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beskirted & manicured

    ernie - yah i had fun watching my car thermometer drop as I drove north yesterday.. -19 by the time I got to Newmarket, the thermometer at my friend's house was showing -21.


    jen - maybe get her a gift card or something?


    bermy - the idea of spending hours cooking a meal makes me freak out.


    cx2 - I'm breaking out all my cold weather recipes this week.


    alison - I start my run from my house and go brant - north service - kerns and turn around.  It is not as steep as the part with the "double bitch" so you can go uphill for that long and not feel like you're going to die.


    mer - what's Chromebooks?  I just started getting RW from Google Play instead of the hard copy.


    jmm - Sam mentioned that she got kicked by a horse in the same place (?! yeah I know) as a teen and maybe she has scar tissue? so ART/Graston might clear it up.

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      rg: yup, c's molars are huge bumps under his gums. his cheeks are so rosy from rubbing them (he must do it in his bed). i feel so bad for him. luckily they don't seem to bother him unless he is in bed.


      zorbs: that's pretty much how my hip is when it hurts. it doesn't hurt while i am running but hurts incredibly after i run and sit down. when i was pregnant and running with c, i would go out and run, come back and sit on the couch and then need dh's help to get off said couch. not cool.


      ernie: dh and i were talking about the cold last night. he's like, "It's january." i said, i know! but it hasn't been this cold in a few years for a longish amount of time. i thought i was supposed to warm up next week, but it doesn't really look that way.


      jen: i'm sure the photog is just thankful that you can help her out. i would either give nothing or maybe a bottle of wine or something small...maybe wait until you get the pics though in case they suck!  yup, c thinks it's hilarious to run away when i am trying to get his dressed. so cute that j kissed the picture of the little girl!!


      bermy: the snuggly nursing comment made me think of a conversation i had with my 2 girlfriends the other day. (i know i've mentioned this before) we were talking about nursing and my one friend (who has 2 kids) said she really didn't miss it at all. to which my friend (with 1 baby) said something like, "how can you not miss it? snuggling up, watching tv, one on one time, relaxing etc" i replied with, "yes, nursing one baby is relaxing. nursing baby #2 when you have a toddler sitting on your lap is no longer relaxing. nursing baby #3 when you have two demanding toddlers running around, definitely not relaxing." i didn't mean to be harsh but she totally agreed.


      cx2: we feel your sick pain in our house. dh has now been sick with similar for 2 weeks. i have the cough and congestion and our kids have also had it off and on.  i hope they can figure out what is going on with you!!


      eh: how old are your kids? i feel like they are maybe close in age to mine?


      mer: we had popcorn last night too! good luck with google!


      jmmiller: i would make the target run. you're never going to know if she can make it if you never try it. to me, that was the worst part of pottying training...actually having to leave the house in the beginning! i bet she'll surprise you.


        Morning Ladies!


        RR:  6 on tap for today.  Will use the TM so I can get caught up on some TV watching Smile


        TR:  Hates to wear gloves.  Dude it's freezing outside, put your gloves on.  NO!  - that was our conversation on Monday.  The gloves have magically disappeared after that.  I think the rat fink hid them.


        NRR:  Drama, drama, drama.....I feel like that is all my life is.  Also in a funk that I need to snap out of.  I workout, I have endorphins.  That should be enough to make me happy right?


        FR:  Leftovers is the name of the game this week.  Need to clean out the fridge.


        Be back for personals.

        running eh

          mer - great job pushing on that run!  I feel so lost with my running right now.  I feel like I don't know what I should be doing - just distance?  should I add speedwork?  I think I need to make a firm goal and then I can come up with a good plan.  I know NOTHING about computers, but enjoy your chat with google, that sounds so fancy!


          jm - grrrr on the early, early, early riser!  Hope the rain stops so you can get out.


          mzm - my kids are 7, 5 (well they will be turning 7 and 5 in the next few weeks - how did they get so old!?) and 20months or so.  How old are yours? NKOTB, huh!?!  Terrible Smile  My DH is almost always home for dinner, but every year he goes to Belize on a mission trip, and when he is gone we eat a lot of bread and eggs!


            morning -


            RR - rest day. Although it's nice out so I'm thinking I'll take L and the dog for a walk.  Supposed to go to personal trainer's 30-day challenge class but my legs feel like they need a break for a day so I'm not going to.


