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Free Pancakes TUESDAY! (DAILIES) (Read 19 times)


Cupcake Connoisseur

    IHop is having free pancakes today!!! Wish I could go and eat all of them.




    April 28 - Toledo, OH - 26.2

    November 16 - Richmond, VA - 26.2


    Cupcake Connoisseur

      6.2 speed work miles for me. I did 25 sec progression then 1 min rest.


      Thats a wrap on the speedwork. Easy miles the next two days! Run was okay but I felt a shin splint..hmm. Taper niggles hopefully. My next two runs are short and I am considering doing them on the treadmill so I don't try to sneak miles in outside (I have been known to do that). Smile I try to keep week before race miles around 20.


      Oh, I was also back in pants and gloves today. Mother nature what is wrong with you!!! Speaking of mother nature..I got a nice surprise this morning. Sarcasm. I was wondering why I have been peeing so much! For some reason I always pee a lot the day I get it. Weird. Hopefully its barely there by Sunday.


      I am not looking forward to going in today. Mammel is back..if I even try to explain what he did to me yesterday..you guys would have told me to walk out. Seriously. He wasn't even there and he still was a passive aggressive micromanaging prick. I can't take it!!!! AHHH.


      What is with all this extra time I have?!



      Sandy - You have been to AUS? That is on my bucket list! Though they have really big spiders there Smile And Great Wall?! Holy crap!!! How was that? I am glad you are working from home and having a sushi date! That sounds fun Smile LOL at your buzzed grocery trip. My cart would be filled with brownie mix and ice cream if I did that Smile Congrats on the great review and bonus! Bummer on the raise..but congrats mainly because he didn’t say no to AZ!!! That is awesome Smile I really hope things stay the way they are there so you are able to do that. HOW EXCITING!!! Thanks for reminding me - my car needs an oil change too. HOPE YOU HAVE A GREAT DAY BIRTHDAY GIRL!!! Smile


      Margaret - I have that problem when I WFH sometimes. Or the couch is just calling me…Have you done much cross country skiing?! That looks hard! Glad the hunger struggle is real with tapering. I am only hungry for sweet or greasy things of course. Trying to tame the taper monster.


      Karen - Nice easy 6! What kind of mileage do you typically do during taper week? I always think I do too much…but when I look back at previous training cycles I always do around 20.


      Laura - nice miles and I am glad to hear that you are going to keep Zoey!!! YAY!! Smile How did you get GS cookies in December?! We watched TWD last night!! I didn’t finish the entire episode because I fell asleep so I still have the last 30 minutes to watch. I am getting annoyed about the same story line!!! I know there is a death (it was all over FB)..but man..change it up! How is work going?? Any news on a new hire??


      Kathryn - I am surprised your phone took pictures that awesome!! I was for sure you were using your new camera. You bought 10 boxes of tagalongs?! LOL!!!! They freeze well Smile Glad to hear you are recovering well!! Hope you got home safely!!


      Diana - Oh no!!! Hope its not the flu! FEEL BETTER!



      Okay. I have to get Ruger to daycare. He has been a little shit the past two days. He needs to burn off some energy!


      Happy Tuesday!

      April 28 - Toledo, OH - 26.2

      November 16 - Richmond, VA - 26.2


      Cupcake Connoisseur

        Damaris, I meant to ask you how everything went yesterday???

        April 28 - Toledo, OH - 26.2

        November 16 - Richmond, VA - 26.2


        Mighty Mouse

          Monday DC and I went to the gym. I had a decent 50 minute run.

          Today I plan to run outside and get some errands done afterward. I've been working on some minor redecorating and purging/organizing of my books. A good bag of them can be donated to the library for them to sell. I’m also redecorating my yoga/meditation area.

          Safe and happy runs, All! 



            Hello hello!  A pretty good Tuesday so far over here.  Some drama with the gym girls so I shut my phone off last night.  Don't make me pick sides - just call me Switzerland!  Instead I did 9mi solo for my twentyNINEth year.  Oh wait, maybe that's the 20th Anniversary of 29.  Same diff.  Mid 20s for temps felt chilly with the damp fog and some slippery spots but overall not bad.  Had an SUV swerve toward me for some reason.  I jumped in the snow bank and swore at him giving him the double middle finger through my mittens so super effective haha. VB practice last night - the meltdown girl from last week apologized saying "I don't know why I did that".  I didn't feel like telling her "hormones" haha - figured that was her mom's job.  Then a different 12yr old told me she could tell I wasn't a parent because I wasn't nurturing.  Mmmmmmmmmmmmmokay.  LOL.  Two games tonight.  I'm anticipating a serve miss serve miss serve miss kinda thing.  Thank goodness for rally scoring!  Looking forward to sushi lunch with my seestor!


            Gatsby - LOL on the vintage souvenir - I love it!  Haha on "pretending" to work.  I may do that on occasion.  Hey, I'm online and available so that's working, right?  Oh wow, cool about Aukland, Phillipines and Cape Town!  I was only in Wellington for 4 days for work.  Never been to the Phillipines but would love to go.  Did Peace Corps in Malawi and also have been to Cairo for work so no huge desire to see any other parts of Africa.  Though I've considered climbing Kili from time to time...


