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    rr: 4 miles yesterday on the tm. probably rest today.


    br: woke up at a normal time yesterday and was back in bed by 9am. i had to wake him up to go get dd1 from school after 2 hours. then he took a  3.5 hour nap in the afternoon.


    tr: snow day today. doesn't mean much though as neither of the girls have school on wednesdays.


    nrr: supposed to go out for dinner with a friend tonight. not sure it will happen though with all the snow.


    fr: tater tot casserole last night. either leftovers or soup tonight.


      Hi all,


      RR - no running, maybe elliptical.. maybe not..


      BR - kind of clingy this morning, not sure why.  Was fine with DH though.  Realized how in a about a month she'll be weaned and I might get to sleep in and DH can give her milk in the morning instead of me nursing.  That'll be nice.  Trying to figure out what to do today.


      NRR - almost done the speech for my sister's wedding.  Have to work on the ending.



      zorbs - sorry about the tantrum.  C is at the age where she doesn't like to be strapped in for more than a few minutes... last time I took her to the mall, she started screaming/crying and I had to carry  her and push the stroller... not fun...


      jen - ugh, that's quite a food mess to clean up... I have to start putting something on the ground underneath the booster seat b/c I'm tired of scraping food off the ground after every meal...


      mer - my last pair of running shoes had over 600 miles .... i usually change around 400...


      Sorry for the fly by... have a great day everyone...


      Bad Ass Mother Runner

        Yay! My post looks normal. I just have to watch the autocorrect as it goes totally wonky on here.


        rg - I remember m growing like that, nothing was safe on our kitchen island. We kept pushing things closer to the middle.


        Zorbs - I look at mothers like that and think good for you!! Following through and disciplining youR kid. So many parents just let them get away with crap or bribe them with candy. So good job.


        R-eh - I've gotten used to the treadmill and don't mind it now. Before kids I hated it and never ran on it. But when I was home on mat leave with M I ran on it a ton and it grew on me. Not all treadmills are created equal though. Good luck with the rental!


        ernie - ah n bath time. So much fun! I feel your pain with the soap, M is so mischievous lately and gets into everything.


        Bermy - what's your plan with the Lr this weekend? Is it a flat fast race? Is there such a thing on Bermy? Congrats to dh!! We have officers at my current company also. I am almost certainly switching companies though when I go back to work.


        jen - our dogs are our clean up crew for sure! They aren't allowed in until we release them though. They are often disappointed lately though because m is not nearly as messy as she was. She did the same and as soon as she started throwing Id tell her that throwing her food makes mommy think she's done eating and take her food away. She loooooves eating so this was big for her.


        Mer - that's a lot of mileage on a pair of shoes! I'd be injured for sure. M went through a phase like that with eating. We just kept at it trying to get her to taste things and then she'd gobble it up again. Often we'd start eating it and she'd get jealous of us and want our food.

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          Good morning! lots of posts today!

          RR: I can't decide if I should run today or tomorrow. I usually take two days off before a race but yesterday I was really sluggish on my run so a day off today might be a better idea.


          BR/TR: slept in till 5:45! Much better than 5. Smile


          TR: No accidents in days!


          WR: Long deposition yesterday. My client cried a lot and the other attorneys were cold. We didn't take a lunch break so I went until 4pm on just a bagel. Needless to say I was cranky!

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            ugh, i ran out of good coffee and am drinking what tastes like pure disgusting right now.


            rg: yay for your mom coming out! i hear ya on the growth overnight. some mornings it looks like c doesn't even fit his pj's anymore!


            zorbs: c cries every time we go to the grocery store. he is fine until we go check out and if an older (think like 75+) is bagging our groceries he goes ape shit. every.single.time.


            eh: dh and i are trying to get away with our best couple friend. we have thought about doing mexico or dominican republic, but now we might just do florida during a non spring break time. hoping we can find a good deal on a condo.


            ernie: dh is working longer hours too, but i'll stop complaining since he was home before 2am Smile


            bermy: yay for the promotion! dh got his bonus a couple of weeks ago. we didn't realize it got deposited into two different checking accounts, so when he realized he was WAY more excited! yup, i have no intention of going back to work. i hate when people either a. tell me i'll go back to work once my kids are in school or b. ask me what i'll do with myself once they are all in school if i'm not "working." it's a pretty sore subject with me.


