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    Morning Supermoms~


    RR: 5-6 on my break today, and wishing I had time for like twice that, since it's going to be 60* out today!!! Maybe I'll double and go for a short stroller run with R after work, too.


    TR: seems like he grew an inch in height overnight. we took the dog for a walk yesterday afternoon and he was pointing out all of the squirrels and laughing. so cute.


    NRR: my mom might be coming out this weekend or sometime next week- yay!!! i miss her, and can't wait to see her!


    Gotta run...be back later.

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      RR - 5K on gym treadmill.  Probably progression run.


      RR#2 - DH ran over 4 miles for the first time last night, and I heard whoops and cheers coming from the TM room like he had just BQ'd or something.  If only I could convince him to do my recovery runs with me, or a race...


      TR/rant - was such a little shit at the mall.  I got him noodles for lunch, he got down from his chair after eating a bit and was playing so I asked if he was done eating, he kept playing so I said, "ok, you must be done" and threw all the plates etc in the trash.  He let loose with a tantrum but calmed down after I said he could push the stroller.  But after a little bit of crashing into store windows (no people luckily) he decided to stop and examine the tires of the BOB in great detail.  I told him "you can push the stroller and go where mommy tells you, or you can get back in and ride." Tantrum #2.  I can't carry a thrashing toddler and push the BOB so I forcibly put him back in and he was screaming bloody murder until we got home.  When I was pushing him through the mall while he ws having a fit, the people giving me "that pathetic woman cannot control her child" looks were all older (late 40's-50s) women. WTF is wrong with them? were their children all perfect angels in public?!  /rant over


      FR - chicken rice, some kind of chinese greenery.



      rg - I have time to run outside but don't want to due to the laundry factor yet again.

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      running eh

        RR - 3 easy on the TM, followed by 20 mins weights.  I hate the TM, yesterday's outside run was way easier, and faster.


        NRR - trying to get a rental property rented, hopefully we will find someone by the weekend.


        FR - roasted chicken, mashed potate, veggie


        KR - 606am workout done and two kids already hanging on me as I type




          RR - 9k planned with RP tonight. Since I couldn't run at all yesterday due to the roads and sidewalks being like a skating rink, I will try to sneak in a few extra ks before I meet up with her.


          BR - She was in full maniac mode again last night! She splashed so hard in her bath she created a wave pool and was getting tossed around in the waves, shrieking with joy. It looked really fun. Then she managed to get the cap off a bottle of baby lotion and squirt it all over the floor, which was less fun. I made sure the bathroom door was closed after, so she couldn't create more havoc, but she outsmarted me and found the second door was not fully closed, crawled in, pulled a toothbrush out of the garbage bin and started brushing her teeth with it. Ew! Sensory class today.


          FR - Beef stew and garlic bread.


          NRR - My DH has been working crazy hours this week...he's been going in early and working late. Last night he didn't get home until 2 am. I'll barely see him this weekend, either, as he's working Saturday and then I'm going to a bachelorette party and spending the night in Toronto.




          rg - Yay for a visit from your Mom. How far from you does she live? A double sounds like a great idea to take advantage of this warm weather.


          zorbs - What exactly is a progression run? Do you just run each k faster than the last? I feel for you with the mall tantrum. It hasn't happened to me yet, but I know it is coming. You would think that people who have had kids before would be more sympathetic.

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            RR: 8m with stroller. Legs were dead yesterday. Good dead though. I paid and registered for 5k on sunday.


            NRR: Dh got a promotion last night to officer of his company. That's huge. He had stepped into the role anyway for one reason and another but it's wonderful to see him be recognised for it. He was so cute, he completely forgot about it until when I asked "how was your day?" and it was the fourth thing he talked about. So funny. It means he can start owning parts of the company in the US and other logistical things apparently.


            NRR2: a friend of my got a promotion to head of high and middle school. I was kinda jealous but I know he will do a good job. I do not want to go back to work.


            BR: DS is really into stacking things. We have this pyramid and he loves loves loves it. http://www.cptoy.com/sorting-stacking-cone. it's got 4 things inside it too that all must sit right before outside pieces go on. he can play with it for ages independently. Tooth number 11 came through. I thought it was going to be canines but it was lower incisor. His poor gum was bleeding from the broken skin. Still sttn though.


