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Freaking out for Friday - Preggos (Read 29 times)

MA runner girl


    PRs: 5k - 21:22, half marathon - 1:39:43, marathon - 3:37:16

    MA runner girl

      Good morning! So happy for the weekend!


      RR: 3 miles last night, another 3 today. Not sure if they will be outside or inside, gotta see what the windchill is. I always prefer outside though...


      PGR: 31w5d. Midwife appt was good last night. I'm measuring perfectly and everything is good. Baby is head down still and she showed me how I could feel his head by pushing on the sides of my lower belly, which was so cool! I gained 2 pounds in 2 weeks, which I am FINALLY happy with! Yay! If I keep that pace, I will just barely meet my goal of less than 35 pounds. In even better news, my blood pressure was 108/70. Last appt it was 124/80, which is high for me, so I'm very relieved it was so much lower! I'm confident it was due to work, since this week has been much less stressful.


      NPGR: Not much here! Just work, and then excited for a relaxing weekend! We don't have much planned except for working on the nursery Smile

      PRs: 5k - 21:22, half marathon - 1:39:43, marathon - 3:37:16


        Good morningSmile


        RR: Had a nice 8 miles with 6 x mile repeat yesterday. Still feeling good on the road, just a little harder when I feel bloated all the time. Happy for the weekend to arrive. I'm looking forward to a chilly 5K in the morning and then a nice 15 miler on Sunday. You ladies really motivate me and give me hope that I can keep running through the pregnancy! I know I will slow down and have to cut back miles, but seeing what y'all accomplish is awesome Smile


        PGR: Not much changing. I mean, a lot is changing in there but I can't tell. Guess I'm stuck in that "am I really preggers" stage for a few more weeks. I think the emotional instability that I'm experiencing is proof enough though Wink My poor DH! Yesterday I called him almost in tears because he took my brand new thermal coffee cup to work and I hadn't gotten to use it yet. HA. He couldn't help himself he was giggling on the phone and I KNOW I sounded like a 3 year old whining, hahahaha.


        NPGR: Where did you guys buy most of your baby stuff? Online or in a store? We went to BabysRUs and I am just not impressed. I dislike the big box store, though I know for registering we will probably do there or Target. I want to find stuff for the nursery like wall decals and themes but I can't find a good site online. Any suggestions?


          Good morning ladies, sporadic poster here!


          MA - glad you feel good about the weigh-in and blood pressure, I stopped at the gym on my way home from work to weigh myself because it had been a couple weeks and I wasn't sure where I was at, it shouldn't be that big of a deal, but I feel like it's one of the few things I can easily track


          vegefrog - hello, I think I have a lot of the same questions as you, we're just getting really serious about looking at things for the baby, but not sure where to look, not really a fan of BRU either



          RR: Circuit/interval training yesterday, maybe just a dog walk and yoga today.


          PGR: 20w1d, I had DH take our first bump picture last night.  It's not a very good one (not FB-worthy or anything), but I'm kind of excited that I'm finally getting a bump!  As recently as this past weekend I had friends telling me that I still looked like I had just eaten a big meal, but now I think I'm starting to pop - lots of stretchiness and I'm rapidly running out of jeans that I can still fit into.  The other big news is that I've started distinctly feeling the baby move. Smile


          NRR: I've got a big presentation coming up in 2.5 weeks and my data just isn't there yet, it's going to be a busy next week or two, but I'm confident that I'll get something good together, it just isn't going to be as easy as I would like.


          GlassHalfFull from RWOL, new screen name inspired by screen name generator and Dr. Horrible Smile


            Hi all-

            MA - glad the mw appt went well. Yay for nursery prep!

            Vege- wow all those miles...sounds nice Smile So far we've gotten a lot of stuff second-hand off of craigslist.

            DrT - I loved when I started to feel movement. So exciting!


            RR - Ankle is feeling better, so went to bootcamp this AM. But didn't run there...drove. I think I may be ready to give up running for the next little while, but haven't decided for sure. Hope to swim and go to the gym or walk this weekend.

