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1st Day of Spring, DIVAS (Read 19 times)


    Morning Ladies... It's Spring! Let's hope Mother Nature gets the memo!


      RR: Did some miles yesterday felt great. Today is 6.


      NRR: Not much,  our backdoor is finally fixed. (It's been broken for almost a week) THe new door is awesome. The blinds are inside the door between two window panels and the controls are so neat and easy. I know I know. A new door, exciting news ! LOL. I'm such a homeowner.  I think we will use the same type of door to replace our garage side door.  Not much going on, just one day at a time. Hopefully, M will nap early so we can go to the zoo. She has  been napping once but right in the middle of the day from 11 to 1 or 2. So, making plans for anything is hard.


      Anyhow off to make some breakfast... Have a great day!


        GSD - congrats on the new door Smile I hope you guys can go to the zoo today! We don't have a zoo close by (about 90 minutes away) so we haven't gone yet.



        RR: IDK, we'll see what my workload looks like tonight, I might go after G goes to bed.


        NRR: I forget to turn on my alarm last night so I slept til 7 - It was glorious! but now I'm scarfing down cereal because G will be up any minute and I need to get ready myself, too! Not much- just writing and party prepping!


        I'll be running my first full, the Richmond Marathon on November 16, 2013!



          Happy Hump day!!! (Glad it's my 4 day work week!)


          RR: Running anything tonight. Hopefully it won't be raining. (I like running in the rain when I'm not walk/running).


          NRR: Looong day yesterday. Today is at least just work and lunch time school group meeting. DH and I both get annoyed by his parents. Mainly because they annoy me with no planning and then he has to hear me complain. That and they like to always overstay their welcome... Any ways, at least they won't be at our house tonight.


          GSD: Have a great 6 today!!! Glad your door is fixed!


          Sassy: Glad you got some extra sleep at least!


          Have a great day ladies!


            Morning Ladies! Happy 1st day of Spring!


            RR: Something longer tonight--unfortunately on the TM. Roads are still slushy and bad. I'm thinking 6 miles...


            NRR: First day of state testing for my 6th and 7th graders. Kids are stressing big time. It's an overwhelming, busy time for us teachers too. Making sure that all of my students accommodations are in place is super stressful as well. It doesn't help that I woke up on the wrong side of the bed this morning, either. OMG, if anyone gets on my bad side today. Watch out! My fist will be meeting the side of your face. Wink I think it's just PMS. Like the worst PMS ever! But I'm excited for the weekend. I'm going to Long Island. My mom is having a "Welcome to the world" party for Kay. I can't wait to see her! She's 7 weeks old and I've only seen her once! I can't wait! Gotta run ladies!

            MA runner girl



              ER: Getting out for a walk today. Yes I will. I'm a little stir crazy.


              NER: Nothing new really. Another crazy day of work yesterday. I'm hoping today is better, but who knows. My boss did say that I can work at home from here on out, so that's a relief. I haven't been in since last Wed anyways but at least I don't have to question it now. I work 45 min from home, so I was terrified that my water would break or I would go into labor at work and have to drive all the way home. Nice not to think about that now!


              GSD - Ohhh I like the doors/windows with the blinds inside! I get excited too by house stuff Wink


              Sassy - I love when I forget the alarm and sleep in a bit, as long as it isn't stressful! Hope you get out the door on time.


              PO - I wouldn't mind rain down there, rain up here is cooold sometimes. Hope you get in a good one! Sorry about DH's parents, that would annoy me too.


              Have a great day!

              PRs: 5k - 21:23, half marathon - 1:39:43, marathon - 4:01:15

              MA runner girl

                RLTW - Ohh I love the welcome to the world party! That sounds like so much fun! My nephew turns 1 on 4/6 so my parents are throwing him a birthday party, so that will be C's first family party too Smile

                PRs: 5k - 21:23, half marathon - 1:39:43, marathon - 4:01:15


                  Morning Ladies!


                  GSD- enjoy your 6 today. exciting news about your door - its the little things in life, right? Enjoy the zoo!


                  Sassy- sometimes you just need to sleep in, right? do you have any other races that you are training for coming up?


                  PO- running in the rain is one of my favorite things, but only when all of the conditions are right! ha ha... how is run/walking going? You must be exhausted! Enjoy your evening without the in laws!


                  RR- had a nice swim last night! I always get flaky with my swimming and then when I finally get back to the pool I am angry at myself because I always feel so good after a swim. Tonight will be a run.


                  NRR- I am just working for the weekend...as I have been for the past few weeks! I just need a weekend to do nothing but relax and catch up on sleep.... so exciting!


                    gsd-yup, I agree. The wind chill is near zero here today. Not at all spring weather! But at least the sun is out, so it feels nice if you don't go outdoors


                    Sassy-hope you can get a run in tonight


                    PO-sorry about your inlaws and their bad planning. That would really bug me too.


                    RLTW-uggg state testing. I hated it and thought is was completely useless to take up all that time to prepare for a silly test. Hope you can make it in one piece til the end of the week. That party sounds wonderful


                    MA-I am sure if that did happen one of your co-workers (hopefully) would offer to drive you to the hospital. Glad you are able to work from home though


                    klm-good job on your swim


                    RR: pool run today as my knee is still bothering me a bit and it's really cold outside. Again, cannot wait til I get to NoVa this weekend for some warmer weather!


                    NRR: just counting down the days til I leave on Saturday night to see DBF again.


                      Morning girls!!!


                      GSD I hope you can go the zoo with M!


                      Sassy, glad you got to sleep in a bit!!


                      Ma, so glad you can work from home. Is DH taking time off once baby is born??


                      RLTW have a good TM run.


                      PO, I'd be so annoyed as well. at least they are not there tonight...


