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    Good Morning Supermoms~


    Monday already?! That was a fast weekend...they all seem to be!


    RR: the usual 5-6 on my break today. Someone (shelbyjo maybe) asked last week if that's my typical schedule for weekday runs. I typically run 6-7 most weekdays, with a longer 8-9 mile run on Weds, then LR on Sat and recovery run Sunday. Ran 12 on Sat, and 4 progression Sun.


    TR: gives me hugs and kisses goodnight now! So so so cute.


    NRR: had a great weekend with DH and R. pretty low key.

     5K: 19:15       Half: 1:29:35       Marathon: 3:13:08



    beskirted & manicured

      ER - ST at the gym.


      TR - loves to play catch - throwing Dee Dee, or in last night's case, rolled up socks.  Sometimes his aim is great, sometimes it's terrible.  I fear it's only a matter of time before he tries to chuck something more painful (toy car) at our heads.


      FR - sausages, pepper & onion stir fry


      NRR/QOTD - my skin is drier than it has ever been this winter.  I'm scratching myself raw.  Any recommendations for body lotion?  Right now the best stuff I use is the Body Shop Buriti body butter, but I have to reapply that multiple times throughout the day.



      rg - I often think about how many more miles I could run in the time I have if I was fast like you!

      5K - 24:10 | 8K - 40:41  | 10K - 51:40.6 | HM - 1:51:10 | 30K - 2:44:54 | Marathon - 3:59:26



        RR - 6k easy before the freezing rain starts. ST tonight.


        BR - Has gone the past two nights without waking up hungry so I think her growth spurt is over. Usual visit to the community centre for drop-in play today. There have been lots of Moms coming in lately with babies her age, so that is great.


        FR - Teriyaki chicken and veggies on soba noodles that I didn't end up making last night.


        NRR - Friends dropped in for an impromptu visit yesterday evening, and came bearing food and beer! I am slightly hungover this morning, despite having been sound asleep by 9:15 pm.




        rg - The weekends are always way too fast! So do you normally run 7 days a week then? I often do 6 days a week but I need that rest day on the 7th!


        zorbs - That stir fry sounds yummy. My hands have been really dry this winter and I've been using Body Shop Hemp Hand protector. It is awesome. If it comes in a body lotion, I would recommend that. I've also heard udder cream does wonders for dry skin but have never tried it.

        5k - 20:46          10k - 41:27         10 mile - 1:15:32          Half marathon - 1:39:15      

        running eh

          RR - was hoping for 6-7 today, but couldn't drag myself out of bed this morning at 430 after DD2 was up frrom 1200-130.  Will try to get it in tonight.  Did almost 8K with the stroller yesterday - it's been a long time - it was fun though.


          NRR -  DS and DD1 are hanging around me, and DS wanted me to write about him! DS made a cool sword last night.


          KR - DD2 is sick.  DD1's school buses were cancelled this morning, so I think I am just going to keep her home for the day.


          FR - I have a plan somewhere, but for the life of me, I can't remember what is on it.


          RG - thanks for posting your schedule - it is inspiring!  Does DS like going to bed?  I find DD2 is about 50/50 with criying.


          Zorbs - I found a great cream from Aveeno, specifically for excema, when I was in the US, but I can't find it here.  I just bought a cream called Galaxal Base for DD2 dry skin and it cleared it up quickly.  It is stinky though.


          Ernie - those sound like great visitors!  Hope you get a good run in before the ice!  I couldn't believe the amount of snow this morning!  Have fun at playgroup.


            zorbs- ugh, my skin has been ridiculous this year too! i just bought some Eucerin intensive hand therapy because my knuckles are starting to crack. I use GUD by burts bees (got it at target) for body lotion and that seems to do the trick. for really bad/deep splits, i put aquaphor on.


            ernie- i'm terrible about taking a rest day unless i'm following a trainign plan. i'll check my training log and realize it's been 3 weeks since my last rest day, oops! i'm religious about it during marathon training though. the playgroup sounds like fun! we had R at Barnes and Noble yesterday and there were a few other kids his age playing at the train table, which he loved.


            r-eh: yes, R loves going to bed. last night he waved good night to me. so cute about your DS wanting you to post about him! hope you can get out for your run today. sorry that DD2 is sick, hope she's well soon and it doesn't spread to the rest of the family.


            it's snowing like crazy here now....and supposed to change over to ice, then freezing rain, joy.

