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    Morning Supermoms~


    Busy day yesterday as I worked 6-1, then spent all afternoon outside with R. It was so nice and sunny out! Working again today, and it's another full schedule, hopefully I'll be able to get back for personals later.


    RR: 5+ easy miles today- whatever I can squeeze in on my break. ran 7 yesterday with 5 @ GMP and felt strong, inspite of the seemingly constant headwind.


    TR: spent all afternoon outside at the park, playing in the dirt, walking the dog and he almost fell asleep playing in the living room right after dinner. He's cutting more teeth, but other than chewing on his fingers alot seems ok!


    NRR: DH's aunts are coming to visit this weekend. Both are widowed and neither had any kids, so they love to travel and visit. SHould be a fun time!


    Have a great day everyone!

     5K: 19:15       Half: 1:29:35       Marathon: 3:13:08



    beskirted & manicured

      RR - wore my worn out shoes yesterday and my entire body ACHES.  Those shoes are being retired.  2x1 mile cruise intervals, 1 mile wu and cd, 4 miles total, on the TM.  I remember reading somewhere that in taper you cut the mileage but still should keep up the intensity; this week had nothing but easy runs and the not-really LR, so I decided to throw this in.


      TR - pees on the potty but keeps wrecking pjs at night.  Last night he drank a ton of milk just before bedtime, he didn't pee on the potty...uggggh, not so good!


      FR - the tuesday usual.



      rg - DH keeps nagging at me to take B outside, but sometimes I am so tired after my morning run that I am not motivated to do anything.  Hopefully I can manage it today.

      5K - 24:10 | 8K - 40:41  | 10K - 51:40.6 | HM - 1:51:10 | 30K - 2:44:54 | Marathon - 3:59:26


      running eh

        RR - hopefully something today, but not sure it will fit in the schedule.  been in a bit of a running funk since working nights on the weekend made me very tired!


        NRR - leaving for Alabama on Friday to visit SIL and BIL - so excited!


        FR - breakfast for dinner


        KR - DD2 was so tired at dinner last nigth she fell asleep at the table - this meant she woke up at 11 for a while and then was up for the day before 6.


        rg - loving the great weather too!  Do DH's aunts stay with you when they visit?  Great job on the run yesterday!  Are you feeling confident for the marathon?


        zorbs - is B still wearing diapers at night?  I bought DD2 the overnight dipes, but she still wet through by this morning.


          zorbs- do you put pull-ups on B at bedtime? when i taper, i keep the quality/intensity in my runs and just decrease quantity/volume. keeps my legs feeling fresh, and not like i'm just slogging along running easy miles. what's cruise pace for you, tempo? I take R outside every day unless the weather is just awful. even in the winter i try to get him out for 15-20 minutes, he's so much happier if he can run around. yesterday we were out for ~3hrs nonstop! it was great!


          r-eh: hope you can fit a run in today! wow, Alabama is quite a trip for you- is the whole family going? i'd be exhausted working nights, too- i give you major props for working those hours. yikes on DD falling asleep at dinner, and the wake-up at 11! i'd be sending DH in to entertain R at that point, as it's way past my bedtime! DH's aunts will stay with us, they only stay one night, so it's a short visit, but they're easy houseguests.

           5K: 19:15       Half: 1:29:35       Marathon: 3:13:08





            RR-  just over 5 miles.. boring run... I went up and down the same strip of road about a dozen times... some crazy dog almost gave me a heart attack when it started barking at me...


            BR - two new bottom teeth coming through, but it's not the molars.... was a total walking machine yesterday, outside and inside.  She was super excited to see the neighbours cat, who unfortunately isn't very friendly.  DH said, Of course she likes animals, she's only seen humans up until now... hmmm good point..


            NRR - DH's cousin is visiting from out of town and there's a family dinner tonight at DH's sister's house... the same sister I had de-friend from FB last week.   I can't think of a good excuse to not go, but I told DH we're taking separate cars so I can leave early with C ... I really don't want C to be around his sister.


            rg - we finally have some nice weather here and trips to the park are definitely in store!   i just hope C doesn't get bored going to the same park..


            zorbs - are you running MIssissauga?  I had thought about doing the half this year.    It's the race I ran my marathon PR a few years ago...


            eh - hope you get a run in today...  must be hard to find the energy/time to run when you have to work so much..


