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    Erin - glad you made it over here!  We have been sick on and off all Christmas break.  I've been taking that airborne stuff so I can hopefully stay healthy.  We'll see.


    Jen - I'm running a local half marathon Saturday.  I'm nervous because it's really hilly so I don't really know what to expect.  DH is running it too - we are getting a babysitter at 5:30am poor girl! - so hopefully it'll just be fun.  I hope your massage is good.  I have  GC for one I'm just not sure when to go do it.  We are having the same dinner tonight!


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      ER - 2.77 mi walk yesterday at lunch.

      TR - Talked with us at dinner last night. She was telling us a *very* serious story about her day complete with hand gestures and facial expressions. She was making eye contact with each of us and responding t
      o our comments. So damn cute! Up until 830 (hr past bedtime) playing with grammie. I had to wake her up for daycare!

      NRR - fell last night in the restaurant while holding emily. My foot completely slipped out from under me. I have absolutely no idea how i didn't hurt myself! I was holding Em, holding her diaper wipe box, I fell completely to the floor, Em hit the floor but my arm was under her body and my hand under her head<--no idea how my hand got under her head in time. Managed to not squish baby boy but did bang my knee up. Of course I did it in front of, like, 4 packed tables. Em made the cry face and I thought I hurt her, but she just gave me a hug and a snuggle and that was that! So glad it wasn't worse. Nothing on the floor, pants weren't too long, hand on low heeled shoes (boots actually). No idea how I tripped, but glad we are all ok.

      FR - sour cream and chicken enchiladas last night. We got the tableside guacamole for an appetizer and Em was fascinated by the process and clapped and said "yay" for our server who was a really nice guy about it. Then she ate a decent portion of the guac! I was happy about that. I want her to be interested in and try the foods that are on the table. No pressure, but I like that she wants to try. She even tried all the salsa's and our beans and everything. Some of it she spit back out, but that's ok.


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        RR: took a rest day yesterday, depending how things look tonight, I might do a stroller run or recruit R's godmother to come play so I can go. Temps have been been 25*F all week- usually in early January we get an extra bad cold snap where we hit the negatives. Per Leanne's FB post, it doesn't take that many layers to keep me warm and I have yet to break out my second layer of pants.


        BR: Really into books, being kinda clingy and wants to be held or sitting on me all.the.time. This morning I sat him on the potty to pee and he did a good one, I just pulled up his pj pants and let him run around for a minute while I brushed my teeth. I heard grunting from the other room and he was pooping. Had to carefully remove his pants without getting poop all over his leg. At least it was a log. Never trust a diaperless toddler LOL


        FR: Had roasted veg lasagne for both lunch and dinner yesterday. I think I'm going to cut off a hunk to keep in the fridge and portion the rest out and freeze. I think I'm going to make Braised Greek chickpeas and spinach over couscous- one of my fav vegetarian meals. Here is a link to the recipe, I use fresh spinach though http://www.food.com/recipe/chickpeas-with-spinach-greek-81968 .


        NRR: Busy getting caught up yesterday. Got my hair done and I love it. I didn't have any highlights left so I'm feeling much less frumpy now that I've got some extra blonde going on. Last time I was in a hurry when I got my haircut because I had to leave for the doctor in 30 minutes so I didn't get a good cut.  DH wants to go on a date on Sunday, he's being really sweet. I need to have a "STOP BUYING CRAP!!" talk with him though, we haven't really saved any money the last month or two because of Christmas, snow tires, and random spending.

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          zorbs- enjoy the new car! I don't know about you, but whenever we get a new car, we take it out on a country road and drive really fast. You probably don't have country roads though. The light over our back porch has been burnt out for 6 years. DH painted over it when we painted the house 2 years ago too. LOL


          Bermy- I need to come up with a spring racing plan. I need a motivator- so far the only races I have picked out are the Canal Caper 10k I do in my town every March and the Lululemon SeaWheeze Half.  Have fun going veggie! So far DH hasn't been eating veggie because he and his coworker cook together when they are on night shift to keep boredom at bay, but I will be cooking veggie at home. I have already lost weight and look less bloaty. (but that could also be due to AF's arrival).  What is the topping on the shepherd's pie? If its mashed potatoes, I like to steam cauliflower and puree it and then mash in just 1-2 medium potatoes to lighten up my shepherd's pie.