            jen: boo to the mess j made! yup, i'll send murphy over there to help you out! LOVE when they practice words. when c is working on a new word i must nod my head when i say it to him, so he'll open his mouth super wide and nod his head as he says it. so damn cute.  how do you not have runners' calved?! i think i am getting them and i'm not too happy about it. but i agree if the skinny jeans aren't pretty tight on the calves they probably look weird, but i'm so proud of you for buying a pair!!!


            mer: yay for the new tm. we need a new one at home, but now i keep telling myself it is almost february so winter is almost over. plus during naptime is the only time i really have to run on it. when will you hear about the job? have you decided if you would take it if you were offered it?


            car: what are you training for? so cute about the giggling. i still love c's giggling and he's 16 months!


            arm: poor dd! is she the one that has trouble keeping weight on in the first place? hope she's doing much better today! i hear ya about them understanding things. i am amazed when i can give a command to c and he does it perfectly. even if he can't see what i'm pointing to or if it is in another room. so you'd take 90-100s over snow, huh? Wink


              RG: Yay for your mom coming!  How often do you see her.  Enjoy your run in the nice weather!!


              Zorbs:  So sorry about the tantrum and inconsiderate people. I don't understand people like that.  How easily they forget what its like with a toddler.  I didn't realize until reading your bio on FB that your DS and my DD are only a couple weeks apart.  DD was born March 29, 2010.


              Eh!:  Do you have a lot of rental properties?  Do you manage them?  that must be a lot of work! Fingers  crossed you get it rented by the weekend


              Ernie: Sounds like your DD is getting into everything!  The fun and scary age.  Bummer about DH working so much.  I can relate.  DH didn't get home until after we were all in bed last night.  Hope your run is great!


              Bermy:  Congrats to your DH!! Sounds like a great promotion even though it was #4 on his list of things to tell you.  I would love your recipe for the ravioli if you can post it.  Core class sounds great! I was supposed to go to a mat pilates class this morning which is similar but wanted to let DH sleep instead.


              Marathon jen:  Isn't it funny how one minute they are going nuts and the next they are so sweet.  I guess that's why we can tolerate the tantrums and still love them to pieces.  Has DH been home more?


              Shoot DS has a very smelly diaper. BB for more in a minute.

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                Mer: I love seeing DD and DS dance. Its so cute.  That's nice your DH does a lot of the  morning routine. I think my DH would do it if I was regularly not here in the morning. Sweet potato tots sound delicious.  Where do you get them?


                CA: I loved the giggling video!  DD loved watching it too.  Hope your RP gets better soon. Have a great run!


                Arm:  That is awful about DD.  I hope the doctor can figure out what it is.  Are you still able to fit tennis in?


                Mrsz: I hope you can get out for your dinner!  3.5 hour nap is epic!


                MrsZ:  Good luck getting the speech done!  I've done two of those and always got so nervous.

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                  Woah, busy morning.  I am in class and I believe we have a quiz coming up so just a quick post.


                  RR:  Ran 9 miles yesterday on the TM.  DId 5 x 1m at 7:50 pace.  Outside I have no problem keeping faster paces but on the TM i struggle so I did 1 mile with a 0.5 mi break x5 instead of all 5 together.  5 mi recovery today.  Maybe more later if it warms up and I can take H in the stroller.


                  BR:  Such a smart guy.  We usually pick him up from daycare between 2:30-45.  Yesterday I was running late and didn't get there till 3.  His teacher said at 2;45 he sat by the door and started crying.  Not sure how I am going to ever get him to stay later.  This whole slowly increasing his time there might not work.  Also..he is still a 2 nap a day baby.  But when he goes to daycare he only takes one nap which is usually just about an hour.  When he comes home he is so so tired but won't go down.  Any suggestions?


                  NRR:  As I said on FB, booked a trip in the mountains for the next time DH visits.  I am so excited.  I love having something to look forward to!

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                    RR: 4 miles with the whole circus- RP, Dog, Stroller. I felt pretty good, had to do a pee stop around 3 mile mark though. RP was kind of dragging and R is much more vocal now that he doesn't have a binky in the stroller- we endured about a half mile of R whining "Down! Dooooowwwnn!!"


                    BR: Was in a terrible mood this morning. Insisted on brushing his own teeth for a good 15 minutes- I figured it wasn't worth the fight and the more he brushes, the cleaner they get, right?  DH and him are getting along great now that DH has put in more of an effort with him.


                    FR: I'm kind of embarrassed to post this since we just had a discussion about real food LOL - Morningstar Chik'n nuggets and tatortots. AF was kicking my ass last night and there was zero chocolate in our house- the horror!


