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Weary of Winter Wednesday Supermoms (Read 31 times)


    Morning Supermoms~


    RR: 8 miles today, with 5-6 at MP. It's cold again, but hopefully this is the last day of it! Yesterday's 7 turned into a nice progression run. Feeling good about keeping it easy this week.


    TR: have to buy him new shoes- his little feet seem to be growing overnight! My mom bought him a cute pair of rain boots for easter, but everything is still frozen here, no puddles to jump in. We played with stickers last night for a while, he loved it!


    NRR: training clients this morning for a couple of hours, nothing much planned for the day...

     5K: 19:15       Half: 1:29:35       Marathon: 3:13:08



    beskirted & manicured

      ER - SRD.


      TR - hid in the store window at lulu and made faces at passers-by.  It was kind of like, "how much is that little boy in the window?"


      FR - fried noodles, tofu, veggies.


      NRR - have a huge gap between clients, enough to come home, not quite enough for a nap..we'll see.



      rg - checking out the long term forecast...and there is hope for spring next week!

      5K - 24:10 | 8K - 40:41  | 10K - 51:40.6 | HM - 1:51:10 | 30K - 2:44:54 | Marathon - 3:59:26





        RR - not today... but elliptical for 25 minutes and I think I should've slept in instead..


        BR - grumpy before dinner... was fine for my mom all day though.  She barely ate her food but seemed to mellow out after that.  DH dropped her bowl of rice and meatballs on the floor and there was food everywhere... C was totally fascinated by the mess and couldn't stop staring at the ground...


        NRR - so the CEO came to visit, was pretty funny, but you could still feel the tension in the air...It's been almost a year since my company was sold and there are still hurt feelings... there was free cake afterwards and it was NOT good.  icing was too sweet and the cake didn't have enough flavor.  How disappointing.



        rg - i love baby and toddler feet... they're so cute compared to adult ones!  I just can't believe how much shoes and boots cost though..


        zorbs - ha, at least B found a way to amuse himself while you shopped... hope you can relax a bit in between clients!

        running eh

          RR - rest today, will do abs and maybe some body weight exercises if I feel inspired.  8x400 last night - it got done, but it wasn't pretty!


          NRR - cleaning and more errands today


          FR - gonna give the Bermy curry a try.  The ravioli didnt go over well last night.


          KR - DS has his first swimming lesson today - he's excited!


          Zorbs - cute about DS - as long as he wasn't knocking things over!  Did they have any other good things on the sale rack - I am working there tomorrow and could stop in before work (though I probably shouldn't!)


          rg - sounds like a good run you have planned today (though it doesn't sound like much of an easy week to me!)  Happy shoe shopping - do you buy any old shoes or do you stick to a particular name?  A friend of mine always gets striderites when her children are little.  My kids have had a lot of shoes from Value Village, so nothing in particular.


            RR - 5k tonight with RP and stroller. And possibly also with a former RP who hasn't run for awhile. Boot camp this morning, but I'm going to half-ass it since I have a race on Saturday and don't want to risk sore legs.


            TR - We played "basketball" last night with a ball and empty waste basket and she thought it was the greatest thing ever. Then she got so excited, she fell and split her lip. Didn't seem to bother her after the initial 30 seconds of wailing, though. And definitely did not prevent her from eating an enormous dinner.


            FR - Pan fried cod, breaded with panko and chili powder, sauteed zucchini and garlic, rice


            NRR - Some woman tried to rob the pharmacy in town yesterday. Apparently she approached an employee, claimed to have a gun and demanded narcotics. The employee completely ignored her and walked away so she just fled. While I don't love the fact that there was an attempted robbery in town, it's comforting to know she was apparently the worst robber ever.




            rg - Have a good MP run! Do the rain boots stay on R's feet? S has a pair but I'm thinking they might be a bit wide since she always manages to pull or kick them off.


            zorbs - Excellent way for B to stay entertained while you shop! I checked the long term forecast after reading your post to rg...looks like spring is coming next Thursday...seems like a long wait.


            cx2 - Ew, I hate that sickly sweet, store bought type icing. Hopefully C doesn't start throwing food on the ground since she thought it was so interesting!


            eh - Way to go with the 8 x 400! I was so happy to only have 5 scheduled since there were huge wind gusts here yesterday. Too bad the ravioli wasn't a hit...it sounded so yummy!

