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Cupcake Connoisseur

    Totally cool.

    April 28 - Toledo, OH - 26.2

    November 16 - Richmond, VA - 26.2


    Cupcake Connoisseur

      Rest day for me!


      I will call clearing the snow off my car strength training - haha. Slept so good last night, I did not want to get up this morning!


      Snow will be gone by this afternoon. We didn't even get down to freezing last night so the roads were perfectly fine. Took Ruger to daycare since he has been cooped up in the house for 2 days Smile


      Early bedtime tonight for LR tomorrow. I think I am going to play it safe and KT tape that darn PF. I just don't want it to get any worse.



      Kilmisters – If I worked out as much as you do..(floorball, running etc) I would eat an entire large pizza as well. Smile


      Diane – Hmm okay. I will try and add those stretches in my daily routine. Stupid calves! I think Susan is on vacation seeing her DF!


      Karen – I have always been curious about the virtual races! I think some even include mailing a medal Smile Long run in Portland..yes!! It will be fun to explore Smile Did you decide to visit your parents sooner rather than later?


      Docket – Nice miles last night. Weird about your thumb! OH yes..I bet you have a lot on your mind which is contributing to the sleep issues. Ugh.


      Laura – Nice miles as usual Smile I agree – I don’t think I would mind having someone to run with a few days out of the week. Even on a long run would be nice. BUT a lot of the time its kinda my “me” time. I get my best thinking time in during run time!


      Run4kupcakes – It should melt today! Glad you didn’t get the full amount they predicted! Nice workout yesterday.


      Lisa – You have really been keeping up with the yoga lately! Have you noticed any difference in running/recovery since doing that?? How are your ribs feeling?


      Hi Tessa!! Your DD is moving this weekend right? Is she ready??



      I am ready for the weekend!!!


      Have a great day everyone!

      April 28 - Toledo, OH - 26.2

      November 16 - Richmond, VA - 26.2


        Saturday's forecast: Mostly sunny, with a high near 59. North wind around 15 mph, with gusts as high as 30 mph.  Not what I was hoping for. I weigh so little that 30 mph gusts are dangerous.  There will be no shorts and tank tops for me...lol.  The morning low will be 49.  Always an adventure.  Good thing these are training runs for the 50 miler. 


        Lizzie, if you can find a place with yoga or if you are good with using a DVD I'd recommend it.  As I've gotten older I've found it to be really helpful.  Ah yes I remember now.  Susan took some time off to visit with DF.


        Karen when I first started I did a lot of virtual races, they sent medals and everything.  I sent in my Garmin miles.  I felt really silly at first getting out there and they helped motivate me.


        Damaris since I quit using benedryl on a regular basis it helps me sleep when I get anxious.  Mine's not bad and its caused by the Graves so when I start feeling it I have to work on my breathing and keep my stress down.  You've had a lot to deal with lately.


        Tessa, Margaret be safe, those storms look wicked bad.  All that rain on deforested fire ravaged land is not good.  I saw there were evacuations already.


        Lake McMurty Virtual 25k - Apr 6

        Heartland 50k - Apr 27-Cancelled my entry

        Possums Revenge 56k May 25

        Lhotse 24 Hour Aug 30


        Mighty Mouse

          Wednesday was SDO. I had some things to do, a new recipe to try, visited with DC.
          Today I’ll have to run and work out inside, not really sure what yet. It's supposed to warm up soon. Tomorrow classes start again. Yoga, etc. 
          Safe and happy runs, All! 


          Bad Ass

            Morning!  I have 10 and Pilates tonight.  Will try to start the 10 on the TM later today since I'm WFH, but for now, I have a 4 hour hearing coming up, sigh.  And a big hearing tomorrow.  Gah, I want it to be Friday!


            Liz, enjoy the rest day!


            Diane, I am not on any medications at this time, which have helped me sleep better, that's for sure.  I like the forecast except for that wind, ugh!  Good luck!


            Judy, hoping you get something done outside but if not, have fun indoors!



            It's always hot in Miami


              Tessa – I saw that you guys are getting some rain!  Hopefully it’s not too much and has a chance to really soak in.


