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    Seems like everyone is getting sick! Stay well girls!


      I lurked on yesterday's thread, so a couple quick personals...


      Monk- how was DHs interview?


      MA- I hate when people come in sick too. At my job our bosses treat it like some badge of honor which is ridiculous. Hope you don't catch it!


      PO- congrats on getting into that program!!!! How exciting! When does it start?


      RR- gonna do kickboxing in a minute if I have time. 3 miles yesterday.


      NRR- heading out to PA office this morning, where I heard everyone has been sick. Blah. So hopefully I'll stay well! I have a couple of stressful meetings with my boss today (along with the other managers), so hopefully they go well and he doesn't yell at us too much, haha.


      Have a great day!


        Good morning divas!


        ER: Bodyflow in a minute. I haven't been in nearly a month, so we will see how this goes!


        NER: DH thinks his interview went well! He took the entire time slot, so that was good. We had lunch together after he was done and it was nice having some alone time with him outside the house... working with him might not be so bad! It would be nice if he got that job. Hmm, not much else to report this morning. Just looking forward to our babymoon this weekend. We decided to go to a movie instead of the hockey game so we might have more time to just lounge and enjoy the hotel. Oh, A is better so  I think maybe our whole house is well... hopefully it stays that way for awhile.


        Have a great day!


          Morning Everyone!


          RR: Got 7.5 with 4 at tempo yesterday, today is an EZ 5


          NRR:  It has been raining here all week and will be raining tomorrow. Kinda makes you in one of those moods. Noting big planned today, maybe a trip to mall and over to the jeweler to get one of my rings resized.  House stuff and looking at putting everything together for M's College fund, we are looking at a 529.  With inflation and cost of everything going up I think its good we start saving now!


          Out: hope you stay well! How about wearing a hazmat outfit to work? LOL


          Monk: Hope DH's interview went well.


          PO: Congrats!


          MA: Hope all the sick folks stay away from you.


          NC:  HOw did the marketing planning go?


          Athena: Hiya lady!  Glad to 'see' the new pup is working out so well.


          ALright gotta get going... M and I have been up since a little before 5 -- i.N.E.E.D.C.O.F.F.E.E!


            Morning everyone!


            RR: 2 miles on tap after work. Our TM is coming tomorrow, however I found out it is not being installed, just delivered. I hope Big D and I don't have issues with that....


            NRR: Big experiment today! Fingers crossed for good results Smile


            Jewel - I hpoe the trip to PA is ok, and that the meetings aren't too bad!!


            Monk - glad DH's interview went well, I hope he hears back soon.


            GSD - we have a 529 for G; they seem to be the best plans. Check out different state's plans because some of them have better

            rates/conditions (for instance, if the child doesn't go to college, see when/if they could get the money or if the parents would get it back, that kind of thing). We went with NC's. Great job on your tempo run!


            I'll be running my first full, the Richmond Marathon on November 16, 2013!



              Happy Hump Day!!!!


              RR: Running 3 tonight after work. Yesterday and today switched (RD) since we had to run out to the store after work instead of running.


              NRR: I've been spending 30 minutes after work each day organizing around the house, and it's been really nice getting more stuff done! Other than that, I'm trying not to get frustrated with unknowns, as I'm such a planner, I don't like not knowing what's happening with everything! School starts on 2/19, and I'm a bit nervous, but I think it will be exciting too.


              OJ: I hope you stay well too. Good luck with the meetings!


              Monk: I hope DH hears good news about the job soon!


              GSD: Great job on the tempo!!!


              Sassy: Ha, I love putting stuff together! Maybe that's why I'm an engineer... I hope the treadmill isn't too complicated! Good luck with the tests!


              Have a great day ladies!!!


                Hi ho, hi ho, amigas.


                Sassy and PO:  Yeah, I am polar opposite to you both as far as being good at setting things up.  How did I get As in lab classes? Persistence, I think.  And maybe an A in CLUMSINESS.


                Monk:  I love interviews.  Happy to hear that your better half felt satisfied about his.


                Outwest:  How was the birthday celebration?  I am perversely curious about others' birthdays but fervently against acknowledging my own.


                Jewel:  Kickboxing sounds like a good way to switch it up today!  Safe travels into Pennsylvania.


