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Sleepless Tuesdays--Preggo (Read 267 times)


    I've been up since 4 a.m.  Post!


      36 weeks and 4 days


      PGR: I've been up since 4 a.m. with the usual insomnia that I've been having, but at least it wasn't 2 a.m., that is still night time for sureSmile  I have an OB appointment this afternoon which is always fun to hear baby boy's heart beat, my favorite part of the visit.  I have a bunch of questions for the doctors and I wrote them down since I always seem to forget them once I am there.  I am feeling a lot more pressure on my lower pelvis and I pee nearly hourly if I'm up and moving around.


      I think I might kiss my doctor if he said I shouldn't go back to work--working 60 hours in a 7 day period is not what I deem fun, and next week looks very similar.  At least with the increased peeing need I get a break every hour to pee, haha!


      I am so ready to meet baby boy, though I know he needs to cook a little longer...patience is so hard some times.


      RR: It's nearly 56 degrees outside right now so once the sun is up I will go for a run and then some yoga since I am feeling stiff from working so much as of late.


      NPGR: I am motivated this a.m. and have already started doing laundry and swept the floor.  The house will be super clean before 9 if I keep this up.


        Hi Teri! Sorry you can't sleep. And that really stinks about your work schedule. I hope you get a break soon.


        RR: Heading to the gym in a few for a run, I usually leave my desired workout open-ended these days, will run between 3 and 5. Its 42 this morning, high will be 50s and I'm wishing I could run outside, but its just better for me to stay inside now I think.


        PGR: 27w4d. Well I post yesterday about being self conscious of people looking at me and then get my first comment yesterday from some woman in an elevator. Asking when's that baby coming? I say March 1 and she seemed surprised that I still have so long, like I'm that huge. And I'm thinking lady, you've obviously never had kids or never gained much weight. I was wearing my coat too and I don't think I look that big in my coat! I didn't let it bother me, but its going to be a long three months if I"m going to get comments like that on a regular basis. Also yesterday I realized I am actually having pretty frequent BH contractions, but not frequently enough to call the doctor. I suppose I've been having them for awhile.


        NRR: Tired. I stayed up too late over the weekend and then stayed up later than I intended last night. This weather here is nuts, we hit 65 yesterday, which set a new record for the area. And its December! Weird, usually we seem to have our first big snowstorm of the season the week of my birthday, but not this year! It makes songs like "Its beginning to look a lot like Christmas' seem silly, lol. OK, enough procrastinating, I need to get moving.




          My brain said sleep and my stomach said feed me, so here I am.


          RR - Walk again today, maybe with some intervals thrown in. I did 3 minutes of a ballet stretch video yesterday. Not quite the high intensity exercise I had in mind. But with my sciatic nerve, maybe that's for the best at the moment.


          PGR - Midwife appt. tomorrow.


          NGPR - I am loving these warm temps. It reminds me of Florida, which I'm hoping is a good omen since we leave in 23 days.

          I think Wednesday is going to be a rude awakening, temps will drop at least 20 degrees.


          Teri - I hope you get the all clear to stop work too. That schedule sounds crazy making but at least doable when not pregnant. I can't imagine doing it at 36 weeks pregnant. You're a trooper!


          Monk - Maybe the woman in the elevator is like me and in denial it is December. I don't know what month I think it is, but I was going through paperwork yesterday looking at dates and saw August (I knew it wasn't August), October seemed more reasonable, and then when I saw a date from the other day I thought, no, that's still in the future! I would get reactions like that too every now and again last time and I think you're right. It's definitely different to look at the experience before you've had kids and after you've had kids.

          MA runner girl

            RR: 1500m swim last night. Gloriously relaxing! Tonight is 3-4 miles. I'm thinking I may do them outside since it's supposed to be 60 degrees here, whoa! Even though it will be in the dark...


