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wickedly wonderful weekend (over 40) (Read 22 times)


    Ran 11 miles this morning and felt pretty good.  Beautiful morning!





    6/8 Hatfield/McCoy Half, 8/18 lake Erie Shores and Islands Half, 9/21 Mighty Niagara Half Lewiston, NY, 10/7 Cleveland Rock & Roll Half 10/6 or Detroit Free Press 10/20, A Christmas Story 5 or 10K Cleveland 12/7, Santa Hustle Half Cedar Point 12/15

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      I completely forgot to post yesterday! Well, I ran 6 easy after work. Well, since I get off at noon on Fridays, I ran 6 after running some errands and then lying down for "just a few minutes" and getting up after two hours! Been tired lately, so going to bed early, napping etc. Hoping that if there's any sickness in the air, the extra sleep will keep it away.


      I have 8 on the schedule for today, but I may cut it back to 6 depending on how I feel.


      Yesterday when I was supposed to be working, I signed up for Goofy for next January. Then I started looking at other races and I think I'm going to add Indy Monumental to my schedule in November. It would be a nice last long run for JFK 50, relatively cheap SW flights to Indianapolis, plenty of relatively cheap hotels close to the start/finish (or I have a friend that said I could stay with him), and an easy way to cross Indiana off the list. I've heard it's a good race.


      Ginny, I'm so glad you got a beautiful day and a good run. You deserve it after the winter weather you've had this year! You are running the Cleveland half again right?

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      LC Runs

        Happy Saturday Smile


        Finally, some gorgeous weather here.  I ran 4 miles last night and 8.1 this morning, threw in some intervals that last mile.  Soccer games for older DS and baseball practice for younger DS this afternoon so I am enjoying a quiet morning.


        Only had the older kids home last night, we watched the move "Promised Land", it's about the natural gas 'fracking' going on in the country.  Very interesting and educational, I thought they did a good job depicting both sides of the argument.  I would recommend it (they do say the 'f' word quite a bit, but nothing else is inappropriate).


        Julie - I wore Brooks Pure Flows 4mm drop all last year and I am convinced that's why I ended up with calf/knee problems.  I really liked the fit and feel but just need more support.


        Ginny - great job on the 11!


        Karen - I love naps, wish I took more of them.  I want to do Goofy someday.


        Shout outs to Crazysue, Damaris, Gatsby, Lisa, Judy, Fran, Camille, Carol, Marjorie. Anniesusan.....Smile

        Tar Heel Mom

        "When I'm 63!"

          Good morning. Ran 5.6 miles around my new neighborhood. I am less than a mile from the green way. Our place us still a mess of jnpacked boxes.

          I am currently sitting on the sidewalk outside our storage unit waiting for the Kidney Foundation truck to come pick up stuff we can't use it sell. Then we'll close this puppy down.

          Glad everyone in the Midwest is having good weather for a change.

          Take care, all.


          Run to live; live to run

            Good for you Ginny.


            I did 10.5. Took the rental back. Laundry. Pups are home groceries gotten and last load laundry in. Few things to put away yet that we brought home from Mi.  Dad has the estate people coming to give him quotes to sell all his stuff so he snowed move etc. the people that are buying the house are coming today to tag the furniture they want so dad can give them a price On those items. They lost their home in a fire so being able to have some furniture and stuff that fits those large rooms is good.


            Hi Laura.


            Karen I bet you are tired.


            Amy sounds like the move is going well.



              Hi ladies:


              I have had to face the music.  I am out of commission.  I am going to physical therapy, and I have an appointment with an orthopedic.  I have been depressed, but I think I'm coming out of the funk.  I can do weights and walk and bike, so I'm going to make the best of it.


              I hope everyone is doing well.

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              Bad Ass

                Hi, ladies!  I did 6 miles with a 5K.  I surprised myself by running fast after the ultra.  I feel that I would've PRd but for the ultra.  One of those days when the asthma is not even bothering me.


                Ginny, nice 11.


                Anonymous Guest, I've decided we are long lost sisters because we tend to do the same things (signing up for multiple marathons/ultras).  Looking forward to meeting you in Orlando.


                LC Runs, nice weather and run.