            PGR- 30w6days. Feeling really huge today. Ugh. Went to the chiro for the first time last night and it was good. But she wants me to come so much...I only have 12 sessions covered by my insurance, so kind of want to space them out.

            NPGR- We're hoping to do a lot of cleaning and organizing this weekend...not really baby related, but to make some room for baby stuff.


            Have a good one!


              Good morning!


              ER: Had my alarm set to head to the gym this morning, but when I got up to pee in the middle of the night, I knew my body was too sore from yesterday's activities. So nothing today.


              PGR: 35 weeks! Yikes! This kid could be here in five weeks... or today! I'm ready to be done but I do need him to wait a few more weeks so that I can feel more ready. I'm getting really unhappy with my remaining preggo wardrobe, seems like everyday I have something else that I really like that doesn't fit anymore or that has a big stain or something like that. I did order some layering tanks from Old Navy that I expect to be here by Monday, but that may not help a ton and I really don't want to buy anything else when I will be wearing only for a month or less. Maybe I can check out goodwill or something. I do have some bigger shirts that my sister gave me that I haven't worn because I didn't like them but maybe I'll have to just so I can at least cover my belly. Or I'll just have to whine about it every day a little. Joking I got really uncomfortable after DH's birthday dinner last night because I ate way too much, but luckily it seems that was just bloating because I feel better this morning. Among my soreness from yesterday's activity was what felt like my left SI joint, which isn't good because its usually my right that gives me problems and I certainly don't want to deal with it on both sides now.


              NER: Took yesterday off for a "sick" day to celebrate DH's birthday and also to get some work done. DH and I went out to breakfast, I got A's new dresser put together (minus the drawers), got to see a good friend and meet her 6-week-old (adorable! I'm so excited to have my own!) had birthday dinner and then got A some shoes for soccer. When I list it all, I did get a lot done yesterday, but I was hoping to get more done of course... But hopefully I can get the dresser drawers done tonight and tomorrow, then start moving A's clothes and washing/organizing P's clothes this weekend. A starts soccer tomorrow and my new stove is coming tomorrow! So it will be a fun and hopefully productive weekend. Unfortunately I won't know until this afternoon or tonight if the stove delivery will conflict with taking A to soccer. DH and I would both like to go to soccer but one of us will have to stay home if soccer is during the window they might deliver the stove.


                Good morning ladies!


                MA - That is really neat that your midwife showed you how to "feel" for the baby's position. I've always wondered how they can tell. Enjoy your relaxing weekend.


                vegefrog - Wow great job on the running! Sounds like you'll be motivating me to keep running through this pregnancy. Do you live somewhere where it's fairly warm and you can run outside?


                DrT - That's exciting that you're starting to show! I am just 12 weeks (w/#2) and already starting to look like I had too much for lunchSmile But it's definitely not a bump yet.


                Liz - That's great that your ankle is feeling better. Sounds like it might be a good idea to give up the running for a while.


                monk - Wow, just 5 weeks! Sounds like you had a very productive day yesterday and enjoyed some time with DH. Do you have any second hand kids/maternity stores near you? For some reason I thought that you might be in WI (which I am too) and I know we have a few places like that by us. They weren't around when I was preggo last time.


                  Sorry, forgot to include my personals.


                  RR: Rest day today.


                  PGR: 12w3d Had fun telling DS last night that he's going to be a big brother. I think he's excited, but knowing that he won't actually get to meet the baby for a while lessened his interest a little.


                  NPGR: Looking forward to dinner with a few friends tonight and excited to tell them my news. I am the maitron of honor for one of their weddings in May, so I hope she doesn't mind that I'm going to be 6 months preggo at her wedding. She knows that we were TTC for a long time, so I don' t think she'll be too surprised. The other friend and I shared a lot during the TTC journey. She is still struggling with infertility and starting to look at adoption options. I think it will be hard to tell her, but I know how it feels to be in her seat. Even though you may be happy for that person it's still hard to take when you aren't getting any results.


                  Can someone tell me if/how I might be able to join the Facebook group?


