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    Good morning ladies!


    I'll be running my first full, the Richmond Marathon on November 16, 2013!



      RR: Had a good weekend of workouts - about 4 mile bike ride with G on Saturday. We tried out the bike seat that we got him and went to the park. I haven't biked in ... 18 months or so. G loved riding on the seat though. Sunday I did an Eminem / 8 mile LR. It was decent. I love that 8 miles no longer feels like a big deal to me. I hope by the time that marathon training starts, 10-12 miles starts to feel like this.


      NRR: Had a nice family weekend. I had to do a TON of work on my grant (probably like 8-10  hours total) but in between working we had a lot of fun. Yesterday we took G out on his little tricycle that my dad got him for his birthday. This kid looooved it. Afterward we went out for dinner at a nice Indian restaurant as a family and then stopped at a frozen yogurt place. We made G a little sundae with the unsweetened tart yogurt and some berries, which he enjoyed! However, he woke up in the middle of the night screaming and with a fever of 102, so he is staying home with Big D to go to the doctor today b/c we think he has an ear infection. I am heading into work and hopefully putting the final touches on my grant and getting it all submitted to the grants office. I'm soooooo ready to be done with this thing. I hope that by tomorrow I can write that it is submitted!



      Lucy - any news on your grandma?


      MA - thinking of you! 


      I'll be running my first full, the Richmond Marathon on November 16, 2013!


      MA runner girl

        Sassy - Glad you had a nice weekend! Poor G, I hope he feels better soon. Good luck getting your grant done!


        ER: Planning on a walk after work. Though Ithere is a small chance for showers...


        NER: Somehow I am still pregnant. 8 days late today. I have an appt this morning for an NST to make sure little guy's doing ok and see if I'm contracting. Doesn't feel like it. We had a nice weekend. Saturday my high school BFF and her boyfriend came over for a few hours and hung out. We didn't do much but it was good to see them, they were bummed not to meet C since they live in Philly and don't come home much. DH and I just hung out that night, he was tired after working all day. Yesterday was Easter dinner at the inlaws. It was really nice and a good distraction. On the way home I started feeling a ton of pressure and cramping but of course I went to bed and nothing happened.


        Have a good day!

        PRs: 5k - 21:22, half marathon - 1:39:43, marathon - 3:37:16


          hi ladies!

          Monday... and yes, the april fools day here is totally that. weather is playing with us! seriously??!! 15 degrees this morning and felt like 4 degrees when I was out for my run!!


          RR: so did 2 miles this morning and planning another 2 tonight.


          NRR: M and I had a good weekend. went out to his Aunt's who was having a big family get together (from aunts and uncles to cousins to kids). It was fun. Sunday we had my parents over after church and they brought a friend along. We talked wedding stuff a little too. M worked on grouting the shower, then after prepping for a speaking engagement that I have today, I went down to help him. We're like 90% done. Talk about the longest project in the world.... but we're almost done. Smile


          sassy: I would love to be able to say 8 miles, no biggie! way to go! glad G liked his seat!


          MA: boo! hugs girl! you must be feeling done with pregnancy! Hope something happens today!


          back later.


            Morning Ladies!!


            Sassy- poor baby G! Sounds like you had a very busy, but fun weekend. Happy to hear that 8 miles is easy to you...that is such a great feeling!


            MA- sending you some vibes that your baby comes soon!! YOu must be getting so impatient to meet the little guy. hope you get a walk in tonight


            Lizo- that weather sounds horrible! I am so ready for spring at this point! We woke up to beautiful sunny weather, but it it supposed to get cold again. I bet you will be so happy when your shower project is done!


            RR- I am going to run tonight and see how the knee feels. I decided to roll it, stretch it and rest it last week and it is starting to feel better... hopefully I can get back out there and get training, but there is a part of me that is freaking out that I will not be able to run this marathon...


            NRR- had a nice weekend. my parents came down for easter so we made a big dinner on sat and then went out for brunch yesterday. It was nice to see them, but the weekend flew by!


              Good morning, ladies!


              RR: Fay and I went on a 6 mile hike yesterday to keep things loose. I just got back from my own Eminem this morning, first ever for a weekday run! I am excited! It helped that I rolled out of bed as soon as the alarm went off. This is great because I was looking to bump up my weekday mileage and now I know it's possible. Yoga tonight.


              NRR: Had a good weekend, got everything accomplished that I wanted to accomplish, so that is awesome. Oh man, though.. my crazy neighbor is moving out (WOOHOO) but when I got back from yoga on Saturday, a whole bunch of her crap was piled up on the porch in front of my apartment. I had to move it to keep the area open. Then last night, when I was walking Fay, she started to apologize and give me some story about how they had to move the stuff to get her furniture out, and I just about lost it. I mean seriously, couldn't she have moved it back before she left to be at her new place for about 10 hours? UGH I can't wait until she's gone. She acts like I'm the unreasonable one with my clearly define sense of personal space. WHEW Okay.



              Sassy - Sounds like you and G have a new activity you can share! I hope he feels better. Ear infections are the worst.


              MA - Dang, I was hoping you'd be in labor by now. Hope the appointment goes well.


              Lizo - Hurray for being almost finished with the shower!  That weather sounds crazy! It was in the low 70s here yesterday.


              KLM - Can you get in for a massage to help with your knee? Mine act up when my quads get really tight.


                Morning Ladies! Happy Monday!


