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SNOWY MONDAY DIVAS (Read 209 times)




      We had our first snow of the season yesterday... of course even when its on the weekend the snow always has to fall when I have places I need to go!


      RR: Ended up being another lazy weekend. Heading to the gym for hopefully a run this morning, 3-5, though I don't know why I still say 5. It takes me so long now I never have time for 5. Hoping my legs don't end up hurting all day like they did on Thursday.


      NRR: Had a really fun birthday weekend and now we settle in for the run to Christmas... we're traveling in less than two weeks! Why does time keep going so fast? DH and I had a great day off on Friday and then Saturday was a nice family day with see a holiday train exhibit, baking cookies and dinner out. Yesterday was my community band Christmas concert, during the snow. My parents who live an hour away tried to come but didn't end up getting here. It at least wasn't too bad so DH and A came! A doesn't have the attention span to sit through a whole concert though, she made it almost halfway before she went to play (the concert was in a library). I better get going. Have a nice Monday divas!


        Ha, it's supposed to get up to 83 degrees here, and it's 100% humidity... Definitely far from snowy here!


        RR: Ran a few miles with DH yesterday. Today brought stuff to change at work so I can run with a Monday night running group. I'm hoping I can make 5 miles but I've been slacking a lot lately and I'm not sure I'll be able to keep up their fast pace for that long.


        NRR: We got most of our stuff unpacked and pictures on the wall at the new house. We even got some Christmas shopping done yesterday, and got a tree so we could feel a little more festive. I can't believe how hot and humid it is right now though! It's not so much fun when we had a taste of winter, and now it's gone!


        Monk: Enjoy your first day of snow! That's really fun!!!! Sounds like you had a great and festive weekend!!!

        MA runner girl

          Morning ladies. Monday, really!?


          RR: Ran 3ish miles with Lucy on Saturday. Was so nice to run with her! I was speedier than I have been in months. Didn't end up running yesterday. I've got my gym bag all set for a swim tonight.


          NRR: Whew, what a weekend! Had a great time with Amerunz, Lucy and RLTW cookie baking. I have sooo many cookies!!! I brought them to the Ugly Christmas Sweater party on Saturday night, but I was so late that there was already so much food out so not many got eaten. Now I have them all sitting in my kitchen, taunting me! Yesterday DH and I got our tree and I spent the afternoon decorating for xmas. I was so happy because I came home on Saturday night after midnight to a CLEAN house! I feel so lucky to have such a fab DH! Smile I didn't get much else done yesterday because I was so wiped out from the weekend. Then last night I had the worst sleep of my whole pregnancy. Boo. DH didn't sleep well either, and blamed me! I told him we were in a fight this morning :-P


          Work today and tomorrow should be NUTS. Our huge suite of reports are due tomorrow at noon, usually they aren't due until at least the 25th of the month!!!!


          25 weeks yesterday! I'll post a bump pic on FB tonight. DH and I took some cute pics for our christmas card last night and we got a few bump pics too Smile


          Monk - I saw your FB status, so I'm assuming it wasn't a great run. But great job still getting out there and moving. I think that's what counts at this point! I'm glad you had a fun birthday weekend!


          Have a great day girls!

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          MA runner girl

            PO - So are the christmas trees imported down there? How does that work? Bummer that it's so hot still. It's warm here too (relatively anyways) supposed to get up to 60 today! Global warming is getting crazy!

            PRs: 5k - 21:23, half marathon - 1:39:43, marathon - 4:01:15


              monk-lucky! I wish we got some snow here. Glad you had a nice birthday weekend. Very cool you and DH took Friday off to just spend together


              PO-crazy that it is still hot and humid where you are, but glad you are getting into the festive mood


              ma-glad you had fun baking cookies with everyone! 25 weeks wow!


              RR: threshold run this morning. 4 miles total. 1st day of marathon training was a success.


              NRR: had a nice, relaxing weekend with DBF. Hill run yesterday in the suburbs and got to see my mom, where she met DBF for the first time and seemed to really like him Smile


                Good morning, ladies!


                RR: Got in 7 road miles today, and hoping to go to yoga tonight. I only ran 3x last week, and ST twice, but I think I'm okay with it. It's too late now, anyway.


