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    NRR - took yesterday off work to do some home stuff.  I did the apple gallette, zucchini bread loaves, potstickers, burger patties, and about 25 dozen dog treats.  Woot!  I was on my feet cooking or cleaning up the kitchen from 8am-3:30pm.  It's nice to sit at work today.  Glad that dinner and lunches are all figured out until saturday night.  Just get home, heat something up and dinner will be ready!  score!  And I some of it was double batches so I have those items in the freezer for future meals.  Feeling like a rockstar.


    ER - stroller walk + dogs.  Took me about 20 min to do a mile.  My feet hurt so bad from standing all day and my sciatic was all out of wack.  Better today.

    FR - last night was potstickers, rice & leftover veggie stirfry & edamame.  Followed up with apple gallette and ice cream for dessert.  :-)  DH liked it,  but teased me that it was a "fall" dessert and not a winter one.


    TR - Was tired last night.  Went to bed about 30 min early and slept until normal time.  Good thing since I was exhausted.  Was running around this morning down the hall and back over and over again.  then collapsed and drank some milk.  silly girl.


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      Mer- If I remember, I will post my house plans and elevations on the FB site later. Is the chromebook a real laptop that you can do word processing on and stuff, or is it more for web applications and is more like a Kindle or tablet in its capabilities?

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        Rocky- what exactly is a winter dessert? Brownies with crushed peppermints? Jeez, you work yourself hard! Standing hurts my back way more than running or walking ever does.

        2 Mile: 17: 11   5k PR: 27:45    5 Mile: 44:11    10K: 59:01    Half: 2:15:59     Marathon: 5:50:07



        running eh

          RR - well my mom didn't come for a visit, so DD2 and I headed to the gym.  6 Mile progression run  - I didn't make it too tough, but it was good for me to mentally push myself a bit.  You will be happy to know that my warm up was on the elliptical (b/c there were no TMs avail.) and I didn't fall off!


          Becky - Hope things start looking up soon!  Enjoy your TM run.


          Spike - you continue to amaze me!  running no only in the snow, not only tempo in the snow, but tempo stroller miles in the snow!  WOW!!  So exciting about meeting with the builder!  Hope it's a good meeting.  Keep us posted.


          CA - time to share the cookie recipe.  I want to like almond butter, but I much prefer peanut butter (natural only -  I HATED PB growing up, but now that I discovered natural, I can't get enough of it!)  Enjoy your solo run.


          shelby - glad you chose rest!  I did too this morning.  Kind of wish I had run, but kind of loved the sleep.  Hope class flies by for you.  Are your parents going to pick DS up from daycare or do you have to bring him and pick him up before/after school?


            Spike - no idea what a winter dessert is?  I even asked.  He was joking around last night and I finally told him, nicely, that it was hard for me to decipher joking around vs. hey, i really didn't like what you made but don't want to hurt your feelings.  I said, if you like it, tell me.  If you don't TELL ME!  We're going to be married, um, the rest of our lives so some real feedback would be nice.  Or at least appreciation.


            He gave me a big hug, said he loved everything, it was delicious and (mostly) healthy.  Then I got both a backrub AND a footrub last night. 

            So he agreed to cut back on the joking and teasing...or at least to give me real feedback first and then commence with joking.  So win-win.


              Rocky - http://australianfood.about.com/od/bakingdesserts/tp/Top-10-Winter-Desserts.htm

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                Spike - Chrome browser (which is all you can use on a Chromebook) has apps similar to what you would find on an iPad.  All the computer does is run the browser.  You cannot install Office or anything else on it.  That is where the debate comes in Office vs. Google.  The cost is about $200 less than the Laptops that we buy (Netbooks/Lenovos).  So we are in the process of deciding which is best for our kids and learning, the Chromebook or the iPad.  I have a feeling my building (the middle school 5-8 will go iPad) and the high school will go Chromebook and Elementary will get iPads, which makes sense to me. (For elementary.)  I can't tell you either way which is better for Middle School.


                Mer- If I remember, I will post my house plans and elevations on the FB site later. Is the chromebook a real laptop that you can do word processing on and stuff, or is it more for web applications and is more like a Kindle or tablet in its capabilities?

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                  mer - wow, being a die-hard Android girl, the Chromebook looks awesome! except for the lack of functionality when not connected to the internet.


                  becky - I overdressed and was boiling hot.


                  spike - B's bday is in March, but yes, he is turning 3.


                  arm - isn't there some rule about parents having to stay in the building while the kids are in gym daycare?


                  CA - I wish I could sit in the toddler's music class at my work, but of course it is at a time when I am teaching at the OTHER music school.


                  shelby - none of my clients, not even my 70-something grandma client, ever touches a 5 pound weight.  Your kids, your purse, your grocery bags, EVERYTHING weighs more than 5 pounds.  You need to overload your muscles to see progress with strength training. http://www.stumptuous.com/the-less-thinking-more-doing-starter-program



                  bermy - I have learned how to order at all you can eat sushi places without feeling like death afterwards.  and I did not run hills today. I ran up one giant 4K long hill.

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                    zorbs - Haha yeah the 5lbs aren't much.  I actually just own them for a stroller class I used to do.  I could probably use them for shoulders since I am pretty weak.


                    spike - I have one semester of school left and one year of clinical rotations.  And nope, no other medical degrees.  I got a BS in biology and then worked as a scribe during school (documenting charts for docs in the ER), a receptionist at an ortho clinic, and a lot of volunteering.  I only took 2 years off between undergrad and PA school.