              RR - Recovery run of 5-8k, yoga


              TR - Had barely eaten for the past two days because of teething and then, yesterday at the community centre, she bolted over to the snack table and started shoveling pieces of pineapple into her mouth. Maybe next time she's crying in the middle of the night with sore gums, I should forgo the Tylenol and just feed her some pineapple!


              FR - Red curry pork and veggies on noodles. I have a recipe for Thai style pork soup, but I'm modifying it and serving it on noodles because DH hates soup (weirdo!).


              NRR - My favourite pair of light blue jeans are full of holes. Sad Time for a shopping trip, I guess!




              rg - You are nailing your MP runs!  I'll bet R slept well last night after getting so tired out from all that fresh air.


              zorbs - I find it easier to take care of S outside than inside. I've been getting lots of yardwork done while she keeps herself entertained running around outside, but when we're inside, she needs more attention. I went back and read the personals you posted late yesterday afternoon and lmao at your comment to spike.


              eh - Running after working nights would be tough! If you run when you get off work in the morning, do you find it hard to get to sleep afterwards? Alabama sounds fun! How long are you going for?

              5k - 20:46          10k - 41:27         10 mile - 1:15:32          Half marathon - 1:39:15      


                RR:  As many miles as I can fit in after surgery today, probably 4-7.


                TR:  Is such a funny boy when I drop him at daycare after a long weekend. He is so sad but finds comfort in hiding in his cubby.  When I leave he is just sitting in his cubby crying.  Breaks this mama’s heart.


                NRR:  It snowed again all day yesterday and during the night.  I have to be in surgery at 6:30am.  Daycare has a 2 hour delay but luckily my mom is taking H to school.  Hoping it isn’t too long of a day.



                Here are some personals from yesterday and today...


                zorbs:  Old shoes are the worst.  Good to know about keeping the intensity.  I have a killer speed workout tomorrow and was thinking, isn't this my taper??


                cx2:  Scary about the dog!  Hope dinner tonight is uneventful and SIL doesn't say anything stupid.


                RG:  H is the exact same way.  If he could be outside all day everyday, he would.  Yesterday he got home from daycare and insisted in going outside even though it was cold and snowing.  Sounds like your training has been going so awesome.  You are going to kill this fm!


                Mrszm:  Bummer about the shorts!  Did the other ones feel too tight or did you just not like the way they looked?  Will you return them?  I just got my lulu shorts in the mail today and I had ordered a teal color.  Well they came and are definitely not teal…more of a light green.  But they are still pretty.  So cute about DD and the bus.  I hope her friend got a good seat!  As for the letters, yep he can write back as long as he has time!


                Arm: W e always seem to double post and I miss you in personals.  Glad to hear your spring cleaning is going so well.  I love decluttering!


                Bermy:  How did bermy2 do yesterday??  How often will she come?  I bet that is so nice for you to have a little break.  I have never actually followed a HM plan so I don’t have one.  I am taking recommendations though!  Are you getting so excited for your race?  Did you settle on a pace yet?


                Spike:  Great job on the mileage and the ST!  I had a really great goal of doing an ST session last week but it never happened…  Great idea on the daily emails.  Writing letters takes so much time.  When he went to ranger school, I wrote him a letter every single day (for 4 months).  But I am not sure I could do that now…  Are you looking for a training plan for a HM or FM?


                Mer:  Ahh so exciting.  Do you have any feelings about the gender?  Or was it you that they guessed girl at the 1st tri US?


                Ernie:  I would totally be ok with a break in mileage, especially if I could run a HM as fast as you!!


                CA:  Oh I am very much human.  I probably don’t ever get sore because I don’t push myself enough.  Now if I were to ST, I would probably be sore for a month…  I do need to start though so I can get awesome legs like you by summer time!

