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MA runner girl

    Brrrr, it's -4 degrees with wind chill here.

    PRs: 5k - 21:22, half marathon - 1:39:43, marathon - 3:37:16

    MA runner girl

      RR: 3 miles last night without a walk break! I don't know what changed, but suddenly my runs are so much better and I'm running longer without walking. I will take it! Rest day today. My right hip feels off so I'm going to the chiro after work.


      PGR: 31w3d. Nothing new here. Midwife appt tomorrow night, the group topic is labor and delivery, so the dad's are coming. Should be interesting.


      NPGR: DH and I argued about money last night. He is a big spender, I'm a big saver. Problem is, he isn't cutting back at all, and we have huge changes coming up so it's stressing me out even more than normal. Then after dinner he was putting together the new thermostat we got to tie in our whole house humidifyer and he dropped it. So I had to order another one. $150 wasted! Ugh. I know he didn't do it on purpose but I was already so upset that it just made it worse. Hopefully tonight is a better night.

      PRs: 5k - 21:22, half marathon - 1:39:43, marathon - 3:37:16


        Hi guys-

        Sorry for being MIA again...we went away for our "babymoon" over the weekend (it was great) and then have been super busy.


        RR - Yesterday ran 4.5. It was okay, but I am getting close to throwing in the towel on running. I feel like I saw that every week, but every week I wonder, is it worth it? Am I going to hurt myself? This AM had bootcamp + 1.5 miles there and back running. I turned my ankle on the run home. Really hoping it won't be anythign. FEels a little sore.


        PGR - 30wks3days. Midwife appt yesterday was all good...everything on track. Measuring about 29cm, which is close enough. She said she was 99% sure baby was head down, but if not 100% sure next appt will do an u/s.


        NPGR - our trip over the weekend was lovely. Ate some delicious food, got a bit pampered, and had some quality time. Was still kind of getting over the cold, but it was okay. I actually bought a neti pot, and that helped (thanks, Schmett).


        MA - Awesome that your runs are feeling better! Wish I could say the same!


        Have been following everyone else's news. Sorry for not commenting. Congrats YJPM! Ozzy, hope your time comes any day now! Hi to some new folks that I haven't been able to greet yet.




          MA - Is that -4C....or -4F??? eeek. So nice to get a good run under your belt; there definitely seems to be more "hit" and "miss" days after 30 weeks, I relish the "hit" days too Smile  Sorry to hear about the money argument - does DH understand where you are coming from? Maybe you should get him to do the budget for a month after LO comes along so he can scare himself into being more careful...easier said than done though. One of my workmates' husband has willingly relinquished his credit card to her because he doesn't trust his spending impulses...


          Liz - Ouch on the sore ankle, I hope it recovers okay; sounds like bootcamp is great as is walking for you - although getting through 4.5miles yesterday is pretty darn impressive, perhaps just adding in more walk breaks will make the runs better for you to continue?? Sounds like a wonderful babymoon and I'm glad the m/w appt went well, congrats on 30+ weeks!




          PGR - 39w2d. Not much happening here but I had a good day yesterday after my grumpy day the day before. Often it feels like LO is SO LOW in the evening, like he/she could poke a hand out and say hi...then next morning is back to where it had been...m/w appt today, am already internalising a giggle at what the scales are likely to say - blowout! I'm sure Smile I'm really not caring much at this stage as I am anticipating a somewhat initial rapid weight loss in the next week Wink


          ER - 2.3km swim and 20min water run yesterday felt just so good. I then went for an hour walk on the trails in the evening since it was due to rain today and didn't have too much RLP/SPD, yay!  Hoping to get to the gym this morning for some cardio and strength work, hopefully another walk this evening.