            Karen - a productive Monday for you! How are you feeling about this weekend?  Have you decided if you will race or not or will it be a game day decision?  I have the Today Show on in the background and they just named their new service puppy, Sunny.  He looks like a baby Riley!!


            Laura - oh yeahhhhhhhhh on the new puppy!  I love that name!  My sister has a German Short-hair named Zoey.  And I had to laugh at your description of how the two are getting along.  My sister also has a mini dachshund and Mocha (who was 7 at the time) was just down right annoyed with Zoey for the first oh, about 9 mo or so haha.  They eventually became pals! I was doing the penguin walk across the icy bridge this morning and thought of you!


            Kat - glad you had such an awesome weekend!  You are a great traveler - wish we could have spent more time together in DC.  Glad you aren't too too sore.  Do you get another day of rest of back to the grind today?  Your pictures are seriously beautiful!  That's incredible you got those with your phone.  I would consider printing a couple of them even they are soooo pretty.  LOL on all the Tagalongs - you go girl!!


            Diana - oh no!  Feel better!  Glad it waited until AFTER your race but rest up and get better!!


            HCK - good job with the strength training.  Oh oh, old injury popping up?  Ice ice baby!!


            Lizzie - awwww thanks!  Just letting this one slide on by.  Although, those with the most birthdays live the longest, right?  Haha.  Nice miles!!  I was thinking about you on my run this morning and wondering when Mammel was back.  Hmmm maybe you can kick him in the knee.  The bad one.  Hee hee.  Oh, I guess that would be mean.  I am furious at him with you just writing that little bit.  Passive aggressive is bad enough.  Throw in micro-management and HELLZZZ no.  Time to get out!  Good news is coming your way I can just feel it!!  Yeah I had a really awesome job for a few years and traveled a LOT.  Got to see a whole bunch of the world.  Too bad the project ended cuz that was a pretty fun gig.  Aus is pretty awesome.  I would move there if I could.


            Damaris - thinking of you and DH!


            Judy - good luck with the redecorating and purging.  Fun to change things up for spring!


            Okay, I best do some work.  My phone is blowing up so I'd much rather reply to texts all day but alas, they do pay me to actually work work.  Haha.  Later, peeps!!

            Glass City 1/2 Marathon 4/28/2019

              Wait, what?  Seloc’s birthday?  Have a fabulous day, you youngster!  

              3/23/19 Knickerbocker Canyon 35k, CA

              3/30/19 Red Dragon 55k, CA

              4/20/19 Napa Valley 50k, CA

              4/27/19 The Trail HM, MI

              4/28/19 Glass City Marathon, OH

              6/22/19 Mt. Shasta 50k, CA

              7/20/19 Tahoe Rim Trail 50, NV

              9/6/19 Hallucination 100, MI


              Running with the Turtles

                Happy Birthday, Sandy!  Happy Pancake Day too.    It's supposed to be 56 and sunny today, it will be tempting not to run.  Maybe a little jogging when we go to walk the dogs?    My foot feels pretty good, but I will rest it a little longer.  I put on something other than boots and my parka this morning, which was awesome.


                Lizzie, happy last day of speedwork!    Ha, you will use the TM so you don't run extra?  Good plan.  Sorry about Mammel.  Nothing new I guess.  I have heard about all the animals that can kill you in AUS.     DH proposed to me on the Great Wall.  I couldn't imagine running on it.  I would fall.  Haha, fast co-worker ran his 8.4K race in 40:21, a 7:42 pace.  Not as fast as he wanted.  He did a time trial the weekend before and knew he wasn't as fit as he could be.  I don't know, sounds pretty good to me.    Then he went out yesterday afternoon and ran 7.13 miles in 55:14, a 7:45 pace.


                Sandy, happy birthday again!    You're older than me, haha.  Scary about the close call with the SUV.  I hear about drivers doing that to runners, I have not experienced that myself.  Generally people are super nice when driving while I am running.  Lots of drama from the VB players?  That is surprising.     Did you tell her that you're coaching, not nurturing?     We seem to be in a good spot here, they get a lot more snow just south of us and in the Chicago area.  At least it's been that way the last few years!   Congrats on the good review!   And not getting shot down about AZ! 


                Diana, oh no, hope you are feeling better!  You need to get well by the weekend!


                Kat, thank you for your support of the Girl Scouts.    If it makes you feel any better, DH bought about 15 boxes of cookies.  I am sure he will buy more.  


                Laura, aww, nice that you will keep the puppy!  Not really a surprise.     Still a little ice this morning but it should be all gone this afternoon!  Yay!


                Tessa, big congrats to DD!


                Happy Tuesday, all!





                  Happy birthday Sandy! What, 29 again?


                  The main reason for wearing gloves on a run -- so you can make finger gestures at stupid motorists.


                  Damaris, hope all is going well with DH.


                  Liz, freeze Girl Scout cookies? They last that long?


