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Wet and Warm Wednesday - Preggos (Read 22 times)

MA runner girl

    Supposed to be in the 50s and rainy all day... very far from the 20s and snow we had on Monday!

    PRs: 5k - 21:23, half marathon - 1:39:43, marathon - 4:01:15

    MA runner girl

      RR: 3 miles yesterday were fine. Though I did notice some pulling... down there. It was a little painful, but not too strong. Anyone have something like this? It went away after about a mile. And I felt fine the rest of the run. My lower legs were burning though. Nothing today due to NPGR.


      PGR: 32w3d. Baby boy has been moving like crazy. Yesterday the coolest thing happened. I rub my tummy a lot, especially where I get the burning pain. On my way home from work I started rubbing and felt baby boy's foot (I think) and as I moved my fingers down his foot followed! Smile Right now he is pushing his butt out and I'm all lopsided. I seriously could just sit here and feel him move all day.


      PGR2: Feeling icky this morning, very nauseaus. But I woke up kinda hungry too so I had some cereal and it did not help. Last night I was STARVING but dinner was still 45 min away so I had some cereal (ha craving cereal much?), and then barely ate my dinner.. oops. It's so hard to time food right these days! And I get full so quickly.


      NPGR: My mom's birthday is today! Taking her out to dinner tonight because my dad works in NYC and can't make it home. Should be nice to spend some time 1-1 with her Smile

      PRs: 5k - 21:23, half marathon - 1:39:43, marathon - 4:01:15


        MA: I totally know what you mean on having a hard time eating the right amount. I did well yesterday at both lunch and dinner for the first time ever! I was not uncomfortable at all for the whole day, at least in that regard. It is super cool feeling different parts of the baby distinctly! And I totally get the whole lopsided tummy thing. DH often comments on it if I'm just in my sports bra. Smile Have fun with your mom! I love going out with my mom. Such a blast!


        ER: Well, yesterday DH asked me to take him shoe shopping before work, so cardio didn't happen. I walked after work instead, which was about 2.4 miles or so. Not great, but better than nothing. I also did about 25 minutes of yoga on my own when I got home to keep me from hurting. This morning DH is out for a couple hours, so I'm going to do a video. Finally!


        PGR: 33w6d. Unlike MA, baby has been pretty quiet since yesterday evening. Still moving around, but not wildly. I sometimes wish it was more active, b/c then I would not get concerned. When I work a lot of days in a row, LO seems to be quieter. If I have time off, it really goes crazy. I slept well last night. Thanks all for suggestions on sleeping. I'll have to go back through them all again since I was at work most of the day yesterday and didn't get to catch up with everyone. The yoga helped, as did extra leg pillows. Though I drank too much in the hour or so before bed and had to get up a bunch.


        NPGR: Took DH shopping for dress shoes yesterday, which he has been asking me to do for a while. We hit Kohls and got a couple great sales. He got a pair of black dress shoes for $40 on sale from $75, and unexpectedly picked up a pair of brown ones as well which I found on the sale rack for $18 instead of $90! I love Kohls. Also got him a pair of Converse, his first. Smile I've always wanted to get him a pair but thought he wouldn't like them. Alright. Off to my DVD!


          ER: Bodyflow... there are more moves every week that I can't do and my flexibility is going away, but it still feels good overall. The hip stretches in class and the foam rolling are helping my hip feel better.


          PGR: 35w5d. I got the maternity tank tops I ordered last week yesterday, and they're perfect! Nice and long and ruched so they cover my belly instead of falling like a tent or dress. I'm wearing my regular waisted mat jeans that I really like and I'm completely comfortable with my belly covered! I wish I'd just gotten them two weeks before when I started thinking about it. Today is the work baby shower. I have to work late today, will be doing that a lot lately as I go into weekly appointments avoid using sick leave. Wondering what will happen at Friday's appointment if its found that P is still breech, which I am pretty sure he is. 


          NER: We got the TV for our bedroom last night and got it all hooked up ourselves! Our old one was really really old, so this is quite a change. DH's project for today is to try and figure out how to program the new TV to our cable remote. We have yucky weather coming through today, so DH kept A home from daycare and I drove to work. I guess I have a much different perspective driving in the winter weather in the new car... everyone was going so slow and the roads were only wet! 