          NPGR - Getting texts from people saying "thinking of you", "is baby here?" still...am thinking of ignoring any emails or turning off my phone except for emergencies til after LO arrives; I am more introverted normally so this "invasion" of technology bugs me, am I bad?  In truly NPGR news DH and I are meeting a friend for lunch - All you can Eat Indian - today...oh boy, perhaps that will be the trigger Wink, I suspect at the least it will clean out my GI tract!! (sorry if TMI). Last night DH and I watched "Hungry For Change" - a food/eating documentary; I really quite liked it, have seen similar films but found it a good reminder to think about the effect of food on my health physically and emotionally...


          NPGR2 - In miraculous news I actually spent an hour or so vacuuming and cleaning out our Jeep yesterday! I even took the mats out and scrubbed them, as well as spent some time wiping/rubbing down all the leather and vinyl. I know, this is not exactly riveting news but believe me, it's worthy of noting down because it may be another year before I am observant or irritated enough by the dirt to do it again Smile


            Morning all.


            RR - Maybe today. Didn't go yesterday because, true to form, my breathing and congestion eases as the day goes on. Problem is, we have have stuff going on at night yesterday and today so I can't just up and go to the gym. Cleaned out the humidifier which helped some, but I'm still sniffly and dry. Thanks for the suggestions/commiseration all, I'm glad to know it's not just me and my box of Puffs.


            PGR - I had the tiniest bit of swelling at the end of the day by my left ankle bone. I joked this pregnancy I should take a picture of my feet in the 1st tri and compare them to the 3rd tri, and I didn't do it, now I wish I had. Last pregnancy my concern was having a preemie baby (I was a preemie baby, born around 26-27 weeks back in the 80s, so yikes) but now that my last pregnancy ended at 39w4d with pre-eclampsia, now my main concern is preventing swelling. I know some of it is unavoidable as your body changes, but I want to be way more proactive this time. My blood pressure was good up until the very end last time. Around 20 something weeks in the summer last time was when the swelling started in my ankles, so now that I'm 18w1d, I'm breaking out my compression socks and making sure I have enough water. And exercise. I'm frustrated my last workout was that 5k on Sunday, I really want to get out and *do something*.


            MA - Ooh, sorry about the argument and broken thermometer. Hopefully you get the new one quickly and it's an easy install.


            Liz  - I'm super impressed with your workouts. I have no illusions I'll be *that* physically active at 30w, but I hope I'll still be able to run some distance even if it is intervals. So congrats on that. Glad your babymoon weekend was enjoyable.


            Ozzy - Sounds like sooommeonnnee's nesting. Smile Enjoy your clean car while it lasts, which is hopefully awhile. I'm impressed by all the physical activity you can do, I hope I'm that active at 39w. I just saw your pics on FB, dang girl! I feel I should post the pic of me before I went in to the hospital for comparison so you guys can see how awesome you look.


            And I read through yesterday afternoon's posts but I wanted to say Sasha, I definitely agree with reading as many birth stories as you can that follow a similar path to the one you visualize taking. I found it very empowering to read affirmative stories about how women could manage natural childbirth.


              Morning all. Its a bit warmer here this morning... 11 above zero instead of below!


              ER: Body flow this morning, hard! I'm not sure if its hard because I didn't go for a few weeks or hard because of my increasing size, probably both. Yesterday my inner thighs hurt SOOOO bad after doing the elliptical. That I'm sure is because of my belly and tight hips/hip flexors. I'm going to start doing body flow twice a week in place of some harder workouts because body flow is becoming quite a workout anyway and I want to try and keep my flexibility.


              PGR: 34w5d. P was in some position last night where he was stomping on my bladder more than usual and a few times it actually hurt. I hope he doesn't make a habit of doing that! I'm not happy with my wardrobe lately. Even if my pants/shirt cover my belly, I always have a draft at the bottom of the belly it seems. I still might order a few more tank tops, I need something long enough but still a little tight so it will wrap around the bottom and not make me feel so exposed!