                    Laura - I just went back and read your post from yesterday. Thank you so very much for sharing your story. Wow! You and your family have been through so much and it sounds like you are all so strong because of it. I appreciate your honesty and strength and the reminder to have faith.


                    Ozzy - Thinking of you today. Imagining we'll have a birth story to read on MondaySmile


                      FB-related: For anyone not already in the group who wants to be, PM me your name and perhaps where you're from and/or a description of your profile pic if there might be more than one of you with the same name. I'll friend you and once you accept my request I'll add you to the group.


                      trozy: How did you know I'm from Wisconsin? I'm from Madison in fact, where are you? For this pregnancy I got a lot of stuff from my sister and also from Goodwill. In fact, I didn't buy a single new item for this pregnancy until I ordered the tank tops from oldnavy online the other day, but those reviews say they're good for nursing so hopefully I will get a bit more use out of them. Unfortuantely the Goodwill pickings can be pretty limited. Oh, and I'm really glad you had the good u/s yesterday!


                      I just went back and looked through yesterday's thread... so maybe today is the big day for ozzy? And I have to add to what the others said Laura after your post... I too am speechless. I can't imagine going through any of that. Thank you so much for sharing.


                      Will try to get back for today's personals around lunchtime probably... have to get caught up on a few things.


                        MA: I have a question. Did the midwife mention whether measuring perfectly meant that your centimeters were the same as the week you are on? I'm thinking that I may be a bit behind (most likely b/c my due date is probably off) b/c last time I went in I was 32w5d, but measured 31 cm. Just wondering if you know any details about that. I'm going to ask next time I go in. They have never acted concerned about my size. Nice job on the running! Have fun with nursery stuff this weekend.


                        Vegefrog: I think I must have missed when you joined! Welcome, even a bit belated. I sympathize with the ridiculous emotional stuff. I totally have gotten worked up about ridiculous things many times and my poor DH just weathers it out. I try to apologize when I've gotten overly emotional, though it sometimes takes me a while to realize it. Smile


                        DrT: Feeling the baby more distinctly is so much fun! I had to buy new jeans about where you are. If you find some that you like, you will be thrilled to have them. I adore the two pairs that I have. One is from Target and the other is from A Pea in the Pod (purchased very much on sale). They are super comfy.


                        Liz: Glad your ankle is doing better and that you can still do your bootcamp workouts. Feeling huge definitely is a day by day thing for me. The good thing is that you will still probably have days when you feel small, though they are fewer. I'm having a “small” day today. LOVE!


                        Monk: Wow, you're getting so close! I'm sure you are thrilled to be almost done. I know the last few weeks have been really tough for you. Hopefully you can find some cheaper clothes for the last few weeks. I have four shirts that I rotate constantly. I went on Target's website yesterday and saw that my favorite sweater is on sale, so I may do the whole $50 for free shipping and get another shirt and some baby things I need.


                        Trozy: Heard about your great ultrasound! Congrats! I know it must be so exciting and relieving to you to have that done! It must be awesome fun to tell DS too. How old is he? My sister tried to explain to her son but he was a little to young to get it. The funny thing is, now that his new sister is 7 months old he will still occasionally put his hand on my sister's belly and go “Baby?” Hahaha!


                        ER: Well, yesterday was a bit of a bust. Work might have counted as exercise. I pushed tons of heavy carts of dishes and lifted way too many stacks of plates, glass racks, and tables for 9 hours. By the end of the night I hurt more than I have ever so far in this pregnancy. Did an hour of prenatal yoga when I got home and I felt much better. At least I got enough relief from the general back and pelvic aching to sleep. I love yoga!


                        PGR: 33w1d. SPD, RLP and SI pain was really bad yesterday (due to the above mentioned work) but this morning it is under control and only the SPD is lingering. I'm feeling “small” today, probably b/c my bowels seem to have finally normalized. I'm trying to cut back severely on sugar. I think I've been eating too much lately and it's giving me headaches. Not cool.


                        NPGR: Made oatmeal with half an apple shredded in it and some almonds for breakfast. Yummy and warm, which I really needed. I can't wait for this cold weather to pass. I'm dreading the next electric bill. It has been very difficult to keep the house warm.


