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beskirted & manicured

    ER - ST between clients.


    TR - turned away for a minute yesterday, and he was standing on a chair in the kitchen taking knives out of the knife block.


    FR - leftover chili, DH has a man cold so he didn't eat any last night. He had whine and cheese instead. :P


    NRR - short morning at the gym, I'll get a pedi after.

    5K - 24:10 | 8K - 40:41  | 10K - 51:40.6 | HM - 1:51:10 | 30K - 2:44:54 | Marathon - 3:59:26



      Patty- yikes on the knife block! I was emptying the dishwasher last night and R reached in and grabbed a knife out of the silverware tray...eek. Ah, pedicure- I desperately need one. Ha on the man cold- they're worse than babies. Hehe on your new title- was it inspired by Bermy??


      RR: will run with R after i get out of work this morning, probably 6ish miles or so. Ran a nice solo 7 miles yesterday morning in shorts and a tech t-shirt. It was lovely! Also took two long walks in the afternoon, once with the dog, and once later w/ friend and her dog.


      TR: spent the afternoon at the park again yesterday- it was so nice out. He loves reading books with me before bed time. last night he grabbed three of them, dropped them into my lap and laid down on the floor on his tummy. Too cute.


      NRR: working a few hrs this morning, then hoping to go to Old Navy with R later. Hung out with former coworker yesterday afternoon- she resigned in October b/c of a stupid management decision. Since then, she's started her own personal training business and it's doign really well. She's adding more classes and clients, and talked with me a bit yesterday about me coming to work for her. She's also about 8 weeks preggo, so we talked alot about that yesterday too.

       5K: 19:15       Half: 1:29:35       Marathon: 3:13:08



        RR: speedwork last night was awesome. Did 5x1000m on a very hilly rocky trail. There were loads of superfast chicks out running - like the national 800m champion and others. I couldn't help but try and keep them in sight as I was doing my rounds! I also had a teary moment and it was so beautiful, peaceful and such a gorgeous night. I have never done any trail running at dusk before on a safety note so when I finished my last and I was using 'the force' for balance and guidance, I welled up and blubbed to my coach "thank you for giving me the opportunity to do all these cool things... blah blah blah". I am not normally like that, but I was a bit overcome. She held DS through most of the session so that was super cool for me to see him so happy every time I whooshed by. And of course, I bumped into an ex bf who was coaching a fast masters lady. We had the "erm, you know I have a kid" awkwardness. I broke his heart back in the day. I feel awful about it still.


        RR2: probably rest as I am quite sore. And much sticking up and down my legs.


        NRR&DS: we have DH’s work kids xmas party this afternoon. Sigh. More santas in beards. And schmarming. I hate schmarming at these things. I always play with the kids instead.


        FR: shepherd’s pie. I have a new cooking system. I do the prepping and stove work in DS’s nap and then pop in oven when we play outside. It works out much better than staying over stove. Also, there is no heating in Bermuda houses and it gets damp at night although still in the high 60s so I like the oven on to dry the house and warm it up a bit at night. I read that again and you would think I like in the 1600s. Maybe if we gave women in the 1600s chance to blog they would write the same things.

        5K 21.12   10K 50:12   HM 2:07   FM 3:50:31


          zorbs - Crazy about B and the knives...it is amazing how fast they can get themselves in trouble.  Sorry DH is whiney!  Enjoy your pedicure...I really need one bad but can't justify spending the money right now.


          rg - Sounds like a great job opportunity for you!  How are you liking the part-time work with the same company?  Does management still get on you or is it at least bearable.  I hope you get to ON this afternoon.  Enjoy your run.  It is no longer warm here for shortsSad  28 degrees when we left the house...boo.


          Bermy - Nice job on the speed work yesterday.  Sounds like an awesome run in a beautiful place.  I am sure you will miss it a lot.  Enjoy it while you can.  AWKWARD to see the old BF...sounds like you handled it well though.  Enjoy the Christmas party.  We have DH's on Friday night...it is adult only though so I can't play with the kids...I HATE making small talk.  All DH's coworkers wives are SAHM so that is all the talk about.  At least I can relate in the fact that I have a child...I just don't see mine as much.  They always make plans for playdates and stuff right in front of me but never include me since I can't usually go.  OH well.


          RR - Rest today.  Got in my 5 afterwork in shorts and LS shirt yesterday...it was great to have one more shorts day.  


          TR - A kid bit him on the finger at daycare yesterday...He seriously has teethmarks on both sides of his finger.  Apparently the kid who bit him also bit his friend on the finger.  I asked the daycare ladies if J did anything to provoke it and they said no he was just playing by the mirror...um??  Ok??  So how do 2 kids get bit before anyone realizes it??  Ugh.  Oh well...I can't get too mad has J will probably haul off and bite a kid soon enough.


