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Footloose and Fancy Free Friday - Preggos (Read 27 times)

MA runner girl

    Well I'm 8 hours from 3 days of no work... Woo!

    PRs: 5k - 21:23, half marathon - 1:39:43, marathon - 4:01:15

    MA runner girl

      RR: 3 miles last night were ok. The first 2 miles were great, but the last mile I had awful RLP. It almost felt like a real contraction would feel...? Not that I really know what that feels like. Today I'll try for 2 or 3 miles after work.


      PGR: 30w5d. Hmmm I really can't think of anything new to put here. Anything will sound like whining, like oh I'm feeling so big, oh my belly burning is driving me insane, etc. lol So I'll just say things are fine!


      NPGR: Looking forward to a long weekend to relax and regroup. Lots to get done today first though. At least I'm working at home again! Was supposed to go to a Lia Sophia party (jewelry) with SIL tonight, but it was cancelled due to illness. I feel like EVERYONE is sick right now, I'll gladly stay home to avoid that!

      PRs: 5k - 21:23, half marathon - 1:39:43, marathon - 4:01:15

      Laura G in Idaho

        MA:  I'm glad you will have a break from work soon!  You need it.  Contractions may feel different for different women.  For me, it's like menstrual cramps only much stronger.  The sensation shoots into my legs.  Glad you got to run last night.  Hope you have another awesome run tonight!


        PGR:  26w.  Yesterday I tried to call and make an appointment to see the midwife I'm using for prenatal care/screening.  I last saw her when I was 12 weeks, so I guess it's time to go again now that fourteen weeks have passed!  She's a hospital-based midwife, and I'm not thinking that I want to go to the hospital at this point.  I'm open to changing plans if I feel the need, or if circumstances change.  Anyway, I didn't get to make the appointment because their phone system didn't put me through to a human being.  Just a voice mailbox.  I hate feeling like cattle being pushed through a chute.  That's how I feel with the office where she works, even though I don't have any problem with her on a personal or professional level.  I'll try again today.


        NPGR:  So far, this isn't the worst flu I've had.  My kids seem to have it worse than me (either that, or they're just playing it up really well).  I am resting, and doing all the natural remedies and immune boosting things that I know, so hopefully that will make my illness shorter and easier.


        RR & ER:  Still resting in hopes that I will have an easier and shorter time with this flu bug.  I feel like maybe I could go for a brisk walk, but no serious cardio right now.  A new exercise DVD arrived yesterday, and I previewed it last night.  My husband laughed at me saying that I won't get any benefit from just watching the DVD.  I have to actually DO what the person on the DVD is doing.  Ha!  Anyway, it's called "The Perfect Pregnancy Workout, vol 1 - Sculpting"  and I'm really stoked.  I can't wait to try it out.  It will be nice to have a strength routine that I can do entirely from home.  I put vol. 2 on my wish list with Amazon.  It's a yoga-based workout.  I miss my regular workouts, so I really hope to get well soon so I can return to it.  I'm afraid that I will lose too much fitness while I'm resting, so that when I get back to it, I won't be able to jump in where I left off.


        I ordered a new Gabrialla maternity support belt.  The one I have been using up to this point is a Motherhood brand adjustable 3" wide elastic band.  It's been helpful and comfortable for me, but on my last few runs, I didn't feel I was getting enough support from it.  So, I ordered the Gabrialla (medium support).  It arrived last night with my DVD, so I tried it on.  All the reviews I read said to size up because it runs small.  I took my measurement and it put my right in the middle of the XL size, so that's what I ordered.  I made it as tight as I could, but it's too big.  So, I'm returning it for the L instead.  I wonder if anyone has tried both the medium support and the strong support and might give a comparison of both?


          Morning all.


          RR - Hoping to go on a walk with a friend this morning. Still sniffly but after neting and a shower it wasn't so bad.


          PGR - Not much, though I'm feeling those ab ligaments stretch more, sometimes uncomfortably.


          NPGR - Can't believe it is Friday already. Hoping to feel better for the 5k Sunday. Mentally prepared to walk most of it, though I told myself run as much as you can when the race first starts and run intervals from there. Also hoping to have a playdate with a friend Saturday.


          MA - Contractions for me felt like menstrual cramps, but like (obviously because your body is now shaped differently) full belly area.

          Good job on the run, though I'm sorry the last mile wasn't so fun.


          Laura - A friend lent me the PPW dvd and I liked it. I also like her enthusiasm. Good to know about the Gabrialla sizing, I never know how to order and that's what's kept me from it honestly. I really dislike mail order returns.


            Morning ladies!