              NER: Tomorrow is DH's birthday, so I'm going to take the day off. We're going to get some stuff done at home and then go to an early dinner out. I just need to decide which kind of leave I'm going to use, if I'm going to schedule the day off or be "sick." I need to save my paid leave, but I'll just feel a lot better if I can get some stuff done.


                MA - Sorry about the broken thermometer and the argument - if it helps, DH and I have a similar issue with money - DH is not a huge spender, but he is definitely not a saver, either, and seems to think things will just "work out."  I've been working to pay off some cc debt we have (almost complete, yay!) but DH seems to be accummulating cc debt on another card.  Nothing major, but I don't want any, especially with the expenses we have coming up! I bought Quicken and I've loaded all my account info in, but I still need to get his account info in there so he can be more accountable for his spending - we have a joint checking account for household bills/expenses, but still keep a good chunk of our money separate - I'm WAY too type A about money to have it any other way right now.


                Liz - glad you had a good trip, and glad you're feeling better!


                Ozzy - I would agree, sounds like some nesting going on.  I would/will get so irritated by texts/emails asking for news, or asking if the baby has arrived yet.  Don't people realize that you will update them when you are ready to update them, or when you have some news?  Argh.  I know they are probably just excited for you, but seriously, do they think that you popped your kid out a few days ago, and you've just been waiting for a text from them to let them know?


                schmett - GL with avoiding the swelling! I had horrible, pitting swelling on Thanksgiving, when I was only 14 weeks, so I've been keeping an eye on it, especially because my ankles have a tendency to swell even when I'm not pg - I think my long legs just have poor circulation?  Smile


                PGR: 23w1d. I think I'm experiencing some of the top of the belly burning.  Feels sort of like heartburn, but not really, and mine is also off to the side? I am also having bad back pain at night.  For some reason I guess I thought I would not have so much discomfort so early?  Anyway, anyone have tips for lessening the back pain?  I've been trying to find a comfortable sleeping position, but it hasn't worked so far - I usually prop my upper leg on a pillow, and I've tried the pillow between the knees, and neither does anything for the back pain.  I had insomnia last night and did some cat/cow flexing and that seemed to help and I was able to get a few hours sleep, but then it was hurting again by about 5:30.


                ER: yoga tonight.


                NPGR: Have to exchange some mat. clothes that I bought online.  Unfortunately, their "exchange" policy is really a "return and then buy the items again and pay all the shipping to return and re-ship the new items."  I wouldn't be so irritated with this if they didn't have a specific box that you have to check that you verified the size chart before ordering - but their size charts are off.  The sizes I ordered were based on the measurements in the size chart ( I checked measurements again this morning) and both the pants and the jeans were too small.  Ugh.


                  Ozzy -  Awesome job on swimming so much. I think ignoring those calls for a bit is just fine. I'm sure people mean well, but obviously you'll let them know when something happens! Isn't the burst of energy/cleaning frenzy a sign of impending labor!?


                  Schmett - hope your congestion clears up. Ugh. Apparently I've become quite the loud snorer these days. I feel bad for DH. How is walking for you when congested? Can you get in some short ones?


                  monk - nice work on the body flow. I say treat yourself to a few new pieces of clothing. I'm finding my pants are a bit tight in thighs...may need to get something else before this is over. Ugh...guess it's not just "all in the belly."


                  TN - re: money, have you tried mint.com? It's free and pretty awesome. You have to deal with advertising because it is free, but I think it does a nice job. Sorry you are getting some discomfort. And boo to the maternity clothes... I hate when things come in the mail and don't fit. But I also find it hard to find mat clothes in regular stores and don't really have the time to drive out to suburbs where there is more.


                  Okay, back to work.


                    Hi ladies! It's been a while, but I recognize many of you from the old RW TTC board. I'm happy to say that I'm finally preggo with #2! After 2.5 years of trying and one miscarriage we are hoping and praying for a healthy successful pregnancy. I hope you ladies don't mind if I join the group!


