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    Morning Supermoms~


    It's almost the weekend, whoo hoo! I'm ready for it. My mom is coming out on Saturday and staying thru Weds. I can't wait to see her.


    RR: teaching core class at 6am today, and 5+ miles on my break. Didn't end up doubling yesterday, even though it was 60* out, it was pouring, so I couldn't take R out.


    TR: figured out how to unroll the toilet paper, yikes. DH usually lets R play in the bathroom with some toys while he's showering in the morning, and there was a huge pile of tp on the floor when he was done, hehe. Had him outside for a bit yesterday during a brief break in the rain and he loved stomping through the puddles.


    NRR: one of the front desk/check-in girls at work is sick w/ the norovirus. She came in to work on Tuesday, and told the boss "I'm not going to make it through my shift, I feel terrible." WHY would you come to work, knowing you're going to end up sick, and exposing the rest of us to your nasty germs?! So pissed and hoping that no one else gets sick.

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    beskirted & manicured

      RR - 5 miles, including 3 repeats of the double bitch with Sam and Emma.  The winds are gusting to 60 kph/40 mph.  I don't think it's a headwind but when it's that windy who cares?


      TR - last night we played with duplos in his room, both of us wearing diapers on our heads.  At one point, he had his completely pulled over his face, with only the corner of one eye peeking out the leg hole.


      FR - grilled cheese with mushrooms, tomato soup.


      NRR - coffee with Beth this morning.



      rg - coming to work with the super contagious nasties is just inconsiderate.  re: toilet paper.  When B did that, we got the toddler proof doorknob covers for the bathroom.

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        zorbs- ahahaha about the diapers on your head! DH says he puts R's pants on his head while he changes his diaper. Usually we keep the bathroom doors closed so R can't get into mischief. Enjoy the hill repeats, those are one of my favorite workouts! Mmm, coffee- I love going out for coffee. i agree about the wind- when it's that strong it sucks no matter which way it's blowing.

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        running eh

          RR - heard the wind and went back to bed.  May try to hit the gym, but it's a busy day today.


          NRR - DD1's 7th birthday today.  She has an MD appt in the morning, I have a rental house showing in the afternoon and I need to get cleaning b/c we are having company from church tonight (unrealted to DD's birthday).


          FR - portobello fajitas


          KR - DD2 has an appt with an orthopedic surgeon for knee pain.  She is not the toughest kid around and can whine about the smallest things, but knee pain for a 7 year old seems strange.


          Zorbs - you are a much braver woman than I running in this weather.  I need an RP to keep me accountable.  Funny about the diapers!  Have  nice coffee with Beth today.


          RG -  yuck on the sickness, hope you all stay healthy!  Enjoy your run today.  Is it cold and windy where you are too?


            RR - Going to do 13k with the stroller this morning. It will be my longest stroller run ever! It sounds awfully windy out there, though, so I'm not exactly looking forward to it.


            BR - Loves having her teeth brushed. I guess that explains why she was after that toothbrush in the garbage the other day. Sensory class yesterday was fun. They had bowls of baking soda, food colouring and vinegar at one station. S ate a big glob of baking soda and vinegar and seemed to enjoy it. Weirdo.


            FR - Penne with salmon, sundried tomatoes, baby spinach and rose sauce.


            NRR - Shopping day - have to hit up the grocery store, get a few new pairs of pants for S and get myself a new clutch bag for when I go out this weekend.




            rg - Ugh, I would want to slap that girl who came to work with the norovirus! Ha, S loves to attack the toilet paper roll, too. I still like to keep her in the bathroom while I shower so she's not causing trouble elsewhere, but I've started keeping the toilet paper on a shelf she can't reach.


            zorbs - There are some major wind gusts here, too. Today's run is going to be a big change from yesterday's balmy, spring-like run. Grilled cheese with mushrooms sounds really good. I'm going to have to try that. Ha ha, I'd like to see a picture of your diapers on the head game!


            running eh - Happy birthday to dd1! Sounds like you'll be getting lots of exercise from all the running around you have to do today. Is DD2s orthopedic appointment today also? Hopefully her knee thing turns out to be nothing.

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              RR: coaching session this morning. although will be something very light given 5k on sunday.