          NRR - Hoping to run a bunch of errands in the 90 min I have between work and picking up J.  I doubt I will get many done as the places I need to go are all spread to far apart.  I guess I'll hit the store with the most things I need.  Spent 90 min wrapping presents last night...I think I got all the packages done that I have to mail...except my SS gift since part of it hasn't arrived and is not schedule to arrive until next week...I AM SORRY!!


          FR - Another bad eating night...I think holiday stress is making me fat!! LOL...Need to get it under control quickly.  


            Bermy- so jealous of your awesome coach! you've got a great opportunity to work with her, and it sounds like you're enjoying it immensely! i also like to use R's nap time to do prep work in the kitchen- it's easier to focus and not worry that he's getting into trouble! Good luck at the parties- i feel the same way, esp when it's a work party. There's that awkward "our spouses work together, but we don't have anything else in common" vibe..


            Jen- sigh, i'm going to miss the warmer weather too. I don't mind the winter, but it's such a tease to have it warm up again this time of the year! Whoa about the biter at daycare. I think runswithrocky was saying that her daycare has islolated all the biters into one room, lol. Good job on wrapping all the gifts- i still have shopping to finish. I've ordered my SS gift, but it hasn't arrived yet. Working part-time is great, I don't really have to deal with the management at all which is HUGE.

             5K: 19:15       Half: 1:29:35       Marathon: 3:13:08



              Zorbs: dang B is into everything! Ha on DH. RG: R sounds so sweet. I am hoping for a sweet little boy too. Doing your own personal training business could be fun. You could set your own hours. If you build up a clientele you can make boocko bucks! Bermy: it's nice to look fast and awesome passing ex though. I get teary during runs every once in a while. It may be hormonal, but sometimes it is just really really loving the experience. Jen: yep at daycare they are going to get bit. Those buggars are fast. I always figure as long as there isn't blood, I'm ok with it. I needed to wrap presents on my super long weekend too, but never got to it. ----- ER: doubt it TR: so good for daddy the last 2 days NRR: I'm back amongst the living, kind of. I am still super weak and tired. I may not make it till 4:30 pm today, but I will try my best. I am so beyond sore up my back and in my upper abs. Being sick is a huge workout!

                Bermy - That sounds like a great workout!  You must be getting so fast.  Any races in the near future?  Sorry to hear the housing search isn't going to well.  What is missing the mark with the houses?


                zorbs - That sounds like something DS will do in no time.


                RG - Great job on the runs and walks.  Are you considering the new job?


                CMG - Yay, glad to hear you are doing better.  Is baby doing ok after being sick?


                uphill and mere  - My heart goes out to both of you with TTC.  It is one of my biggest fears.  I went for about 4 years without a period in college and was sure I would have trouble.  I feel so blessed I got blessed with DS so easily but worry about the next one.


                RR:  Ended up getting in 5 yesterday (3 on TM, 2 with stroller).  I keep doing this split runs which probably isn't the best for running.  I guess it is better than nothing.  Will probably go for a long walk today with 1 mile of running to keep my streak up.


                BR:  Talking up a storm.  Yesterday on our run he kept repeating "mama, dada, dog" which are the only words he knows.


                NRR:  Got my VS bras in the mail yesterday that I ordered and they don't fit Sad.  I have not been able to figure out my post baby bra size but am in desperate need of bras.  Guess it will have to wait until I can return them.

                5k - 21:32  FM - 3:27:40


                  jen - I ran in shorts and a tank yesterday.  I definitely enjoyed it and not having to bundle H up, but winter running is one of my favorite activities.  I look forward to some cold weather.

                  5k - 21:32  FM - 3:27:40




                    RR - nothing today, mall walking w/ a friend... add me to the list who rain in shorts yesterday!


                    BR - I put C on the floor to play this morning and she tipped over and bumped her head on the hardwood.  Oops.  She hardly ever needs padding around her now since she's been sitting on her own for a long time, so I was surprised when she fell over.

                    Talked to my mom about daycare options when I go back to work next year.  She doesn't like the idea of her being daycare FT at such a young age ("in China, we just strapped the babies to our backs and went to work with them") and the cost so we're trying to work out a schedule now.... her current job situation is the issue, as she works 4-midnight but that may change... 