                NRR: I worked all weekend, and this report still is not finished. It is a true behemoth. It's not that it's hard to write, it's more that the powers-that-be gave us the data WAY too late for it to be ready when they want it. Oh well, I better be earning some brownie points for this. DBF is earning brownie points, too, because he's been really helpful around the house while I sit here locked to my laptop.  This train is still movin', though.. I know I'll have enough hours to take off early next week, but only if all the work is done. Dead



                Monk - We've had a slight dusting of snow but nothing serious yet.


                PO - I bet you feel a lot better getting more moved in to your house. 83 degrees? oh man, I can't imagine.. I was sweating profusely on my run today because it was above freezing!


                MA - What sort of cookies did you make?  Sorry you and DH didn't sleep well last night. That can really mess up everything. Hopefully that was the worst sleep of your pregnancy.


                Taylor - That's great your mom liked DBF! My DBF will be here a few days while my mom is here for Christmas, and I'm kind of nervous. I'm afraid she's going to ask him a thousand questions.


                  Good morning ladies! Hope everyone dealing with the first big snow is safe and cozy!


                  Monk - did youenjoy Skyfall? DH and I saw it on Thursday night with some friends and loved it! Sounds like a great birthday/Christmasy weekend. 


                  PO - wow, we thought it was warm here but I can't imagine that humidity, good luck with your group run


                  MA - glad you had a blast cookie baking and bonus points to your DH for coming home to a clean house!


                  Taylor - yay for the first day of marathon training! Nice that your mom liked dbf too.



                  RR: over the weekend we went golfing and I took the dogs for a long walk on Sunday, today I was going to go for a run, but it's raining so I'm going tothe a wimp and take a rest day and run tomorrow because the weather is going to be nicer Smile


                    And since my screen locked up on me after I tried adding a motie, I'll say hi to OWR andnod NRR here I guess.


                    OWR - too bad you had the spend your weekend writing the report, it always happens to me that I start writing and think, there's one more way I could analyze this, etc. and it always takes longer than I think it will, so getting the data late never helps. Hope you get to take some of the time back at the end of the week



                    NRR: went golfing (in shorts!) on Saturday and had my best round ever. I had my first chip-in ever and it was for a birdie on a par 4! I've golfed really well the last couple of weekends so DH jokes that I just needed bigger boobs. Smile. Yesterday we bought our Christmas tree and a set of holiday/winter dishes, so it's starting to feel like Christmas around here! Tonight we celebrate DH's birthday with dinner out at one of our favorite restaurants, courtesy of a gift certificate from my parents, and with a chocolate cake I baked for him last night. Now it's off to a busy day at work. 


                    Make it a great day!


                      Dr. - Exactly! We're not even analyzing that much data, just trying to determine what's the best way to present it. The project managers have been very hands-off, which is great because my coworker and I are doing it how we want it, but dang, people, could we get more of a head's up next time?


                        Happy Monday, DIVAs!


                        Monk, loved the updates all weekend, it sounds like it was such a lovely time for you all!


                        PO, you must be loving the house right now…I got so excited for you reading about your morning views!  And I say go for it later…your bod will probably surprise you, after some rest, and come back raring to go!


                        MA, you make me laugh – you told DH you were in a fight?  HA!  Sounds just like something I’d do! Well, not so much the DH part  ;-)  I’m so happy you all got together for a fun sleepover etc., and DH does get kudos for cleaning the house, for sure!


                        Taylor, so happy mom liked DBF, and yay for the start of marathon training!!  What’s a threshold run?  I start full training next Monday.  I’m SO antsy for it!


                        Outwest, for your 7 mile runs, you run 6 and do one with the pup, right?  Because I was thinking…I could run 5 alone then one each with our dogs, and that’d be 7…but not sure if Shane’s hip will be OK with that.  I’m getting the glucosamine for her this week.  She’s just such a sweetie, it’s heartbreaking to see her struggling with her rear end!


                        Dr. T, LOL @ DH…isn’t that their answer for almost everything?!?  Enjoy your supper out and YUMMY no doubt chocolate cake!!