             5K: 19:15       Half: 1:29:35       Marathon: 3:13:08



              Hi Team! I miss posting on here. I like fb but I don't feel like I think about my posts as much. I think cos my family are together at the weekends that I get out of my posting routine too which doesn't help.


              RR: 7m tempo sat, 10m lr (step back) yesterday and today is easy 3m. Although I am meeting up with my coach so I think easy 3 might turn into horrible 5m all speedwork. But I love to be tortured so that's all good for me. My body feels good, I feel like I am running strong right now. Starting wk 7 of fm training and all is well.


              NRR: we are making plans to spend a bit more time in Nashville in Feb. DH is going to do a walk through of the house on 8th then we will all go out for about 2/3 weeks to get set up. I spend every night researching seemingly unimportant things like brands of washing machines and kettles and pans but I know this stuff is important as I will use it every day and it will last for ages. I try just to do 4 things a day and the list is coming on.

              NRR2 & TTC: getting teeth cleaned. I am going to tell them to hold off on the x-rays incase I am pg. I am 11dpo. DH and I have decided no testing prior to AF. AF is due weds (or not if my cycle is off) so we will see. I am cool either way. I don't feel particularly preggo and from sat's great run I am not running particular preggo. ALthough my b00bs are way sore. Although pg and pms are very similar for me.


              BR: still getting up all night. He hasn't sttn for about 2 weeks. No idea why not. I am just rolling with it. He is happily carrying a bucket round the house right now collecting things. I did want to start some morning exercise too - yoga/pilates or ST but until DS sttn again I am going to wait.


              FR: homemade salmon burgers with zucchini

              5K 21.12   10K 50:12   HM 2:07   FM 3:50:31


                Morning...I posted before I left for work, but RA ate it.  Must be a sign to rethink what I typed!


                RR:  SRD. Signed up for a half in April this weekend!  I am super excited and started doing some initial planning for the weekend.  DH and J are coming which is cool!


                TR:  He loves to dance to music on my iPad.  I downloaded the Pandora App this weekend.  At first he was dancing to "my music" and then DH asked if there was kids music instead of rap!  Ha!  So we rocked out to Mickey, etc.  We also colored for about half an hour last night.  I am going to sign him up for swim classes tonight!


                NRR:  I was not a happy camper yesterday.  I set my alarm Saturday night for whatever reason.  Well, 5:25 am and the whole house is up.  J...for the day.  DH got up with him and I tossed and turned for a while.  I was cranky, pissed at myself for such a stupid mistake and that just caused a downward spiral.  My day didn't get better until DH and I split a bottle of wine.  Sad, but true.


                FR:  Spaghetti this weekend was delicious.  Heading out tonight after Art Class.

                Upcoming Races: 

                Gazelle Girl 1/2 Marathon 4/13 - 1:48:46



                  rg - Are you able to work the majority of your running time in during the week while you are at work?  Do you have a race coming up?


                  zorbs - How was DH's birthday?  Your FR sounds really good!


                  ernie - Sounds like a great night last night!  Have fun today.


                  eh! - Your post sounds mildly chaotic!  Ha!  Hope you have a good day with the kiddos.


                  bermy - Have a good session with your coach today!  Did you and DH time things out this cycle?  Four things a day seems like a LOT!