                    NRR: Just sent in more paperwork for my construction loan- I hope DH knows how good he has it that I do everything money and paperwork related. We would not be in our good financial standing if he were in charge. I didn't pack any boxes last night, need to get some packing paper first.  My car is FILTHY from all the road grime and driving up the gravel road to R's daycare, I need the weather to warm up so I can wash it.

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                    Honorary Old

                      QOTD- my very good friend who lives about an hour away (the preggo one) is having a birthday party on Saturday- its for everyone including kids, dance party in her church gym. Take R or leave him at home with DH?  (and yes, my 30-something friend still has birthday parties- her DH throws them for her-2 years ago was an 80's murder mystery, last year(didn't go) was a dodgeball party). R loves to dance so I'm inclined to take him, but at the same time I always take him with me...


                      QOTD2- do any of you have a carpet cleaner machine? Are they worth buying, or should I just have a professional come in? MIL left me one when she moved but it is a POS and doesn't do anything.


                      shelby- R did 2 naps at home and 1 nap at daycare for a really long time. I think there is a lot more to do/more excitement at daycare so they stay up, and then rest up when they are at home with their boring old moms. The kids at R's daycare all line up at the window and watch for cars coming up the road- she says they play a game trying to guess whose mom it is by the headlights. Good luck on your quiz!


                      jmmiller- what kind of law do you practice?


                      cx2- It wouldn't break my heart if I never went to a wedding again. I think I might offer my kids money for a destination wedding, or to elope in the future.


                      mzm- Sorry about all the snow, how much did you get?


                      runnergirl- I was putting lotion on R this morning after his bath and it really hit me how big he's getting- time needs to slow down! I hope you have fun with your mom!


                      zorbs- I say good job for you- B chose a tantrum over the reasonable options you gave him. I ignore most of R's meltdowns- if we are at home and he keeps being bratty I make him go sit in his crib and cry until he calms down. You are doing a good job with B, ignore the mall bitches.


                      eh- Your FR sounds good, good luck with your rental. I hope you find some good, non-shatbag renters!


                      erniegirl- My Dh works a lot too, I have to try really hard to make him feel included when he's home because R and I kinda have our own groove without him.


                      Bermy- canines have been last for R- he only has 1 of 4. Congrats to your DH, that's awesome! He sounds like a very sweet, responsible, and hardworking man. What are you guys doing to celebrate? DH and I bought a piece of property to build on after his promotion LOL


                      Jen- I feed R in the kitchen so we don't ruin the rug. In our new house, the dining room will have hard flooring. Jealous of your shorts weather.

                      I hope you can find paint that won't brain damage J. Do you have a Color Me Mine or some other hand painted pottery place you could take J to? My dog eats all of R's leftovers, its the only reason she tolerates him. I cut back her dog food once R started eating solids.


                      mer- Get thee to the LRS!  My shoes have a lot of miles on them, but I am more of a midfoot striker with the stroller and they seem to be lasting a long time. Once winter is over I'm going to trash both my screw shoes and my other 6 month old pair.


                      CA- my DH is really picky and he likes tofu. I found that the key is pressing it really good and then frying in oil until its golden.  A quiet toddler is a naughty toddler.


                      armama- R definitely understands more than he can say. Hope DD starts feeling better soon!

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                        mrszm - I was hoping for a snow day, but no luck..  Just a crappy drive home!  Curious as to why being a SAHM once all 3 kids are in school is a sore subject?  It is a new to us treadmill, but it should work nice.  No news on the job.  Have to wait for all of the politics to go through.  Technically he is still employed untili June 30th.  We will see.  You know how it is....


                        cx2 - Did you get out yesterday.  Weaning is a double edge sword.  I cried the last time I nursed J, but then quickly adjusted to the lack of him needing me so much. I do miss the cuddles as right now it lasts all of a minute or two!


                        CAR - I usually don't let it go that long with shoes.  Guess it excaped me.  I hate buying new shoes after Christmas because I feel like a resolutioner!  Hope you had a great day today.


                        jmmiller - Yay for the sleep and lack of accidents!  Its the little things, right?!  We get the sweet potato tots at Wal-Mart.


                        shelby - Your trip sounds heavenly! I amalways the odd man out and feel faster on the treadmill.  I have an addicition to the speed button which isn't the best.  Outside, I feel like I don't have much control over my pace, I just go!