                THM, sounds like a busy day.  Nice run.


                Marjorie, great job, Super Woman!


                Linda, oh no!  Feel better soon!



                "The most powerful weapon on earth is the human soul on fire."

                It's always fucking hot in Miami!

                  Hi ladies.  Was on vacation last week in the Costa Blanca area of Spain (SE coast, between Costa del Sol and Valencia) with Dad, Aunt and a couple cousins.  Not quite my cup of tea as far as vacation destinations go (mostly touristy stuff, holiday houses and condo complexes) but this was Dad and Aunt's trip, and they needed us "younger" folks to help them get around.  Mediterranean ocean was a beautiful turquoise blue but colder than I was expecting  Had fun swapping family stories and touring around looking for historical sites.  And ate lots and lots of good food.  Very little running, some leisurely walking.   Will try to get out for a run this afternoon.


                  Haven't gone back to catch up on what everyone's been up to, so hopefully everyone's had a good week.


                  Ginny, great job on the 11.  Glad the weather is cooperating.


                  Karen, if your body is telling you it wants to rest, you might be fighting some kind of bug.  Good luck!


                  LC, glad you're getting some nice weather too.


                  Tar Heel Mom, how's the new neighborhood?


                  Marjorie, hope the wedding planning is coming along well (unless you've managed to unload that on someone else?).


                  Linda, sorry to hear you're injured.  Hoping the PT and ortho get you fixed up soon.


                  Damaris, belated congrats on your ultra!


                  Hi to everyone else and have a great weekend.


                    Linda, good luck to you!  Glad you're getting ti taken care of.


                    Tessa, hope you're having a great run.

                    Karen, I hope you love Goofy!

                    Way to go, Ginny!  Which race are you doing?

                    Laura, glad you got some great weather! Rainy and cooler here.

                    Marjorie, glad you got home OK.  Sounds like a lot of work!

                    Amy, living close to a greenway sounds wonderful! I hate the moving part though.

                    DR, impressive you ran fast after your ultra!  way to go!

                    Lisa, hope you're feeling better!

                    Tessa, thinking of you running another ultra!  wow!


                    Switched today's 15 today for tomorrow's 3 easy. I'm having an allergic reaction to something-bug bites? I can't find any bugs, but  called an exterminator who is coming Monday (time for inspection anyway)..  The first few spots  a couple night ago looked/felt like bites. Now it's  an itchy widespread rash, but the prescription steroid cream isn't taking care of it yet.  I may have to tape mittens on myself.  : )  I had a similar allergic reaction a couple years ago when I travel though Iowa and they had gnats in the farmlands. I knew I'd had lots of bites that time.

                    Anonymous Guest

                      Laura, glad you guys are finally getting good weather.


                      Amy, sounds like the new house is in a great location.


                      Marjorie, welcome home!


                      Linda, I'm sorry! That stinks. Having said that, do what you can, heal up and come back stronger than ever.


                      Damaris, I think we both have yet to find a race we don't want to do either! Wait, I found one, once. Tessa's race report last year from Mount Disappointment was I think the first time I thought to myself "I don't want to do that race". Read your RR, awesome on the 5K - especially so soon after your ultra!


                      Gatsby, welcome home! Even if it wasn't what you'd have picked, I'm sure it was nice to get away from things for awhile.


                      camille, hope the rash goes away, and soon. Frustrating!


                      Well, I ran just short of 8 miles this morning. What a beautiful day - 70 and sunny, low humidity. Spent the afternoon cleaning, then we had steaks on the grill with sweet potato fries and veggies. Yum. This was the first grilling of the year, and boy have I missed it! Now a movie (we rented "This is 40") and most likely an early night.


                      Since everyone else is blogging: http://karenrunsfar.blogspot.com/
                      Upcoming Marathons: December 2017 - Mississippi Gulf Coast Marathon, March 2018 - The Woodlands, April 2018 - Boston

                        It was downright balmy at the Tiger game today.  Yes, it was 66 but in the sun it felt hot.


                        I did go to the gym this morning and rode the bike for an hour.  Lots of walking to the ballpark and around downtown so that felt good.  Went for a walk this afternoon too. Killing me that it's so nice out and no running.  Been doing the stretches for piriformis, sciatic, SI. Still tight though when I walk with any sort of speed.