            MA: Woo hoo! Almost done! Are you running with a support belt? While I didn't run this pregnancy, I have heard the support belts can help with that RLP pain


            Laura: Thanks for the tips yesterday on birthing. I do the same thing with workout DVDs! I watch through them first (I guess I don't like surprises during my workouts). I used the Tracy Anderson Pregnancy project DVD set.  I really liked it. Especially how it changed up every month. That said, the instructions on it weren't that good. I think she was suffering from preggo brain while doing them - so watching the DVDs beforehand helped! Hope your flu goes away soon!


            Schmetterling: hope you feel better and good luck on the 5K!



            PGR: 39w5d. My water has either broken... or it's just a sudden increase in discharge. I'm lying down right now to see if anything pools so I can determine which kind of fluid is leaving my body. Yay for sharing details about my bodily fluids! I've been having light cramps/contractions, and I'm in denial that it's actually a water break. We shall see.


            PGR2: Last night, we went to a local Mexican place we love (just a 5 minute walk from our house) and on the walk home, I felt nauseated - not from the food - I just needed air. I think I drank my Mexican hot chocolate too quickly but of course I was thinking it was the start of labour. It wasn't.


            PGR3: (there could easily be PGR20 at this point) Slept for a deep 4 hours last night, woke up, had acid reflux, got hungry and thirsty, moved the couch and fell asleep for another 2 hours of deep sleep. I feel somewhat refreshed, but would be open to more napping.


            ER: If it's just discharge, I shall workout! If it's not, I believe my workout will be birthing a baby.


            NPGR: (really a hidden PGR4) I'll know for sure about my mat benefits by Monday. I'm going through some interesting government bureaucracy. In their attempts to make sure people don't scam the system, they're making it challenging for honest people like myself. I get it. Hopefully things will work out, but if they don't they at least have an appeals process. The guy who's helping me from the government is really helpful. Fingers crossed!


            I'll keep you guys posted on my bodily fluids...Ha Smile


              ER: 35 minutes on the elliptical. My legs didn't want to do it and my HR got high fast and stayed there. Decent workout overall, but I hope I don't feel this worn out after every time!


              PGR: 34 weeks. Had a doctor's appointment yesterday and everything's good. SInce I'm in the more frequent appointment zone now my weight gain shouldn't be as bad in between appointments, so thats nice, was only 3 pounds yesterday for a total of 44. I'm hoping I can get through with only 6 more? Who knows. Got a DTap booster... has anyone heard about the new recommendations regarding that? With the recent increase in pertussis, the recommendation is for a booster in each pregnancy to pass some immunity on to the baby since you can't immunize the baby until 2 months. Makes sense I guess. Apparently its really recent, only in the last couple weeks. My doctor said they hadn't heard about it until a patient brought it up. I am doing a program through my insurance where they call me each trimester and the woman mentioned it last week when she called. I thought it was weird because we talked about that at the beginning of the pregnancy. The woman on the phone didn't actually say HOW recent it was. Anyway, did that, didn't feel it going in but my arm is a bit sore but I think my workout helped that actually. P is breech right now, will discuss what can be done about that at my next appointment in two weeks if he still is. I guess maybe I should start doing the research on what I can do, though to be honest, if he stays breach and I have to have a c-section because of it, that doesn't really bother me. I guess I'm a lot more laid back about things than I was the first time when I cried in the hospital when it was looking like I might need a c-section since A was sunny side up and in a bit of distress (did end up delivering naturally though). Anyway... had swelling in my legs last night that is gone this morning. Its been weird with the swelling this time, I've had next to none and I'm still wearing my wedding ring.


              Whoa... talk about long winded!


              NER: Well a bit PGR too... We've got a busy weekend coming up. Babymoon tomorrow night! Tomorrow morning we have to go out and buy some shin guards for A because she's starting indoor soccer next Saturday. I don't know how hard this will be, from what I saw when I was looking online, sizing of shin guards is by height with the lowest size for 3'6" and A is only 3 feet or a teeny bit over (was 36.5" in November). Not sure how that will work. We also need to get her some good shoes for her. We're going to do some more baby shopping on Sunday. We also need to get cleaning and organizing and putting together the new dresser. I have Monday off and may visit a couple friends in between the organizing. And of course we'll have to fit in the normal weekend chores. I just hope I don't get too tired so I can actually get the work done! So much to do and I'll feel better if I can at least feel like I have it started.


                HI guys-

                Ugh, still sick...working from home for the AM, but have to go in for the afternoon for a call I need to record in my office.


                RR: Thought I might be able to get up this AM to at least for a walk, but just felt too crappy. Maybe later.

                PGR: 29wks6days. 30 tomorrow!! Really hope I feel better tomorrow for our babymoon trip. Feeling ginormous.

                NPGR: Hate being sick and home from work especially given that i started this job so soon before my maternity leave. (Most of my job is advocating/doing research on paid sick days and paid family leave, so in theory everyone should understand...yet, I still feel bad!)