            FR: butternut squash and apple ravioli. Dunno what it will be like. New recipe from the CE cookbook.




            mrszm - ADORE those ice skates.I know who I am getting to design mine if I ever need some.

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              rg - Do you ever take a rest day?  You are a running machine!!  I hope you have great runs in the warmth.  Yay for a visit from your mom!!


              zorbs - How come DH won't run with you??  Are you too intimidating?  I wish I could get my DH to even walk with me...no luck and he has a million excuses on why he is not a runner!  I can TOTALLY relate to your story of B!  J does the same thing and throws himself to the ground if he doesn't get what he wants.  Did that in the grocery store the other day.  He didn't want to be in the car any more so he started screaming at the top of his lungs.  Luckily the people behind us in line were nice and said...we totally understand, we've been there.  I love judgy people.  My MIL is very judgy. She always tells me how she raised 4 kids, cooked all the meals, made their clothes, etc...thus telling me I useless!


              eh - Great job for getting your workout in already!!  I hope you get your property rented quickly.


              ernie - Boo to DH working so much.  Hopefully things slow down soon so you can actually see him.  Have fun in Toronto at the Bach. party!!  I hope you have a great run and the roads are better.  LOL to S and her mess.  Sounds like a curious baby!!


              Bermy - Have a great run today.  What is your weekly mileage?  Are you in full training mode now?  Yay for DH...congrats to him...that is awesome!  You don't want to go back into school administration?  Do you think you will ever want to go back?  That is great for your friend.  I have no desire to be an administrator...the worst part of my job as a teacher is the paperwork and politics...and that is way worse as an admin.


              RR - Did 5 outside in shorts yesterday.  SRD today as I have a meeting after work and it is supposed to get cold, windy, and icy.


              TR - He sat at his little table and was eating dinner so well I thought...wow...he is doing such a great job.  UNTIL...he took the bowl of food, dumped it on the floor/rug and then smashed the peas and carrots into the rug and moved them all around and even stepped on them.  Then had a screaming meltdown and proceeded to tip the chairs and table over.  I put him in time out for about 5 min while I cleaned up and he cried.  I got him out and told him no and he was super cute and happy the rest of the night?  Moody child!  I like when he is happy and cute.  This morning he was practicing his words...he can say so many things.  It was cute because he would point to a picture of me and say mama, and then to DH and say dada...he still doesn't even attempt to say his own name though.


              NRR - Need to run a few errands if I have time.  I need to return some jeans I bought (me and skinny jeans are a bad combo!) and some paint I got for DS to make the bowl spike suggested...I got some stuff that is not good for kids.  Hoping I can get those in before the weather is too bad.


              FR - Forgot to take my soup out of the freezer for dinner so I may try to pick something up on the way home.


                I always remember stuff to post about after I have posted.


                ER: ooohh forgot the most exciting part. I am going to my coach's core class today. I am taking DS and he can run around. It might be a disaster but she loves him and I can skip out if it's not working.


                NRR2: I am meeting a friend of a friend to teach her how to wear and nurse her newborn baby in a wrap.

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                  Bermy- i love how involved you are w/ LLL and Bf'ding! The world needs more mamas like you. I'm sure your friend will benefit greatly for you. Hope you enjoy your run today, and yay for a race on Sunday.


                  jen- i am really bad about taking rest days unless i'm following a marathon training plan, haha. i have a tendency to look at my log and realize, oops it's been three weeks since my last rest day. ugh on J and the food throwing, i'm sorry. yay for shorts weather, i'll be out in shorts today. i wore capris yesterday and my legs were soo muddy!


                  ernie- S sounds like such a fun little girl! R loves his bath time and splashes me like crazy too. your weekend sounds awesome- have fun in Toronto. I see my DH for 20 minutes a day M-F since we work opposite shifts. It sucks, but the money is nice right now. have a great run today, sorry about the ice yesterday! my mom lives 3hrs away.


                  r-eh- i too am way faster outside than on the TM. the TM feels so much harder to me, not sure why. great job getting that workout done early! hope you have a good day with the kids. HOw are you liking the part-time schedule?


                  zorbs- hope the TM run goes well. is it cold again up there? it's supposed to cool off again here tomorrow. sorry about the tantrum, and what is with people and their judgmental stares?! every kid has tantrums at some point, it's a part of life!