                GSD:  If I were going to be a parent (and I'm not, but still), I would be all about the early saving for college.  You are very responsible, forward-thinking, and loving for doing that.



                RR: 9 miles this morning at about 7:45 pace.  Then I got right in the hot tub.


                NRR:  I'm really supposed to be dong work this week.  Hmm.  I did prepare for the lecture I "gave virtually" for my criminal law college class on Monday, but my actual day job? Err, not yet.  Drags feet.  Wants to relax.  Has some cheese with her WHINE.  Wink


                Make it a great one, folks.


                  good morning ladies!


                  RR: feeling good this morning. did a not so fast 4 miler. A little frustrating, the sliperry roads but I'll take a run outdoors any day! it was 30 degrees! warm! and no wind! Smile Roll eyes oh and I got a head lamp for christmas and wore it for the first time this morning. oh yeah! and a dog bit me! haha. No seriously, I'm veering into the street because I can see a dog and it's owner walking and the dog on a long leash and acting distracted by all the wonderful smells of the world. Right as I'm running past them, grrrr.... bite! fortunately, it was my clothes that got the brunt of it. I had enough layers on, that I wasn't hurt at all. I think us humans were more shocked than anything else.


                  NRR: had a good productive day yesterday! I think you were all sending me some good vibes, as I did get a three mile run in after work, then got home, showered, had dinner and worked for another couple of hours... and was able to get to bed at a good hour so I could wake up this morning. So now I'm all energized. can you tell?  No meetings today, so more productivity at work is on tap.


                  OJ: stay healthy during your travels!


                  monk: glad your DH's interview went well! and hope he gets the job. Glad A is better!


                  gsd: that's smart about having a 529 for M! way to start planning so early.


                  sassy: hope it's easy putting the treadmill together! that's one of the items on my "list". good luck with the experiment!


                  po: that sounds like an excellent way to stay organized! Sometimes I wish M lived here so we could do something like that. there's so much organizing/ building we need to do before the wedding...




                    Good morning, ladies!


                    RR: Getting in 7 trail with Fay after work today to try out my microspikes. ST went well last night. Some muscle-bound dude told me I did a good job the other day on lateral raises, so that was nice. DBF didn't go, but after I told him that story, he said he needed to go more often to ward off the dudes. I hope he does go more often - he's gotten kind of soft, and I'm not sure if I should say anything or not.


                    NRR: Nothing out of the ordinary, which is nice. I have stuff to do at work, but I'm not slammed. I think I could get used to these 40-hour work weeks!


                    PFace - The birthday dinner was fun! We went to a place that's been featured on "Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives", and they had "heated" outdoor seating.. We probably should have eaten in the car or at home, because it was still kind of chilly. The tater tots were AMAZING until they cooled off.


                    Lizo - Wow, the dog thing sounds scary! Was the owner not doing anything to restrain the dog?


                    Sassy - Good luck with the treadmill. It can't be that hard to assemble, right?


                    Jewel - Stay healthy in PA! Just heard an article on NPR about people going into work sick and making everyone else sick. The one guy sounded like a real jerk.


                    PO - Nice work on the runs. Is it coming back to you quickly?


                    Monk - When will DH hear about the job?


                    GSD - Jeez, I can't imagine trying to save for college 20 years from now. I wonder how much it will cost by then. Great idea to get started super early.


                      Morning ladies! There sure are a lot of sick people around.


                      Jewel- good like with the tough meetings...I hope they aren't too stressful. Stressful meetings along with sick people is probably enough to get you sick!


                      Monk- hope your bodyflow class went well. Good luck to your DH


                      GSD- way to go on your tempo yesterday. Enjoy those easy 5 today. I hear ya on this weather... it was tough waking up this morning to rainy, snowy grey skies!


                      Sassy- hope you enjoy your 2 miles...good luck with the experiement today. I am jealous...it sounds so cool to say you are doing experiments...your job must be pretty interesting most of the time!


                      PO- good luck with your 3 tonight. I am with you on being a planner and not knowing things drives me crazy..it is tough to let go, but worth it when you can


                      Pumpkin- I am right there with you enjoying some cheese with my whine...I have zero motivation! What can we do?? AllI want is a day in pjs in bad with movies! Way to go on your 9...hot tub time was well deserved!