                MA - I join you in the whining. You are better at keeping it under wraps! Good job on the running, despite the RLP.

                Laura - Hope you feel better soon. And hope you get in to see the MW, even if the situation isn't ideal there. I have the medium support Gabrialla. Not sure it does anything, but I wear it Smile I got the medium when I was somewhere around 4.5 months. It still seems okay.

                Schmett - do you like the Neti Pot? THinking of giving it a try.

                YJPM - Looking forward to bodily fluid updates! Smile

                Monk - interesting about the DTap. Will have to ask about that. Re: weight, 6 more over the next 6 weeks sounds doable!


                Okay, back to work.


                  MA - 6hrs to go...at home at least, enjoy a relaxing weekend!


                  LauraG - I hate auto answering machines too, that seems so impersonal, esp for someone in the midwife business! I'm sure you'll be able to get back to your normal exercise routine, just build slowly into it once you are feeling better. Fingers crossed the flu disappears quickly!


                  Scmett - good luck in your 5km on Sunday, I hope you enjoy it walk or run (oh and this was the one with the pancakes at the end?? - enjoy those!)


                  YJPM - Oooo girl, sounds like you might be getting into the real thing - yay! See, from "closed up" to almost in labor in 36hrs, you can never tell....good luck, sounds like this will be your weekend anyway! And I hope the government guy comes through with the  $$ somehow...great, now I'll be in suspense all weekend waiting to find out how things went for you...Wink  Sending you good vibes from the west coast....



                  PGR - 38w4d. Not much to report, should get my GBS results back late today...


                  ER - My "full-leaded" mocha (first in 9mths) on the way to work yesterday helped me have a really great elliptical workout; today is a swim and water run...


                  NPGR - Anyone else watch the Lance Armstrong interview? Whilst it was what i expected it was still very disappointing to see just how far arrogance can take a person. I've admired LA for a long time, even after all this his athletic and mental strength I consider on a different level to many others...but...what a shame and a lonnng fall from grace. probably much needed for his character though, at the end of it perhaps he'll be a little more humble.


                  NPGR2 - Well, really it's PGR. I decided yesterday was my last day at work; with my erratic sleeping and getting fairly close to "due" and the  weather so nice that work is quite busy, it seems a little silly to keep going in. I mean, i love it when it's busy but I can't afford to "miss" something because of preggo brain and it does cause a certain amount of "gut-clenching" when things are close. It's going to take a while to realise I'm off for such a long time!  Now to get working on producing that baby....


                    Monk - I believe there are a number of positions to focus on the get LO to correct position. A doula I know suggested raising your hips and feet up on a couch, back on the (padded) floor, put a wrapped icepack at the top of the stomach where the head is, and a warm pack at the base of your stomach....theory has it the LO does not like cold so will turn towards the warm? I suspect LauraG has some ideas! Enjoy your babymoon and shopping Sunday!



                    Liz - Kind of amusing what your field of study is when you are sick like you say Smile I hope your cold clears out and you have a great babymoon also!


                      Ozzy - will be thinking of you today and hoping the GBS test come back as desired!


                      I forgot, I had a question for others: have you heard of going on an anti-colic diet after baby is born (if planning on bfing)? I got some info in an email from my mws about this. It involves cutting out a lot of raw fruits and veggies, dairy, and a few other things. It sounds kind of like it would suck to me, but on the other hand...would hate to have a colicky baby and regret not following it. Just curious what you all thing.


                        YJPM - Sounds like you're getting close! Hope either the workout or labor is progressing well for you. Smile Either way, movement/light exercise will help.


                        Monk - Check out the spinning babies site for breech positioning. I did pelvic tilts and lifts, you can scrub your floor on hands and knees Wink, chiro can help. I'm sure P will be a good boy and flip. Enjoy your babymoon this weekend!


                        Liz - Hope you feel better soon. I do like the Neti pot, it's one of the things (besides showering) that makes me feel human again. I took a claritin last night and it did zero for me, so it seems natural methods are working best right now.

                        Also about the colicky baby diet - I would not worry so much about cutting foods out willy nilly just yet. Dairy is probably the most typical reaction, if your child is going to react to something, though there is a list of Top 8 allergens including soy, gluten, etc. that are more common, and then down the line your child could be allergic to other random foods, but that is usually revealed when you start feeding your baby solid food. I ate dairy and gluten throughout my pregnancy not realizing I was allergic to it, but it wasn't til DS was a few weeks old and I'd had pizza, a cheeseburger and something else I'm sure dairy related in the span of 2 days and he was SO fussy. You'll know your child. Also you'll know through diaper rashes, uncontrollable crying, squirming, reflux. We got allergy tested and since I've cut out dairy (and then later gluten but DS seems to handle it ok) DS has been fine.