            BR - took a really long nap yesterday (nearly 4 hours) and was still tired and crabby early last night.  This cold is doing a number on him, I hope he starts feeling better soon!  Was not as snotty yesterday so I have hope we are over the hump.


            KR - DD1 had a good birthday yesterday.  We are surprised she likes sushi too since she is a pretty picky eater.  She only likes the kind with the raw fish and cucumber, no rice.  She has decided she wants a Kroger-made cookie cake for her party tomorrow so I'm off the hook trying to make a mermaid cake which is good because when I googled mermaid cake all I could find was the little mermaid and that's not what she wants.


            FR - leftover steak and pork with something.


            NRR - determined to clean the house today.  May end up taking L to gym childcare and coming back home to do it.  Probably not technically supposed to do that but I know other people do.


            back for personals, L is awake in his crib and wants out NOW


            Honorary Old

              RR: Short story: 4 miles with 2 @ tempo pace with the stroller in the snow.  Long story- I was supposed to get to run solo but DH got called out to a school bus accident and there was just enough snow on the ground to require screw shoes. My tempo pace was 10:08 which is about 30-40 seconds off my non-stroller tempo pace.  Tonight is a rest day because I have stuff going on- will run F, Sat, Sun.


              BR: Still asleep. Of course he would sleep in on a day where daddy has to take him to daycare. It was nice not having to chase him around while I got ready. I want him to wake up so I can give him his new blankie that I made for him.


              FR: last night was beans and greens soup. DH complained that I didn't chop up the baby greens before throwing them in the pot so it was kinda hard to eat. I found a bagged mix of baby spinach, bok choy, green, and red chard- nom!


              NRR: Stopped our real estate listing yesterday. Family friend is very interested in our house and didn't find out about it being for sale through the agent, so our contract was up anyways so we just let it go. Meeting with our builder tonight to go over his estimate!!!

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              Bad Ass Mother Runner



                RR - running 8k outside alone later this morning Smile


                TR - has music class @ gymboree later this morning.  The focus of this mini - session is music of Queen, they just get them to sing, etc, and teach them a bit about rhythm and tempo.  Plus she can play in the play area before/after.


                BR - gave her one dose of tylenol and one of advil yesterday for her teeth.  She had a slight fever and was screaming in pain, poor girl Sad


                FR - having the same breakfast as yesterday, mmmm!  I also made some almond butter chocolate chip cookies yesterday that are like crack... I need to stick to healthy cookies for the kid so I'm not tempted to eat them all.


                NRR - MIL over to watch O during the music class, hence the solo run.


                k O is up... gotta run.

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                  RR:  SRD.  Had my alarm set this morning to get up and run 5 but I decided to do it tomorrow instead, since I have run almost 20 miles in the last two days.


                  BR:  Woke up once last ngiht but when back to sleep pretty quickly with a paci.


                  NRR:  Long day of class today, pretty much straight through 8-5.  Hope my brain can handle it.



                  page 2...

                  becky - Sorry about the drama.  Are you still having issues with the woman at work?


                  arm - What is the 30 day challenge?  Sounds tough.


                  spike - Great job on the stroller run.  Were the kids on the bus ok?


                  CA - your breakfast and cookies sound yummy!

                  5k - 21:32  FM - 3:27:40


                    Bermy – Enjoy your coaching session.  I give you so much credit for even attempting speedwork with the stroller…it is hard to run with the stroller period let alone speedwork.  Have fun at playgroup.  Too cute about snuggling with DS.


                    Rg – thanks for sharing what you wear for the cold run…usually I am too chicken to run outside when it is this cold but I am thinking about attempting today…it will depend on how icy it is.


                    Ctimes – Glad C slept for your mom.  Did she eat ok?  Boo to still being sick.  Hopefully the doctor can finally help you out.  Thanks for the gift ideas.  I think I’ll ask my coworker what her sister likes.


                    Eh – Enjoy your moms visit and hope she stays with DD while you run.  Chili sounds perfect on a cold day.


                    Mer – Sorry you had a bummer afternoon…hopefully you get those issues worked out so you can start to feel better about it.  Glad you had a good night with the boys last night.


                    Jm – Sorry DS was up so early.  I hope you get your run in today.  I would venture out…why not?  Make DD go when you get there and before you leaveJ


                    Mrszm – I hope you get a good TM run in.  As your RP been running at all?  Oh no…so sorry DD1 has a fever AGAIN!  What the heck?  J started coughing this morning in a deep hoarse way so I really hope he is not getting something else.  I want to go to NKOTB!!!  I heard about it too.  The photographer gives the pictures on the spot…edits them with us there so we can tell her what we like.  I guess I just want to have something to give if they are really good and then not give it if they/she suckJ


                    Becky – Love multitasking on the TMJ  “working out gives you endorphins, endorphins make you happy, happy people just don’t shoot their husbands!”  LOL  I hope you snap out of your funk!