              Lisa – you posted about your speed yoga the other day – now that is something I could possibly get into.  I do like this fitness yoga class as it incorporates weights.  I just don’t make it a priority when I’d rather run since it’s only oferred once a week.


              HCK – glad most of the snow missed you!  You sure got a lot of fitness in on your day off – woohoo!


              Laura – chilly and dry here, too.  Though a storm is brewin’  Winter storm watch tomorrow night into Saturday.  Fingers crossed it stays West of where I am.  I’ve had ENOUGH.  Enough, I say haha


              Damaris – so sorry about the sleep issues and anxiety.  No doubt, though, with all you’ve had going on!  Hang in there, girlie.  Good luck with your hearing.


              Diane – yep, foam roller IS painful haha.  Two more days for you!  Woohoo!  What’s the latest weather report?  Edit: temp looks great!  Is it still a crosswind?


              Karen – exciting about Portland!  I love love LOVE checking out new cities.  And what better way to do it than on foot!!  I hope you have a great weekend and meet lots of cool new people!!


              Elina – 6am work start yesterday to deliver a training to the overnight guy.  Nice run home!  I like how you can make that work.  LOL no shame at all on the pizza delivery.  I’ll admit to ordering from the Chinese place that is just over a mile away – doh!


              Lizzie – it’s HARD to study for certs, imo.  Nice job digging into it!    I saw your snow – yuck haha.  We have some coming tomorrow night into Saturday though I’m REALLY hoping most of it stays West of me.  Too funny about you smelling the booze on the Uber dropoffs.  They must have had a fantastic evening!  Glad you had a nice sleep!  You don’t park in a garage?  Nice that it’s still above freezing so you should have no issues for long run.  How far you going?  I am SO ready for the weekend.  But, I guess that is every week!


              Cathy – hello hello!


              Judy – ooooh, what was this new recipe?  Yeah for DC returning.


              5 hilly mils with the fasties.  I stretched and iced and foam rolled last night and leg feels much better.  I swear, too, I have better running form when running faster which helps as well.  Winter storm watch for tomorrow night into Saturday.  Yesterday they were saying over half a foot but this morning they are now waffling and that it might stay a bit West.  I suuuuuure hope so!  But, to be safe, I think I’m going to run my 12 tomorrow morning.  Yep, just call me Lizzie!  Though I will NOT be getting up when the clock starts with a 3 LOL  Chiro after work and then home to relax.  Oh – so my sister was nipped by her dog late last week (dog is old and was startled).  Her finger got infected and it was so sore on Sunday she went to Urgent Care.  UC sent her immediately to the ER and she ended up having emergency surgery to cut out the infection!  It is soooooooooooo nasty looking.  It’s her right hand, too.  We are almost to the weekend, folks.  Have a good day!!

              Glass City 1/2 Marathon 4/28/2019


                Haven't posted in a few days, but trying to keep up.


                Sandy.....ouch about your sister's finger, good thing she had it checked out.  We missed out on the latest snowstorm, maybe you will also.  Still darn cold though.  Good luck with the 12 miler tomorrow.


                Lizzie...sorry PF is bothering you again, using KT sounds like a good idea.  Saw you were getting snow, thankfully it won't stick around.  Enjoy the rest day.


                Judy...do you think it will ever warm up around here?


                Diane...not bad forecast minus the darn wind.  It will be great if it is ever at your back!


                Damaris.....almost the weekend!


                worked out with different trainer yesterday morning and it was good, 3 TM miles this morning, couldn't face the dark and cold again.  Day off tomorrow as I work Saturday.





                6/8 Hatfield/McCoy Half, 8/18 lake Erie Shores and Islands Half, 9/21 Mighty Niagara Half Lewiston, NY, 10/7 Cleveland Rock & Roll Half 10/6 or Detroit Free Press 10/20, A Christmas Story 5 or 10K Cleveland 12/7, Santa Hustle Half Cedar Point 12/15


                  Not sure Ginny on the direction of the wind just yet but it is what it is and nothing I can do about it lol.  Nice workout.