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                    RR:  Hoping for 5 after work today on the TM.  We got a "new" TM in our building so I will try it out.  Ran 5 yesterday in the rain wearing shorts.  I almost opted for the TM but decided I can run in the rain.  It was good.  I was FREEZING on the way home though.


                    RR#2:  I have noticed a few blisters on my feet.  I checked my running log and these shoes have 450 mies on them!  Whoa!  Time for new running shoes!


                    TR:  LOVES to dance and listen to music.  Is becoming quite the picky eater and likes snacking more than meals.  Had to convince him last night that he likes sweet potato tots...he does.


                    NRR:  Doing the work of two people in one day for the pay of one is wearing me thin.  Oh well.  It is supposed to snow today, so DH will be working and I will be home with J tonight.  It was interesting reading the responses on FB about DH's helping out in the morning.  I am totally the DH in the relationship.  90% of the time, I am gone before J is up, so DH has to do it all.  If J is up, I will offer to get him, snuggle, and a fresh diaper, but it has to fit in the time that I have before leaving at 6:35.  Such is life I guess.


                    FR:  Hot dogs and sweet potato tots last night.  No clue about tonight.  I am thinking J will get some sort of frozen breakfast food and I will find something.  I have been getting pretty bad stomach aches at night and am not sure what they are from.



                    rg - Sometimes I look at J and can't believe how tall he is.  He has monkey arms and can reach anything on the counters/table.  Enjoy the warm weather and your run today!


                    zorbs - Sucks about the mall.  Way to ruin a good time, B.  I hate that feeling of people looking at me and judging for J's behavior.  I almost feel numb to it because he does it so much!


                    eh! - Great job on the early work out.  Your FR sounds really good.  Maybe making a meal tonight isn't such a bad idea.


                    ernie - Sounds like you and DH need to plan a night away, or at least just the two of you!  Sounds like DD is a crazy fun girl.


                    bermy - Congrats to DH on the promotion.  Its funny how guys don't bust out with that information.  Sounds like things are falling in to place for your time in the US.


                    jen - Its amazing how kids moods can change so quickly.  You are such a neat freak I can see you having a fit over that!  We would call Marv to come clean it up!  Ha!  (Actually he would already be there trying to eat off the kids table!)  I hope you get all of  your errands taken care of after work.  Maybe another snow day for you tomorrow?!

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                        RG - enjoy the warm run today.  I kind of regretted going to the gym this morning to workout, but I wanted to do some ST too.  Such warm weather, weird!  So glad that your mom is coming to visit, so exciting! Is she staying for a while?  Loving PT so far!


                        zorbs - way to go DH!!  He'll run with you sooner or later, I bet - just needs a little more confidence.  When I ran with you last, didn't you say he was only doing 20mins?  Toddler tantrums are frustrating  - I have dragged a screaming toddler around at the store on more than one occasion. I think any parent has, don't worry about the judgy looks, maybe it was just pity?!


                        ernie - enjoy your warm run today!  Funny on the toothbrush.  I caught DD2 rinsing hers in the toilet and then sticking it back in her mouth.  She has also used teh dog bowl to rinse hers.  Enjoy the stew!  I find that everytime I make stew I am excited about it, but I am usually disappointed when I eat it.  I keep trying new recipes, hopefully I will find something I love soon.  I have discovered that I like brussel sprouts in my stew, though.


                        bermy - congrats on DH's promo, how exciting!  sounds like he is quite a hardworker!   Have fun doing the babywearing thing.  I got a sling as a gift when mysecond was born and despite multiple people trying to help me, I could never get comfortable with the thing.  The friend that gave it to me used hers all the time.  What is your weekly mileage right now - you seem to be putting in a TON of miles!  Does coach make a plan for you?  Have fun at class.


                        mer - wow, great job getting mileage on those shoes.  Will you get the same kind again?  I just switched to Mizunos and I love them so far.  Hope you get that stomach ache figured out!


                        mjen - laughing about the skinny jeans.  My MIL wears them, so I figured I could too,but no, I was wrong.  Hope DS has a good day today (and you too!)


                          rg - Are you training for a marathon??  I guess I thought you were.


                          mer - Sorry about all the work you are doing.  Hope you have a great run today on the new TM!  So cute about J dancing.  Glenn commented on how we needed a dog to eat up all the messes J leaves on the floor.  We would have one fat dog!


