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beskirted & manicured

    ER - SRD, unless you count wrestling B and the BOB around at the race expo.


    TR - got cornmeal out of the pantry and made "polenta" by mixing it with water in a glass and eating it with a spoon. "mmmh, DELICIOUS!" Saw bags of dog food at the grocery store. "rocks! Doggy rocks!" then proceeded to make high pitched dog barks and whines.  Got home at 9:20 to find DH on the TM and B still playing.


    FR - cauliflower mac, salad.



    bermy - glad you like your car.  Did you get the SkyActiv with it? I find the SkyActiv on my car does help with fuel economy.  I've always had Mazdas because my aunt works at a dealership and I get a great deal on cars. Got my almost brand new (it had 1600 kms on it when I got it) 2012 fully loaded Mazda3 for under $20K. As for keeping stroller runs to yourself, whenever I am somewhere fitness related, it ALWAYS seems to come out that a) I run marathons and b) I'm a trainer.


    spike - last night I tried tying his door shut with a bungee cord (attached to a towel rack that's just outside his door) and holy crap, the screams when he'd realized what I'd done...

    5K - 24:10 | 8K - 40:41  | 10K - 51:40.6 | HM - 1:51:10 | 30K - 2:44:54 | Marathon - 3:59:26



      zorbs- haha, B is quite the character! ewww on the homemade polenta though, that sounds awful! have fun at the expo today, is it a good one? lol, i hear ya on the trainer/marathoner thing always coming up Smile and GOOD LUCK at ATB!!!


      Bermy: wow, nice job on your 800's!! Speedy!



      RR: long run today of 19 miles! drinking some coffee and waking up now. run yesterday went ok, kept the pace easy but had some tummy issues around mile 5.5 that i had to, erm, attend to. Thank gawd i was in a wooded/remote area.


      TR: was cranky when he woke up from his nap yesterday, but cheered up as soon as we headed outside to play. it was so cold and windy though that we were only out for 20 minutes. i can't wait for warmer weather! he knows his colors and can pick out red, green, yellow, and blue. i guess all those times reading the same books does pay off!


      NRR: long run and grocery shopping today. DH is working tomorrow, 6-3PM, maybe later. R and I will probably go to Target and ON. He's in need of some new socks and pants.

       5K: 19:15       Half: 1:29:35       Marathon: 3:13:08


      running eh

        RR - nothing today


        NRR - working 10-10 today, haven't worked that shift in years!


        FR - spaghetti for the family, leftovers for me


        KR - DS is almost done Little Ninjas, not sure if I will sign him up again.  Do any of you NOT have your kids in programs.  DS is 5, but he seems just as happy at home...


        Zorbs - have fun at the expo!  Very helpful off B to make his own lunch, maybe he can do it from now on! :0


        RG - have a great long run today.  yay for wooded areas - I have used them more than I should admit...  DS sounds like a smartie - isn't it amazing watching them learn things?


          RR - 8k w/ 3k @10k pace.


          TR - Asleep by 9:15 pm and STTN! (still sleeping) Didn't have to give her any Tylenol yesterday, so I think her teeth have stopped hurting, and she is sneezy and snotty, but the cold doesn't seem to be bothering her much otherwise. Also, she looks HUGE and her hair appears to have grown tremendously. It's as though she was too busy growing to fight off the cold.


          FR - Leftovers


          NRR - My stomach feels so much better today! Last night when I was running with RP, it was awful. We were running through town and every time we passed a restaurant or house that had a food smell, my stomach turned. But it's feeling good this morning and I'm enjoying a big mug of coffee. (btw, I didn't POAS because I'm not expecting AF until Tues, so I guess pg is still possible, but I think it was a false alarm).




          zorbs - Oh man, that would be some nasty polenta! Hope the expo is good...are they usually good? I've never actually been to one because someone always ends up offering to pick up my race kit for me.


          rg - Hope your tummy holds up during your LR today! Nice work by R on the colour recognition! Ha, I hear you on reading the same books over and over. S's first word other mama and dada was "cat". We don't have a cat, so she clearly got it from her favourite book.

          5k - 20:46          10k - 41:27         10 mile - 1:15:32          Half marathon - 1:39:15      


            RR:  5mi today.  Probably with stroller.  Was supposed to get up this morning and run before DH went to work but DH informed me I would need a hat and gloves and I didn't pack any.  He is pretty hardcore and wake up at like 5 everyday to workout so I trust him.  I will get it in later.  Just need to find a place to run with the stroller.


            TR:  Rough night last night.  After about 3am, DS kept getting out of the toddler bed and trying to come down the stairs.  Dh and I took turns getting to him before he got out of the room.  When he saw us, he would turn around and run!  After that we just decided to just let him in bed with us.