                  Upcoming Races: 

                  Gazelle Girl 1/2 Marathon 4/13 - 1:48:46



                    rr: went balls out on my run on saturday. Ended up doing a 5k in the cold and a dusting of fresh snow. Surprised myself and was 2:10 overall faster than i have ever ran a 5k before.


                    rr2: no way i can run outside the way the sidewalks are today. Probably hit the tm at some point.


                    br: doing great without his pacifier. Spike: glad we are in this together!


                    tr: 2 hour delay here for ice. Girls are still seeping but dd1 is going to be so sad bc that means she does not have school today.


                    nrr: friend and her 2 kids are supposed to come over this morning. Not sure now with the roads though.


                    fr: chicken noodle soup maybe?  Might save that for later in the week when it will be freezing again though.


                      Quick post before school!


                      RR:  15 mi yesterday.  Didn't ended up taking the stroller which I was glad about because my legs felt tired.  I think it was largely due to being undernourished.  I brought one back of honey stinger chews (160 clas) which was not enough.  I also didn't eat enough for dinner the night before or breakfast.  SRD today.


                      RR2:  Do you ever feel like since you run a lot people assume you are fast?  I had a friend tell me I could join them for their LR but was probably way too fast.  Doubtful.


                      BR:  Took 5 hours of naps yesterday!  Must be going through a growth spurt.  He has woken up the last two nights for a nurse and bottle so I think hes hungry.


                      NRR:  Attempting the DMV again after school.  Hopefully I make it out alive.


                      RG - Thanks for sharing your schedule.  Are you following a plan or did you just make your own?  When is your next race again?


                      zorbs  - I am with you and the dry skin but have no recommendations...I need one.  Did you ever write back to RP?


                      ernie - I would be the same way in regards to the hangover, ha.  Glad your growth spurt has come to an end.


                      bermy - I am going to be anxiously waiting till Wednesday.  So excited for you.  I don't know how you can be so patient!


                      eh - I don't blame you.  4:30 is way too early in my opinion!


                      mer - Yay for the 1/2.  Which one?  I am thinking about looking for a 1/2 to sign up for.  I have only ever done 2 and 1 was when I was pregnant.


                      mrszm- Awesome job on the 5k!!!  Was it a  race or just a personal time trial?  Either way, don't underestimate yourself.  Sounds like you have been improving!!

                      5k - 21:32  FM - 3:27:40


                        RR: rest day. Just got the race email from the 50k we switched to. Looks like another tough course but a mellow race. The RD asked us to bring a bottle of wine for the property owner.

                        TR&BR: up way too early again. Maybe I'm putting them to bed too early.

                        NRR: Crazy busy week ahead.


                        RG: your mileage inspires me!

                        Zorbs: I use Lubriderm Advanced Therapy

                        Bermy: I must have missed you were TTCing. So exciting!! You are training for a FM right?  Will you still do it if you are Pg?

                        Ernie: sounds a fun night despite being hungover.

                        Eh: I hope DD feels better soon. Do they cancel buses bc of ice?

                        Mer: yay for the HM! Which one are you doing?

                        5K - 21:44     10K - 44:54     15k - 1:09:37     HM - 1:39:05   Marathon - 3:28:48


                          Hi ladies,


                          RR - something on the TM when C naps... LR of 9.6 this past Saturday...


                          BR - slept almost 12 hours straight last night... i'm still trying to relearn how to STTN myself... getting up later meant I couldn't run before DH went to work.. but that's ok, the roads in my area are slushy and gross...

                          Going to talk to a woman in the next couple days about possibly being watching C, but actually in my house, so more like a nanny.  She'll be more expensive but I like that idea more than sending her to an in home daycare.  
                          Back to work in less than 8 weeks and I still don't want to go.


                          NRR - sister's wedding on Saturday.  C is the flower girl but I have to carry her down the aisle.  Still haven't  done my speech yet and my matron of honour dress is almost too tight...


                          ernie - our drop-ins are usually full of toddlers, which is why I don't bring C.... there aren't many babies her age, otherwise I'd go more often..


                          eh - sorry to her DD2 is sick, hope you don't catch it.. seems like something is def going around!


                          mrsz - good job on the 5km, was it a race?


                          rg - yea, weekends need to be longer...