                        Ozzy - Hope you get negative results today! I only read about the LA interview, and saw a tiny clip but from all reports he is not a nice man to know or be around apparently. Kind of think his wife and Sheryl Crow got out while they could, if all these character interviews about him are to be believed. I've only followed his story on a peripheral level, so I'm not all that hip on all the players involved. Enjoy your mat leave, though sometimes women go on their mat leave to have their baby that night Wink so hopefully you get a few days to yourself!


                          MA - I feel bad - you have been dealing with that belly burning for so long - what a pain, literally Smile


                          Laura G - Ugh on not getting to a real person - I find that so irritating, too.  Glad your illness isn't wiping you out too bad.


                          Schmett- good luck with the 5k Sunday!  Glad you're feeling better.


                          yjpm - Oh, sounds like LO's arrival is close!  Keep us posted!


                          monk - Interesting about the dTap booster- I'll have to ask the doc about that.  I have the program through my insurance too where the nurse calls, but I haven't found it very helpful so far, especially when I already have dr. appts every two weeks.


                          Liz - Hope you feel better! Gee, we have a lot of sickies right now - boo.


                          Ozzy - Sounds like it was a good decision to be done at work - enjoy your time off before baby!


                          PGR: 22w3d. Nothing new to report aside from the fact that my belly seems to be growing like mad - so strange.  My one pair of maternity jeans I currently own suck.  I'm still on the hunt for an alternative - I ordered one from another site, but their sizes are all off so they are too small, and i have to exchange them.  Ugh, I hate exchanging online shopping stuff.


                          ER:  Maybe a walk before bball practice? I also signed up for a pregnancy yoga class that starts next week.  Looking forward to it. I've never done organized yoga before, just a video a few times at home, and I'm sure it won't be too strenuous anyway, but it will be nice to meet some other moms-to-be, too.


                          NPGR: I feel like poo today - I think it's from fatigue - DH and I stayed up too late, just dinking around.  He hasn't been home much this week and will be gone tonight, so I think we both wanted some time together. But today I have a headache and feel all nauseous.  Yuck.  Bball practice tonight, tournament tomorrow, and hopefully more work on the babies' room/organizing on Sunday.


                            Monk: To help get baby into position, my doula suggests things like going on your hands and knees (and hey - might as well do some back kicks while you're there, if you're anything like me), sitting on a birthing/exercise ball and making sure that when you sit anywhere, you try to keep you knees lower than your pelvis. Have a wonderful babymoon this weekend!


                            Liz: Oh dear, I hope you feel better soon! You're right to rest Smile Bodily fluid update below...


                            Ozzy: Thanks! Happy last day of work yesterday! I didn't watch the Lance Armstrong interview but I've been reading the articles from people who have been affected by his consistent lies. So much money was funnelled to him and his team - I await the lawsuits!


                            TNesq: Hope you enjoy your prenatal yoga! Good luck with your new maternity jeans!




                            BODILY FLUID UPDATE (*ticker news sounds**) Spoke with my doula and she thinks I'm in pre-term labour. She says it sounds like a water break, and yeah, it can be a slow trickle without seeing a mucous plug. It could also be the baby moving lower and the mucous is pushing its way out. She thinks, though, that because I'm having cramping, there's a good chance it's the water. My prenatal massage therapist just made some room in her schedule for me to come in. She's also a doula and does acupuncture, so she may help the process. Again, I'm so happy this is covered under DH's health plan. Phew.

                            MA runner girl

                              Delurk - YJPM - You are 2 days from your due date... can it technically be preterm labor?? GOOD LUCK!

                              PRs: 5k - 21:23, half marathon - 1:39:43, marathon - 4:01:15


                                Chiming in on anti-colic diet - I wouldn't prematurely cut out anything.  I read tons about the "right" foods to eat while BFing.  I didn't have caffeine, or dairy or anything with too much sugar or anything that was sour, and a whole slew of other foods...and ultimately I think in trying to eat the "right" foods I ended up not eating enough foods to support a good milk supply.  Also the theory the BF burns so many calories and will use up the baby weight you gained, so I started eating mostly healthy salads, healthy fats, lots of spinach, restricted meat, etc. thinking my body would just burn the baby weight.  Doesn't really work that way.


                                What I'll take from that experience next time around is eat whatever I want for the first month, see if I get different result in BFing success/production, etc.  THEN see if I want to consider any diet changes.  If you baby is colicky then you'll know and can change your diet and likely see results with your baby within a few days, but based on my own personal experience, I wouldn't preemptively do any anti-colic or pro BF diet like the websites make sound like the be-all, end-all to BF nutrition.