                5k - 21:32  FM - 3:27:40


                  rg - You definitely have been busy.  Glad you had a good run and felt strong yesterday.  J has been chewing on his fingers a ton lately too but his doctor said he has all his teeth except his 2 year molars so maybe he is starting to cut those.  Glad you had R had fun playing outside.  It was so beautiful here yesterday!  How nice about DH's aunts...hope they are good company.


                  zorbs - Ugh to the old shoes and the achy body...not fun.  I usually throw my shoes out once they are worn so I don't mistakenly wear them again.  Sounds like you had a good and intense run yesterday.  I hope you can get outside with B today especially if the weather is nice.  Sorry about him wrecking his PJs at nightSad


                  Eh - Yay for a trip to Alabama...have you started packing yet?  I hope you have a great time.  Ahhh...to DD2 falling asleep at dinner...J has done that 2x...so cute but not cute when they wake up early.  I hope you can find some time to run and get your motivation back.  Maybe your trip will help!


                  CTimes - I hate dogs when I am running...especially if it is dark.  I got bit by a dog once on a run.  Yesterday a lady had a dog on a lease but kept extending the leash and 2 times I passed this lady and she didn't notice me...Huh?  So her dog was chasing me and I had to dodge it.  I wanted to smack that lady!  UGH to dinner with SIL...good luck with that.  I hope it goes smoothly despite everything.  You are smart to take separate cars.


                  ernie - Glad S got her appetite back...did she cut the teeth yet?  Have a good recovery run today.  Your FR sounds delicious...why doesn't DH like soup though?  Boo to the holey jeans but a shopping trip sounds fun.


                  stroller - Wow...what a early morning and long day for you.  I hope surgery goes well.  You guys are getting so much snow...that is not typical this time of the year is it?  Do you have snow on the ground or does it melt quickly.  Glad your mom can help out and bring H to daycare.  So sad about H sitting his cubby crying...that makes me want to cry.  He just misses his mama after spending lots of time with her on the weekend.  I am sure he warms up and has fun playing with other kids though.


                  RR - 5 miles yesterday and it was GORGEOUS!  It felt so good to be out there.  I don't think I stunk too bad for conferences...I took a sponge bath and changed all my clothes, sprayed some body spray and put deodorant on againSmile  I think I am going to take a RD today as it is supposed to be pouring rain this afternoon.


                  TR - MIL picked him up from daycare last night and then took him shopping.  DH called her at 5:45 to see if J had eaten and they were still shopping.  She fed him a little after 6 and he didn't go to bed until 7:30.  However, the bugger was still up for the day at 5:30 on his own.  He did not make a peep all night though so that was nice.


                  NRR - Conferences were slow last night.  I only had 7 parents in 2.5 hours.  BORING.  By the time I got home and got stuff ready for the day I didn't get to sleep until after 10 and I am exhausted today.  Had to stop at McDs for some coffee.  I think I am going to take J for a haircut afterwork...his hair grows so fast and it looks bad right now.


                    Stroller - I just sent you a fb message with the half plan I used.

                    5k - 20:46          10k - 41:27         10 mile - 1:15:32          Half marathon - 1:39:15      


                      QUESTION - I know I have asked this before...but before I purchase I want to make sure...is the Ergo worth the money?  Is there a model that is better than another?  Will it work for an infant with the insert?  I read some reviews that the insert wasn't great and some babies slipped out of it.





                        RR:  Not sure.  Depends on the weather.  If it is just drizzling, I will run, if not it will be a RD and I will run tomorrow.  Had to tie my jacket around my waist yesterday...made for an interesting last mile, since my waist doesn't exist right now!


                        TR:  MIL said he was "emotional" yesterday.  At least she loves him enough that she will want him back.  Not sure what his deal is.  Was awake before 5:30 fussing on and off until I got him up at 6:30 which lead to a huge meltdown because I leave for work at 6:35.  See your child and cause a meltdown, or not?!


                        NRR:  Had a rough day emotionally yesterday.  (Maybe J and I are on the same cycle.)  I felt very inadequate and unappreciated in many areas.  We have PD this afternoon and I have to give three one-hour presentations that I am not quite ready for.  Frustrating, but my own fault.


                        FR:  Read Jen's post about coffee before I left this morning, so I stopped and ordered a hot coffee.  Then I saw an iced coffee sitting there wishing I had that one.

                        Upcoming Races: 

                        Gazelle Girl 1/2 Marathon 4/13 - 1:48:46



                          rr: 3m last night. srd today.


                          rr2: ran in the smaller size of the speed shorts last night and they felt great! friend wore her new inspire crops and loved them.