                          bermy - i think researching those types of things are super important, esp because they'll be used so often and you don't want cheap stuff that will break after a few uses...


                          mer - sorry about the alarm thing.. DH does that every once in awhile and he's not a lot of fun to be around the rest of the day..


                          zorbs - have you tried glysomed or any other petroleum based lotion?  They're greasier but they might work..


                          shelby - 5 hours of naps is epic!


                            rg: this may sound weird, but are rest days not needed if you are super fast and strong? i guess i have always needed a rest day mixed in as part of training.


                            zorbs: throwing things?! shouldn't you be teaching him to hit it with a stick?! Wink my sil works for a dermatologist and she recommends cera ve cream for everything. i used that over hydrocortisone cream on c's eczema spots.


                            ernie: too funny about the hangover! i had a few beers saturday night and thought for sure i'd be feeling it yesterday; i was good though; pretty proud of myself for that!


                            eh! i told dd1 that school was cancelled as opposed to delayed that way she thinks no one has school. hopefully she doesn't hear the bus outside in an hour!


                            bermy: how is it going with the green card? whenever i don't feel like getting xrays i tell them i might be pregnant Smile my sister (in college and single at the time) didn't want them done, so i told her to tell them she might be pregnant. it worked!


                            mer: boo to the alarm! dh did that once, but luckily just him and i woke up. sorry to hear about the bummer of a day; glad the wine helped! it usually helps me too! thought of you this weekend when i broke out the new toms. bad choice when we decided to go bowling and i didn't have socks. bleck.


                            shelby: thanks for the reminder to not underestimate myself. i have no mental running game and i know i need to work on that. i'm sort of like bermy in a sense that i like to cheer for all the people ahead of me and forget about actually trying very hard. it's kind of my thing though...i did the same in high school swimming. i was quite good (not trying to sound conceited) without actually trying very hard. makes me wonder how i would have been if i had given it 100% as opposed to 75%. trying to not let that happen any more with running. yay for the great napping yesterday! yup, growth spurt for sure!


                              jmmiller: no matter what time we put our girls down they get up at the same time every day with no fail. yay for the 50k. love the fact that you have to bring wine Smile there's a race here that dh did that you get bottles of beer aftewards. the year i did it, it was champagne. i would have rather had the beer!


                              cx2: yay for a potential nanny. my good friend just started having her mil nanny her kids 3 days a week. it's nice because they get the grandma time and she takes them preschool and classes at the y and then one day there's a daycare at my friend's work so they get the interaction of being with other kiddos all day. good luck with your speech! i have written a couple matron of honor speeches. for my sister's my biggest feat was not crying. i was pretty proud of myself! it helped that i had a done a shot or two with the best man prior to that. (he was a bit nervous and i blew his speech out of the water!)


                                ugh, i just want to say in bed....I need at least one more day to my weekends!


                                RR:  3 miles today


                                TR:  Playdate today with his buddy, he is so excited.


                                NRR:  School was delayed an hour today so no early drop off and now DH has to wait until 10 to take him, for rain.  Yep, its raining out there folks.



                                Runnergrl:  Yep, too fast.  No time to clean my house.  Darn.


                                Zorbs:  I use this aveeno oil stuff in the shower or bath.  Only problem is how slippery the tub gets after I use it!


                                Ernie:  Nice, friends with beer are always welcomed to my house Smile


                                Eh:  Awesome on the sword, we love swords at our house.  My name has officially been changed to "Mommy pirate"


                                Bermy:  I've always been horrible about posting on the weekend, too much going on!  Hope DS starts sttn for you soon!


                                Mer:  I had fluffed marshmallow vodka, that made my evenings better at least Smile  Hooray for races!  Which half are you doing?


                                MrsZM:  Why hello there Mrs. Speedy Smile  Way to go on you 5k time!


                                ShelbyJo:  Hahaha, the story of my life!  Not fast at all but people assume that all the time.


                                JM:  Hahaha for wine for the property owner.  That's awesome.


                                Ok, phone is ringing now and I need a second cup of coffee.