                      KLMC, I miss swimming too. I need to geI back into it.




                        TriR, had a great workout last night. 45 min ST with trainer and a other friend, 15 min TM incline run followed by an hour of spinning. Just came back from 5 slow and nice miles.


                        NtriR, RESIDENCY INTERVIEW THIS MORNING!!!! nervous and excited!! Tonight volunteering new shift with tots 6-9.


                        I will come update after my interview!!!

                        c a s s i e

                          Hi ladies! Long time no post from me; I hope everyone is doing well!


                          GSD – I would be excited about the door, too! I hope you can get to the zoo today.

                          Sassy – I hope you get your run in! Do you run outside at night or on the TM?

                          PO – I haven’t been around for a while…seems like you’re feeling better after the surgery, so I’m glad of that! How long have you been run/walking post-surgery?

                          RLTW – We’re testing this week, too…ugh. Your weekend sounds like fun though!

                          MA – Yay for working at home! You’re so close to meeting your baby boy!

                          KLM – I hope your weekend will be super relaxing!

                          Taylor – Sorry about your knee. Are you and DBF long-distance now? I really need to check in here more.

                          Meli – Good luck on the interview!!! Sending you lots and lots of good vibes.


                          And as for me:


                          RR: Last big training week for Boston. Taper starts next week...I can't believe it! 11 miles on tap for tonight, probably in the wind since that's how most spring afternoons are here!


                          NRR: Like RLTW, we're in the midst of standardized testing. It's booooring. But at least I don't have much work to do in the evenings this week since we only have a couple of regular classes each day.


                          Have a wonderful Wednesday, ladies! I'll try to check in more often so I'm not so out of the loop with you!

                          Visit my blog at www.ruralrunningredhead.com!


                            HI DIVAs!


                            Sorry I've been so MIA...I've been trying to keep up with everything but it's been an insanely busy few months!


                            MA, you look and sound wonderful...happy almost "Labor Day"!  I also like the WTTW party idea, how lovely!


                            Meli, buena suerte, mama....you'll be great!


                            PO, I was shocked and so sorry to hear of your recent trials and tribulations...so glad it sounds as if you're on the road to recovery!


                            GSD, nothing better than something that you'll see and use and appreciate everyday!  I love house stuff!!


                            Sassy, there's a woman in my class who is, in my mind anyway, you  =)  Makes me feel like I have a friend on Tuesday nights, which is really nice!!  I love literally each and every picture of G on FB...thank you so much for sharing that joyful smile and wonderful grin!


                            RLTW, congrats on your return to running...it's got to feel just SO wonderful.  A true badge of recovery and well-being!


                            klmcd...miss you, lady.  Wishing you a sleep-filled, peaceful weekend!!


                            taylor, boo to knee pain!  Do you wear a floatation belt or just literally run around the pool (I have visions of some whirlpool action if I tried that at home this summer!)  Just a few more days til your visit, yay!


                            Girls, we are officially a month away from the marathon in Iowa...Farm and i are running it together.  This training schedule has been the most challenging I've ever done, and I truly love it.  I must confess, I'm being a total run-geek for this week's LR of 20-21 miles...I took off Friday afternoon for it instead of worrying about getting it in on Saturday!  HEE HEE!


                            Take care, DIVAs. Miss you all!


                              Good morning, ladies!


                              RR: Got in 7 on the greenbelt along the river, and I realized I hadn't run on it in about a year. It was a nice break mentally, but I have to run through downtown to get there, so there are more cars/lights. A great run, though, and makes me think I should bump up my weekday mileage.


                              RR2: I got "reverse jerked" or whatever you'd call it at the gym yesterday. This guy was staring at me kind of weird and I wasn't sure if he was looking at me or some people behind me, so I said, "Oh, are you reading my shirt?" He said "No, I'm staring at your breasts..give me a break." Then I said,"How the hell am I supposed to know?" He was reading my shirt (had the mascot from my grad school on it) but seriously, dude, I know we're at the Y, but we live in a world where it's not that far-fetched for me to assume you are ogling me. Cut ME some slack.


                              NRR: ANYWAY not too much going on. I put on a serious feed bag last night..not sure if it's hormones or dealing with R's departure or both or what.  Taking care of stuff around the house tonight. I'm keeping Fay on the injured list for the rest of the week, but she is MUCH happier without the bandage on her foot.



                              GSD - Hey a new door can be exciting! I'd love to have double-pane windows in my next place.


                              Sassy - Glad you got some extra sleep. It can really make a difference.


                              PO - Sorry about the in-law frustrations. I remember you discussing this in the past. I hope the rain holds off so you can get some exercise.


                              RLTW - Have fun with that testing.


                              MA - This may sound weird, but when I woke up this morning, I thought that maybe if you worked from home, you could work longer without risking going into labor at your office, but it seems your boss thought of that already!


                              KLM - Well at least someone is still swimming around this joint. I haven't been in almost  a year.. I should go back soon.


                              Taylor - You have my sympathies with the weather. It's been a while since I lived in Chicago, but I remember the winters were not great.


                              Mel - Good luck on your interview!! You will pass or whatever, I know it.


                              Nai - Hey stranger!! I was thinking about your marathon the other day..


                                meli-good luck with the interview!


                                cassie-nope, not long distance. He is just in VA now visiting his family for the last few weeks. I will join him this weekend, then we will fly back to Chicago on the 31st


                                Nai-yup, i wear a floatation belt. The pool kind of stinks though since it starts at 4.5 feet then goes up to 8 feet. I can only run half a lap with the belt on and then have to turn around, so I am essentially using only half of my space. Poor planning by the people who made the lanes in the pool.


                                outwest-wow, that was rude of the man. He could have just said something like, "yeah I was just wondering what your shirt said" Stupid people