                        spike - I see your conflict.  Maybe play it by ear.  If you are just ready to get out by yourself, leave him home.  If you think you are in the right mood to have fun with him there, then take him.  Maybe it would be a good time for him and DH to bond without you around!  I am trying to figure out if I can get to the LRS before my LR on Saturday.  I like the shoes, and wouldn't have noticed much if it weren't for the blisters.


                        armmama - You might be on to something with the stress.  I have noticed them more since the new year.  They seem to come on at the end of my run.  I can make it through dinner, but while doing dishes, I usually have to go to the bathroom pretty bad.  They are exhausting, too.  I feel just drained from the pain.  Hopefully they go away quickly.

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                          CA – LOL to M smearing shampoo and stripping…the girl loves to be naked I guess.  Have fun at the play place today.  Glad M liked the tofu even if DH didn’t.  Sorry RP is sick…hope you have a good solo run.


                          ARM – Dang your DD has been sick for a long time with something.  I hope she starts to really feel better quickly.  Glad you were able to get your run in with DD yesterday.  Crazy how much toddlers know even if they can’t say much.


                          Mrszm – Hope you can get out for dinner despite the snow.  Wow on C’s naps…I wish J would sleep more than 2 hours sometimes…sometimes we don’t even get 2 hour naps.  I bought a pair of skinny jeans…and they are getting returned…I look like a sausage!!  Ewww…skin tight in the thighs and baggy in the calves…not cute.


                          CTimes – Are you feeling any better?  It’s funny how clingy babies are to their moms.  J will be with DH and see me and try to reach for me and go uh…uh..uh.   We have a big plastic mat under J’s high chair but I fed him at his little table instead…mistake!


                          Jm – Sounds like DD is doing well with potty training.  I think you are wise to take a rest day today…your body sounds like it’s begging for it.  DH is still traveling about 60% of the time.  Next week starts 3 straight weeks of him being gone.  Not fun!


                          Shelby – Great job on the speedy 9 mile run!!  Good luck with the daycare nap…we fought that for awhile too.  They moved J to the Toddler Room when he was less than a year and they only take one nap there so it was hard.  I requested that they allow him to take a morning nap too.  So he started taking a quick cat nap in the morning.  They would put him somewhere quiet.  I would ask his daycare to find a spot for him to take a nap.  Otherwise, if he can’t sleep…he will eventually adjust it just takes time.  It took J about 2 months to adjust to it.


                          Spike – Man, if I had all that stuff I don’t know if I would run…lol…good for you!!!  Sorry R was in a bad mood this morning.  J runs around with his tooth brush forever and it is annoying because he is just sucking on it and not brushing.  Your food is fine…You don’t even want to hear about the processed crap I eatL  Leave R with DH!  They could use father son time and you deserve time for just you to have fun.  I do feed J in the kitchen.  We have hardwood floors but a large area rug under our kitchen table…that is what he smeared food on!  Ugh.  I did order the paint pen from the website you shared with me..so I think I am set on that.  Thanks by the way…I am excited to do that.


                          Honorary Old

                            Jen- Just open the windows when J is coloring on the bowl, and either lotion him up or put a bit of vaseline on him prior to letting him color as it will act as a barrier between the paint and his skin. It will go so quickly that I don't think it will hurt him. DH volunteered to keep R with him, so I might roll with that. He will be going on night shifts next week and won't see R much, so they probably need the time together. I told DH I might take R with me if he's in a good mood, but will leave him if he's being bratty Wink

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                              Ugh, can't focus at school....  Shouldn't be on RA Smile


                              RG:  Hope you get your double run in today.  I may do the same.


                              zorbs:  I have never done a progression run.  Do you just get faster every miles?  What race pace do you aim for?  5k?


                              eh:  I feel you on the slower TM runs.


                              ernie - Your DD sounds like the female version of my DS.


                              bermy - Congrats to DH!!  Do you have a goal time for the 5k?  I wish you could teach me how to nurse in a wrap!


                              jen - That is awesome about all of the words.  I am a little concered about H's language development.  He really doesn't say many words.


                              mer - Yay for a new TM.  And for the shoes.  I love a fresh pair of shoes.


                              arm - Great job on the run.  Must be tough to push a 5 year old.


                              CA-  Dh is the same way about veggie.  He has gotten better lately.  And a quiet toddler is never good.  Although H does sit and "read" books quietly sometimes.


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                                jen/spike - Thanks for the advice!  I hope within time the crying and morning sleepiness go away.


                                jmiller - Are you ready for your race?  Excited?

                                5k - 21:32  FM - 3:27:40