            MA: I can never seem to get filled up during the day, but then all of the sudden I am without warning and I feel all bloated and gross. And I don't eat constantly... at least I try not to. I space out my snacks. It happens sometimes with dinner too. I love it when I feel the little appendages moving across my belly. Its funny, I noticed yesterday when I was wearing a thinner shirt that I can see almost every movement if I pay attention.


            sashanna: I think baby gets really comfy and must be lulled to sleep when you're moving around a lot. It usually takes a little while after I workout before I feel him move again. Of course it also means I randomly feel him move in the middle of the night when I'm up to use the bathroom, just one more reason why its not always so easy to get back to sleep! I love Kohl's too, when I got my first new purse I got one that was regularly $90 for $45... of course when I returned it for being broken, purses weren't on sale anymore so I had to pay extra for a purse that wasn't as nice... but I still love the deals I get there.


              Well the warm weather was nice while it lasted here, now we're back to reality.


              RR - Hoping to get to the gym today, I want to be able to run 2 miles. That's a hopeful goal I think.


              PGR - Nothing much. I still haven't done my 1st tri bloodwork and while my midwife isn't concerned about it, I'm feeling the pressure to get everything in. Problem is though, we're cash paying for everything (we have insurance, just not maternity coverage) and we have to pay day of services for ultrasounds and lab work. Last pregnancy at a different care provider, the 20w ultrasound cost 400 dollars. This time? Noooot sure. Same thing with labs. The 1st tri blood screen last pregnancy cost 1,000 dollars when all added up (it came in 3 bills). We get a 68% discount for doing it through the hospital, but I don't know what the original numbers are they're basing that discount from. So we'll know about the cost of the ultrasound at least in a week, and then I can move forward.


              NPGR - This is kind of pregnancy related, but I'll put it here cause it's a TV show, but someone the other day asked about this week's episode of Downton Abbey, and I just wanted to comment on it now that we watched it last night and because I had pre-eclampsia in my last pregnancy. For those of you who don't watch it, the show takes place in 1920s England at the castle of an aristocratic family and the youngest daughter (at 24) is expecting her first baby and while the show was super vague (in my opinion) of how far along she was, apparently she was at the end of her pregnancy. Anyway, she was complaining of pre-eclamptic symptoms (headache, swollen ankles, back hurting) and her father called in 2 doctors. The family dr. thought she had pre-eclampsia and thought she should be treated, the other dr. said she didn't. Long story short, they let her deliver at DA instead of at the hospital, and while she has the baby and the baby's fine, she progresses into full blown eclamptic seizures and there's not a whole lot that can be done for her at that point. Partly because this is the 20s in England and they don't know much about how to stop it when it gets to that stage. From what I've read and gathered from reading other viewer comments about the episode, they kept it fairly realistic, and therefore upsetting cause of the dr. being wrong, the gender roles at play during that time where the men made the decision that ultimately was the wrong one, etc. 
              But, I just wanted to comment from a current medical perspective, progressing to eclampsia is really rare nowadays. Part of testing your urine every visit is to check for protein levels, you check your blood pressure, the midwife or OB will notice if you're developing swelling, and (in most places) we have immediate medical care or at least answers to medical care questions if you were to experience a really bad headache or vision issues to get into the ER or medical office right away. In my case, I had swelling in my ankles from the beginning of the 3rd tri on, but it wasn't til the 39th week of pregnancy my blood pressure went up, I had protein in my urine, and it was decided to induce since I was only a few days from my due date and already a couple cm dilated. I know there are other stories of pre-eclampsia that come on sooner and involve bedrest, but again I wanted to reassure people if that is a concern, your constant medical checkups are usually the first step in determining if you're fine or if a problem is potentially happening. Yay for giving birth in 2012 and not 1912, right?

              Sorry for the novel, we were railing at the TV last night and I wanted to make sure anyone who was concerned about that after seeing that pretty convincing episode that everything is going to be ok!


                And after that lengthy novel, personals!


                MA - So cute the baby is "following" you around. I enjoyed poking at a part of my stomach where DS had been kicking to feel the delayed reaction kick back. Happy birthday to your mom. Hope you have a fun time today.


                Sasha - Wow, you guys racked up the deals yesterday. Enjoy your DVD (as much as that is possible lol).


                Monk - Glad to hear the tops worked out for you and the TV setup was a breeze.