            PGR: 24w2d. Nothing new really. Still feeling burning pain in my upper stomach when I sit. Sigh. At least I can finally see that I'm carrying higher, so it seems justified that it's hurting I guess. Slept so amazingly last night and actually woke up at 6:15 not feeling like I could sleep 2 more hours. Woo!


            NPGR: Had a nice night with DH last night. He was supposed to work a side job but had forgotten and I'm glad he did Wink I made yummy fajitas and then we cleaned up and I finished folding and putting away the laundry. Then we cuddled up on the couch and went to bed pretty early. It was nice! Tonight he's working, so maybe I'll clean the bathroom. Fun times.


            Terri - Oh dear, up since 4am!! I hope you get the go ahead to stop working from your dr. That would be nice!! 60 hour/7 day weeks can't be good for anyone! I'm impressed that you have already been so productive today.


            monk - Hugs! I swear people are so rude. Someone asked me when I'm due the other day and I was offended. LOL I mean yes I'm pregnant, but I was only 22 weeks at that point, and I definitely don't have a huge bump. And it wasn't even a question, just when. Oh well, I guess we have to learn to get thicker skin for the next few months!


            schmetterling - I'm so not ready for the colder temps to come back! It's really been a mild fall, so I'm wishing it could just stay like this. Sigh.

            PRs: 5k - 21:22, half marathon - 1:39:43, marathon - 3:37:16


              Tiny- I'm sorry to hear your having such crappy insomnia. I totally understand not wanting to go back to work 60 hours in a 7 day period. I've finally been getting some Sundays off and am working closer towards the 55 hours in a 6 day period which is heavenly but still a lot. Hope your little boy is going to be done cooking here soon. 


              Monk- We got up to 71 degrees yesterday. It was more like spring than winter and I'm not liking that much. I'm hoping the temperatures stay cold after this as it makes Christmas shopping seem out of season. As for the women in the elevator, they obviously haven't had kids and if they had you would think they would know what to say and what not to say... People are just so inconsiderate. 


              Schmett- I hope your sciatic nerve issues work out. I would love to say I love the warm temperatures but that just means my work keeps going and going since were seasonal. The ground needs to freeze sooner than later. Hopefully you have warm temps in Florida though!


              MA- Happy to hear you got to spend some cuddle time with dear husband. Sometimes its nice when they forget those side jobs that their suppose to do and you get to spend a little extra time with him. 


              RR- Walked 35 minutes with the dogs yesterday morning and then went out and played with the dogs for another 30 minutes later in the day. Playing with the dogs is my new form of exercise since we try to do it 2 to 3 times a day for 30 minutes at a time. 


              PGR- 34 weeks 2 days!! I'm over being pregnant. Finally went and purchased a bunch of pregnancy bras because the back pain was getting so bad because I went from a 34B to a 34DD.. YIKES! Hoping that the extra support will help some of my back issues. Went through an hour period last night around 2am where I just couldn't get comfortable and kept flopping from side to side. Finally fell asleep to wake up to little one getting his foot in my ribs or a contraction.. It hurt pretty bad either way and it finally went away after what seemed like forever but was probably only a minute or so.... 


              PGR#2- I'm sooo proud of myself... I've almost got all of my thank you's done for my first baby shower. I can't believe I actually got them done.. Now I have DH's side this Sunday and I told him he would have to do them all.. Haha.. Probably not but I'm thinking he can help. 


              NPGR- Still working like crazy here but luckily since the days get dark really early I'm usually off no later than 5:30 and so is DH so I actually get to spend a little bit of time with him. Now if the ground would just freeze I could start coming in at 8am instead 7am... 


              NPGR#2- Going through a bit of a spat at work since my older brother is all p*st off that I told him I wouldn't be traveling out of town to bid any jobs from Christmas until the end of March. He's throwing a fit to my mom. She's starting to get mad since I've been hanging in there and still watching and helping him with his kids and working more than he is... I love his kids but if he doesn't straighten up his attitude he's going to have to find somebody else to help him because I'm tired of being treated like crap when it comes to me and my family and be expected to take care of his family and help whenever he says... 




