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Laura G in Idaho

    Missed Sasha - I hope the relaxation helps you get to sleep easier.  It's so hard to get the rest you need the last several weeks.  I feel sorry for your husband being so cold!

    MA runner girl

      Back for personals because I feel bad that I never get to them, though I'm not sure anyone will read them at this point Wink


      Liz - I can't believe you are still doing bootcamp! You are so active. I miss HIIT class so much, can't wait to get back to ST. I wasn't do it before pregnancy though so I didn't feel comfortable adding it in, esp such a high intensity class. Glad to hear you had a good appt and baby is head down, well hopefully!


      Ozzy - We use Farenheit down here in MA! Wink I'm very close to giving DH an allowance and taking the cards. We'll see... I hear others say that they lose a few in the last few weeks, so I maybe the same is true for you, though you look AMAZING for 39 weeks so I don't think you have anything to worry about! I think I will be the same way with people asking me what's going on. I am already annoyed with the "How are you feeling????" comments.


      Schmetterling - I hope you are able to get a handle on the swelling. I'd think that some of it is out of your control? Aside from getting lots of fluids and eating a good diet, not too full of salt, I would think. Have you tried benedryl? When I had a cold a few weeks ago I took that and it helped along with the humidifyer.


      Monk - I have about 7 pregnancy shirts, and I really don't like the ones that don't stay tight around the belly. I think C has moved to a position that is right on my bladder too... I am peeing SO often, sometimes as soon as I go I feel like I have to again, so annoying! Have a good day with DH tomorrow!


      TN - Ha, I so don't understand how DH thinks things will just "work out", it drives me insane!! Thanks for sharing, I know money is like the number one thing couples argue about, actually it's basically the ONLY thing we argue about. OH NOOOO not you too with the belly burning! I wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy. I started feeling it probably around your point, maybe a few weeks earlier? For me, it's in the center of the top of the belly, and it feels completely muscle. It bothers me the most when I'm sitting. As for the back pain, I've been warming up on the heating pad before going to bed and it helps my back relax a bit and it feels better. Also my heated seats help too!


      trozy - Welcome and congratulations!! Glad to have you here. I have everything finance related in a spreadsheet on my laptop, so DH is set if something happens to me. I do wish he would take over for a month too, just to see that it's not all magically happening... Good luck with your ultrasound tomorrow. I'll be thinking of you! Let us know how it goes. I ordered a gabrialla band, medium support. It has been great! I absolutely recommend it. It helps with bladder pressure and some RLP, though I do still get it from time to time. It's amazing though how I don't really feel like I'm that big while I'm running, but just walking around without the band I feel huge.


      Mann - Fun that you are doing some DIY decorating! I should do some of that, pretty easy when the theme is cars/trucks Smile


      Sasha - I get BH while running, but they aren't painful so I don't worry about it. I get some RLP too, but just take a walk break and it goes away after a minute or so, sometimes longer though. I'm having a hospital birth. I hope you can find a way to relax for bedtime. I have the same problem sometimes but find that deep breathing helps me a lot. Yuck to the acid reflux while exercising, that happened to me a few weeks ago! Blech.


      Laura - So I'm assuming you have home births? Smile Do you have anyone medical come, or just you and your DH? I would be so scared to do that, but I'm sure after so many births you are all set. I'm glad you are feeling better, but I hope you feel 100% soon. I took a week off for my SI joint pain, and running is still going well, so there is hope for you! Hmmm I like your idea of coming up with a plan for spending instead of just telling him to cutback, I guess I/we just need to figure the plan out!

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