                  Monk: Great job keeping at the workouts, even as they get harder. I feel you on not doing certain moves. If I do Jillian and there are a lot of lunges, I stay in the lunge position and just go up and down instead of doing the full forward and back to start motion. Otherwise my SPD tends to act up. The maternity tanks sound great! Did you say you got them from Old Navy? On the whole turning the baby thing, there are yoga moves that can help. There is this one where you put a cushion up against a wall and lay with your butt on the pillow and feet and legs up the wall so that the baby moves off your pelvis. You can lay like that for up to 5 minutes, as long as you don't feel light headed and that can help encourage the baby to turn because of the extra space created in your pelvic region. Just an idea.


                  Schmett: I feel you on paying cash for everything. That's actually part of why we didn't do the 20 week ultrasound. Maybe there is a free pregnancy clinic in your area? I've heard that the one near us does US for free. Our birth center is awesome because they charge people with no insurance their cost for all the tests, which means that a blood test is like $6 instead of a couple hundred. If you have insurance you pay the normal price. So our total cost for the baby is going to be around $4000, including prescriptions for oxygen and pitocin, and the hypnobirthing classes. I feel like we got a good deal.

                  MA runner girl

                    Sasha - I find that when I'm super active I don't feel baby as much either. I think it's normal. Nice work on finding those deals for shoes! I hate shoe shopping, I can never find anything I'd actually want to wear.


                    Monk - I'm glad you have some clothes that you are more comfortable in. The rouching tops really do make a huge difference! I hope that P has managed to turn around without you realizing!


                    Schmetterling - Oh man, I can't even imagine not having maternity insurance coverage. I hope that you can find a way to minimize the costs, medical costs are sooo expensive. Thanks for the reassurance on pre-eclampsia!

                    PRs: 5k - 21:23, half marathon - 1:39:43, marathon - 4:01:15


                      On the whole turning baby thing... I did do some reading about ways to make baby turn, but some of it sounded pretty crazy and I'm not all that into trying a lot of it. I did talk to my chiropractor about the Webster Method, I think its called, and he was vague about when of if he'd try it on me. Honestly, I've done it before, if I have a c-section, I have a c-section. Maybe thats a little too laid back of an attitude, but thats what I'm thinking right now.


                      And on the pre-e discussion... I didn't watch the show, but I have my own input to add on the subject... my sister's son was born Jan. 5, 2012, eight weeks premature because of her pre-e. She had swelling right from the start of her pregnancy, blood pressure was high, they were monitoring pretty closely from what I knew. Sometime between Thanksgiving and Christmas, so about 4 to 6 weeks before his birth, my sister was put on modified bed rest. From comments my parents had at the time it didn't seem like she was taking it very seriously, but I wasn't there and niether were they, she was about to graduate with her bachelor's degree and was super busy. It came down to her doctor actually wanted her to go to the hospital for monitoring on her graduation day, agreed to let her wait til Monday, got through that fine. Then a couple weeks later she was sent to the hospital for 48 hours of monitoring... from that point things happened really really fast. First they said she was staying but baby was staying put as long as possible, then they were going to induce labor and then ultimately she had an emergency c-section because her lungs were filling up with fluid and she couldn't breathe (this was only over the course of the original 48 hours). I can't imagine how scary that was for her (I didn't get to visit until that weekend, wasn't able to get there for the c-section b/c they live an hour away). But for what its worth, he was only in the NICU three weeks (could have been up to 8). Baby T just turned 1 and is a big boy and not too far behind for his chronological age and only a little behind on adjusted age (age since due date as opposed to age since birth). I don't know if she's still on BP meds or anything, but I do know she has some anxiety about trying for #2. So I guess thats another example of the modern day care you can get if something like that were to happen.

                      Laura G in Idaho

                        MA:  Fun that baby is following you around.  Have a good time with your Mom tonight!


                        sasha:  Yay for the great deals shoe shopping!


                        monk:  Glad you got some maternity tops that aren't tents.  Wink  Hope the baby turns for you.  I think mine is breech right now, too, but we have a little more time.


                        schmett:  I can't imagine the unrest I would feel about maternity bills paying cash.  I hope the major expenses are settled for you soon.  I was browsing another online forum and came across someone who had pre-e symptoms, but her doc said everything was fine.  I hope it is.  That happened to a good friend of mine on her first pregnancy, and everything wasn't fine.  They brushed her symptoms off, telling her:  you're pregnant, honey.  Really nice, eh?  Ended up in an emergency c/sec and saved her life and the life of her baby, but if the doc would have paid more attention to what she was describing, the need for an emergency c/sec may have been avoided.