                Teri: Sorry you can't get to sleep. Good luck at the doctor office! With everything he mentions during your visit, I would finish it off with "So, what you're saying is I shouldn't go back to work." Eventually, you'll exhaust him into writing you a note. Done and done!


                Monk: Man, sometimes people are annoying. I think people judge pregnancy size based on what they see on TV sitcoms, not real life. Lame.


                Schmetterling: Ha - I had that yesterday - brain said sleep, stomach said FOOOD. I hope the pain from your sciatic nerve improves today!


                MA: Your NPGR sounds lovely! So does your swim! Nice!




                PGR: 33w 2d. Had a make-up prenatal class last night. Incredibly interesting. We learned about baby positioning (posterior/anterior) for the first time. Apparently, the way I've been sitting pretty much this entire pregnancy (on couch with computer on my lap with feet up) isn't creating an optimal birthing environment! Well, it's creating an optimal comfort environment! Anyway, I have no idea how to tell where the LO is positioned, so I'm doing the recommendations - sitting on a yoga ball while I work, doing some acupressure points... hopefully that will help. There's still time


                ER: Did the Tracy Anderson 8 month DVD yesterday and really felt it. Halfway through, I wasn't sure if I could complete it, but I did - like a trooper. Will do it again today. Already took the dog out for a long walk.


                NPGR: Continue to have career/money issues, which is causing underlying stress I do not need. I had anticipated some money would come in, but the projects I worked on didn't get the funding we had applied for, so I'm down quite a bit.  I don't want to be with a newborn, worrying about that. DISLIKE.


                  Crosspost with Tayraes: Sorry you're still having issues with the family work environment. Seriously the last thing you need or deserve. On a positive note, I love that playing with dogs is your latest form of exercise! I'm doing the same thing with my dog. He has this tendency to pick up sticks during his walk, and he drops them mid-walk, expecting me to try and take it away from him. Well, puppy, I can't bend over like I used to. I think that adds another, what, 500 calories burnt? tee hee.



                    Terri: almost there, hope the dr tells you not to work so much! Holy cleaning ?! maybe you are almost there with a burst of energy.. 



                    Monk: the first person to ask me was in an elevator too! I guess they are just akward and have to say something in them.. don't stress about it! You can have some of our snow!


                    MA: Glad you and the hubby had a lovely evening, those are the best! hope your stomach feels better today.


                    Schmett: Florida temps!? SO JEALOUS.


                    Tayra: Family drama, ugh, hope it works out. Here they do baby showers AFTER the baby, I think that's totally weird, and good job on the cards!!


                    ER: Ran on the treadmill, the windchill is - 30!!!!!! what the heck! 3 days till texas.. better be warm!


                    PR: GOing to the OB today, I guess I'll have to re tell the hospital story to her and see what she says ! hopefully everything is ok and I can go on vacation. Also hope she doesn't re-do the test they did.. youch!


                    Will and Kate are preggo!! maybe she'll join.. hah!


                      terri - Boo to insomnia! That is a crazy work schedule - I hope your doctor at least limits you to no OT?


                      monk - Maybe she was surprised that you were already due in March?  I think people make weird comments because they feel the need to say something, but don't know what to say.  Like the idiots who come up to me and say "you're tall." Why yes, thank you.  I didn't realize that.  I think the "you look like you're about to pop!" comments to pg women are the same.


                      schmett- Yay for Florida! DH and I are trying to decide on a pre-babies trip, and I think FL is a contender...


                      MA - Glad you had a chance to spend some time with DH.


                      tay - I think dog playing counts as exercise, too! I hope you get the work stuff with your brother ironed out - sounds like he should be a bit more appreciative!


                      yjpm - Interesting how your positioning now at 33 w could affect babies positioning that much! I hope some of your money stressors are eased - I'm the financial worrier in our household.


                      Canada - I lurked yesterday and read about your hospital visit - I hope everything is just fine and you can get good news about vacation.