                    MA - It's 11 degrees here -3 with the wind chill and that's a huge warm up from yesterday, so I feel you on the cold weather! Bummer about the money argument with DH. Every couple has it, although I'm sure it's slightly different for everyone, but it is a big issue and rarely are couples on the same page. I handle all of the finances in our household, and sometimes I wish DH would, one so that I knew he could handle it should anything ever happen to me and two so that he'd really understand where all of our money goes!


                    Liz - I can only hope to make it to 30w and still continue running! Where did you go on your "babymoon?"


                    Ozzzy - Waves! I can't believe you are so close to having that baby! I'm with you on not liking the invasion of privacy as you get close to your due date. I had DS on his due date and for at least two weeks at work all I heard was "You're still here?"


                    schmett - Hoping you can finally kick that nasty cold you've been fighting.


                    TNesq - Can't believe that you're already 23 weeks with twins! The returning process sounds very frustrating. Can I ask where you ordered from?


                    monk - Good work on getting through your Body Flow class!


                    PGR: 12w1d! I have my second ultrasound and doctor's appointment tomorrow. Fingers crossed everything goes well. My last pregnancy I suffered a missed miscarriage and this was the ultrasound/appointment that we found out about it. It's been a very stressful first tri for me. Making it through tomorrow and finding out everything is okay will be huge! 


                    Did any of you order a maternity support belt for running? If so, do you have recommendations on which is the best? I know when I was preggo with DS I had to stop running due to the pressure, but I didn't really know about support belts. Sounds like that might help if I run into the same issues with this pregnancy. 


                    RR: I haven't been running a ton this winter. Just trying to make it through the first tri and relax a bit. I usually get in 1-2 runs a week and for now I'm okay with that. Hoping to get signed up for a spring race (so I have something to train for) and then get back to a more regular running schedule in my second tri. 


                    NPGR: I have a phone interview this afternoon for a new job at a new place. Right now I have a 45 minute commute to and from work, and this new job would at least cut that in half. I hope it goes well! 


                      PG: I’ve been looking at pinterest and etsy for nursery decor ideas. I found some free online prints that are super cute. I had 8 of various sizes printed at Costco for less than $8 and they came out better than expected! Now I need to find some cheap frames.


                      ER: Happy I made it to spin class last night. Thought I was going to get there later. Tonight bodypump class.


                      NPGR: Nothing really going on. Work is slow. No exciting plans for the weekend.


                      MA: Bummer about thermostat.  Me and DH recently had the money fight.  He is very rigid about money.  I'm not a crazy spender I've always lived within my means but he is in charge of the finances so I dont really worry about it now.  I think reality was really hitting him about the baby coming and he started to panic. And the kitchen remodel took a chunck of savings.


                      Liz: Yay for babymoon!


                      Ozzy: I feel ya on the privacy.  I dont want visitors when we get home from the hopsital for a couple weeks.  I dont want to be rude to people but I dont want people coming and going.


                      Schm: hope you feel better


                      Monk: enjoy DHs bday celebration and day off


                      TN: Good luck finding a comfy sleep position.  I found the pillow between my knees helps for now.  Maternity clothing sizing sucks.


                      Trozy: Congrats and welcome!!  I got a Gabriella medium support band at 20 weeks it helped with running but at 23 weeks I ended up giving up running.  I was still doing 3 miles walk/run but it was getting uncomfortable and I no longer found it fun.  Why push it if I dont enjoy it anymore.  I wear my band on hikes and at the gym and find its good support.  Good luck with your interview.


                        So I went ahead and ordered three maternity tanks from old navy online. The reviews say they're good for nursing too, so I don't feel quite so guilty. I just told DH I was going to do it instead of asking his permission too so he couldn't guilt me about it. Paid for 3 to 5 day shipping so hopefully they'll be here Monday. My wardrobe is driving me crazy, my underwear/pants are rolling down my belly today. I'll live with that though because I'm not going to buy any new pants at this point!


