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Bad Ass

    Afternoon!  Quick post to say Richard came out of surgery an hour ago and everything went well.


    Happy Birthday, Sandy!!!



    It's always hot in Miami

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      Good news Damaris! Glad things went well for hubby.


      Happy Birthday Sandy!!


      Liz, I normally run 20-25 miles the week of the race. This week I plan on 6, 7 with 2 at marathon pace, rest, 5, 4, race. Except for the 7 and the race, all easy. 20 is a lot for someone that peaked at 40 miles per week, but totally reasonable and normal for someone that peaked at 60 miles per week.


      Cathy, proposal on/at the Great Wall - go DH! I have a friend that ran the marathon, I think it's her slowest. But she says an amazing experience.


      Ginny, hooray for an outside run!


      Hi to all!


      I ran 7 with 2 at marathon pace today. It was 71, dew point 69, and really windy so I wasn't expecting much. To my surprise, I ran the 2 at 8:44 and 8:45. I still doubt I have the endurance to keep a decent pace the entire marathon after being sick and undertrained for 3-4 weeks, but today at least was a confidence builder. The race start is forecast to be 51 with a dew point of 44, so maybe I can run a decent race. I guess we'll find out Saturday..


      DH is at the office today and has to go out to dinner with his boss tonight (she's in town, so they all have to go). Cereal for dinner! So far today I've slept in, goofed off and gone running. I guess I should go accomplish something.

      Coaching testimonial: "Not saying my workout was hard but KAREN IS EVIL."


      Upcoming races: Huntsville 10 Miler - March, Vintage Park Half, Glass City Marathon - April......decide what to do in the fall.

      Since everyone else is blogging: http://karenrunsfar.blogspot.com/


      Cupcake Connoisseur

        Slow day! I am sure the day is dragging because I am waiting for my phone to ring. Argh.


        Heading to body pump after work today. Then home for Ruger snuggles.



        Sandy – Nice 9 miles this morning!!! 9 miles on a Tuesday? HEEEYYYY. Haha Smile Honestly, I would never guess you were celebrating your 20th anniversary of being 29. Seriously! The running has kept you young!! IMO, every birthday should be celebrated because every single one is special. Smile OH MY on the SUV!! Glad you were okay! I would have responded the same way…! I had to laugh at the girl that said she could tell you weren’t a parent – not because she said it to you – but because of what she said! How rude! Good luck on the games tonight! Sorry you had drama this morning with the gym girls. The “hide alerts” option on the iphone is GREAT. Smile Don’t tempt me with the knee kick..it may happen today Smile Hope you had a great sushi lunch!


        Judy – Have a good run today and good luck on the organizing!! Redecorating is fun Smile


        Cathy – I am glad the foot is feeling better! Did you wear flats instead of boots?! I wore boots instead of flats today Smile Proposal on the Great Wall!? WOW!! That’s awesome!! Smile 7:42 pace and he wasn’t happy with it? GEEZ MUST BE NICE. Haha. 15 boxes of cookies?! LOL. For how big those spiders are in AUS, I bet they could eat a human. LOL.


        Tessa – Completely agree about the employees at Ihop. Is Long Play this weekend? You can’t get sick now!! Sad


        Ginny – WOOHOO on the outside run this morning!! I have a hard time tapering. You had a busy morning!


        Hi Susan! Hope you get some time to get a run in!


        Docket – So glad to hear that hubbies surgery went well. XOXO


        Karen – Nice run today! Your race weather sounds pretty darn good so I have confidence you will do better than you think! Is the wedding Saturday night?! At least they will have good carb foods. LOL. Your day sounds perfect Smile



        Have a good day everyone!

        April 28 - Toledo, OH - 26.2

        November 16 - Richmond, VA - 26.2


        Mighty Mouse

          Damaris, good news for you both. 


          Seloc, happy birthday! 



            Thank you for all the birthday wishes!  Turns out it's kinda fun to have a birthday even at this ripe ol' age.  Now I gotta make the most of the last year in this decade!  Eeps!


            Awwww, Lizzie, you are too kind.  Pictures can lie, ya know   And if I keep eating cookies for breakfast, that'll change quickly haha.  Yeah, that girl who said I wasn't nurturing just said it matter of fact.  I don't think she meant to be rude.  It kinda cracked me up.  Sushi was sooooo good!  And they have this "happy hour" lunch where rolls are under $4!!  Next time I'm going on a weekend so I can have a beer or glass of wine!  We got seaweed salad, fried rice, noodles, sweet potato roll, spicy salmon roll, california roll and shrimp tempura roll all for $35 and had TONS left over!  My niece came, too - it was fun.


            Karen - ewwww on that weather!  And already in Feb??  You killed the pace with those temps.  Laughing at you all excited for a cereal dinner haha.  Thanks for the wishes!


            Thanks, Damaris!  SO happy DH surgery went well.  Continued thoughts for quick healing!!


            Sue - freezing in CA?!  How is that possible??  Thanks for the wishes!!  My niece informed me that the closest IHOP is out by the Mall of America/airport which is about a 20min drive.  She's going later with friends.  I will not bother haha


            Thanks, Ginny!  It is sunny and mid-40s here!  So, not too shabby.  Just need this white stuff to melt melt melt.  I can hear it dripping and I also heard that spring bird this morning so we're getting there!  I always think "I just have to make it to my birthday..."  It can't get much worse from here on out.  HOORAY for outside miles today!  I loved your picture and am JEALOUS you don't have snow!!


            Thanks, Diane.


            Kat - thank you!  Hey, This Is Us is back on tonight!  Unfortunately, I'll have to wait to watch until tomorrow.


            So many emails,texts and even snail mail!  Plus you guys.  It's been a good day.  

            Glass City 1/2 Marathon 4/28/2019



              Susan, you brought the rain with you? No worries, I will wave in the direction of Long Beach. I'm teaching class near the airport tonight, 8 AM meeting tomorrow, work, teaching class tomorrow night, regular Thursday workday (work, gym, choir rehearsal), then flying out to Tampa on Friday morning. Saturday with NotSoFast and her DS, meet runnertype and newfie for dinner Saturday night, race all day Sunday, fly back to LA on Monday, teach class Monday night, then regular routine the rest of the week.


              Oh, and did I mention that the meeting at 8 AM tomorrow is in Phoenix?


              Good thing all the flights this week are on Southwest and I have a bunch of drink coupons. I think I shall need them.



                Diane: Hoka Clifton 3s are showing on the sale page of the Hoka website for $104. What size do you wear?



                Half Crazy K 2.0

                  4.8 sluggish miles. Just was not feeling it, the shoes I had on were annoying me, I decided I don't like them.


                  Seloc, happy birthday! Drivers are assholes. I got in a bit of a shouting match on Sunday with a jerk off who didn't take my glaring at him too kindly. I very politely (not) informed him that he had a stop sign and as a pedestrian, I technically had the right of way.


                  Docket, glad DH's surgery went well.

                  Arimathea, things could have changed in the last 25 years, but people ran me like crazy at IHOP and didn't tip well.

                  LC Runs

                    HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Sandy!!!

                      Damaris, glad that things are going okay for the hubby.


                      4.4 easy miles around the neighborhood this morning.


                      Today's crazy bird photo, stealing my ice cream:


                      4/20/19 Napa Valley 50k, CA

                      4/27/19 The Trail HM, MI

                      4/28/19 Glass City Marathon, OH

                      6/22/19 Mt. Shasta 50k, CA

                      7/20/19 Tahoe Rim Trail 50, NV

                      9/6/19 Hallucination 100, MI