                      Lizo- what?? a dog bite? what did the owner say? I love how laid back you are about it! good job on the 4 this morning. I love that 30s is warm for you! You amaze me with your energy!


                      Outwest- enjoy the 7 after work in the trails...that sounds lovely. How is Fay liking the running?


                      RR-yesterday was a rest day and it felt great! Tonight will be 3 with 8 strides after work and some abs


                      NRR-I feel like a broken record, but I am beat. I am looking forward to the weekend to relax. I'm not sure what is going on because I have been eating super healthy and getting more sleep than usual... maybe I am getting too much sleep! ha. DH thinks that with all the sick people around our bodies are just working extra hard to keep us healthy so we are tired... who knows! But, like I said...I am working for the weekend and a day in pjs in bed ha!


                      Hope you ladies have a good day.

                      MA runner girl

                        Morning ladies!


                        RR: 3 miles yesterday were great! Lower legs were sore, like usual, but it felt good to get back out there. Probably a rest day today, it's snowy and the roads are a mess, and my treadmill is unusable right now.


                        NRR: Yesterday was quite the busy day! After work I went to my parents house, ran and showered there and then headed to the chiro. After that I ran a few errands and then went out to dinner with my cousin, her DH and her cousin, who is one of my really good friends that I haven't seen in a few months. It was fun! I wasn't showing the last time I saw her so she was shocked by my belly Smile I didn't get home until 10:30 though, so I was happy that today is a snow day! I'm working at home so I slept in a bit. Not much planned for tonight, probably just relaxing.


                        No time for personals, my work computer took forever to log in this morning, and then I had a security patch run that took 45 min, so I have to catch up! Have a great day!

                        PRs: 5k - 21:23, half marathon - 1:39:43, marathon - 4:01:15


                          Jewel-yup I was one of those sickly people. Feeling better now though thank goodness. Enjoy kickboxing and stay healthy out in PA


                          monk-glad that DH's interview went well and that's so great everyone is healthy in your house now. Hope it stays that way


                          Gsd-great job on your tempo run


                          Sassy-good luck with your experiment today!


                          PO-I like to plan and be organized too, so I would be right there with you freaking out a bit. But it will all work out for you. So exciting you are going back to school!


                          PF-are you on vacation now? If so, there should definitely be some relaxation time thrown in there. Hot tub after a 9 miler sounds heavenly


                          lizo-oh my gosh, that's crazy about the dog bite. I hope you told off the owner! If that happened to me, and even though I love dogs, I would give that dog a good kick if he bit me


                          outwest-I wouldn't say outright that he is getting soft (imagine if he said that to you) but I would casually work it into a conversation saying that ST is good for the body to build up muscle


                          RR: didn't run the last 2 days since I was sick but feeling better now so going out for 45-60 min run at lunchtime. Hoping it goes well


                          NRR: almost completely better. Still have a swollen lymph node but the headaches and dizziness are gone, so I am hoping I have a productive day

                          c a s s i e

                            HI ladies! I might not have time to hit everyone on personals, so here's a preemptive wave. Big grin (Turns out this website doesn't have the waving emoticon).


                            OJ - Stay healthy in PA! Seems like this flu is bad everywhere.


                            MA - Yay for a snowday!


                            Sassy-  What kind of treadmill did you get? Having your own is the best thing ever.


                            Lizo - You sound so chipper today! Great job getting everything done yesterday.


                            Monk - DH and I work together and it's not bad at all. We really don't even see each other unless we have a common meeting. And it's nice to be able to carpool most days. I'm sending your DH lots of good vibes!


                            GSD - You guys are so smart to be saving for college now. I look at what my students will have to pay and I can't believe how much it's gone up in just the six years since I was an undergrad.


                            PO  - I am so out of the loop...what are you going back to school for?


                            Pface - A hot tub soak post-run sounds amazing.


                            OWR - Enjoy your trail run tonight! Do you get out of work early enough to have daylight or are you running in the dark?


                            Klm - I hope you get the relaxing weekend you're hoping for.


                            And as for me...