                    NRR - some day I'll be able to breath through my right nostril again... this cold is never ending.



                    zorbs - wow scary about the knives!


                    rg - jealous of all the walks and outdoor stuff you get to do... i used to take C for walks in the afternoon but now that we run in the stroller, it's not interesting for her anymore..


                    bermy - yea, i can see how running into the ex would've been awkward... !!  I very rarely run into any of my ex's, and neither does DH..


                    jen - a kid bit him?!!!


                    cm - hope you feel better soon, being sick is bad but being sick and preggo is even worse!


                    shelby - a lot of my friends rave about VS bras... i'm cheap and wear $8 Target bars most of the time...




                      RR:  5 after work today.  Doc said I aggravated the big tendon in your foot.  (He used the real word, anterior something).  Anyway, he said it is from tying my shoes wrong, so I have to take out a row of laces.  I also think it is from a pair of heels that I have been wearing more often.  Cute, expensive, but just not working out for my running feet.  I was explaining things to his PA who is NOT  a runner and she didn't "get" it.  Like, really, you needed to run 2.1 miles to get to 100.  Why, yes, I did!  Anywhoo...I am good to go.  After waiting, no joke, and hour and a half for my appointment I was glad to be done.  This doc is cool though.  He ran Lakefront, Green Bay and BQ'd so he is running again in 2013.  I love doctors that run.


                      TR:  Haven't seen him since Monday. Sad  I miss his warm snuggly little body.  We get to hang out tonight while DH shops, should be fun.


                      NRR:  Another busy day at work. Well, I am taking 16 kids on a field trip to Junior Achievement.  For those business people out there, this is a great program teaching kids about finances!


                      FR:  Got a lecture from the doc when I was weighed yesterday.  A never ending battle, I guess.  McDonalds for dinner last night will help that.


                      Okay, gotta put in grades...will try to sneak back for personals.


                      Happy Hump Day!

                      Upcoming Races: 

                      Gazelle Girl 1/2 Marathon 4/13 - 1:48:46



                        cmg - So glad to hear you are feeling better...no only did you have to get sick but you are pg so that makes it that much worse.  Did DH catch it?  It is amazing how kids get sick and they are back to it in no time and then us old folks get sick and it takes forever to recover.  I hope you make it through the day.


                        shelby - Great job on the run. I hate bras and refuse to order any online since they never fit.  You should go into a VS store and have them fit you and try a bunch on.  I did that before I got pg with J and should probably do it again.  Honestly...I don't even need a bra that is how small my boobs are...and I hate them so I never put much thought into them.  LOL.  Cute about DS talking.  I ask my DS to repeat things and he can do it now.  He says mama, dada, bubbles, bye, duck, grandpa...too cute.


                        Ctimes - I hope you can figure out a way to have your mom watch C when you go back to work.  I hope you start to feel better.  Once C starts daycare you'll get it again...ugh...the first year in daycare SUCKS with sickness.  Take care!!


                          rr: 3 miles this morning with my neighbor. it was about 1:00/mile slower than usual but it was nice to have conversation. we are going to try to make it an every wednesday mroning thing.


                          nrr: we are getting together with our best couple friends on saturday. we always read a book and as of yesterday i had not started it. i need to read 100 pages every day for the next 3 days...


                          br: obsessed with his shape sorter. claps when he puts a piece in and when they are all in signs "more" for me to dump them out so he can start over.


                          tr: took them shopping last night to buy a present for a party this weekend. home with all 3 today and they want to paint ornaments!


                          fr: stromboli last night. likely chicken sandwiches tonight.


                          zorbs: whine and cheese....hilarious!


                          rg: think you will make the move and work for her? did it give you baby fever?


                          bermy: i told marathonjen that at my race the other day i beat the biatch who stole my high school boyfriend and that was all that mattered. still would have rather seen her than said boyfriend.


                          jen: hope you get all your errands in! this morning it was 17 degrees when i ran! It was 57 on monday! ugh about the biting but at least j didn't bite back. i couldn't imagine having to cook for 1.5 Smile


                          cmg: being sick is totally a workout especially when you are pregnant. do you guys have any names narrowed down?


                          shelby: yesterday when i was getting dressed i looked in the mirror and noticed how my size xs no wire bras were too big in the cup. yah, that is a bit  depressing. Sad great job with the running streak!


                            Mer - Glad you can run again and also REALLY glad you got a lecture about your weight.  I am tired of always having to be the one to nagWink  I hope you take his advice!  Snuggle lots with J tonight...I seriously love the nights I get to be alone with J (when he is in a good mood) and just hang out and play and read books...he is fun at this age!


                              mer:  When I am a PA, I will totally understand why my patient just had to run 2.1 more!


                              mrszm - Yay for a new RP.  I would love one of those, can't wait to get to Denver.  And have fun painting the ornaments...and reading!  What book?

                              5k - 21:32  FM - 3:27:40


                                mer -  i eat mcdonalds at least once a week and it doesn't really help with the weight thing Smile