                          br: holds his finger up to his lips and says "shhhhh."  cutest thing ever.


                          tr: dd2 has a new love for our dog. if she is playing in a room she will call him in there so he can lay by her.


                          nrr: headed to a friend's today to pick out fabric for some skirts she is making for dd2. also going to pick out fabric for some homemade sweaty bands. i have a real one and she wants me to see if hers are as good.


                          fr: stromboli.


                          beskirted & manicured

                            eh - we've been noticing that the pull-up night diapers leak a lot more than the normal night diapers.


                            rg - my cruise intervals were at approximately 10K race pace.


                            cx2 - ugh on the dinner. Maybe have a shut down phrase ready to repeat over and over again, like, "I'm sorry, this topic is not up for discussion." repeat ad nauseam and if it continues then leave.


                            ernie - my DH hates soup too, it's not enough of a meal for him. cx2 can attest to this, Chinese people eat soup either as a 1st course, or at my house as a 2nd course AFTER the main, but DH can't seem to stay focused long enough at the dinner table for 2 courses. Unless it's dessert. My favourite jeans are Brody from bootlegger, the only location used to be at UCM, but now a location has opened at my local mall! Brody are sexy looking, but not pube-exposing low rise.


                            stroller - I think the plan that I adapted my current marathon plan had the 10x800 in the first taper week. I switched it over to peak week because I do not want to be doing that kind of workout during taper.


                            jen - I can tell which pairs are new/old and I wear my old ones to the gym until I get a new pair, then the oldest pair gets recycled. Ergo: I asked for and got one at my shower but didn't use it much.  I found it much easier to use the stroller and DH refused to use it at all.


                            mer - DH swears B is equally bad at bedtime when I am at work than when I'm home..but that's not the gut feeling I get.


                            mrszm - I would love a homemade sweaty band!

                            5K - 24:10 | 8K - 40:41  | 10K - 51:40.6 | HM - 1:51:10 | 30K - 2:44:54 | Marathon - 3:59:26



                              rg: how fun about the aunts coming to visit. will you and dh sneak away for a little bit since you'll have some built in babysitters?


                              zorbs: that is funny you mentioned that about taper because dh and I had a conversation about taper last night. he hasn't been running all that much but we have our relay race this weekend. he went ball's out in his run last night and I was worried he was going to hurt him. he's like, 'that's what taper is for, to go super hard for less miles." which then brought me back to my swimming days and how we all looked forward to taper because it meant less yardage, but super hard intensity. man, I hate when he is right. I will try the homemade sweaty bands and if they are just as good as genuine ones, send some your way!


                              eh: Alabama?! how fun! do they have kids too?


                              cx2: I got chased by a dog on my run the other day. it was a scary looking dog who had broken off his metal tie out. um, yah, scary.


                              ernie: good luck finding jeans! I gave up looking thinking now it's almost shorts weather so I won't need them for awhile.


                              strollermama: as for the shorts, I liked how the 4s felt but they definitely hug the waistline more than the 6s. but the 6s looked so baggy that I can't seem to get over that, but the waistline isn't as snug. but in all honesty, I will probably keep both pair because it doesn't really pay to drive to return them since it's pretty out of my way.


                              jen: glad you got outside for a run before conferences! sounds like my nights of conferences when I was a teacher. too funny about your mil taking out shopping. did she buy him anything? seriously, you should just borrow my ergo and if you like buy one. we aren't using it any time soon.


                              mer: do you guys plan on finding a daycare for j to go to or are just going to stick with mil? ugh to the presentations at work today. I ran in shorts and a t-shirt at 6:30 last night; it felt so good!

                                RR: going to get some miles in somehow someway today. Keep carry my running clothes around just waiting for the chance to go


                                NRR: dropped the dog off at a mobile spay-neuter clinic for her procedure.  Feels kinds sketchy paying in cash and leaving her in an RV parked in a not so nice part of town, but I'm sure she'll be fine.


                                Zorbs: Do you think B would/could get up to go potty if he had a nightlight in the bathroom?

                                eh: I could eat breakfast for every meal of the day! 

                                Ctimes2: why would you choose such a boring run? or was the point to have a boring run?

                                Ernie: for yoga do you go to a class? have a dvd?