            NRR:  Tonight we are putting H in a drop off hourly care place and then going to go on a date!  Can't wait.


            zorbs:  Anything good at the expo?  I am sorry to ask this but I am forgetting if it is a half or whole.


            RG:  Good luck on the 19!  Sorry about the tummy troubles yesterday.  No fun.


            bermy:  Awesome job on those 800s!!


            eh:  That is a long day!  Hope it is exciting at least.


            ernie:  Woohoo on STTN and your stomach feeling better.  I would not be as patient as you.  I POAS a week before I was supposed to get my period with H Smile.

            5k - 21:32  FM - 3:27:40


              Ugh just found out tomorrow for my 17 miler it is supposed to rain and chilly.  Of course I brought no appropriate clothes...grrr.

              5k - 21:32  FM - 3:27:40


                Just flying by for now..


                RR - not running, maybe elliptical..


                BR - was ok with the nanny yesterday but required a lot of snuggles and was clingy to her... not sure why, her mood was ok but she really wanted to be held.


                NRR - off to visit my company today for a farewell lunch .... long story short ... our parent company sold us in May, and we were housed in a building with 6 or 7 other companies owned by our parent company and today we're moving out.   It's going to be super emotional for some, b/c they've worked there 20+ years and even though we didn't work directly with the other 6 or 7 companies, there are a lot of workers who have worked in one company or another and become friends with each other.  I'm going in to say good bye to some ppl... hopefully the transition won't be too rough, and our new building is only 1km away, so who knows, some ppl may still see each other from time to time.


                try to bbl for personals..


                  Hi!  Super busy week this week, but I was lurking!  Crazy day with 20 minute classes.


                  RR:  Something outside after work today.  Sad that I get excited when I see temps in the 30s.


                  TR:  Didn't see him at all yesterday and was full of hugs for mom this morning...well, until he saw cookies on the counter and a pen....and were off!


                  NRR:  End of the quarter madness and technology.  At least I can't say my job is boring!


                  FR:  DH and I went to Panera for "dinner" (it was 4PM) last night.  Yummo.


                  PGR:  Saw the baby yesterday for our 12 week scan.  Wouldn't stop moving and wouldn't get into the right position for the measurements.  The tech tried wiggling the baby around and it didn't move....she commented "you must exercise, that didn't phase the baby at all."  Yupp.  Got a couple good pics and baby finally cooperated.  That whole drinking water thing sucks though.  I was SO uncomfortable.  I also found out yesterday (that because of Obama Care) that my insurance company covers breast pumps!  Score!  We'll see how it all shakes out though.  I have my appointment with my OB today for my 12 week check.

                  Upcoming Races: 

                  Gazelle Girl 1/2 Marathon 4/13 - 1:48:46




                    NRR:  Ran into my desk yesterday and gave myself a HUGE goose-egg type bruise on my thigh. Ouch.  Also feeling like I am going to puke this morning, not sure what is going on with that other than DH dinner tasted a little off last night.

                    RR:  Will try and get on the TM this afternoon.

                    TR:  Was "camping" last night (sheet tent).  Feel asleep with a cracker in his hand.  Have no idea where he got it from.

                    FR:  Pizza night.


                      rr: nope.


                      tr: purple/white day at school for dd1. her teacher emailed late last night saying she could wear her pajamas today since she missed pj day when she was sick. but she opted for a purple outfit instead.


                      tr2: dd2 just drew a poodle with frosting on her toaster stuedel. pretty impressive.


                      br: walks around with a little cat and dog. says, "meow meow" and "pup pup."


                      nrr: no clue what is going on this weekend really. dh said he would help move brother and sil sunday morning because we both had forgot that the girls sing in church that morning. i am hoping to meet up with my sister either today or tomorrow.


                      fr: ate chicken noodle soup last night which tasted great, but my stomach hated me all night long. not cool. more gatorade.


                        Patty:  Nice, tell G to stick to a schedule!  K does the same thing, lets him play until whenever.


                        RG:  C is begging to go to the playground but it just so freakin cold and windy.  I can't wait until we can play outside more.  Good luck on your 19 miles!


                        Eh!:  You are an amazing woman, I could never work 10-10.  I would fall asleep on the job Smile


                        Ernie:  Whew, glad you can drink coffee this morning!


                        Shelbyjo:  C slept with us many a nights when I was just too tired to deal with that at 3 a.m.  Ugh.  Hooray for date night!


                        Cx2:  Eh, most babies just want to be held Smile


                        Mer:  Jealous!  I love panera!  I wanted to get a bagel this morning but I ran out of time getting ready Sad  It is bagel friday after all.  Hooray for seeing lil bean, too funny on the exercise comment.


                          bermy: brother and sil have already asked me to babysit their unborn child once sil goes back to work. i haven't told them yet, but i'm going to say no.