                        MA: Sorry about the money fight. I'm the "crazy" spender in the house, though DH spent a lot of money eating out when he was working but never buys clothes and other things he needs until I yell at him. But I'm not as crazy as I used to be when we had credit cards. Hopefully DH can get a job pretty soon and then even with a paycut the money we have in savings now shouldn't change our standard of living.


                        liz: Where did you go for your babymoon? I'm glad you enjoyed it but sorry about the cold. I know what you mean about doubting the running... I was back and forth for probably a month before I really did stop. It was getting more uncomfortable and I wasn't enjoying it anymore. I hope your ankle is OK! I tripped twice on the way out of the gym this morning!


                        ozzy: Wow, sounds like you've been pretty productive. I can't believe you're already getting all those texts and emails. I say definitely ignore it for right now.


                        schmett: My sister had her son 8 weeks premature last year because of pre-eclampsia. I can understand being concerned with swelling now. I've been really surprised to have had almost no swelling this time and what I have had goes down when I'm sleeping. I suppose it may have to do with being pregnant in the winter this time instead of summer, but I'll take it. Sorry about the frustration with exercise, but I just went through it too. Let yourself recover and then you'll get back out there.


                        TN: I get the belly burning right at the top of the belly/bottom of ribs under my left side. It feels like my underwire is digging in there, but it usually happens when I'm not wearing a bra. My back pain only affects my sleep when I move in bed. Sorry about the annoyance with the maternity clothes.


                        trozy: Welcome and congratulations! I'm crossing my fingers for you appointment tomorrow. And good luck on the phone interview. I can't imagine driving 45 minutes to work. I used a gabrialla medium support belt for running from about 18 weeks until I had to stop at 30 weeks when my body was not liking it much and I wasn't enjoying it anymore. I think thats the one most people use. It really made it more comfortable to run, though some of the aches and pains still happened.


                        Mann: Sounds like a nice cheap way to decorate! I want to paint some wood letters with P's name like I did for A, but trying to find a cheaper option. Great job getting to spin class.


                          Liz - I downloaded the mint app for my iphone a while ago, but it wouldn't sync with several of my accounts for security reasons.  I love quicken so far, I just have to get all of DH's stuff in there, too. I love all the money tracking and budgeting stuff- I probably should have been an accountant instead of an attorney Smile


                          trozy - YAY! I've been hoping you'd show up here soon! Congrats!  I'll be hoping for a great ultrasound for you tomorrow! I can't believe I'm 23 weeks, either - seems like just yesterday I was hoping the first tri would go as quickly as possible...  I ordered from a site called mommy long legs - they have 37 inch inseams for pants and jeans (selection is one pair of each, ha). I like the quality of the clothing, but they are pricey, and the shipping is astronomical - it was $18 to ship three items.  However, very tall pregnant women cannot be choosers Smile I guess I'm spoiled by the Old Navy/Gap frequent sales and free shipping. Good luck with the interview!


                          Mann - hooray for the prints! I've been trying to get some decorating ideas too - I've found a couple cute bedding sets, but the cost is astronomical for all those items that don't get used.  I really just want the crib skirts and valances - I might see if I can find some fabric and have my mom whip something up.


                          monk - sounds like it was a good idea to order the tanks - especially if you can use them while nursing, too.  I love old navy.  Their quality isn't always crazy high, but at least things are usually finished, and the cost reflects the quality - I hate spending money of something, only to have buttons fall off because they weren't fully sewn/knotted off to begin with.


                            Always posting late. Tomorrow I go in later for work, so I should be able to post in the morning. Nice!


                            ER: DH and I did Jillian (No More Trouble Zones) this afternoon. Felt really good. I have found that if I alternate walking with videos I tend to have less SPD which is wonderful. I hate that feeling! I just have to modify a lot of the video moves, which is ok since I made a list of abdominal/ core exercises that are ok for pregnancy and just use them whenever there are sit-up types of moves.