                  Oh no Sandy, hope your sister is doing better.  Animal bites can be bad.  Cats are the worst.


                  Today I'm bouncing all over the place I'm so rested.  Saturday should be interesting.  I'm also fighting with Garmin support about my FR 235 with the battery issue and the replacement that's not here yet.  I'm almost ready to say F U Garmin and order a Suunto instead.


                  Lake McMurty Virtual 25k - Apr 6

                  Heartland 50k - Apr 27-Cancelled my entry

                  Possums Revenge 56k May 25

                  Lhotse 24 Hour Aug 30


                  WINE o'clock somewhere!

                    Lizzie, enjoy your rest day!!  Do you have fun plans for the weekend??


                    Diane, sorry about the watch.  Too bad Garmin wasn't helpful.  I hope you like your new one when you get it.  Exciting for Saturday, Wheeee.


                    Judy, what new recipe?


                    Damaris, FOUR hour hearing, crazy.  Good luck with your run.


                    Sandy, ouch about your sister's finger, sounds painful.  Glad she got it checked when she did.  Nice speedy/hilly 5.


                    Ginny, glad the other trainer was good.


                    Today I actually got my lazy booty off of the couch and got 5 miles in.  Yes ladies, 5.  They were decent too.  Felt good to be out there.  Well, it feels good now sitting on the couch.


                    My plants all look pretty darned good.  Well, the herbs at least.  I ended up at Home Depot 3 times yesterday for the buggers.  I forgot to buy thyme so I had to go back.  Got some cherry tomatoes too.  There were little ones already on the vine and I couldn't say no.


                    Not much else.  Life is life, work is work.  Same old same old...



                    Bandera - Next year...  :(

                    ???Tinajas???  March 2nd - TX

                    ???Hells Hills or Brazos Bend??? April 6th - TX

                    Trail Race Half April 27th - MI

                    Glass City Full (or Half) April 28th - OH

                    Possums Revenge 56K May 25th - TX

                    Javelina Jundred 100K Oct 26th - AZ


                    Running with the Turtles

                      Thursday already?  This week actually is going kind of fast!  I was called by work at 5:30 yesterday morning and had to rush into the office, worked on the call most of the morning and then had 2 conference calls in the afternoon.  At least the day went fast!  Foot is feeling good, I did upper body strength.  Looks like the snow is out of the forecast for this weekend, so that is a plus for our 5K on Sunday!  It should be in the 30's and clear, can't complain about that.    The next race will be a 5K while we are in Vegas, that will be a big change in weather!  Similar to a few years ago in spring when I ran a 5K here, then went to Florida and ran a half marathon the next weekend.


                      Lizzie, glad you got a good night's sleep!  Good luck on the long run!  Hope the PF holds off.  Sounds like you are doing what you can to fend it off though!   I'm glad you like the tank.  If it were me, I would be looking forward to weather when I could wear it, I know you are the opposite.    Right now the only thing I have scheduled is the 14 miler in August.  Which I will probably just do as a training run.  Wouldn't want to accidentally get a half marathon PR while doing it.    Right now I am considering a half marathon in November.  It's the Tyranena Beer Run, which is one I always wanted to do.  Assuming things go well!  DD signed up to do the 5K trail series, so I may do some of those races also.


                      Diane, that will be some wind!  Will you have any shelter such as trees on the course?  Or is it out in the open?  Trail runs in the wind are generally a lot better than road races.  Sorry about the Garmin issues!


                      Sandy, aww, sorry about your sister!  Ouch!   I hope it heals quickly.  Good luck on your 12 tomorrow morning!  Glad you are seeing some improvement in the VB.    Yes, Mr. Math is my fast co-worker!  It's funny, he used to do a 5K walk with his family every year, never thought to run it.  Until I started running, then apparently he realized that anyone can do it.  


                      Damaris, sorry about the anxiety issues.  Certainly understandable.


                      Karen, the workout looks good!  Sorry about the lack of answers about your dad.


                      Elina, sounds like lots of fun at work.  


                      Kat, I will be going to Las Vegas/Grand Canyon/Zion for vacation.  I'm sure someone will ask me about it again.     Oh, just saw that you posted!  Nice 5!