                        Fire Jumper

                          Good morning!


                          Yesterday was SRD (thankfully).  Between dancing, running, and workout with Core Meister my poor aching body was yelling at me for some recovery!  But, hey, it's all good.  In past years (or decades!) I could have never done all of those things in an 18 hour span! Smile


                          Lisa - thanks for your sharing your experience with shoes.  I went shoe shopping yesterday and find it very frustrating.  Neither the boxes nor the shoes list the heel drop dimensions.  So, Google and I got to be very good friends as I went from model to model.

                          Damaris - they were Saucony "outduel" - one of their lower priced models.  I got them because they felt so good in the store.  Ha!

                          Marjorie - Do I need to get used to a lower heel?  Or is it preference?

                          Camille - Ahhhh.... the dogwoods!  My favorite.  My forsythia are finally blooming.  It is magnificent to see all of those pretty yellow blooms.

                          Tessa - I get the "gradual" thing now.  i now know that I have to pay attention to the heel drop.  It really didn't occur to me before this incident.

                          Still a newbie!

                          Ginny - YAY on the 11 miles.  How's the winter funk now that you're back out?

                          Karen - How many states have done so far?  Hooray for the 8 - we're expecting 70's today too.  Can't wait to get out for my run!

                          LC - Yeh, I'm glad that my issue with the more minimal shoe showed up so quickly!  With leg/hip/knee things I just don't tend to spring back very quickly.  Fully recovering from my slip on the ice at New Year's Eve took about three months with my left hip.  sheseh.

                          AmyTHM - I really like your saying on your signature line.  I take my time too.  I'm a "steady as she goes" kinda girl.

                          Linda - SO sorry to hear that running is off the table for a while.  I wish you a speedy and COMPLETE recovery! Smile

                          Gatsby - welcome back!  I was surprised by how chilly the Mediterranean was too.  I kind of expected it to be "tropical" based on the temps I experienced in Greece and Turkey.  But noooo!  lol


                          Today, I'm going to run the course for our 5K Obstacle challenge so that I can capture it on GPS.  We need to map it out so that we can chart the obstacles for those who are going to be building them.   As of this morning, we have 99 signed up and we're 2 months out.  Our goal is 400.   It's looking good!


                          Y'all have a great day!



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                          Run to live; live to run

                            A little of both julia. Muscles will work a lot differently in the lower drop shoe


                            LC Runs

                              Happy Sunday - glorious morning out there, I ran 4 easy and did some strength training when I got home.  Planning on 8 with my running group this afternoon.


                              Amy - I missed that you moved, glad it's going well!


                              Marjorie - busy day for you


                              Linda - sorry about the injury, hope you are back at it soon


                              Damaris - nice 6!


                              Gatsby - vacation sounds great!


                              Camille - hope the 15 went well today!


                              Karen - nice 8.  I loved "This is 40" I am a sucker for raunchy comedies ha ha


                              Lisa - glad you enjoyed the game.  I just got tix for September to take my son for his birthday.  Got pretty good seats this year, we move closer to the field each time ha ha


                              Morning Julie and Marjorie!


                                Hi Ladies,


                                LisaMMR - I am hoping all your patience pays off for recovery of your leg!


                                LCruns - Isn't this awesome weather - woohoo!


                                Julie - That is alot to do in 18 hours!


                                Marjorie - I didn't realize your dad sold his house already...wow!


                                Karen - sounds like a great run and dinnner!


                                Damarias - Great job on the fast 5k following the ultra!


                                Amy - Glad you are all moved in to your new place...sigh...no place like home.


                                Linda - Sorry to hear of your injury - hope you are back soon.


                                Ginny - Nice to see you posting "I did 11 miles today" Wink


                                So, for me NO running since last week-end :0   Ended up with a virus or something  on Wednesday.  I knew I didn't feel great, but had a couple of people at work ask me if I was "ok" at work on Wednesday...well, I wasn't....ugh.  Had to cancel run after run this week....boo.  Today I feel human, I probably will either go for a walk later, and wait until tomorrow to run.  So have been going crazy with this gorgeous weather....and no outside activity for me...oh well...