                            PGR: 32w6d. Got some acid reflux during the workout. Yuck! Other than that I'm feeling well. Sleeping has not been great lately. I think it's less a matter of comfort and more of a mental thing. I don't feel like I'm relaxing well when I go to bed. I'm going to start practicing my relaxation breathing exercises etc as I go to bed. Hopefully that will help.


                            NPGR: Wow it is freaking cold here! It's been tough to keep the house warm. DH had both space heaters going in the living room, mostly b/c he didn't know how to work the radiant one properly. He probably didn't need both, but didn't have the oil one turned up right. Poor thing! He froze all day when I was at work!


                              MA: Your runs impress me! How are the BH for you? They can't be very bad I suppose since you're still going so strong. Enjoy the midwife appointment. DH felt much better after doing the first birth class, as did I, so I hope your experience is good. Are you having a hospital birth or an alternative location?


                              Liz: Your babymoon sounds like so much fun! Just listen to your body on the running. You'll probably know when it is becoming too much. Be careful with that ankle. Injuries are bad, preggo or not!


                              Ozzy: Maybe your jeep cleaning was nesting? Possibly a good sign. My mom always did irrational cleaning the day or so before she went into labor. We would be like, “Mom you are going to have the baby tomorrow.” And she would deny it, and then the next day would be in labor. Smile Enjoy your Indian food. Sounds awesome!


                              Schmett: Double up on the protein for the swelling. I've heard it does wonders! Wow! You were a super preemie! That is incredible!


                              Monk: Great on getting back into the rhythm of working out! Sounds like bodyflow is a good option for you right now. Oh, I would hate having a drafty shirt! I'll admit that all of my preggo pants are full panel (except one pair) and all of the shirts I wear on a consistent basis are very form fitting, so I don't have that problem. I can imagine it feeling insecure!


                              TN: I have found that many of the exercises from the “Tupler Technique” book (called Maternal Fitness) have helped prevent back pain almost entirely. Of course, every woman is different, but working your abdominals in safe ways is the best way to create natural back support. The cat/cow is helpful, but it is especially good if you really tighten your abs in the “cat” position and hold it there for a count of ten.


                              Trozy: Welcome and congrats on #2! Sounds like first tri is going well. I hope you get positive results on the US! I use the Gabrialla (as do many women here) medium support and I like it a lot. I have not worn it much lately b/c I had to stop running due to excessive Braxton Hicks, but when I was using it I thought it was wonderful. Helped a ton with RLP and took the pressure off my bladder.


                              Mann: Your decorating sounds super fun! I love TJ Maxx for cheap frames, though it may be hard to find ones that completely match.

                              Laura G in Idaho

                                Sorry I never returned yesterday for personals and so late getting on today.


                                NPGR:  Feeling better, but the flu is not gone.  Still coughing, sneezing, congested/runny nose.  BUT, I have no trace of body aches, fever or chills.  So I feel much better than I did a few days ago.


                                NPGR2:  My 2nd washer is malfunctioning and won't complete a cycle.  Had a technician out, and he ran every diagnostic and declared it was working fine.  He left, and I tried to use it again, and it stopped mid-cycle once again.  So, I'm down to one washer, and it is the one that is slated to replace the next time it breaks down.  So I'm getting buried in laundry until I can get the 2nd washer up and running again.