                        Tubular? That's an expression I haven't heard in a while (except when referring to goods produced by steel mills).


                        Liz, I'm sure Ruger is glad to go to daycare! Do they have an indoor play area for the dogs?


                        Snow on your car? No garage or carport?


                        DD left this morning with DS. They are driving to Eureka today, Portland tomorrow, Spokane Saturday. Rain will be chasing them all the way up. Margaret, I told them to wave as they drove by your 'hood!


                        Diane, you are one of the two on here I would worry about with 30mph gusts. The other is Judy. (Well...maybe Cathy, especially with her DD. Kids are lighter.) Good luck with the race, hope the weather is not too bad.


                        No evacuations right here but again so glad we regraded the yard so water flows around the house and down the driveway, rather than pooling around the house and needing to be pumped out. This had been an issue since we moved in.


                        Judy, what was the new recipe?


                        Damaris, hope the hearing goes OK. I'm also WFH due to the storm. And wanting to see DD and DS off. They left early but not as early as I normally leave.


                        Sandy, you're right, the best way to see a city is on foot! Whether it's a race or a long run.


                        Sorry about your sister, hope the infection has been caught in time to save the hand. She's right handed, right? I know the dog didn't mean it but still that is not good.


                        Ginny, glad you are liking the different trainer. I have been having second thoughts about dark cold rainy morning runs too. So has RN.


                        Kat, yay for 5 miles! My thyme is already in and growing happily. The basil wasn't sure about the frost but seems to have survived. Sage is soldiering on but then sage is tough and likes our weather.


                        Cathy, planning the races for the year? Does DD now have all the pieces of the big medal?


                        5.4 this morning. I may do some more once I'm off -- if I'm off -- worked 2 hours before going for a run at 6. I have a crisis going on with an Australian branch of a Texas client, insurer is in London, trying to get this in order given the different time zones is a challenge!


                          Lizzie, LR on Friday? Why? Also, won't you be in eat-all-the-things mode at work? How you manage to not fall asleep there after evening runs is beyond me.


                          Kat, great job getting out there!


                          Cathy, I would actually enjoy a snowy 5k Smile


                          Sandy, running home is awesome except the outwear management part, dragging the running/office layers between the places Big grin For sake of curiosity - what's the minimal order for delivery from Chinese place? Btw, you mentioned fasties reminded me of the shirt I saw online - /I am not slow. The people around me are all Kenyans/ Smile Wow, hoping your sister's finger heals well!


                          Karen, this is the first time I hear about the concept of virtual races. Not a fan of it for many reasons.


                          Damaris, any past injury affecting the tendon? That sounds tricky.


                          Back to work stuff.

                          In my defence, ''2019 marathon sounds fun'' was a hangover-Elina idea. 


                          My running form could be described as “drunk woman slowly being chased by no one”


                          ''Who needs quads anyway!?'' (c) Damaris

                          Bad Ass

                            No idea about a prior injury on this tendon but I assume I hurt it at some point, sigh.


                            I guess my anxiety comes more from my "mentor" (now coworker).  While I was working from home, he took over a bunch of my cases, called people behind my back, made decisions and basically told me what to do. No one asked him and, I know he does not do it on purpose, he just can't help himself, but it's been a PITA and if he had not gone on vacation, I probably would have yelled at him.  He needs to chill the fuck out already. Nothing he did was urgent, nor did we need him to butt in. I was working from home, not absent.  I already scolded a bunch of big firm attorneys for getting him involved (they do because they know if they cry to him he will do what they want vs I won't).


                            Anyway, before he left for Nicaragua, he said, don't embarrass me on Friday.  I am still super livid at that, especially since I'm arguing something that I am good at but at the same time it will be hard to win it so now I'm worrying about this stupid hearing tomorrow and if I lose I know he will "blame" me.  All for something that's none of his fucking business.


                            And I guess this is why I have not slept well.  Someone calling you 10 times a day even while you're out on vacation takes a toll on you.  Glad he is on vacation because I was this close to telling him to fuck off.


                            I can't wait until my boss comes in, I'll talk his ear out with my complaints.  LOL.