                          eh - I am jealous of those that can wear them...I see some old ladies in them and they look great!  My body shape is just not meant for it.  I have big hips and thighs and extremely small ankles and calfs so I look ridiculous.  I guess I am not meant to wear boots


                            mer- enjoy the run on the new TM! is it the same brand the current ones? yep, i'd say you're due for new shoes, definitely. R flip flops on meals, sometimes he eats a ton at breakfast/lunch/dinner, and other days he prefers to just have snacks throughout the day. He's healthy and thriving, so i dont' worry too much about it! aw, bummer about DH being gone- I'm alone M-F nights since DH works 2-10.


                            r-eh: she usually stays 5+ days, and i LOVE it!


                            jen- i haven't "officially" started training yet...still trying to decide which one i want to run. i want to discuss w/ DH, but with only seeing him for about 20 min/day until the weekend, it's hard to fit in everything we want/need to cover.

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                              They must have upgraded the software for the forum because its way easier to read on my phone now. We'll see if it's easier to post also.


                              RR - supposed to be meeting rp tonight but she was throwing up with a flu yesterday. I'm scheduled for 5k today so will do that sometime.


                              TR - was super quiet yesterday while I was upstairs changing O's diaper. Turns out she was smearing shampoo on the floor and stripping - yay Wink


                              BR - posted a video of her giggling on fb. Love it! Was teething yesterday but slept pretty good anyway. Up now nursing and snoozing earlier than usual but the cuddle time is nice.


                              FR - made bermy's curry yesterday. I put shrimp in also as DH is allergic to anything vegi (sarcasm intended). He tried the tofu but didn't like it. M on the other hand gobbled it up and also finished her daddy's portion.


                              NRR - going to the indoor play place today as traffic was backed up yesterday and I didn't want to spend the morning in my car.

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                                good morning!


                                RR - rest day.  Ended up doing 5 miles with 5 year old in jogging stroller yesterday again, and it's rainy this morning so a good day to take off.


                                BR - doesn't have many words but seems to understand everything.  It's amazing to see what they pick up!


                                KR - ugh, DD is STILL home sick.  I thought she was doing better yesterday, she ate 1/2 an apple yesterday afternoon and seemed to do OK with it but then threw up in the car on the way to take DD1 to swimming.  The doctor called in some phenergan so I gave her a dose last night.  She begged for a chicken nugget so I let her have one and she managed to keep it down.  Poor girl has not eaten and kept anything down in 4 days, I don't know what is up with her!  Doctor said if she's not better in a day or 2 to bring her in to swab for strep.  She doesn't have a sore throat but I guess you never know.


                                FR - leftover chicken noodle soup, which was delicious.  Think I'll make some honey wheat bread to go with it tonight.


                                NRR - hoping to do a major scrub of my house while L is at mother's morning out.  My car also needs it.  I ran to the store after DD puked in it and got disinfectant wipes to clean it and baking soda to get rid of the smell but now I need to vacuum the baking soda up.


                                rg - there is nothing like the sound of little babies/toddlers laughing.  Yay for mom coming!!


                                zorbs - too funny about your DH.  Sorry about the tantrum at the mall.  Ugh, I'm not looking forward to that.  I think older moms did have kids that threw tantrums, they just choose to forget it overtime and only remember their kids being perfect angels.


                                eh - sitting at the computer is so relaxing to me when the kids aren't around.  Not so much when they are awake!


                                ernie - I hope the ice is gone from the roads!  Were you able to clean the lotion up?  Sounds messy!  Hope things slow down for DH soon.


                                bermy - I've decided I'm going to run more stroller miles because of you.  Congrats to your DH!  I also wanted to let you know I registered for CMM half marathon.  We booked a hotel and will be in Nashville, Apr 26-28.  I will cheer you on as you finish your full!  Smile


                                jen - ugh, I was just telling a friend that Lucas is becoming a pain the butt, and he was so much easier a few months ago.  I hope you are able to get your errands done!


                                mer - I used to be so good about keeping track of shoe miles and now I have no idea.  Could the stomachaches be from stress?  I hope things settle down for you!


                                mrszm - ha, in the summer it's 90-100 here and humid.  It gets pretty miserable in August.  70s is warm for January, although our temps can be up and down at any time!  Your girls are so cute in their hats with their skates!!