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      Hi everyone-


      From yesterday:


      Canada - crazy Texas weather. Hope your tummy continues to feel okay.


      MA - hope you had another good night's sleep. I'm getting sick of my mat clothes already. I did get a couple more things at a consignment shop on the weekend, so that helps... but still feels like a lot of the same, especially for work.


      TN - way to win the shopping olympics! Cloth diapering sounds good to be in theory, but I just don't think I'll be able to handle it...still need to think on it a bit more though.


      Schmett - what's the pinterest workout??


      Sasha - sounds like the u/s was great. Glad the mw reassured you re: the BH.


      Ozzy - I think it's amazing that you've kept up the 3k swims this long. 2.5k is still awesome.


      Dr T - glad you are starting to get energy back. It feels like such a relief when the fatigue lifts for a while.


      YJPM - glad the ultrasound went well. Always fun! I don't think I'll get anymore unless there is some issue (which obviously I hope there won't be), but would be nice to see LO again.


      Mann - how was your U/S? Did you find out the sex!? Hope all is well.



      Laura- nice job on the windy run!


      Swim - glad to hear you are doing well! And that your husband is being supportive. Congrats on getting back to working out so quickly, even if it's a little at a time.




      RR - ran to bootcamp + bootcamp this AM. It was good except for a little bit of pelvic pain. But nothing too intense. Tomorrow hope to run before our afternoon flight to CA.


      PGR - 25wk6days. 26 tomorrow! Have been feeling crappy about how I look, but DH was really nice this AM, telling me how beautiful he thinks I look pregnant. Well, I know he's a bit biased and the fact that i've got his kid in here skews his judgment, but I'll take it.


      Also, I said in an email to my sister (the one who is now 7 wks pregnant) yesterday that I can't believe I'm going to continue to get bigger for 3 months and she was like, "well maybe you won't." I said, "yes, I will...the baby still has a lot of growing to do." And she said, "Can't the baby get bigger without you getting bigger?" Seriously?? I feel like she hasn't thought too much about this pregnancy thing. She's in for a rude awakening!


      NPGR - Yesterday at a work event some guy asked me if I was in my first job after college. Yeah...10 years ago! I'm 31. I thought sporting the pregnant belly would age me a bit, but I guess not. I know, I know, I should enjoy it, but it sometimes feels like it's hard to be taken seriously!


      Okay, last day of work for 11 days. Hooray.


        Morning all! Looks like we made it!


        RR - Didn't end up doing the Pinterest workout (I had to laugh at the sitting and clicking comment) but instead I was able to get away to the gym. I braved our barely snowing conditions for 1.5 on the treadmill and some arm machines. I also found my compression socks and put them on later that night and they seemed to help.


        PGR - Chiro today! Sciatic nerve has been acting up the last few days, so it'll be nice to get fixed up again.


        NPGR - We were supposed to get walloped by Winter Storm Draco (stupidest thing ever, naming winter storms) and they should've renamed it Winter Dud. Maybe WI got the totals predicted of them, but our 1-3 inches turned out to be maybe .25. And I'm being generous. The best news is that one of the 2 fugitives has been caught (and not in my town, hooray). Hoping the other one gets caught soon!


        Liz - The pinterest workout I use every now and again is 3 reps of 10 pushups, 20 situps, 25 squats, 20 lunges - 10 a side, 80 jumping jacks, and a 60 second wall sit. I modify the moves (like sit ups, since that can aggravate diastasis recti) and the amounts if I'm not feeling like 80 jumping jacks. But combined with hand weights for arm moves, it's a decent alternative to Jillian.


          Liz: Haha, maybe your sis was trying to be nice, however if she thinks she's staying small she will be dissapointed ! have a great last day! I love the last day before Christmas holidays, usually no working and lots of food! 


          Schmet: Yeah, that clicking comment cracked me up too, I get a good pinterest workout every day ! Canadians are laughing a lot over the US naming the storms....  but we keep it to ourselves. 


          ER: going to do my hardcore 3k walk in a bit... it's below freezing now, but up to 18 today ( 70 I think) which is amazing since it's -26 at home. 


          PR: Lots of poking. I think he got some nails down there OUCH! AND this is nasty, but I think I have a hemmroid or something. I hear they come during pregnancy, but go away shortly after. I am so grossed out but will ask when I get home about my new lump down there.. eek. Nice reading over breakfast for y'all! 