          mer- I took out a loan for this last AA degree I got and the debt annoys me. I paid off a large chunk of it this fall, but I can't really make big payments until we get the house going. I REAAAALLY hope we get a tax return this year, I will probably cry if we have to pay out of pocket especially since we had over $20k in federal taxes witheld already.


          mzm- I love New Girl. One of my favorite shows right now. I think R is working on a growth spurt too, he grew out of his tennis shoes already.


          cx2- I'd try feeding her again. R eats two breakfasts every morning. He's starting to transition to one nap finally and its been kinda rough.


          shelbyjo- Maybe in the spring when I come to Denver to visit my inlaws, you, me and Megan can take the kids to Monkey Bizness for a playdate?  I gave R 1/4 of a 3 mg tab of Melatonin the last 2 nights and he slept great. He whimpered in his sleep a couple times last night, but I don't think he ever really woke up.


          ernie- your fusion dinner sounds awesome


          Erin- I need to fire up the humidifier again, I think that will help R's boogeriness. I just bought a cheap one and it uses a filter so I need to remember to get a new one.


          armama- I bought Pure Connects and hated them, I got a calf injury from them.  I don't know how different the Flows and Cadences are. What race are you tapering for?


          Jen- J does have a really nice head of hair. R's is pretty thin still and I've only had it cut twice so far. I had really thin hair as a young child, but it really thickened up eventually. Now I have to have my hairdresser thin the crap out of it.


          ROcky- I like to start my pasta dough in the food processor, saves a lot of kneading!! My dad bought me Mastering the Art of French Cuisine by Julia Child a couple years ago, but I haven't cooked anything from it yet. I'm not very good at following recipes, I just like to learn techniques and do my own thing.

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            rocky- good job on falling without getting hurt. I'm amazed that I haven't fallen while holding R yet, I'm really paranoid that I'm going to fall down the stairs while holding him. R likes spicy food and will eat sour cream by the handful LOL. Yay for MIL leaving!!!!!!

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              Spike - we'll definitely be using the food processor for the pasta!  My wrist is still sort of messed up so kneading is out of the question for me.  I'm not good at following recipes either, but I like to read a bunch of them and then do my own thing.  It's been working out well so far, I haven't starved or gotten food poisoning!  So cute about R and the books, the clinginess is annoying sometimes though.


                Zorbs – enjoy the new car. How lovely and so awesome. Does this one have an ass warmer?


                Mer –I used to hate cooking and eating – I was frightened about putting on weight. I started to read about really fit girls who eat right and mimic them. So far, so good. I like taking risks. About 90% of the meals are lovely. The not-so lovely ones, I put down to experience and have a laugh over it with DH. I can see how the recipe will turn out from reading them now. I spend a lot of time reading recipes.


                Cx2 – I feed DS all day – have snacks and foods which are healthy and nutritious and he grazes. Babies have such small stomachs which empty quickly as they are on the move. Enjoy your run.


                Mrszm – cute that you miss your kids. Your casserole sounds like a hit. Can you share recipe on fb pls? LOVE the pic. DH wants to start that tradition after I told him about your fam.


                Shelby – do you think DS misses his dad? I heard kids can do weird things when there’s an absent parent. I don’t CIO; I am there, with him. When it was really bad, I put a mattress on the floor and we just slept side by side and nursed and cuddled throughout the nights. I also got the rest and didn’t feel like I was ‘up’ all night, cos I wasn’t. Some weeks he needed a lot of extra love and comfort, others, he behaves like he is 15. Coach is on holiday for 3 weeks in Vancouver. She is back tomorrow. CANNOT wait to see her and run with her to show her my progress. Oh and my DS didn’t sttn until 14mo and I didn’t change a thing.


                Ernie – your food sounds DELISH. GREAT job. Between me and cx2, I think we might have the record for not sttn. Vent away. It is hard, but it will end.


                ErinL – hope you don’t get sick. So cute you miss your girls. Enjoy yoga and how exciting for your trail run! Just take your time and watch your footing. And be aware that the push off is completely different – like you push and go nowhere compared to asphalt! I run a lot more out of my glutes on trail.


