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1st Day of Spring, DIVAS (Read 19 times)


    Happy Spring, ladies! I love this season! Everything here is in bloom and green and it's lovely! Although, it's a little grey and rainy right now, it's normally sunny and warm this time of year here. Can I say again how happy I am that we moved!? Spring was always cold, windy and rainy where we used to live.


    RR. Did an easy 5 mile recovery run last night. My legs felt ok and are good today. I'll do some lower body stuff and stretching today.


    NRR. Working 11-7 today, I have a client at my office, then head to work for the afternoon/evening. I think I have a little break in my schedule though, which will be nice. I'm feeling a little burnt out...

    So excited for my friend's visit this weekend! We have been virtual training partners for this marathon, so it will be nice to actually run together!



    Nai- Hi lady!! OMG less then a month! So exciting! You and Farm are gonna ROCK that marathon, obviously! Good luck on your LR this weekend!


    RLTW- Good luck with the testing!


    MA- I'm so happy to hear you're able to just work from home, that is too long of a drive if you're in labor! haha.


    Sassy- Ditto to what Nai said, LOVE G's baby pictures, what a doll!


    GSD- New doors ARE exciting!! Hope you can get out of the house today. Also, glad your legs are all rested from the race!


    PO- Good luck with the ILs this weekend, glad DH has your back!


    Meli- GOOD LUCK!!!! Thinking of you today, wishing you the best in your interview!


    Taylor- hope the week goes by quickly for you!!


    Cassie- Woohoo, Boston is CLOSE!!! Man, that is exciting!!!!!


    OWR- Glad you enjoyed your run today. That's a pretty funny gym exchange. lol

    Humboldt Redwoods Half Marathon 10.20.2013 

    Tiburon by the Bay Half Marathon 11.3.2013 (My Birthday!) 

    Napa Valley Full Marathon 3.2.2013



    Half: 1:48

    Full: 4:34



      Very, very quick and selfish post for me...stupid busy deadline day, ACK!


      RR: Did 40 minutes of yoga last night, felt good to stretch out. Today might be a rest day, depending on what time I get home. If it's early enough, I might run my 2 miles...


      NRR: Soooooooo much to do today for work and I'm kind of freaking out about getting it all done. I'm usually pretty confident I can meet deadline but today is going to be a challenge. I'm really hoping I don't end up getting home at 9 p.m. or later.


        Good morning!  Wednesdays usually seem to be the best day for me to pop in so I figured I'd say hi!


        RR - Hit some milestones last week - I ran 42 mi, which is my highest weekly mileage yet, and I had a great 18 miler on Saturday followed by a 4 mi St. Patrick's day race w/DBF on Sunday.  Yesterday's 5 miler put me at 100 miles for March already!  Today will be a 5 mi lunch break run in the pouring rain (does not look like spring out there at all!) and then climbing w/DBF after work.


        NRR- On spring break from class now, so I'm glad about that!  It's going to be super busy at work for the next few weeks with month end stuff and converting to a new accounting system...  eek!  Hopefully everything will go smoothly with that.  DBF and I may go to a late happy hour with some of his coworkers after we're done climbing tonight, or maybe just stay in and watch a movie, either way sounds good to me!


        I'll try to make it back in a bit for some personals Smile


          Quick update!! I'm a officially a US resident!!!!!!!! Don't have much time to write but it was an easy breezy process!!! They didn't really interview us; they saw our scrapbook and officer was loving are photos especially the ones from all the races and triathlons!!! I should get my green card in the mail in about a week or so!'


          ill come back later for more personals!!


            CONGRATS MEL!!!!!!


              CONGRATS, MELI!!!  YAY!


                Congrats Meli!!!!!! Big grin


                NC: I'm super jealous of your spring weather then...we've got a blanket of white and a temp that "feels" like 18. BOO. Angry

                MA runner girl

                  So exciting Meli!! CONGRATS!!!

                  PRs: 5k - 21:23, half marathon - 1:39:43, marathon - 4:01:15


                    Yeah baby! I get m green card in mail in right days or so. Its a provisional residency since C and I have only been married for five months so we have to apply for something December 2014 and on December 2015 I can apply for citizenship. We went and got a quick bite now working then volunteeering on the evening.


                    NAI I'm so excited for your race and your training with the Farm! I miss seeing yOur daily rambling so come back more often.


                    Cassie wow I can't believe Boston is almost here! Good luck with tapering madness!


                    Taylor safe travels this weekend. I also wear a floating belt when pool run.


                    OWR what arse of a guy. Seriously? I would've probably smacked him on his package. You're totally allowed to have tons of Ben and Jerry's .


                    Seattle great job with your running milestone last week!


                    Lucy hope you get home at a decent hour tonight.


                    NC wonderful job with yor long run this past weekend!


                      SO proud of one of my 7th grade students! Today I had a moment and thought "WOW, this is why I became a teacher..." One of my kiddos has an emotional disability. It severely impacts his ability and willingness to engage in school work--especially reading and writing. His reading fluency is also really terrible. Anyway, today we had the first round of state testing.Three very long 7th grade level reading passages, with multiple choice questions and open response writing questions. He did AMAZINGLY well! As part of his accommodations he gets an individual administration of the test to help minimize distractions. So I had him with me all day. I'm so proud of him! He totally ROCKED IT!!!! It took him literally all day, but he did so well. He was using strategies and techniques that I've taught him and I thought, "WOW, I did get thru to him this year." Totally had that moment where I was like, "THIS is why I do what I do!" Smile Totally cured my crankiness for today!


                        RLTW, how wonderful!  You just had ME well up a little bit!


                        Lil C was just last week "classified".  It's overwhelming, but we believe for the best...for the rest of the year he'll be in a Special Ed class with just 5 other boys, eat lunch with them and the Sp Ed teacher (which is wonderful, I mentioned he comes home with ALL of his food which is AM snack, lunch and PM snack and her response was "Well that's why I eat with them!") and then go to his usual afternoon Kindergarten class.  Fingers crossed this helps him...nothing harder than to watch your child suffer through something and not be able to help.


                        Going to run my Eminem tonight at the gym...wish me lunch!  It's 10 minutes warm up, then 10 repeats of 4 minutes at half marathon pace with 3 minutes recovery and then a 10 minute cool down.  Last time I did it, I went well over the 8 miles, but loved it!