                    Arm – Sorry L was tired and cranky…hope he feels better today.  Enjoy the nice weather…I would love some right now.  Glad DD had a good birthday.




                      page 1...

                      RG - Great job on the tempo.  what is your tempo pace?


                      zorbs - You inspired me yesterday to do some ST.  Are there any home workouts you would recommend?  I have bands and 5 lb weights...


                      ernie- WHen is your 1/2 again and which one?  So cute about the strawberry.  I love the simplicity and innocence of kiddos.


                      jen - Bummer about the dustbuster.  And yay for the pictures.  I wish I could afford professional pics every few months!


                      bermy - I feel you on the speedwork.  I did most of my speedwork last time around with the stroller and I just felt like I wasn't working to my full potential.


                      eh - How long is your mom visiting for?


                      cx2 - I hope they get to the bottom of this sickness.


                      mrszm - I heard about that concert.  Aren't they calling themselves all together the package? Ha.


                      mer - Great job on the pace.  I always run much slower than I race.  I just don't feel like I can run that fast even though I know I can.

                      5k - 21:32  FM - 3:27:40


                        Ok, finally got off the phone.  Some dad wanting custody was telling me his life story.


                        Runnergirl:  Ouch on the molars, they were the only ones that gave us a fit.


                        Zorbs:  LOL, I don't go outside for anything less than 20 F so that would be a little too chilly for me.


                        Ernie:  I can't wait for spring either!


                        Jen:  I would do a gift card maybe, or some baked goods?


                        Bermy:  Wow, 10 teeth already!  Uh, I suck at speedwork without a stroller - you are amazing woman!


                        Cx2:  Oh man, we are still sick at our house too.  Well I should say I am still sick, C is coming down with his 3rd cold this winter.


                        Eh!:  Can you pick me up some grapefruit Smile  I am out of fruit, plenty of veggies left.


                        Mer:  Good job speedy!  I love popcorn.  C and I snacked on it after school, only C was more fascinated with feeding it to the dog (who will jump in the air to catch it).


                        JM:  I would go, but put the portable potty seat in the car.  C was notorious for having to go the second we left the house.


                        MrsZM:  LOL on NKOTB!  That is hilarious.


                        Honorary Old

                          shelbyjo- They had to transport 15 kids to the hospital. No serious injuries, mostly complaints of hip/knee pain. DH didn't tell me the details of the wreck because he was in a hurry but it sounds like a truck ran into the bus. How long do you have left in your PA program? Were you an RN or an MA before you went back to school?


                          armama- Maybe I'll make my vegetarian sushi tonight, not quite the same as real sushi, but maybe DH will try it, like it and decide to try a tamer roll at an actual restaurant. He doesn't like fish much, so that's the biggest obstacle, moreso than the rawness.


                          becky- R doesn't like gloves much either. Is dingdong receptionist causing problems again? What did you order off STP last night? I don't know if I told you this but if you google the store name + "coupon code" you can often find codes for like 20-30% off part or all of your order.


                          Runnergirl- I think R had a harder time with his incisors than he did with his molars. He cut a canine this week, thinking that might have been behind the fussiness. Glad your friend is recuperating well.


                          zorbs- so cute about B tucking in his sheep and building recognizable objects! He turns three in April, right?


                          Ernie- When DH ran his first 10k he felt like he was gonnna die, now he whoops me even if he didn't train. Its annoying!


                          Jen- Maybe take her to lunch, or a gift card when you pick up your photos?  That's awesome!  I need to practice taking pictures between now and memorial day because I'm going to take photos for my friend who is having a baby (for free of course).  I have taught R to go retrieve his shoes and bring them to me. I like to set him up high on the table or something so he can't get away from me.


                          Bermy- I can attest after last night that hard stroller workouts suck- you never feel like you get in the groove. I need to suck it up and do it more since usually 3-4 of my 5 runs a week are with the stroller. Can I have the corn cake recipe? That sounds like it would go over well at our house.  Is DH liking the veg dishes?


                          cx2- This is the first time that DH and R have gotten sick but I didn't. I'm wondering if its because I'm eating better. Hope you feel well soon.