          Still don't know what to suggest for th fam in march, maybe wait and see if we can handle guests is what I should say. My hubby is goign to be doing an experiment he thinks (so not home a lot) which might play a role as well. He is pretty stressed today as he has to have a paper in today ( finally) hopefully he gets it submitted and can enjoy the next few days of holiday! 


          Have a good one! 

          MA runner girl

            RR: 3 or 4 miles after work today.


            PGR: 26w5d. Had a terrible time falling asleep last night, just couldn't get comfy!


            NPGR: Finished up my cookies last night finally. Today I'm working at home for a few hours before a meeting with my insurance agent. Then heading into the office for about an hour before our Christmas lunch! Can't wait for a yummy free meal out! Tonight we have NO plans and I plan on just relaxing. The weekend is going to be insane. We have family parties from Sat - Tues! I'm very happy for 4 days off though.


            Liz - DH's comment is so sweet! HA too funny about your sister, she's silly if she thinks that!! I feel the same way though, I'm uncomfortable now, I can't imagine how I'll feel in a month, or 2, or 3!


            schmetterling - That happens around here all the time: they say there is a huuuge storm coming and we get a dusting. So annoying because everyone freaks out for nothing! Nice workout yesterday!

            PRs: 5k - 21:22, half marathon - 1:39:43, marathon - 3:37:16

            MA runner girl

              Canada - Ouch, I can imagine if he's growing nails those kicks will hurt!! Boo to the hemeroid, hope it clears up soon. Good luck to DH finishing up his paper.

              PRs: 5k - 21:22, half marathon - 1:39:43, marathon - 3:37:16


                Good morning! I heard they got almost 20 inches of snow at home. Our drive yesterday was hard at times BC of the wind, which is still gusting but not as bad as yesterday. Today we're going to get A's hair cut... she desperately needs it because her hair is curly and get frizzy but I don't want to get it all cut off since its so pretty when its clean and brushed! Just not often its clean and brushed. Anyway, she's sleeping in this morning, wish I could say the same for myself! Have a great day everyone!

                  Good morning!


                  Liz - Enjoy your last day of work. Your sister's comment is funny - but she'll work it out for herself soon enough Smile  I'm sure you don't look crappy AT ALL. I mean you are actually out there being active, doing toning/strength exercises, your body is just doing a little extra for baby as well. 


                  Schmett - I was laughing at the Pinterest workout too; i think that is what my workmate has been doing throughout her pregnancy Smile ha.  (okay, rude, she actually looks good for the little activity she has done). Glad they got one crim, and...I think I'd be disappointed about Storm Dud too; i mean if they are going to forewarn these things it gives an element of anticipation so when they are wrong...well, too me it feels like you've planned your day around poor horrible weather that didn't happen...


                  CJazz - enjoy your walk; I've been wondering a bit about what hemmorroids are/ what they feel like, just more because, uh, despite my reasonably green diet, #2s just aren't well, as easy to get out (ha ha, there's some more tmi for breakfast!) 


                  MA - i look forward to seeing some pics of those cookies before they are all consumed haSmile  Great job, now you can relax! Enjoy your free meal tonight - and 4 days off .


                  Monk - Glad to hear all the travelling has gone well so far!




                  PGR - 34w4d.  Last night LO was kicking up a storm; it almost felt like it was pulling a "Beetlejuice" headspinning moment after we had a spicy dinner at our neighbours (LO is head down and....well, it felt crazy weird down there!).


                  ER - I think I'll try and get outside for a long walk regardless of the weather, even if I have to pull on my rainboots...back to the pool for a swim/water run tomorrow.


                  NPGR - Our neighbours were so happy to hear we wouldn't be moving! We were over there til a record-breaking  (for me) 11pm; she made a delicious quinoa/chicken/bamboo shoot curry. If LO starts enjoying baking too long I might get the recipe from her Wink  Day off today, we are going into town to look at carpets (our other bedrooms definitely need carpets replaced as the last owner treated them horribly), then I may psyche myself up to go to the mall and get my iPhone hooked up (no luck yesterday as I ran into sim card issues)...


                  Have a great weekend everyone!

                  Laura G in Idaho

                    Liz - Thanks for the pat on the back.  I don't know your sister, but I hope she's not the type who won't eat so as to limit her weight gain.  The last 3  months of pregnancy most moms put on 1 lb per week and I usually go from looking full-term to beached whale.  ha ha!


                    ER - plan to walk 30 minutes and do some strength training today.


