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Wake me up Wednesday - Preggos (Read 252 times)

MA runner girl


    PRs: 5k - 21:22, half marathon - 1:39:43, marathon - 3:37:16

    MA runner girl

      RR: 3 miles last night, they sucked. Not sure about today...


      PGR: 25w3d. Slept really well last night, yay! No mid-night cuddles from DH helped Wink This morning I woke up with a sore throat and feeling worn down, so I slept in a little bit and am working at home. Hopefully I feel better tomorrow after lots of vitamins and rest today.


      NPGR: DH made a delicious dinner last night! Pork Tenderloin, potatoes and salad. Yum. Then I addressed about half of our xmas cards, hoping to finish the rest today so I can mail them ASAP.

      PRs: 5k - 21:22, half marathon - 1:39:43, marathon - 3:37:16


        MA: glad your sleep was better! and that dinner DOES sound yummy!


        ER: just walking. / speed walking.


        PR: Up most of  the night last night with stomach ache/cramps.. but I feel ok this am. Yesterday I hit up walmart for a bunch of necessities, diaper cream, gripe water, infant tylenol ( which apparently is recalled in theUS so had to get the knock off) , vit d drops, prenatals... I probably saved like half getting them  here instead of Canada so that's good.


        More American Grocery shopping yest. got tons of mole sauce, it's $ at home and you can only get it at the mexican food store... and I like getting random things  like pork rinds to show friends/ fam at home as gifts.


        Fam drama continues, we are going up to visit the grandparents on Friday, MIL and BIL were going to, now arn't.. they will prob change their mind again but we're just staying out of it. I can tell the hubby is upset about it though, poor guy.


        I think it's getting warmer out now! finally! off for my walk.


          MA- I'm happy you slept well last night. It helps keep the sanity. I wish at this rate I could work from home. It would be much more comfortable. 


          Canada- I can't believe everything is so expensive in Canada. At least your able to get a little bit of a deal down here. I know speed walking isn't as fun as running but at least it's something. Enjoy the walk!


          RR- Hoping to go for a walk today possibly with the dogs as we are finally completely slowed down here at work and I can leave for a bit without getting noticed. 


          PGR- 35weeks 3days... Had my first set of false labor at work and it was extremely uncomfortable and lasted for 1.5 hours with contractions at 3 minutes apart. At first my mom thought it wasn't going to last that long but she noticed how uncomfortable I was getting an hour into it and we ended up calling the midwife to ask if I should come in. Of course when we called thats when they finally stopped. Go figure. The midwife said that if I do go into full blow labor that they aren't going to stop it but to try and curb that labor by laying down but there was no where to lay down so I ended up sitting in a chair with my feet up. 


          NPGR- More family drama... GGRRR... I guess it never stops... I'm worried that the stress of it is going to cause me to go into full blow labor. Hopefully I can cut my hours here this week so I can be at home more and get the house cleaned. 


          NPGR#2- Planned a shopping trip with my mom to Des Moines this Friday to finish Xmas Shopping this Friday and to finish getting baby stuff. 


            37 Weeks and 5 days


            PGR: Ready for baby to come!  Tons of contractions last night at work that stopped just recently.  Hoping they return soon.


            RR: Walk or run when I wake up....maybe


            NPGR: DH in laws in town, DH forgot to serve the b-day pie to my fil last night--boo I want some this am and can't cut the first slice.


            MArunner: Glad you slept well, hope you get to feeling better soon.


            Jazz: Sorry about the family drama.  Hope it improves.


              Good morning!


              RR: Body flow this morning... its definitely becoming more of a workout than it used to be.


              PGR: 28w5d, posted later yesterday that I had an appointment, everything is good. Weight more than I'd like, but OK, belly measuring fine. Yesterday I don't know if it was the Coke I had with lunch or what, but I swear P was trying to kick his way out.