                RR: Yesterday ended up being a rest day. It was raining, overcast and windy and I decided to rest. Which is fine with me because today begins my training plan for The Boliermaker 15K in July! Smile 3 miles and weights. This plan has me lifting 2x/week. I've decided that I'll do those runs on the TM and then lift afterwards. I'm hoping that the rest of my runs will be able to be outside! The weather has been getting warmer! I'm a happy girl! Smile


                NRR: 4 of my co workers are sick with strep, bronchitis and colds. UGH. We all work so closely with each other, especially througout the past weeks with state testing--we're been sharing rooms, tables, spaces and have all been working in collaboration with one another. I've got my fingers and toes crossed that I don't get sick. I don't do well with colds and coughing and all that wonderful stuff. Coughing, sneezing, headaches from having a cold all raise intracranial pressure and that makes my brain so uncomfortable Sad Hoping my immune system can kick any germs that may enter!


                Sparky: Hope G feels better! Nothing worse than a kiddo not feeling well. Sending healing vibes your way!


                MA: Sending you good vibes! Come on, baby! You can do it! I know your mommy has made a nice warm and cozy home for you in there. But the home out here is just as good! So, come on baby! Smile


                Lizo: UGH! felt like 4 degrees. That is awful! Hope it warms up for you!


                Klmc: Hope you knee feels better!


                  Outwest: Nice job on the 8 miles!


                    RLTW - Hope you can stay healthy!


                      Heyyyy DIVAs! Happy April! It's my birthday month! Big grin


                      Hope all of you had a great weekend! Mine was amazing. The bout was everything I hoped it would be, and more! We didn't win but we came together so well as a team! And the biggest shocker - I was named Bout MVP by the other team! Color me surprised!


                      RR - 3 miles and XT today. Back to the grind!


                      Workout stats for March:

                      Miles run: 65.2
                      Miles skated: 41
                      Miles on the spin bike: 82.4
                      Lap swimming: 3750 yds
                      Plus 8 derby practices, 5 strength workouts, 4 figure skating classes, 3 yoga classes, and an AMAZING bout. What a month!

                      San Francisco Marathon (Worth the Hurt™), June 16

                      Napa Valley Inline Marathon, July 14


                        Sparky: So glad G loved his trike! Sorry to hear he is sick, though!!!


                        MA: Hope you find out some good news about baby's impending arrival! Glad you got to see your BFF too!


                        Lizo: I feel so bad for all of you with this nasty weather!!! Ugh!!!


                        KLM: I am sorry to read that you've been having knee issues. I hope the rest and rolling helped!


                        OWR: Right on for getting in that Eminem!!! It's so hard on weekdays without a doubt! Your neighbor sounds like an absolute gem, I'm happy for you that she'll be gone soon!


                        RLTW: YEAH Boilermaker!!! I want to come back sometime and run it again - it still ranks as one of my all-time favorites!!! Getcha some!


                        Helloooooooooo everyone else!

                        San Francisco Marathon (Worth the Hurt™), June 16

                        Napa Valley Inline Marathon, July 14


                          good day so far....


                          dona: hope the knee keeps feeling better!


                          outwest: sorry about the crazy neighbor! glad she's moving!


                          rltw: sending some good strong vibes to your immune system that you stay strong!


                          athena: yay for being named bout MVP! you rock!


                          ok, back to putting equipment into rooms--- on my computer.


                            Morning girls! April already? Geeze Louise. Time Flies.


                            Klmc, Glad you had a nice time and that your family came for Easter! Go get a massage. I’m sure taking a few days off is all your knee needs!


                            Sassy, I love bike riding with little G on the back! Good luck with your grant writing, and I hope little G feels better today.


                            Lizo, Nice weekend with M and his family!! How’s the planning coming along?


                            Ma, What is an NST?  Best of luck dear. Hang in there!!


                            OWR, Great job with your run this morning! Did you cook any meals this weekend?


                            Athena, Yay for a great weekend! …


                            TriR: Had a nice heat run Saturday at noon in the middle of the day to acclimate a little to the heat, except the weather was gorgeous! Still very sunny! Yesterday did 33 miles on the bike and a 20 min brick run. Today running 4 after work and hopefully doing an OWS.


                            NTriR: Yesterday we went to the Keys for lunch to celebrate Easter. I didn’t do much this weekend but nap and work out. My dad is mailing me the wedding cards today so I should have them by tomorrow. Hopefully buying lace for veil today or tomorrow since the store is closed on the weekends. Have a great day girls!!! I'm also hoping for a massage or at least a 30 minute massage since my neck is so stiff I feel I have crazy glue and a whole bottle of aqua net on my neck....


                              Athena - Congrats on getting bout MVP!!


                              Mel - Ha! I prepped for some meals, but didn't cook very much. I am using up a bunch of leftovers from the freezer this week. I did go through pantry and take stock of what all I do have, so I can start using that stuff up. I know it doesn't really go bad, but I'd like to use up everything before I buy more.


                                Well no ear infection for G, just a virus coming on probably. Fluids, tylenol and rest. I hope he can go to school tomorrow b/c Big D can't miss any mor work and I have to take a bunch of days off next week b/c our day care is closed. One of the few times I wish we had family close by.


                                MA - hope the NST goes well, at least you had a nice weekend!


                                Lizo - oh 8 miles was still a big deal. just not as exhausting as it used to be.


                                gsd  - glad you had a nice weekend. Our weather is super nice today, but will get colder this week.  Spring is crazy!


                                OWR - eight miles on a Monday? I would post the the emoticon who bows if I could.



                                RLTW - the boilermaker looks like such a fun race!!


                                I'll be running my first full, the Richmond Marathon on November 16, 2013!