                Arm – no pressure on cmm. You can sign up towards the day of. DH was looking at 6ksqft houses and I told him about you finding people and stuff being an issue. He laughed. My DS is the same stats – tall and skinny. I let him feed himself. It is a holy mess, but I figure you only get to make a mess eating once in your life. I also want him to learn about his own appetite. It’s very socialable too as he is eating alongside us all. He just wolfed down a baby pear, all by himself. Pretty amazing. I am dying for running wear retail therapy. I am going to wait til 10th in Nashville.


                Jen – please share  your fave recipes if you have any. Great job on your TM 12! I bet you did it in 1hour 25mins?


                Rocky – cooking is a lot about taking risks. This is really sad but I am going to admit it, I treat it a bit like speedwork. I set the timer and absolutely go for it. And then write notes on how it went afterwards!


                Spike – that recipe sounds wonderful. Did you decide on what to wear to the banquet? Picture of haircut please. You make me want to get mine done now. How about an interim goal? Or come to NASHVILLE on 27th April for hm! Dh HATES cauliflower. Topping is potatoes but I am subbing in sweet pots.

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                  Bermy- I think I friended you on FB. I changed my profile pic last night to show my new hairdo. I haven't decided what to wear to the baquet other than I bought a new pair of $15 sparkly ballet flats and will wear my Chip & Pepper jeans, since I'm determined to do away with the muffin top, ASAP! I have a couple shirts that I got from my girlfriend when we did a clothing exchange that I can wear. I might take a couple of pics of options and let you guys vote on my outfit Wink  I can't do any cross-country trips right now, have to minimize travel expense with building the house, I'm even kinda stretching it with the Lulu half since I will probably get a hotel for 2 nights and drive 5-6 hours. My DH reviles cauliflower as well, but doesn't seem to mind it as a puree mixed with potatoes. I did a healthy shepherd's pie like that a while back and it definitely had a sweet taste to the whole dish which was a little bit odd.

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                    Bermy - love the timer admission!  I like to do all my prep work ahead of time and then assemble right before it's time to eat.  Growing up my mom was lactose intolerant and also had TMJ which resulted in double jaw replacement surgery.  She couldn't chew a lot of stuff and no dairy, so our diet was pretty bland.  Think chicken with rice or baked potatoes and some sort of steamed veggie every.single.night.  It's only been recently that I've started cooking with dairy or different kinds of meat that require slicing or chewing, etc.  Of course I LOVE to eat that stuff when we go out, but now we're making it at home.  Growing up I thought my mom was a great cook, but looking back it was pretty limited and not good at all.  She did her best, but I'm so happy that DH is adventurous eater AND cook and likes to try new stuff.


                    It's my preference to do mostly long/slow cooking type dishes that may be on the stove or oven for a while, but require very little active cooking attention.  Hence my love of soups, casseroles, slow cooked meats, etc.  I'm really looking forward to Em being able to help me in the kitchen and having her own ideas on what we should have for dinner or dessert!


                    Is your guy using utensils yet?  Em has started grabbing the fork or spoon if we are feeding her somethign that isn't conducive to eating with her hands (like rice or soup), and she's really good at getting it in her mouth...but not so good at getting the food on the fork/spoon in the first place.  We "fill it up" for her and then she eats it.  Just wondering as daycare offers them utensils, but I'm not sure when that really develops?


                      spike - outfit sounds like a winner. I hear you on the sweet pots. I might do half and half.


                      rocky - wow on your mom's dietary restrictions. I bet that was tough. esp since a lot of eating is about texture and a lot of fibrous food and fruits/veggies require chewing! DS is using a spoon. he has it in one had and then uses his other hand to eat too. It depends on what it is and what we're doing. I pre-load, or not, or both, or not. Whatever he wants. And I offer food all day - loads of healthy snacks in teeny tiny portions. He is in love with cucumber at the moment and pears. As well as cauliflower and blueberries.

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                        RR - scheduled (YES I have a PLAN!!) for 5k today.  I might do 4 miles, but don't have to Smile


                        TR - woke up weepy.  Not sure if she's tired or sad that gma and gpa left.  I have the TV on for her now so that I can CLEAN!  I want to systematically go through cubboards and get rid of stuff.  I hate stuff but somehow it piles up.