            5k - 20:46          10k - 41:27         10 mile - 1:15:32          Half marathon - 1:39:15      


              RR:  5 whenever I get out there.


              TR:  Was kind of a brat yesterday.  DH keeps saying how he isn't like that when I'm at work.  (Rather I ask and he affirms it.)


              NRR:  Ended up going to a movie and dinner last night.  It was nice.  Trying to figure out a fun thing to do today.  Have stalked abut the children's museum, zoo, indoor waterpark.....still no decision made.


              FR: Had a wrap at Bufffalo Wild Wings and it was delicious!



              rg - Js Toms came on Mon and they are adorable!  I love kids shoes.  Have a great run today.


              Zorbs - If you stay at work, can you possibly pick up more clients?


              cx2 - boo to bad cake!


              Eh - ya for swim lessons!  I hope you have day good day!


              Enie - I hope you have good workouts today.  That's kind of funny about the robbery.  Wonder what she was on at tha point!

              Upcoming Races: 

              Gazelle Girl 1/2 Marathon 4/13 - 1:48:46



                RR:  8 miles yesterday with 5x800m at 3:310-3:33ish.  I ended up being totally unprepared for the sudden cold weather so I did about 5 mi on the track and then the rest on the TM.  My legs felt great during the 800s and it almost felt too easy.  I ran my 1000s at the same pace so I probably should have run a little faster.  Today I will be running 5-6mi.  Having to juggle the schedule because I don't think I can fit 11 in today.


                TR:  Was up  a lot last night crying but would fall back asleep before I got in there.  Hope he doesn't have a poopy diaper this morning!


                NRR:  Went to REI yesterday and bought a new pair of shoes, Brooks ravennas and stocked up on honey stingers (they were 50% off).  I wore the shoes on the TM last night for about 3 miles and they felt good.


                RG - Your easy week still sounds like a tough week for me Smile  H was had a huge growth spurt lately too.  He is already in size 5 shoes though so hopefully he doesn't grow out of them soon.


                zorbs - Haha too cute about the window.  Love the new skirt.


                cx2 - How is work going?


                eh - Have fun at swim lessons!  We did those last summer but H was only 6 months so he wasn't able to do much.


                ernie - What kind of race is on Sat?  a 5k?  Funny about the basketball!  H has a little hoop and he loves throwing anything in it.


                mer - Hope you find something fun to do today!

                5k - 21:32  FM - 3:27:40


                  RR - was planning on running 4 before I meet with the personal trainer but it's raining and I don't feel like running in the rain nor do I feel like running on the TM, so maybe a cross training day.  I have kind of gotten away from cross training so I'm sure a day or two doing something besides running will be good for me.  Supposed to play tennis tonight, we'll see if the rain lets up.


                  BR - kept waking up overnight whimpering.  I think he's constipated again.  Seems to be a Wednesday thing?


                  KR - DD3 really wanted to wear this shorts & tank top outfit she recently got but we told her it was going to be too cold today (high of 58 and rainy) so she sat on her floor holding the clothes in her hands and cried for 15 minutes this morning.  Girls, so dramatic.


                  FR - rotisserie chicken, leftover mashed potatoes, salad.  We still have ham left but I am hammed out.


                  NRR - this gloomy day is matching my mood.  I swear I have PMS for a week lately.


                  rg - I just bought L a new pair of shoes and ended up exchanging them for a bigger size because I want them to fit this summer.  I'm hoping they will, he seems to go through shoes quickly!  haha, 8 miles with some at MP would be a hard week for me.


                  zorbs - I bet people got a kick out of seeing B in the window!  a nap sounds nice!


                  cx2 - unfortunately L loves throwing food on the floor and looking at the mess.  The dog usually cleans it up quickly though.  Smile  boo on bad cake!


                  eh - I usually like doing speed work on the trail or in the dark so no one can see me.  I'm sure I don't look good on those final few 400s!  Hope DS likes his swimming lessons.  How old is he?


                  ernie - they don't yell at your for half assing boot camp?  I always assume there's a lot of shouting going on at those classes.  Interesting about the attempted robbery, good for that employee for ignoring her!  Glad it didn't turn out to be anything bad.


                  mer - everyone always tells me how good L is when I'm not around.  Then I get home and he wants to be held and cries a bunch.  Annoying.  Hope you find something fun to do today, all sound like good options!


                  strollermama - you are a speedy lady!  Sounds like L and H had the same problem last night!