                        So, I ran a bunch of times last week, not a ton of miles but frequently…I’m so rammy with the holidays looming and school ending (finals! Papers due!) and just crazy schedules…and MARATHON TRAINING starts on 12/17, I can’t wait to get going with that!!  Finally started assembling the main part of our traditional homemade gifts, I really love this year’s idea!  I’m “runching” today, probably 4 miles because of time constraints…I really want outdoor miles; I could totally get in more miles later at the gym, lil C would have no problem I’m sure…it doesn’t hurt that the Burger King is across the parking lot from the gym  =)  I REALLY need a treadmill!


                        Have a great day and week, ladies!!


                          Nai - Yep, I go run 6 miles myself, then come back for Fay. She has sensitive pads on her feet, and we're building back up from some time off. The most she's run with me on pavement is 2 miles (either I run 5 then come back and get her, or it's the 1 mile there and back to get to the trails). NC said something once about Louie having joint issues from too much hard surface running, so I try to keep Fay's pavement runs to a minimum. She could run forever on the trails, I bet, but she wears herself out sprinting back and forth. 


                            Hellooooooooooo, DIVAs! 


                            Not a lot of time to post, I'm working on a big report at work that's due by noon, but wanted to say hello! Hope everyone had a great weekend!


                            RR: 4 miles yesterday - 2 with the pup and 2 on my own. I finished in just under 40 minutes and felt really good! Tonight and tomorrow I have skating but I'll probably run the pup for about a mile before I head over, just so he gets in some exercise after being in the yard for so long (DP leaves for work around 12:45 and I should be home around 4:30-5). I want to start taking him on the trails, but he's still a little hyper around other dogs... once we get through obedience training hopefully that can happen. I know the pavement running isn't that great for him!


                            NRR: We had a great weekend! DP and I took the munchkin to see the Nutcracker and he really enjoyed it! It was DP's first ballet experience, too, and I think she and I might go see the U.S. premiere of Cinderella in May. (Can you imagine a ballet of Cinderella that's "darkly magical" and styled on the Brothers Grimm? It could be excellent.) I also got in some crafty time and made a couple of patchwork lavender bags! (They are like little sachets full of lavender, which we have growing in abundance in the yard.) It was a lot easier than I thought. I'm excited to start working on my first quilt. Smile


                            I gotta get back to work - I'll try to check in later. Hope y'all have an awesome day!

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                              Hi girls. Good morning. Like PO said its 80 degrees with 100% humidity. Not having a good hair day to say the least! TriR had some good workouts in during the weekend. Short but good. 6 mile run Saturday pain free and 49 mile bike ride yesterday. This morning did 45 min step master. NtriR good weekend. Friday I had a mental breakdown. Saturday felt much better thank goodness. Went to Xmas party with DF and his family. Took nap and made yummy roasted butternut squash soup. So good!!! Yesterday picked up cookies and brownies at MILs and has secret Santa party with my HS friends. Was sleeping by 9 o'clock. Nice! Personals in a second....

                                Morning girls! Hope you all had a lovely weekend! 


                                Monk- I was thinking of you last night, while watching the Packers' game and seeing how snowy and cold it was. I told DH, "Even if Aaron Rodgers asked me to marry him, I still wouldn't move to WI!" LOL. Too cold!!! 


                                Dr. T- Nice job on the golf improvements!! 


                                PO- 83 degrees! That's crazy! But it sounds kind of nice right now, it's chilly here! 


                                MA- 25 weeks already!?!? When did that happen!! I can't wait to see your new bump picture!! 


                                GSD- HAPPY BIRTHDAY to your precious baby M!! 


                                OWR- Gah! Sounds like a rough project to be stuck working on all weekend!! 


                                Nai- I start marathon training the week after you do! So excited! 


                                Athena- Wow aren't you Ms. Crafty! Love it! I just imported my training plan into my Google calendar this weekend so it's on my phone and I constantly know what I'm supposed to be doing! I'm ridiculously excited (and nervous!) about BSIM!!! 

                                Humboldt Redwoods Half Marathon 10.20.2013 

                                Tiburon by the Bay Half Marathon 11.3.2013 (My Birthday!) 

                                Napa Valley Full Marathon 3.2.2013



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