                      PGR: 16w! I think I'm starting to pop a bit. Spent 12 hours total in the car this weekend, and it has reaggravated my sciatica - ugh. I suddenly have mad cravings for veggies - I'm going to get a veggie sub from subway for lunch.


                      RR: vball last night.  I'm hoping to play the next two weeks, but I don't think I'll be able to play after Christmas.  I can tell my reaction time is slower, and I don't want to let the team down. Sigh.


                      NPGR: Ca-razy preggo dreams last night...I dreamed that some people were rewiring our house for a bad reason (I didn't find out the reason) so I clubbed them all over the head with a crystal ashtray to knock them out.  Planning dinner with my parents tonight - should be fun to visit.


                        Ended up just doing 2.5 this morning, I left the house late and then had to stop in the middle for  a bathroom break and just generally didn't have it. I think I'm officially in the time when second breakfast is mandatory. I keep having to go out and buy more food during the day because I never bring enough. Right now its a breakfast hot pocket, bacon egg and cheese or something and its yummy!


                        schmet: I'm in denial about December too, especially with this weather! I'm jealous of your trip to Florida.


                        MA: I'm glad you had a good night with DH and yay for good sleep! I'm still getting good sleep, just not enough! Its been hard lately because our room gets so hot in the middle of the night with how warm it is.


                        tay: Great job on the thank you notes! I still feel bad I never finished mine from when A was born. I'm glad your at least getting off work earlier. Sorry about the disagreement with your brother.


                        yjpm: Yeah, I think they say if you recline a lot you're more the baby is facing the wrong way and you're likely to have back labor... I had that with A and it was hard to deal with! Sorry about the money issues. I'm pretty nervous with DH's pending layoff even though I know in reality we will be fine, but I can't help thinking about the year when I was unemployed.


                        canada: You can keep the snow! I know we'll get it soon enough, just hope it won't be while we're traveling for Christmas! I hope you're still cleared for vacation!


                        TN: There are worse things to crave than veggies! I like veggie sandwiches, but not the Subway ones as much. Sorry about the sciatica. I think I was having a little of that this morning.


                          UGH you guys, just got back from the OB she said he was REALLY low and I was dialated 1cm when I was at the hosp which I told her. ... so she said NO RUNNING. She said vacation is fine, just take it easy.. we had planned on a family 5k in Dallas which I was pretty excited about and running in th warm weather which I was REALLY looking forward to.. so I'm kinda bummed. I ran this morning and felt fine but she said after 37 weeks I can do whatever I want just don't do anything strenuous till then.. I guess I shouldn't be so selfish but I will just go on walks every morning in Texas instead. sigh. 


                            Hi ladies. I'm currently just lurking as I've just recently found out I'm preggo, but hope you don't mind me asking a quick question. For those of you that suffered from morning sickness when did it begin and end? I know it's different for everyone, but just curious what's typical/average.


                              monk - I prefer other veggie sandwiches, but subway is right by my work, so I can't beat the convenience sometimes!


                              Canada - hugs - take care of that little boy and keep him in there baking a little while longer - it will be worth it!


                              t-rozy - I don't know if I count as "typical" because of the twins, but mine started around 5.5 weeks, peaked around 9-10 weeks, resurged at 12 weeks for a few days of miserableness, but is mostly gone at 16 weeks except for some random gagging in the am if I don't eat first thing in the morning. But again, that's with twins.  Still so excited for you - I hope you're feeling okay!

                              MA runner girl

                                Canada - Ugh, I'm sorry you have to stop the running Sad I'd probably feel the same! Hopefully some walking helps at least get some energy out. And really, 5 weeks isn't too long!! Plus with a vacation in there and the holidays it will go by fast!


                                Trozy - Congratulations and welcome! I had MS (or all day sickness as I referred to it) from about 6 weeks until 12 weeks. As you often hear, as soon as the second tri hit I felt amazing, so much energy and like my old self.

                                PRs: 5k - 21:22, half marathon - 1:39:43, marathon - 3:37:16