                                PGR:  26w5d.  Finally got through to a HUMAN BEING at my midwife's office yesterday.  Told her how far along I am, and that I was seen at 12 weeks, but no visits between.  I think it threw the poor lady into super-stress mode.  She felt a lot of pressure to get me before the end of the week so I could take the GTT.  Well, I'm declining that test, anyway, so I told her not to worry about getting me in so soon.  I said it's been 14 weeks since I've been seen, and waiting a few more weeks isn't a big deal to me.  To her, it was imperative that I be seen asap.  So, she hummed and hawed over the scheduling for several minutes, trying to find a place where she might squeeze me in.  She couldn't find anything satisfactory to her, so she took my number down and was going to call me back after talking to someone on the nursing staff.  <eye roll>  I don't see why she couldn't  just make an appointment 3-4 weeks from now, without feeling stressed, which would have allowed me to make my phone call productive.  Instead, I'm sure I'll miss her return call, if she ever calls back.  Setting and attending appointments is such an annoyance and major ordeal to me, and that's why I put it off.  I can take my own blood pressure, weigh myself, and listen to FHT without the midwife.  I don't have urine test strips, and I don't have a lab to do blood work, although I'm sure that could be arranged (hubby knows how to do an IV stick, and I've done blood draws on cattle, so I'm sure we could figure it out).  I know the diet for GD is low glycemic index foods, and that exercise is recommended (well, I do plenty of that when I'm not sick with the flu!).  I know that in a previous pregnancy, I've tested positive for GBS, so I treat myself as though I'm positive in labor, and I do the hibiclens treatment.  I don't know why I even bother with seeing a midwife at all.  It would be nice to have the TLC, and to have experienced hands help me determine the baby's lie, but I'm not going to get in the car when I'm having the baby so that I can have this woman catch the baby and deal with hospital protocol if everything is apparently normal.  My labors are typically swift, so hiring a home-birth based midwife isn't really a feasible answer, either, because no one makes it in time, anyway.  All I end up doing is paying a lot of money out, and still doing it all alone.  Been there, done that.


                                ER & RR:  Not sure.  Thinking another day or two of rest would be good.  I have a virtual race scheduled for Saturday, but told the organizers I may have to bow out of it because of the flu.




                                MA:  Reading that the running is going better for you is an inspiration.  I'm worried with taking so much time off for the flu I will find running much more difficult when I get back to it, but I'm holding onto your testimony that it's going well.  So, it'll go well for me, too, right?  I'm the spender and my husband is the saver in our relationship.  It's a good thing I married someone financially conservative, or we'd be in some serious trouble.  What helps me is laying out goals, doing the budget, and paying the bills together, rather than him just telling me not to spend, not to spend, there's no money.  I know that's a lie.  There IS money.  But if he has plans that aren't clear in my mind, I am not near as motivated to limit my spending.  So, agreed-upon goals help, and seeing the budget and bills every payday also helps.  Good luck.


                                Liz:  Glad you had a good time, and that the neti pot helped.  Good job on the run!


                                Ozzy:  It's not bad to ignore all the inquiries.  You sorta need your privacy and introvertedness when baby is so close to coming.  I get frustrated with a lot of demands on my time at the end... as if everyone just expects I'll go, go, go and then pop!  I want time to just relax and be alone without having to take someone to an activity, or fulfill a responsibility outside my home.  I have told most people that I'm due in early May, even though my due date is April 26th, because I don't want to be harassed about not having had that baby yet.  On the other hand, when I'm getting really close, I want people to just leave me the frick alone!  Don't ask me to go out, don't ask me to lead the choir at church, don't ask me to substitute in the nursery at church, just leave me be!  Maybe if people knew how close to popping I really am, they'd be less demanding of my time at the end.


                                Schmett:  We'll enjoy our boxes of Puffs together.  Wink


                                monk:  Ouch to the bladder stomping!  Good luck finding clothes that work and don't allow an up-draft.  I've been pleased with Old Navy's tops and pants.  I also like mountain-mama.com .


                                TN:  I hate online returns, so sorry you need to do that!


                                Trozy:  Congratulations on the pregnancy.  I'm a newbie here, but not a newbie to pregnancy.  Wink  I just ordered a Gabrialla medium support belt, and can't wait to try it out after I'm done with the flu.


                                Mann:  Good job on the workouts!