              NRR: Yesterday the help desk put my computer hard drive into a new box because I've been having USB port issues for a long time. Its all working great but the box is buzzing and I can't get it to stop and its driving me crazy! Today at lunch time we're having a Christmas party so that will be fun to get away from the desk for a couple hours. Other than that nothing going on... now I think I'll go have my second breakfast.


                MA: Try to enjoy some ginger tea to help ward off that potential cold. Hope you're feeling better as the day goes on.


                CJ: When I was in NYC not too long ago, I got my prenatals at half the price they are here! Enjoy your shopping. Sorry the family drama continues. Hope your DH is doing OK.




                PGR: 34wd The mysterious muscle pull continues. I don't think it's RLP because it's a constant pain that gets worse after I walk for about 10 minutes. I can't lift my right leg to put on pants and it's making dog walks into a waddling adventure. It now feels like a pulled lower ab muscle. It's concentrated on the right side, but I feel it across the lower pelvis. I tried some yoga stretches last night but this morning, yowza. I'm sitting on a yoga ball now and it aches a wee bit. I was really hoping it would have passed by now. At least I have a doc appointment lined up tomorrow! Meanwhile, LO is moving around like mad


                ER:  Did the DVD yesterday and will probably do it again today after the morning stiffness from this muscle goes away.


                NPGR: Last day of teaching at the local community college. Just a day of their presentations, so a nice low key way to end the term. 


                  Tayra: Yikes on the contractions.  My have been so irregular except for last night. 


                  YJPM: Hope the pulled muscle improves.




                    RR - Took a day off yesterday. It's a bit warmer today so I need to get out and do something. My day just keeps filling up though, so I have to carve out some kind of time for something. Hate seeing blank spaces on my workout calendar.


                    PGR - I took my measurements (something I'd been doing over the summer) at 12w yesterday and while I haven't gained any weight my waist and hip measurement is slightly larger, so something's going on in there. 


                    NPGR - Busy running around today. Going to Target, picking up maternity clothes from a mom in my moms group, have a presentation at school because the art gallery is closing. My friend is coming in from WI though, so maybe we'll be able to get lunch after? This is all with DS though, so a giant maybe on that. Going out for steak dinner hopefully with a rep from the insurance company though so woohoo on that!


                    MA - Hope you can keep the sore throat contained and that extra rest works wonders.


                    Canada - Your descriptions of Canadian vs. US stores are so interesting. I pay 13.99 for a small bottle of prenatals at Whole Foods, so that means just a small supply would be like 26 dollars in Canada? Man, and I thought ours were expensive.


                    Tay - Yikes on the false labor. Glad you've been able to cut back at work some to stay home a bit more. Drown out the drama and focus on you.


                    Teri - Maybe you can get some b-day pie for lunch. Wink


                    Monk - Enjoy the Christmas party. Hope you get your computer buzz fixed.


                    YJPM - Hope the dr. can give you some suggestions for your muscle pull. Otherwise I'd definitely look into a physical therapist/chiro.


                      Tayraes: Eeeeee. False labour needs a new name. Like "Not Real Labour But Still Painful." Hope you're feeling better. Sorry you're having family drama.


                      Tiny: I say cut the first slice. If anyone gives you grief, act all Betty Draper: How DARE you talk to me like that! I'm pregnant!


                      Monk: Enjoy that second breakfast. I"m thinking of what to have for my second breakfast right now!


                      Schmetterling: STEAK! WANT!


                        MA - hooray for good sleep! I hope that your sore throat doesn't turn into something ickier.


                        Canada - Glad you're feeling better this morning, and were able to pick up the necessities.


                        tayraes - crazy about the regular contractions - I'm glad they stopped for you! I hope the family drama calms down.


                        teri - You're getting so close! I probably would've dove into the pie...


                        monk - Very annoying about the buzzing from the computer - our ventilation system in our building periodically makes my office walls vibrate, and I have to push on them to get them to stop....


                        yjpm - Ugh on the muscle pull - is it a hip flexor? I hope you're able to get some relief.


                        schmett - I've been meaning to take measurements, but haven't gotten around to it.  I was curious to see what my waistline is at now. GL with the errands!