                    PGR - 22 weeks today.  I don't get u/s unless medically indicated, and don't even use the doppler to listen to baby's heart rate because it uses u/s technology.  So, I haven't heard my baby's heartbeat yet, but I know baby's in there and doing well because I can feel him/her moving all the time.  I might be able to listen with a fetoscope soon (it's a specially designed stethoscope for listening to baby's heart).  Usually, I don't attempt to listen until 24 weeks, but I might be pleasantly surprised if I try now.  I have a really nice Leff Fetoscope which filters out external noises.  Maybe I'll give it a try today.


                    NPGR - tomorrow is my oldest son's 17th birthday.  His friend-girl is throwing a surprise party for him.  It's been my job to figure out how to discourage him from planning something else, "friend" all his friends on FB so that they could be invited to the party (he was pretty upset thinking I was spying on him, and I just had to let him think so), and go with me on "errands" that day so that I can bring him to the surprise party.  I'll be glad when this party is over, so he'll stop being angry with me for spying, lol!


                      PG: U/S was great!  LO didn’t want to move but the tech was great and we found out the sex.  I made DH promise not to tell anyone so I guess that goes for me too.  I ordered cupcakes with blue/pink sprinkles with a surprise center inside for the gender reveal on Christmas.  We got to see the heart beating, spine, and limbs.  It’s crazy that it’s all so distinguishable.  


                      RR: yesterday's 3 mile run felt so much better than my attempt on Tues.  It would be nice to go to the gym after work for a short elliptical ride but I'll probably end up skipping it. 


                      NPGR: four day weekend!!! I wanted to go to the movies this weekend but I didnt realize Les Mis comes out christmas day.  I thought it came out today.


                      Liz: yay for 11 days off. 


                      Schm: hope your Sciatic nerve gets better with your chiro visit


                      Canada: yikes!  I've been warned by my girlfriends that it happens.  try witchhazel pads.


                      MA: sorry you couldn’t get comfy.  I had a hard time sleeping too but it was because my dog was snoring super loud! 


                      Monk: stay safe on the road sounds scary


                      Ozzy: You'll love your Iphone but get a good sturdy case.  I'm hoping to get my phone fixed this weekend.  Still working with a shattered screen.  


                      Laura: good luck with the surprise party


                        late  post from me -


                        Liz - I'm a bit indecisive on the cloth as well, and DH being very anti-cloth makes me wonder how much I should pursue it...but with two in diapers, it seems so economical... and I already feel big at 18 weeks, so I think your sister might be in for a wake-up call - I was surprised with how strange it is for my body to grow this way - it really weirds me out.


                        schmett - Ugh, I didn't know they named winter storms - that's silly.  I always feel like the winter storms with the biggest build-up and doom-and-gloom always seem to be the ones that fizzle out fastest...I need to try out that pinterest workout - seems easy enough to follow.


                        Canada - 70s sounds nice!  Ouch on the sharp poking!


                        MA - Enjoy your night of relaxing - sounds like you'll need it to gear up for the whirlwind of parties!


                        Monk - I'm glad you missed the 20 inches of snow!  Enjoy your holidays!


                        Ozzy - I had to laugh at the Beetlejuice comment - hard to imagine what LO could be up to! On iphone cases - I have a griffin case that is a hard shell on the back and a rim of hard shell around the screen in the front - I have dropped my phone about 6 times since i got this case, and it has some dents/nicks in the corners of the case, but it shields the screen enough that the screen is still fine, so that might be an option if the otterbox is too bulky. 


                        Laura - Good luck with the surprise party!  I'm impressed you've been able to get by with all of that sneakiness! I'm sure your son will appreciate the efforts.


                        Mann - Yay for a great u/s! Can't wait to hear what you're having (eventually Smile) and how the gender reveal goes. I can't wait to see Les Mis.


                        PGR: 18w3d. Dr. appt today, pretty uneventful, which I like! I also like the dr. scale I seem to weigh less on it than my scale at home. Up 12 lbs so far, and I'm measuring about 22 weeks - which is right on for twins.

                        RR: played some shooting games with the girls last night - probably nothing today. 


                        NRR: DH is really sick with a resipratory something - so I'm trying to be a caring wife while keeping my distance Smile  It seems to be the same thing that my step-niece had when we were at their house for my nephew's dedication, and it has worked its way through about 6 family members now, and I haven't caught it, so knock on wood, hopefully I'm in the clear.  Planning on wrapping gifts tonight and doing some major cleaning Saturday/Sunday, maybe with some cookie baking thrown in.  Looking forward to 4 days off!