                            #rantover  Thanks for letting me vent.  I've been too busy to write this but wanted to explain a bit further.



                            It's always hot in Miami

                              Back from mini vacay!  DF had a 3 day port call in Galveston, so I drove over to hang out with him.  Had a great time, about 7-8 hour drive, depending on traffic. I have done 0 exercise since last Saturday. Well, we did walk a lot but IDK if that counts. This morning the alarm went off and I went back to sleep. May try to go for a quick run after work.


                              Sandy--ouch for your sister!


                              Damaris--good luck tomorrow!! You got this!


                              Cupcake Connoisseur

                                Is it time to go yet? Its almost my bedtime Wink



                                Diane – You are going to great this weekend. I am excited for you!!! Oh no on the Garmin!!Dom you have something for Saturday, or no? Taper madness must be hitting you Smile


                                Judy – What was this new recipe?! I have a lot of ripe bananas and I am trying to figure out what to do with them. I will make some banana bread..but I wanted to try something different.


                                Docket – Ew, you are having a busy week! Good luck on the 10. Oh Damaris…so sorry about what you are going through at work. Completely understand where your anxiety is coming from now. You are going to do great tomorrow!! Really!! You are already confident about winning – you WILL winSmile Can you go off on him when he gets back?! Haha. Something at least should be said to your boss for sure! Hang in there!! I think your run tonight is going to be awesome Wink


                                Sandy – Nice miles this morning and woohoo on the stretching and foam rolling. Foam rolling sucks..gotta pat yourself on the back everytime you do it. LOL. You are pulling a Lizzie tomorrow?! I am so proud. LOL. Oh come on, you don’t want to get up at 3am?! Haha Smile OMG on your sister!!! Wow! Good thing she went in to Urgent Care, can you imagine if she had waited?! She might have lost a finger. Hope she feels better. I hope your snow stays minimal! We are expected to get a few inches here (that’s what she said). HCBF parks in the garage. I figure – its his house…LOL. He has a work car so his personal car stays in the garage most of the time. Sometimes I will move cars around just in case someone is watching the place. Haha. I also didn’t drive my car yesterday. I took his SUV..so the car just sat there gathering snow all day yesterday. On the schedule I have 13-14. Probably 14. I need to repeat that over and over so I don’t try and do more. I am aiming for a slow build up of +2 each week for the LR’s.


                                Ginny – How are you liking the new trainer? Nice workout yesterday and today!


                                Kathryn – WOOHOO for the 5 miles! And it felt good! Yay! Awesome about your plants..I can never keep those darn things alive. Plans for the weekend..hmm..I have a hair apt then lunch with my parents since I will be in the area. Then having lunch with my BF on Sunday. A lot of eating Smile


                                Cathy – Oh wow, long day yesterday! Awesome that the snow won’t impact the last 5K! I can’t believe it’s the last one already. I didn’t realize you were running a 5K in Vegas Smile That will be fun. Holy sweat fest haha. You guys are going to have a blast. Is DD running the Vegas 5K too? Didn’t you do a trail series?  I vaguely remember. The Tyranena Beer Run looks fun! I was trying to pull up the route map but stupid work computer blocks anything fun. I am not going to assume things will go well as far as your foot – I am going to confidently believe they ARE going to go will Smile Don't worry - that new tank will get some gym use until its warm enough outside. UGH not looking forward to that..AT ALL. 


                                Tessa – Nice run this morning! Hopefully you have time for another one. Sounds like your day is challenging. How exciting for DD! Was she really excited??


                                Kilmisters – I always do my long runs Friday! Or to anyway. I usually have stuff going on on the weekends so its just easier to get it done and over with. Who says I don’t take a nap at work? Smile


                                Glad you had a great time, Susan! You deserved it!



                                I have a call at 3:30 to 4:30. Who does that? Texans. Texans do that with their damn central time (sorry Karen and Kathryn Smile ). I will take the second half from home. I need to go get my Ruger buddy at 4!


                                Have a great night all!

                                April 28 - Toledo, OH - 26.2

                                November 16 - Richmond, VA - 26.2