                          zorbs: happy rest day! good luck at the expo with B!


                          rg: i'd like to know what your "easy pace" is!


                          eh: 10-10! yup, i could never do that! good luck!


                          ernie: glad your stomach is feeling better and you can enjoy coffee again. i figured i know i will be 100% better when i want to drink my morning coffee and crave a donut. not to keep talking about the pregnancy thing, but that is totally how i knew i was pregnant with ds. i got into the car and could smell everything (the gas, restaruants, etc.). hope you keep feeling better!


                          shelby: c would be a disaster at this point in a toddler bed. yay for a date night; how great!


                          cx2: good luck at the farewell lunch today!


                          mer: are you guys going to tell your parents now?


                          becky: ugh to the goose egg on your leg. i can sympathize. when i was pregnant with c i was rolling in my desk chair at work and my thigh got caught on the handle on one of my drawers. it hurt like a SOB. i went to the bathroom later and realized it had poked through my skin and was bleeding everywhere. i had to fill out a injury report, you know in case it got all infected. i have a big scar from it too. ugh. dh likes to mistake it for a scar i got when an old boyfriend of mine started a piece of plastic on fire and blew it out onto my leg. ugh.

                          running eh

                            NRR - I am going to be late for work.  I just called the babysitter and she had no idea that she was supposed to work, guess that's my fault.  I HATE being late for work.  Supervisor was good about it though.


                            ernie - glad you are feeling better!  Have a good run today.  What is your next race?


                            shelby - hope you can find something appropriate to wear for your run.  Yay for date night, HAVE FUN!


                            cx2 - have fun at the lunch!  Do you have an elliptical at home?


                            mer - yay for an active baby!  Have a good last day of the work week.  I must try this Panera some day.


                            becky - love that DS was camping, so cute!  Too bad about the leg bruise.  I am so clumsy, I am always stubbing my toe or walking into things.


                              RR: 6m. Legs feel good after speedwork. I was really struggling at 5th 800 and checked my phone and supermom fb posts were up and I read a little bit in my 2min recovery slot and then blasted out the last two. You ladies are a lot more supportive than you know! Oooh and when I was cooling down a lady who I had run past the whole time (she was sat watched her kids play soccer) turned to me and said I was in great shape. Totally made my day. That's a relative statement on a running forum, I know, but I am going to take the compliment. I wished I had taken it better in the moment but I need to work on that. And hoping to run with Nashville supermom tomorrow morning. we are just planning out where and when. My first RP! And I got a text from the lady who installed the shutters to say there's a lady who "runs a lot" who lives in our sub-division and a contact. Excited.


                              NRR: waiting for a couch to be delivered and then need to go and find rapini (FR). Pick up cleaning, more ironing, cleaning out garage of trash, putting away all clothes. etc etc chore city. Oh and all with my little helper. I don't always say that he is there when I do NRR, but he is always there. I just talk about what we do the whole time and he 'helps'.


                              BR: awesome and really good company. We met some kids at the library and at the b&n table and he really enjoyed playing alongside them. I need to find us something like a playdate/playgroup of sane and intelligent people.


                              FR: Broccoli Rabe Linguini with Feta. yesterday's ravioli were delish and DH helped make some of the parcels. He said he wanted to help to do something creative as he had been in meetings all day. Hope the rapini is not bitter as Zorbs warned me. Will report back.

                              5K 21.12   10K 50:12   HM 2:07   FM 3:50:31


                                Eh - Hope your long day of work goes well!


                                Shelby - The chilly weather for your run tomorrow sounds like a good excuse to go shopping Smile H is enjoying the freedom of that toddler bed a bit too much! Did he at least go to sleep once he was in bed with you guys? Have a great date night!


                                Cx2 - Hope the food is good at the company lunch! Will the nanny watch C while you are out?


                                Mer - Yup, this so called spring has been pathetic so far...I am sadly excited to see a high of 2C in the forecast tomorrow. Glad you got a couple of good pics from your scan! Ugh, that water drinking thing is the worst! I feel like technology should be good enough where that is not necessary anymore. Nice that your pump will be covered! Do you have one already from when J was born?


                                Becky - Oh no! I fear I have transmitted my random nausea to you over the internet! I hope you feel better soon. Lol on DS falling asleep with cracker of unknown origin.


                                Mrszm - I am also impressed by DD2's poodle drawing skills. I don't think I could pull that off with toaster strudel icing! Sorry the chicken soup didn't sit well. Probably a very good thing you didn't go for the chili. Ha, stories like yours are the only reason for me to suspect pg. When I was pg with S, I felt totally normal even for weeks after my BFP.


                                eh - my next race is a 5k on April 6th. Do you have a race coming up?

                                5k - 20:46          10k - 41:27         10 mile - 1:15:32          Half marathon - 1:39:15