                        BR - sleeping now, full on teething, cheeks red, white bump just below the surface.  Still sleeping very well though considering so I will just enjoy.  She's in a very good 'baby age' now IMO - plump, snuggly grins when you talk to her, LOVE.


                        FR - less than what we've been eating and drinking.  We have lamb leftovers and some salmon.  Finish that and then plan something for the week that's healthy.


                        NRR - my parents left this morning.  It was fantastic having them for so long, M loooved it.  I think we may have a bit of a transition though with her getting used to less attention.  It's all good though MIL is back in town in a week so she will be eager to see the girls.  I'm scheduling a massage for as soon as MIL is back - yay!!


                        I'll try to come back during naps if there is time for my run + posting.

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                          Rocky- R is using utensils now. Its all about practice. Tie a towel around Em's neck (or use the biggest big you have), roll up her sleeves and set her loose with some apple sauce or yogurt. Reid can polish off a 6 oz container of Tillamook yogurt with minimal loss- we are at 90% success/10% mess right now. He loves cottage cheese and has been eating it for dinner most nights. We bought these spoons from walmart that have this kinda wavy hande and grippy dots (garanimals, I think) and they work really well. R only has to let me scoop out the last bite or two. If he has a hard time getting stuff on his spoon he'll use his hands for a few bites, but he really likes using utensils now.

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                            ErinL - Hi! My name IRL is also Erin, so I keep doing double takes on the personals today Smile Hope you avoid the flu!


                            Arm - I ran a half in November and I was nervous about it, too, because it was a hilly one. I think I like hilly races though - for every uphill, you get a nice boost going downhill!


                            Arm/Jen/Rocky - You guys have me craving spaghetti and meatballs now!


                            Jen - So glad that DS is getting better! Hope your massage is good. I also have a Groupon for a massage that I don't have high expectations for. Whenever I book a massage at a new place, I ask for the biggest man they have working there, so there's a chance they'll apply enough pressure.


                            Shelby - I'm just going to roast the chicken thighs with a store bought bottle of tangine sauce, so that's super easy Smile For Korean spinach, I sauté spinach with sesame oil, garlic, sesame seeds and soy sauce.


                            Rocky - It's good to hear your perspective on the flu shot! She's seemed fine since she woke up this morning and she's getting the second dose tomorrow anyway, so (knock on wood!) I think we're okay. Yikes on your fall! I am always terrified I am going to do that while holding DD, and it's extra scary since you're pregnant! Glad you're all fine! Your dinner sounds like it was delish.


                            Spike - Ew on the poo in the pants! I think that's even worse than if it was just on the floor. Diaper-less babies and toddlers are definitely not to be trusted!


                            CAR - How old is your baby again? 3 or 4 months? It's great that she's sleeping well despite the early teething!

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                              Zorbs - forgive me but in my head giving a 2 year old light bulbs isn't brilliant?!? J would smash them and laugh in a heartbeat. Nice job on the tempo! Yay for the car!!



                              RR - 5 wth tempo today. This is normally my favorite training run but it kicked my butt 2 weeks ago. Hopefully the rest week will allow me to enjoy it again.


                              BR - STTN!! She seems to be doing this about every 2 weeks. At this rate she might do it regularly by the time she is in high school. Seriously, DH NEVER sleeps through the night so maybe she never will either.


                              KR - totally bored and needs to go back to school. At least his cousin also has this week off and shows up at our doorstep every morning so he has a playmate.  He bugs me to play games on the ipad constantly in the evening though. He has 30 minutes a day if he reads 3 books and writes 2 pages in his journal. It has motiated him very well. He is so friggen sweet right now. He tells me how much he loves me a hundred times a day which I never gets sick of hearing. My parents never told me they loved me and I never told them. I am very liberal with the I LOVE YOUs in hopes that my kids will be too. So far so good.


                                Hi Leelee!! Missed writing personals to you. Hope you enjoy your tempo. You are doing great with your training!


                                CA - RA won't let me see your plan. I am very excited for you that you have a plan and I am DYING to see it.

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