                            RR: 8 easy this morning, then some at-home ST tonight while I watch part of The Bachelor. My laptop speakers are too quiet to be heard over the treadmill, and the captions on Hulu are hard to read, so I can't watch it while I run. This is more disappointing than it should be. Smile


                            NRR: Not much is going on. I've been a little frustrated work-wise lately, but I won't get into it here since I'm at work, haha. And speaking of work, I'd better go, as kids are starting to come in. Have a great Wednesday!

                            Visit my blog at www.ruralrunningredhead.com!


                              Hey hey, lovely ladies!


                              <yawn> Yep, back at work at 6:03am. LOL. It's hard to get up in the morning and be here but I get to leave at 3:00 AND I earn 30 minutes of "credit time" (we don't get OT, but we get time that can be used like vacation time, so I'm saving up). Win-win. Smile


                              RR: Great practice last night, I got in a bunch of sneaky hits on people who didn't see me coming, so that was good. No word on assessments yet.... hoping to find out in the next few days. Running 7 tonight, probably outside then TM because it gets dark pretty early!


                              NRR: I am applying for a new job (still in the gubment) - it's my dream job, the kind of job I've been hoping to get since I got out of the Navy, so keep your fingers crossed! My commute would be cut in half and I'd get to work for an awesome agency. I don't want to say too much too soon and jinx myself but know that it's perfect!!! I'm sending in all my stuff today, the posting closes on Tuesday, and then I wait. Tight lips There's been a lot of nonsense around here, including a super nosy co-worker who's way to interested in what I'm doing all day than her own job, and an incompetent person who is trying to pawn her job off on me, so I'm meeting with my boss today to make sure I don't get pulled into this mess. The gloves are off and I'm done playing nice!


                              OJ: Hope nobody in your PA office gets you sick! Good luck with all the meetings.

                              Monk: Glad everyone is feeling better! Exciting about DH, hope he gets the job!

                              GSD: Good plan on the college fund!!! We should probably start something for C, too.

                              Sparky: Fingers crossed! Hope you have a successful experiment!

                              PO: I'm a planner too and I always have to know what's going on! Nice work on the organization!!!

                              PFace: I, too, am dragging my feet at work. Great job on your run!

                              Lizo: I'm so sorry about your dog bite! My dog gets too excited around other people (unless they ignore him) and he probably would have done the same, so I try to avoid walking too close to anyone just in case. I'm glad you weren't hurt! Oh, and I disagree with people using long leashes or those retractable things. My leash is 6' and I hold most of it!
                              OWR: I love going to DDD restaurants! So glad you had a great time! I hope DBF goes with you to the gym too; I found I was dealing with a lot of resentment with my ex because he'd talk big about going to the gym but never actually go. You may have found the perfect motivator!
                              KLM: I'm right there with you on being beat! Let's both have a lazy day, shall we? Wink

                              MA: Glad you had a great evening! Enjoy your snow day!
                              Taylor: Happy to read that you're feeling better, and hope you have an awesome run today!

                              I just sneezed and gave myself a headache. WTF? Roll eyes Hope you have an awesome day!

                              San Francisco Marathon (Worth the Hurt™), June 16

                              Napa Valley Inline Marathon, July 14


                                Morning girls. Tired and cranky this morning. Went to sleep with a headache and woke up with a headache.. CryDead


                                Tri R: Spinning and first session with my new Personal trainer last night aka my friend Mike. He's strict when he trains me. We did a lot of glute work, and arms. Running 4 or 5 tonight after work.


                                NTriR: So while I'm mailing out all the Save the Dates, I'm reconnecting with friends I don't speak to on a regular weekly basis. One of my friends is separated, and had me really down. In the last month, I've found out of 4 people that are invited to our wedding that are now separated. One of them is actually divorced. And here we are planning our wedding. On the other hand, my parents have been together for 42 years this summer. So that does give me hope.


                                For those that asked, the travel doc for this weekend is b/c my sister is having her youngest daughter's baptism on Saturday. I would fly from Friday to Sunday. DF is the Godfather. We went to immigration last week with my attorney to see if they would expedite my travel document, but unfortunately when you do things the correct, legal way you always have to wait  and pay a crap of money. Seriously, I've been in this country for 15 years with school visas, work visas, etc and you get illegals that get pardoned or Cubans that cross the dry land/wet land and they get residency and benefits right away. It really pisses me off. Don't even get me started b/c I will go off on a rant...


                                Back in a sec for personals.