tedious when you have your (gasp!) period.


      Naturally, since men don't have their period, there hasn't been much research done on cycles and running, but the consensus is that you can feel pretty draggy during your...uh...TOTM.


        Haha I'm sorry Smile I've become too settled into the ways of another forum where they use that acronym frequently. Thanks for your input!

          Welcome!  I no longer have periods but thought it would have an impact on some women.  In a very brief seach, I found this nonscholarly, but interesting, article about it. 



          BTW, the acronym makes perfect sense.



            Some women find working out during menstruation harder, others easier. Logistics do tend to be a little more complicated if you are doing a long distance or trail race and have to change a tampon or empty a diva cup periodically (um, no pun intended).