                  On the IHOP promotion and similar promotions, I always feel sorry for the employees. They're run off their feet by people looking for free food and people don't tip based on the price they would have paid.


                  Judy, good luck with the sorting.


                  Karen, race day decision?


                  Laura, congratulations on the new pupster!


                  Diana, hope you feel better.


                  No run today, it was raining and today is the day I have to leave before 5 in order to beat most of the traffic. I have a lunch date but brought my gym stuff anyway just in case it is cancelled. Class tonight. I will try and get a short run in tomorrow morning. I printed the Long Play course map and it looks like it will be interesting, basically a big loop with projections so there's one out and back. And looked up race results, while they say there's an 8 hour time limit they have results well past 9 hours, occasionally 10 something, so it looks like they record times past the official cutoff. Phew.


                  Also I think I'm getting a cold, dammit. Now is not the week!



                    Cathy, cross posted. Yes, lots of scary dangerous critters in Australia. I think they have a marathon along the Great Wall, don't they? Are some parts wider than others?


                    Good point. Sandy, tell the kid who said you weren't nurturing that you're her coach, not her mom. The world does not owe her a lifetime of coddling. Suck it up buttercup.


                    Running with the Turtles

                      Tessa, stay healthy!!  Yes, there are a couple marathons that are "run" on the Great Wall.  There are sections that are in better condition than others, some sections are completely closed off while others are maintained for tourists.  The section that we visited was a lot of uphill, and a lot of uneven steps.  DH was pulling me along to try to get away from the other tourists so it was quite a workout. 


                        Tessa - LOL on the "suck it up buttercup" haha  That IS kinda my mantra.  Yep, there's a Great Wall Marathon but only about 6ish (I forget now) miles are on the Wall itself.  I did it in 2005.  The part on the Wall is on a part not often seen by tourists if I recall.  Plenty of stairs and one section we had to use a rope.  The rest is through village and some road.  It was not fast!  They said to add 90-120min to your typical marathon time.  That was spot on for me at the time - I think I finished in just over 6 hours.  Don't blame ya on not getting up in time to get some miles in before a 5am departure - whew, that's early!  Looks like it's taper time for you anyway!  Cold cold stay AWAY.


                        Cathy - thank you!  Yup, a whole 5 days older so you respect your elders now, ya hear?  Ha ha.  Yeah, that's the first time a car has ever purposely come towards me while running.  That's what it seemed, anyway.  I guess they coulda been on their cell phone - too dark to see.  I just wish I would have reached out and pounded on the side of the vehicle - scare THEM haha  Oh MAN do I want your weather!!  I bet it smells like spring.  Yes, pretty sure that smell is wet grass but I LOVE it!  Awwww that's cute that DH proposed on the Great Wall!!  Tell us more about that trip!


                        Gatsby - haha, thanks!  Not feeling so super young but, hey.  Those with the most birthdays live the longest!!  

                        Glass City 1/2 Marathon 4/28/2019


                        WINE o'clock somewhere!

                          Happy Happy Sandy.  Enjoy your day.



                          Bandera - Next year...  :(

                          ???Tinajas???  March 2nd - TX

                          ???Hells Hills or Brazos Bend??? April 6th - TX

                          Trail Race Half April 27th - MI

                          Glass City Full (or Half) April 28th - OH

                          Possums Revenge 56K May 25th - TX

                          Javelina Jundred 100K Oct 26th - AZ


                            Happy birthday Sandy.


                            Good luck today Damaris to DH.  Thinking of you all today.


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                            Lake McMurty Virtual 25k - Apr 6

                            Heartland 50k - Apr 27

                            Possums Revenge 56k May 25

                            Lhotse 24 Hour Aug 30


                              Happy Birthday Sandy......hope you have a sunny day!


                              Damaris....thoughts to you and your husband , hoping for good results .


                              Kat...the pictures you have posted are gorgeous and no way would I have been able to do what you did!


                              Lizzie...you just can't taper much can you????  You are going to do stupendous !


                              Cathy...supposed to be in the fifties here today too, hope you got out in it.  Sorry about the darn foot.


                              Had a Dr's appointment this morning and then got my hair trimmed and colored, have to get to work soon.  Ran 3 miles this morning and felt really good!  It was great to be outside.


                              Hi to all





                              6/8 Hatfield/McCoy Half, 8/18 lake Erie Shores and Islands Half, 9/21 Mighty Niagara Half Lewiston, NY, 10/7 Cleveland Rock & Roll Half 10/6 or Detroit Free Press 10/20, A Christmas Story 5 or 10K Cleveland 12/7, Santa Hustle Half Cedar Point 12/15

                                HI from freezing California! I'm in Long beach for a class. Tessa--I am SWAMPED!!! I didn't even try to reach out to see you this trip.


                                Damaris--hope all goes well w DH!!  Sending positive thoughts and prayers.


                                Sandy--Happy birthday!!! Go eat some of those pancakes


                                Diana--don't get sick!!!


                                Hoping to run after class today. Not sure if it will be outside or on the tm