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    I'm re-using an old thread title, because that's how I feel about this week!


    I'll be running my first full, the Richmond Marathon on November 16, 2013!



      RR: Three miles outside this morning. I stepped on the treadmill and couldn't bring myself to run, so I pulled on my big girl tights and ran outside in the cold (and it's silly , it's 35 degrees!). I'm glad I did, I needed some fresh air Smile


      NRR: Grant is due next Monday, so my boss and I are working on the finishing touches and last minute details. Should be a "fun" week.


      Gotta run!


      I'll be running my first full, the Richmond Marathon on November 16, 2013!


      MA runner girl



        ER: Will go for a walk today... Wish it would be normal temps in the 50s and not so cooold. Supposed to get up to mid 40s today, but windy.


        NER: Still pregnant. Bouncing on the exercise ball as I type. Last night I managed to get all the laundry done and put away. There is really not much I can do now, everything is ready except this baby. Other than that, just work.


        Sassy - Good job getting out there for your run! Good luck getting everything all set for the grant. Hope it's not too crazy.

        PRs: 5k - 21:22, half marathon - 1:39:43, marathon - 3:37:16


          Morning Ladies!


          RR: Yesterday I had a great run. Ran 2 miles to the base of the mountain, walked 1 mile up (it was so snowy and icy that it was a really good workout), walked 1 mile down (no running because of the ice and snow) and then I ran the 2 mile loop home. I plan to do the same today.


          NRR: I need to get rid of some of my clothes and clean out my closet and drawers. I think I'll start that process tonight!


          MA: come on baby!


          Sparky: I'm a baby about the cold too! even though I live in a place that is so snowy and cold! Smile Once I get out there and run, I'm fine and I LOVE running in the cold. But I struggle to motivate myself to get out there! The TM seems more appealing on cold days. But then I get to the gym and think "WHY didn't I just bundle up and run outside?"


          Lucy: You inspired me to clean my closet. However, I won't be shopping for anything new. Smile


            Morning girls!


            Sassy, good luck with your grant writing.


            Ma, I heard token cashing can speed up the process!! Lol. Keep us sted. Your FB pic was adorable!!




            TriR, ST with trainer and spinning. Gorgeous 70 degree weather today so I might also add a run outdoors!


            NtriR, not much. Living for the weekend. My dad is mailing the wedding invitations on thursday so those shall go out this weekend.i have to stop by bridal store to pick sample of wedding dress color since I decided ti get veil done instead of buying one.


            have a great day!!


              Good morning, ladies!


              RR: Got in 7. I am officially looking for a different 6 mile route. The one I did today before I got Fay is driving me crazy!!! Dead  I've simply done it too many times. ST tonight.


              NRR: Hmm. Well work is picking up, which is good. We didn't win the contract for the one project that would have had me working with that annoying girl, so that's kind of good. I'm not ready to start traveling yet, though. It'd be nice not to be gone too much this field season.



              Sassy - Good luck getting everything together for the grant.


              MA - Sending you "come on, baby!" vibes! I thought about you on my run...maybe I was getting impatient on my run for you?


              RLTW - Good idea, cleaning out the closets. I have some clothes in my chest of drawers that could probably go, too.


              Mel - Where are you getting your veil made?



              Have a great day, ladies!


                Oy... the lack of spring is really getting to us.


                RR: Yep, RR... I RAN! Sunday I ran 7 minutes in the middle of my walk. It was three months and one day after my last run. It wasn't as good as my last run in December... and that run was terrible! But you have to start somewhere. I'm hoping to try another run tomorrow. Probably no workout today.


                NRR: Well after P giving us a couple nights with four- and five-hour stretches of sleep... he was up four times over eight hours last night. He's five weeks tomorrow so I'm guessing its yet another growth spurt. I'm looking forward to the growth spurts slowing down and feedings not taking an hour and a half! Ugggh, and A hasn't been super great the last few days. I really want to go back to work to get away from my family... even P! I don't suppose I'm completely serious, but life will get back to some semblance of normal when I go back to work a week from Thursday. We're all going a bit stir crazy with cabin fever.


                Today we're taking a family road trip to the National Mississippi River Museum & Aquarium in Dubuque. I'm wondering what we were thinking but DH wants to get out of the house and so do I... I'm sure it will be fun. And it will be practice for the longer trip we're taking to my brother's college graduation in May.


                  We have to move... but I wanted to send my wishes to MA! I was thinking of you a lot each time I was up with P hoping today will be the day!


                    Hey DIVAs! Historic day in our land today! Big grin


                    RR - 3 crappy miles on the TM last night. Lack of sleep means lack of motivation!


                    DR - Skating bonanza tonight (class + practice). FOUR sleeps until Bout Day! I'm all about the weekend this week! LOL!


                    NRR - DF has to go to court today for her name change hearing, she's going back to her maiden name (finally). She had originally planned to keep her married name so she and C's name would be the same. However, her ex got remarried so she was like ummm no! LOL! We're not changing our names again, we will keep our maiden names. I have to fix yet another snafu with my divorce paperwork, I feel like this will never end - it was technically final 3 months ago (date-wise) but I can't get the final judgment without fixing this. Argh! Hopefully this is the last thing I have to do.