                        PGR:  27w5d.  Finally got an appointment made with the midwife's office.  Same lady answered the phone this time, but this time I just evaded most of her stupid questions and told her to make the appointment whenever there was room in the schedule.  Turns out, there's room tomorrow afternoon.  Sheesh!  That took some doing!


                        NPGR:  2nd washer was repaired last night.  I haven't tried to use it yet.  I'm hoping it works perfectly today so I can get caught up on my laundry.


                        NPGR2:  Hubby and I did the taxes.  I fell asleep before he was finished with it.  Told him we didn't have to finish it all in one night, but once he got started, he just wanted to plow through it.  He stayed up until 2 AM, but he says we're getting our return in about 3 weeks.  I sure hope it comes quickly.  We have had 3 very rough financial years in a row.  I miss being debt-free.  Digging ourselves back out of our financial pit is taking some time.  I just keep moving the debts to zero interest introductory rate credit cards until we can get them all paid off.  It feels like forever.


                        ER:  Not only did I not go for any biking or swimming last night, I ended up with a headache and feeling really tired.  So, I took it easy, even though I wasn't able to actually take a nap.


                        RR:  Plan to run 1 mile, do some strength training with cardio bursts, then run 1 more mile today.


                          Ok, I've had this window open for two hours and i can't seem to make it back to chat for even a little bit... sorry!  Hellos to all, headed to a seminar...


                          schmett  and monk - it was me that was a little concerned about preeclampsia, thanks for your personal stories.  I'm mainly concerned in the context of taking a trip to altitude (where it is more prevalent) and will be discussing it with my OB on Friday.  Your experiences really highlight why I'm having mixed feelings about the trip, will just have to wait until Friday and see how things go I guess.


                          RR: short dog walk to warm up, followed by ~2 mile run yesterday; thinking about hitting up the gym after work or maybe doing some yoga tonight


                          PGR:  20w6d, played the game of "What Fits?" with my closet this morning and I'm pretty sure I lost.  Good to know that the baby's growing!


                          NRR/NPGR:  Stressful week at work, I've made some big advances in my analysis, but then I'll find a bug in the code and know that I'll need to do the analysis over again and time is wasting away.  On the other hand, I feel like I've finally learned to work with the changes in appetite/food aversions and I'm enjoying cooking again.  I've been making my lunch every day this week and it really makes me happy to make good food that I like.  Kind of lame, but true.


                            PG: 26w3d. Tryin to get DH to feel LO moveeverything time the lil guy gets shy.


                            ER: 50mins of good cardio yesterday. Felt strong on the stairs and elliptical. Today Bodypump.


                            NPGR: my training class lets out at 3:30 everyday! Whoohoo!  Posting again from my phone. It keeps the spacing when I post but when I copy and paste from Word it messes up the spacing.


                            I skipped all the downtown Abby talk. It's on my to watch list now that I stream Netflix.


                            MA: do you wear a support belt when running? I notice now when I try to walk fast w/o my belt I get that pulling feeling. So I wearfelt belt now even when I walk my dog. If I walk at a normal slow pace it's not an issue.


                            Sash: yay for sales!


                            Monk: enjoy your work shower!


                            Schm; WOW. No coverage. No sense in worrying yourself sick. Hope you get some kind of discount.


                              Sasha - Eh, I'm not too worried about the cost of things since having DS we kind of have things set in the back of our mind budget wise, it's just more getting used to the routine. Something something visit business office something receipt, something something show receipt to receptionist at U/S, pay somewhere in there...


                              Laura - I'm glad you were able to get an appt, finally. Hope you feel better today. Envious of your workout. I had to settle for doing the Shred video, and even then it was the most stretched out workout because something was going on with either DS or DH. But I got it done. But oh I would rather run around and do cardio!


                              Dr. T - I misread what fits as what ifs and thought awwww! Both are awww situations I guess, for different reasons. Also, I completely get where you're coming from with enjoying food lately. It took me awhile to get back to speed about *wanting* to cook and once you finally get excited to make something that's a big deal after weeks of feeling blah.


                              Mann - Awesome job on the workouts, as usual!