                        Sending good vibes to Ozzy! I bet we have a baby soon!


                          Running late this morning. I somehow got DS to sleep in with me until just before 9. So we're wayyy off schedule.


                          RR - Ran 2, half mile cooldown. When anyone else was at my stage of pregnancy (18w ish), did they find their butt/thighs were sore after a run? Sunday evening was the worst, though that was also 3 miles, but last night after my 2 I was shuffling once I got home from the gym. Not as bad as Sunday, but same muscle area. Does it go away as your body gets used to the shift in your center of gravity?


                          PGR - Not much. I feel giant but I'm sure it's just perception.


                          NPGR - I can't believe it's Friday already. This week flew by.


                          MA - Glad you had such a good appointment. I remember being shown that too about the baby being head down, isn't that a cool feeling.


                          Vege - There's a variety of places if they're around you (not sure where you are). I got room decor at IKEA, picked up a few cute things at Target (they have the Dwell studio collection, also online, that has cute stuff), Etsy has been known to have wall decals if you go that route, and you also never know what you'll get for your baby shower in terms of stuffed animals and blankets.


                          DrT - Dang girl, you're still fitting into regular jeans? Jealous! I'm going to post my next bump pic at 20w when we find out what we're having, it'll also be my FB reveal to anyone who might not know we're pregnant again and I'm sure you're much smaller than me. Smile


                          Liz - Glad you were able to make it to bootcamp. Good luck with all the organizing this weekend.


                          trozy - So cute you told your son about the pregnancy. My son is pretty clueless anything's going on with me, he just knows I don't like to be his jungle gym across my stomach anymore. Hope your dinner goes well and your friends are understanding.



                            I think measuring normally means within 2 cm of your weeks. So you should be fine. When I went in at 30.5 weeks I was about 29cm, but the mw said that was totally fine and to be expected since I'm not a very big person to begin with.


                            MA runner girl

                              Actually having a relaxing day at work. Getting things done without being interupted to do something more urgent. Yay!


                              vegefrog - I ran miles like that for the first few weeks of my pregnancy, but it didn't last long, so enjoy it while you can!!! LOL on feeling emotional, some days I just start crying and i have NO reason to, DH has definitely had some laughs. I am registered at BRU and amazon.com. Most of the nursery decorations are on my Amazon registry, because I just didn't really find anything at BRU.


                              DrTremendous - Hey girl! Good to see you here. So exciting that you are halfway!!! I finally started showing a little around 20 weeks too, it's fun to have a little cute bump, before feeling huuuge like I do now Wink Saw on the DIVA thread that you have 1 week until the big ultrasound, yay!


                              Liz - Yeah when I first started going to the chiro she wanted me to come a lot too. I finally just said I couldn't afford it and only go every couple weeks, though lately I've gone every week as my body is changing so much now. Glad the ankle is feeling better! Bummer on the running, but it's awesome that you've kept it up this long, and I have no doubt you will keep on being active!


                              monk - I can't believe you are 35 weeks!! Sounds like you got a ton done yesterday, I know how you feel on wanting to get more done though. I'm finding it really hard to get a lot done without feeling super tired and sore. Oh the joys of carrying around all that extra weight! I hope you can both go to soccer tomorrow!


                              trozy - How old is your DS? I loved meeting with friends and giving them the news, it made it so much more fun than just making a blanket announcement on FB or something. Have fun!

                              PRs: 5k - 21:22, half marathon - 1:39:43, marathon - 3:37:16


                                Schmett: I think that I also had the soreness you are talking about. Now that I'm a lot farther along I get it from just walking. I'm not sure how early I felt it. Maybe because this is your second you are feeling it earlier since your belly gets bigger faster? Just a thought.


                                Liz: Thanks for the info. I was hoping that my due date is not off. Of course, it's more of a "guess date" anyway. But my parents are coming out 2 days after my technical due date and I really hope that I have the baby by then. I'd rather have it first as going into labor while they are here would be more stressful for me.