                    5k - 21:32  FM - 3:27:40


                      Ugh! Awful run! Or awful ending to run, anyway. I was clipping along at a nice 4:45/km pace for 5k and then turned a corner and BAM! Ice cold 40 km/hr wind blowing in my face. I promptly cut 2k off my route and staggered the remaining 3k home.


                      Jen - Aw, J has a girlfriend! So cute. I agree with what others have said, maybe just grab a Starbucks gift card for your photographer or something like that. She'll benefit from having your pics for her portfolio.


                      Bermy - Speedwork with a stroller is so hardcore! And you were really moving, too. I am impressed. DS has a lot of teeth!


                      Cx2 - How long does dd usually nap for? S only takes one nap a day, for about 1.5 hours. When I hear people talk about their babies 3 to 4 hours naps I'm kind of jealous!


                      Eh - Glad you got your run in even if you had to do it at the gym. I am the opposite of you when it comes to peanut butter - my mom only bought the all-natural stuff when I was a kid and I hated it, so now I only like Kraft. I'm following a plan for my half from a friend's running club in Ottawa. He ran a 1:35 half with it. I will certainly not be running a 1:35 half, but I'm hoping to take a couple minutes off my PR (1:44:57). My DH ran a 5k once and he liked to run a 3k loop with me when I was pregnant and slow, but that's it for him!


                      Mer - Nice speedy last mile yesterday! I love snacking on popcorn, too. Well, I really love snacking on chips, but popcorn is almost as good and much better for you.


                      Jmmiller - Boo on the early wakeup! I would probably risk the drive to Target, but I have no experience yet with potty training. I hadn't heard of that book but I am going to look for it. S would love it as she loves both strawberries and bears.


                      Mrszm - LOL at NKOTB. I kind of feel like downloading some of their music now. I can't remember anything except step by step.


                      omg, S is trying to destroy my office. I'll try to come back later for more personals.

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                        bermy - It was like 3 financial things all got thrown at me yesterday (obviously unexpected) and there is stuff going on at work with scheudle changes, enrollment, etc.  The joys of being a "Specials or Related Arts" teacher.  Its all about the numbers.  I feel like kids don't want to work, parents know I make my kids work hard, and so they don't want to be in my class.  Because life is all about taking the easy way out.  I'm over it.


                        zorbs -  The offline thing might be the killer with this purchase.  iPads allow you to download something and work on it off line and upload when you have the connection again.  Thus, kids will always be able to do thier homework.  Bonus for us....not so much for them.  Taking away the excuses.

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                          beckykay - Why must it be so hard to keep gloves on kids? They are crazy with not wanting to dress warmly in this weather! And it probably takes awhile to grow out of as I distinctly remember being a teenager and refusing to wear gloves, or a hat or anything warm...


                          Arm - Wow, a four-hour nap is epic! Funny that dd likes raw fish but won't eat rice.


                          Spike - Nice tempo run with the stroller! Hmm, maybe I will not be overly encouraging about DH running Wink. I would never hear the end of it if he ever beat me in a race.


                          CAR - Poor O with the teething. Hope her tooth pops through soon. That gymboree class sounds pretty fun!


                          Shelby - Good luck with your long day of class! My half is on March 3rd. It's the Chilly half, the same one that Leanne is doing and Patty is a pace bunny for.


                          Rocky - Impressive baking last night! It looked delicious in the picture you posted. Ha, I am also curious as to what constitutes a winter dessert.

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                            Arm: Hahahhahaa, clean house?  What is that Smile


                            Spike:  Hope the family friend turns out to buy your house!  Its been on the market for awhile now hasn't it?


                            CAR:  I made good old chocolate chip cookies, definitely my crack.  hid them from myself this morning.


                            Shelby:  Good luck in class!  I would only take night classes because I couldn't handle sitting all day long Smile


                            Spike:  Receptionist is just dumb, which frustrates me....the funk is over DH and I's relationship.  I feel like we are in a rut.


                            Jen:  Exactly!  My husband is still alive because I run Smile


                            Mer:  I'll have to check out the mittens on FB.


                            Bermy:  Drama can sometimes be fun.  But this is family drama, which is the worse kind because you just can't get away from it.  I don't know if I posted it here or not, but my mother has some health issues and everyone is talking like she is dying.  Which is far from the truth!  Then my cousin was caught in a drug conspiracy ring, other cousin got into a car accident and they found blood and a shotgun in her trunk.....And guess what, they all call me because I work for an attorney.    C is so much fun, I love him to death.  Yesterday we played nerf guns while I was running on the TM.  Hard to keep running while trying to reload Smile


                            UGH - phone ringing off the hook!


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                              Becky- its been on the market for over 9 mos. Jeez, your family issues are as crazy as mine!

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                                You know you are being a procrastinator when your DH is the one who tells you its time to buy new shoes for the kiddo. I've been shopping online for weeks literally and just never pulled the trigger til DH called me today. Reid is expecting some sweet new lime green and black Puma shoes with lights in them from 6pm.com. I thought ahead and bought his next pair of shoes too so I don't have to buy shoes for at least 4-6 mos hopefully. This kid is having a crazy foot growth spurt.


                                Edited** I just looked up the order and R has only been wearing those shoes about 6 weeks, and they were big on him when I first put them on (jumped a whole size instead of half size). Jeez. I guess I have 3 mos worth of shoes LOL

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