                          eh- I need to set up a playdate or two for this weekend. R is going stir crazy and wants to go outside all the time, but its wicked cold.


                          mer- I made popcorn on Sunday too. Unfortunately I managed to tweak my neck pulling the popper out of the cupboard, it sucks getting old! Sorry about your bummer day Sad   Has DH been pretty busy this winter? Last year it sounded like you got tons of snow but haven't seen you post much about it this year.


                          jmmiller- can you take the potty with you in the car? I know that sounds gross. Or do you have one of those folding potty seats you can take with you to the store?


                          mzm- I saw an FB post that they are touring with the backstreet boys and 98* or something, right?  I never got into boy bands for some reason, but I may have owned a Spice Girls and Paula Abdul CD at one point *cough*

                          2 Mile: 17: 11   5k PR: 27:45    5 Mile: 44:11    10K: 59:01    Half: 2:15:59     Marathon: 5:50:07




                            zorbs - This is a Chromebook.  It is a less expensive alternative when handing a device to every student in the building. (We have about 800)


                            becky - Did you see the mittens that CAR (I think) posted on FB?  I showed them to DH and we were considering a pair.  J hates mittens.  Wine always makes me happy! Smile


                            armmama - Glad the birthday was a success.  That is a lot of sleeping!  Hope you have a great day!


                            spike - I find your house planning to be super exciting.  I give your DH a lot of credit for the FF work that he does.  I can only imagine how hard that would be...especially with kids.  DH has been working some.  Not a ton.  Sounds like he will be out tomorrow for a little while.  J has calmed down a little bit, but he is still J!


                            CAR - I loved the pic you posted yesterday of O.  I hope she has a less painful day today!


                            shelby-  I hope your day goes quickly at school.  20 miiles in 2 days is a lot! Smile

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                            Gazelle Girl 1/2 Marathon 4/13 - 1:48:46



                              Rg – enjoy your core class and your run. Nice on your tempo at the end – you must have been feeling good! Yeah for teeth! Good for you for signing up to meet people. The hardest part is putting yourself out there. You will find moms for sure. I wish I could find a mom who loves running with their stroller for a hm at my pace.


                              Zorbs – how was lunch? and how were the hills?


                              Ernie – the runs that suck cos they’re hard are always the ones that move my running forward. Hang in there girlie and give it all you have got.


                              Rg – nice of co-worker. Flowers as gift? Or an album to help her promo her stuff?


                              Cx2 – speedwork and stroller is not my number 1 choice for sure. It was pretty darn hard.


                              Eh – I ran 3.57 pre baby. Post baby I have no freakin idea. DH thinks I am faster and fitter now although I still feel like I am a shadow of my former athletic self.


                              Mer – sorry you had a crap afternoon. Reason?


                              Jm – enjoy that stroller run! Do you have a weather shield to run in rain? It wasn’t that fast really. He is so used to the stroller, he was reading a book for most of it and pointing at people/dogs/bushes/trees.


                              Mrszm – I hear you – enjoy the snuggle with 1 right? He might be an only child so I am making the most of these precious moments.


                              Becky – I love your stories about C. Drama can be fun sometimes? No? Keep working out – it helps. I miss you on here but I know you are very busy. I find your sense of humour hilarious.


                              Arm – enjoy your rest day. You have been working so hard on your training. Respect!


                              Spike – yeah – re. stroller workouts I figure I am just going to do the best I can. Will post corn cake on fb when I get time. DH likes veggie meals. He will eat anything I cook out of respect for my cooking. I love that about him.


                              Shelby – yeah, I felt like I had 3.20s in me and that’s hard to see the numbers so high when I am not using my arms etc.


                              CA – enjoy your run solo! Thanks for your input on pace. I feel like I am stabbing in the dark. Pick a number any number. Or join the pace group with the cutest people in  it. Or something equally as random.

                              5K 21.12   10K 50:12   HM 2:07   FM 3:50:31


                                Spike – Sorry you didn’t get in a solo run last night but good for you for getting out there with the stroller in the snow.  Sorry R slept in when DH has to take him…go figure.  I hope you end up selling your house to your family friends.


                                CA – I hope M has fun at music class.  We pay for J to take a music class at daycare that is done by Gymboree.  He loves it.  Poor O and her teething…not fun.  Yummy about your cookies…I want them!!


                                Shelby – Hope class goes well today and enjoy your rest day…you deserve it.  Glad DS seems to be sleeping better.