                    CA - I forgot to post yesterday but happy late birthday to C!!  The DQ pics were adorable.  Your girls are so cute.


                    ernie - I just went back and reread personals from yesterday and had to laugh out loud about your criminal daughter.  First its stealing narcotics and now cheese.  It might be time to move Smile

                    5k - 21:32  FM - 3:27:40


                      rr: 3-4 with rp tonight (unless she bails again) and possibly with boyfriend stealer.


                      rr2: signed up for a 22k trail race on june 1st! description quotes, "a very worthy course with the longest climbs in Wisconsin, you wouldn't want less." also includes a huge set of stairs.


                      br: taught him to say "brew" as in brewers last night. big milwaukee brewers loving house here.


                      trr: every day dd2 wakes up at 6:13 coughing. poor girl. fortunately she goes back to sleep afterwards.


                      nrr: went to dh's boss's house last night to talk to his daughter who is in high school and wants to be a teacher. it was interesting since she wants to go the private college route and parochial teaching route.


                      fr: cutting dairy seems to be helping a little bit, but the mornings are still rough on the gut. bbq chicken for the family tonight; not sure what for me. Sad


                      rg: c needs shoes so badly too but i am hoping to make it until summer since he already has some sandals to wear.


                      zorbs: i had convinced myself last night that i was just going to order the swiftly crew and speed short from lulu today, but now seeing the sweet deal you got in the store, i feel like i should just make the 1.5 hour drive to the store to look around. but with free shipping it's hard to justify the gas money it would take to drive there and back. i was set on the run swiftly tank and then realized than they had no colors in my size and the colors seemed too much like easter eggs.


                      cx2: boo to the cake! i love bakery type cakes especially with the right frosting!


                      eh: good luck to ds at swimming lessons tonight! that reminds me i have to call the local outdoor pool to check on lessons for dd2 for this summer.


                      ernie: yup, sounds like the worst robber ever. i remember in a class i took in college we were given the ethical situation that if your husband/wife was dying from a disease that was curable with medication, but you couldn't afford to buy it, would you watch him/her die or break into the pharmancy and steal the medication...


                      runninmer: what movie did you see? i'd wait and go to the zoo tomorrow since it is supposed to be in the 50s tomorrow!


                      strollermama: yay for the ravennas! i can't wait to wear them again tonight to see if they run as well as i thought they did on monday. did you get the purple/black color with the yellow shoelaces like i had to?


                      arm: yup, that is totally something my girls would do with their clothes! ha, i hear ya about the weather dictating mood. i need spring asap! although it will in the 50s tomorrow, but then back down to the 40s. Sad


                        Good morning!!!!


                        RR: 5 fantastic miles this morning.  No pains whatsoever, hooray!!!!!!!


                        CatR:  Little turd didn't want to skype last night.  He's having so much fun though, can't really blame him.


                        NRR:  Working on the porch again.  The back one needs staining and the front sanding.....I am never owning a home again.


                        FR:  trying to clean out the freezer since we have a ton of beef to pick up in a few weeks.  Smorgashborg for dinner.


                        Ok, BBL for personals - need to fix my cup of coffee.


                          RR: 10m tempo, shooting for 8.20ish min/miles with stroller. That takes me to 55mpw! yipee!


                          NRR: playdate with a girl I met online at a babywearing group. We are going to wear our babies and chat. Never met her before, I am excited. LLL was fun yesterday. I think i am going to take over leading the group at some point. The current leader showed me where everything goes and is getting me a key. That kinda made it official.


                          BR: wants everything that's completely out of reach. I am thinking of very creative ways to say "no", like "not for you sweet cheeks".


                          FR: spicy corn chowder.

                          5K 21.12   10K 50:12   HM 2:07   FM 3:50:31


                          Bad Ass Mother Runner

                            Morning, must have worn the kids out yesterday as they are still sleeping, I'm celebrating by drinking coffee from a real mug (not a travel mug so that I can spend 2 hrs drinking it without it getting cold).


                            RR - Meeting RP at the gym this morning for a ST'ing workout, then meeting her again tonight for our MLR - 8k again.