                    Sassy - Good luck finishing up the grant!!!

                    MA - C'monnnnn baby! Hope he arrives soon!

                    RLTW - Sounds like an awesome run, I'm so glad you're back at it!

                    Meli - I love how things are coming together for you with the wedding!

                    OWR - I'm starting to feel that way about my usual route too! After this week's long run I'm officially done with it!

                    Monk - Hang in there, hopefully things get better for you soon!


                    Have an AWESOME day! I'll be following the Human Rights Commission, C-Span, Twitter, and the Supreme Court all day. LOL!

                    San Francisco Marathon (Worth the Hurt™), June 16

                    Napa Valley Inline Marathon, July 14


                      Morning ladies!


                      RR. Running 6 with friends after work today. Rolled for a bit last night and boy, my quads/IT bands were feeling it! I guess 2500 feet of elevation gain in 18 miles will do that. I checked and Big Sur is only 1660 feet, so that's good!


                      NRR. Last night was REALLY slow at work, so I'm thinking I might drop Monday's at my new job. It's just not worth keeping a whole day open in my schedule and then driving 1 hour round trip to make hardly any money. Today, I'm at home this morning then working this afternoon. I might take L for a walk and give him a bath, if it warms up enough.

                      Humboldt Redwoods Half Marathon 10.20.2013 

                      Tiburon by the Bay Half Marathon 11.3.2013 (My Birthday!) 

                      Napa Valley Full Marathon 3.2.2013



                      Half: 1:48

                      Full: 4:34



                        Hello ladies!


                        RR: The 3 miles I never ran yesterday because my stomach hurt and I felt sick when I got home from work.


                        NRR: Yesterday ended up sucking! My stomach started hurting in the afternoon and didn't let up all night. I couldn't even eat dinner. I don't know what that was about. I was able to eat breakfast this morning so I'm hoping that's over and done with. CRF and I also had a bit of tension between us last night because his mom is being really difficult with wedding stuff. We knew she would be, but it annoys me and it's hard for me not to take it personally, then that upsets him. Blah.


                          I want to punch annoying coworker in the face today. OMG, SO ANNOYING!!!!! LEAVE ME ALONE, LADY! I've just spent all morning administering a state test to a child with autism. I am EXHAUSTED. SO mentally draining. I just want 10 minutes to myself. I just want 10 minutes to sit in peace and QUIET. WITHOUT you chewing my ear off. This is MY classroom. I NEED to be able to sit and do NOTHING. I am NOT your morning/afternoon/evening entertainment. Go back to your own room and LEAVE me alone! But I am way too nice to say anything. But OMG, she is exhausting. So absolutely exhausting. I do NOT do well with people taking over my space. UGH. My lunch time needs to be spent in QUIET!!!!! AHHHHHHHHH


                            Lucy- Sorry you had tummy issues, hope you're feeling all better. Also sorry about the tension. My MIL (as you can imagine...) was such a pill during our wedding planning, that I basically just stepped aside and let her plan it. Then I regretted it and still do. But I was 20 and didn't know how to handle it! Anyways, just wishing you luck in dealing with the situation!


                            Athena- Exciting stuff happening!!!!!! Hope you and DF can get stuff squared away with name changes/divorce papers, such frustrating stuff!


                            Monk- Sorry P isn't letting you sleep much, hope it's a phase he gets through quickly! Good luck with your road trip today! And AWESOME that you ran, that's a great start!


                            OWR- I have when routes get so old that you just can't stand running them! Time to find a new one, and then you can always go back to this one later once it doesn't feel so routine.


                            Meli- Nice job on the workouts! Enjoy the lovely weather, 70s and sun is PERFECT!


                            Sassy- That's pretty chilly, but always feels good once you get running in it! Good luck finishing up the grant.


                            MA- COME ON BABY!!! You've got a bunch of DIVA aunties waiting for you!!!


                            RLTW- GREAT JOB on the run, that sounds tough!! Hills will totally kick your butt!

                            Humboldt Redwoods Half Marathon 10.20.2013 

                            Tiburon by the Bay Half Marathon 11.3.2013 (My Birthday!) 

                            Napa Valley Full Marathon 3.2.2013



                            Half: 1:48

                            Full: 4:34



                              RLTW- Haha, you sound exactly like I used to when I worked with "The Cow" (Remember her!?) I totally feel your pain!!!!!!

                              Humboldt Redwoods Half Marathon 10.20.2013 

                              Tiburon by the Bay Half Marathon 11.3.2013 (My Birthday!) 

                              Napa Valley Full Marathon 3.2.2013



                              Half: 1:48

                              Full: 4:34



                                really late check in but AI thought I should hop in and say hi! sorry no personals...


                                NRR: crazy busy at work these days so not even time to take a break. sigh. I need a new J**. I think I'm tired. and feeling burned out.


                                RR: doing good. today was 1 mile and weights. yesterday 2 miles, sunday 8 miles and saturday 5...


                                NRR2: M's dad went through cancer surgery and has been at mayo since last thursday. heading home on thursday morning though! he gets released from the hospital tomorrow so that's awesome news!