                        People are going to be having babies like mad in January!!


                        PGR: 17w1d. Posted late yesterday afternoon - u/s went well, two wiggly babies...feeling a bit more reassured now. We'll get another peek in a few weeks at the anatomy scan.  Finally wearing maternity pants today - I only have two pair right now so I was hesitant to break them out, and I can still fit into a few pairs of my regular pants.


                        ER: Shopping tonight, hopefully that will get some walking in, maybe a quick noon walk with the dog.


                        NPGR: I have a holiday party with friends this weekend that I am looking forward to.  We also found out that my step-brother and his wife are doing a blessing ceremony at their church for their baby that was born a few months ago, so we'll probably go to that on Sunday as well.  Thinking of canceling my bball practice that is scheduled for Sunday as we would have to go to the church service and immediately turn around and drive home to make the practice...but I am indecisive. 


                          apparently my meat aversion is still going strong...I read MA's post about pork tenderloin and Schmetterling's post about steak and I was all grossed out.  I miss meat. 


                            RR - run to bootcamp/back + bootcamp. Think I was having a bit of RLP today (and maybe on Monday, too). Haven't really had it before, but felt sort of sharp pains in the side of my belly after doing the more "jumping up and down" type exercises and while running, too. Nothing too bad. Just slowed down and was okay.


                            PGR - 24wks 4days. Is this thing really going to keep growing for another 15 weeks?!? Also, think I'm entering another tired phase...have definitely been feeling wiped in the late afternoon. Boo.


                            NPGR - Busy at work. On my sister's news that I mentioned yesterday yesterday...I generally would not think that deciding to go it alone is *necessarily* a bad idea, and it might be fine for her. I totally understand the impetus as I have a lot of friends in their mid/late 30s who are successful and smart, yet have had a hard time meeting the right guy. But in the case of my sister...well she's a bit crazy to begin with, so...who know. She does have the financial resources to get people to help her out, though, on the plus side....


                            Will have to come back for personals later.

                            MA runner girl

                              Back for personals for once!


                              Canada - I've been to Canada a few times, and I remember everything was SO expensive up there. I'm glad you are able to take advantage of the lower prices. Bummer about the Family drama, I think we can all probably relate to that in some way or another!


                              Tay - Oh man, contractions 3 min apart!? That would freak me out for sure! I hope you can find a way to not let the family drama stress you out too much. Definitely time to focus on you and your new baby! Hugs.


                              Teri - Hahaha I'm sure noone would blame a full term pregnant woman for cutting into the bday pie! Smile I hope the contractions turn into the real thing soon!


                              Monk - I'm so glad the appt was well and everything looks good. Sorry about the weight, but as long as baby is healthy right? Oh man, that buzzing would be the death of me!! I can't handle noises like that. Can you listen to music or something?


                              YJPM - I'm so sorry to hear about that mysterious pull! So you are thinking it's not the groin now? I hope it goes away soon, bummer that stretching seems to make it worse. Have you tried icing it?


                              schmetterling - haha I hate those blank spaces too! These days I'm ok with 2 a week, but more than that and I'm disappointed with myself. I didn't gain any weight in the first tri, but things were certainly redistributing to the boobs and belly, mostly the boobs. LOL 


                              TN - I'm glad you got to see 2 wiggly babies and get some reassurance! Yay! I had meat aversions too, they went away probably 4-5 weeks ago. I've never been a huge meat fan, but I couldn't even smell it for a while there. I still can't handle seafood especially salmon, which I used to love. 

                              PRs: 5k - 21:22, half marathon - 1:39:43, marathon - 3:37:16

                              MA runner girl

                                Liz - HAHA I hear ya! It seems crazy that we still have 15 weeks of growing growing growing! I feel big these days, can't imagine what I'll feel like in even 5 weeks! Definitely sounds like RLP. I usually get it after 2-3 miles.

                                PRs: 5k - 21:22, half marathon - 1:39:43, marathon - 3:37:16