                            RR2 - qotd - I have a 6 mile, w 5 @ RP run tomorrow, What the heck should I use as my HM RP?  I'm no where near my PR shape, My old PR before that was 1:57 ish, and I think I should be able to get around 1:55 or something by my goal race.  I have a HM before the goal but I'm not planning on racing it full out, just warming up slowly and then testing the waters to help my pace my goal race.  I've been running my tempos in the 7.0-7.2 mph range on the TM.  How close should HM race pace be to tempo pace?


                            TR - had a great day yesterday.  We didn't end up going to the zoo, and she cried because of it Sad  The lineups were so long and my pass needed to be renewed, plus she needed a pass.  It was super sad, but just to get into the parking lot we waited 20 minutes.  We got happy meals and took the kids to a park instead.  They had fun and forgot I think, but I feel bad, and we will have to do a zoo day as soon as it's nice again.


                            BR - had a messed up day sleeping and eating wise, so woke twice in the night and is still sleeping.  She was pretty happy through it though, glad she's so easy going.


                            NRR - heading up to the town where SIL/B live after our workout to go to the costco by their house to get a balance bike for M - it's going to be her gift from MIL, we gave her the playhouse that MIL had initially bought her.  I'm dropping M at SIL's to play while I go to costco so she doesn't see what I'm buying.  I think I'll also pop into Michaels to buy some cake decorating things for our wolf cake.  SHe's insanely excited for her big bad wolf cake.

                            5k - 22:56        10k - 46:13          HM - 1:45:39          FM - 3:57:03

                            Blog: http://terryruns.wordpress.com/


                            Bad Ass Mother Runner

                              They are still sleeping so I'll post till they awake...


                              RG - M's feet went through a crazy growth spurt right after she turned 2, she grew 2 sizes in 2 months. It was a good thing it was summer and she was wearing sandals.


                              zorbs - nap in your car? I napped all over the place when I was pgr, but didn't have a choice as it was a 30 minute train ride to my car.


                              cx2 - M was always grouchy when I first got home when I first went back to work. She got used to things and got over it. Booo to the not good cake! I'm not usually a fan of grocery store cake and icing.


                              eh - nice job getting the 400's done! Fun on the swimming, I need to sign M up now that she's 3 and can go on her own.


                              ernie - weird on the pharmacy robbery! My DH works for a liquor store chain and people keep trying to drive trucks through their windows... it's quite amusing to hear the stories. Luckily the staff has never been hurt or threatened at gun point.


                              mer - yeah kids like to be extra bratty when Mommy is around... not sure why, I think it's their messed up way of saying they miss us. OR at least that's what I tell myself.


                              stroller - I hope you like the shoes, and yay for 1/2 price honey stingers! I've just started using them, and I love them!! Maybe they're selling out the ones with Lance on them Wink


                              arm - boo to the constipated baby!! Weird that it's on wed's. M is dramatic like that, I can totally see her weeping over something like that! k M's up... have a good day!

                              5k - 22:56        10k - 46:13          HM - 1:45:39          FM - 3:57:03

                              Blog: http://terryruns.wordpress.com/


                                stroller - work is going ok... not a lot on my plate since i'm switching teams soon and my old team doesn't want to give me work that's too involved.. so i have moments of boredom for sure..

                                mer - a Buffalo Wild wings is opening up in my area soon... i'll remember to try a wrap there if we ever go!

                                arm - I wake up whimpering when it's Mondays... haha.. 58F does sound a bit cold, but that's definitely shorts and tanks weather if she was running!

                                mrsz - i must've missed something.. why are you cutting out dairy?

                                ernie - C already throws food on the floor, and has been for weeks... now we know she does it when she's full or sick of her food, and we're trying to break her of it... yea, that woman doesn't sound like a very smart robber...but that employee sounds like he/she knew how to keep cool..

                                eh - good luck with the curry... i thought my kid was weird for not liking pasta, although lately she's not liked anything except puffs..

                                becky - hmm, can't remember the last time i cleaned the fridge OR the freezer... adding it to my to do (eventually) list..

                                bermy - mmm corn chowder sounds good.. i haven't had that in ages..

                                ca - great you have such an easy going baby!  Sorry about the zoo though, although a day in the park sounds like a lot of fun still.