              NRR: have green card interview date 5th March! Whoo hoo! Now I just need to get all medical-ed up. The instructions are a nightmare.


              NRR2: went out for dinner last night to celebrate DH's promotion. Was lovely.


              BR: was a complete awesome little person yesterday at core class. Sat on the end of my yoga mat with the big bag of toys I brought for him and played for an hour whilst I did the class. He was incredible. Is on nap strike. No nap in the day is so freakin exhausting esp when I had been running around in two parks all morning with him. In my head I expect that time and I need to get over that and work through the exhaustion!


              FR: probably leftovers I have a few bits and pieces that need eating up.

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                RR: going to try to squeeze in 5 between work and a meeting today.  3.1 yesterday .  The new treadmill at work is horrible.  It kept jerking and speeding up.  Guess this is a cutback week for me since I only have 8.1 miles when I normally have 15+.


                RR#2:  I should clarify regarding the "new" TM.  It is new to US.  Not brand new.  However, there is a brand new huge HD TV in that room.  Roll eyes


                TR: Was pretty good for me last night.  A couple meltdowns  but nothing out of the ordinary.


                NRR:  I was very proud of myself last night with everything I was able to accomplish with it just being J and I.  I ditched the frozen meal idea and made a real meal for the two of us which was nice.  I also was able to shower.  He didn't like when the water was spraying him when he would peek on me, so I showed him how to lift just the curtain and he would lift it, smile, say hi, and run away.


                FR: Made beef stroganoff for dinner.  J loved the noodles!


                Be back for personals when I get to work.



                rg - J discovered the toilet bowl brush last night and I freaked out on him.  Amazing how interested kids are with the stuff in the bathroom.  Have a good run on your break.


                zorbs - Sounds like you had a lot of fun last night! Enjoy your coffee date.


                eh! - You are one busy woman!  I hope everything goes smoothly and you can get  a run in.  Your girls birthdays are close, huh?


                ernie - Glad you and DH have plans to get away together for a night!  J loves to brush his own teeth, aka suck on the toothbrush and drool all over the place.  He gets mad when I try to help.


                bermy - Sounds like DS is a pretty chill kid.  Maybe trading a nap for an hour of yoga isn't horrible.  I hear ya on that alone time though.  On the weekends, I just want a few minutes to just sit.


                jen - Boo that J is being naughty at daycare.  Do you think he is seeing other kids doing this and is mimicing them?  Or do you think he is trying to get attention from the other kids?  DH thought you migh thave a snow day today...a quick Google search confirmed you didn't!

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                  rg - LOL on the TP...J does the SAME thing...we had to start hiding the TP when we bring him in the bathroom.  His new favorite toy is the plungerSad  UGH on the norovirus...I heard it is going around pretty bad and hoping I don't get hit with it too.  Stay healthy!!  Have  a great run today!


                  zorbs - Yikes on the wind...have a good run despite that.  LOL...I would love to see a picture of you and B with diapers on your heads playing with blocks!!


                  eh - Happy birthday to your DD...will she have a party?  Sorry to hear about DD2's knee pain...yes, too young for that.  I hope everything turns out fine.


                  ernie - Good luck with the stroller run in the wind...I have not done more than 6 with my stroller and I don't want to...lol!  Have fun shopping, I hope you find what you need.


                  bermy - Sorry DS is on a nap strike!  He needs the nap and you need the recovery time!  You deserve it.  Have a great run today.  Glad DS was so good at core class.  Yay for dinner out and good luck with your green card interview...are you nervous?


                  RR - Hoping for 5-6 on the TM today.


                  TR - Was naughty at daycare yesterday and pushed some blocks over that 2 other boys were building and then laid on the themSad  He also got bit...AGAIN.  Now they are having a daycare worker shadow him for the day to see if he is doing anything to provoke the biting...which I am sure he is.


                  NRR - was hoping for another snow day...maybe tomorrow?  I am so tired this week even though I already had Monday off.  I think the weather has me in a funk.  DH was in bed at 8:30 last night!


                  FR - Veg Barley soup in the crockpot thanks to Kelly at New Leaf Wellness.


                    r-eh: yeah, it's windy and the temp is dropping in a hurry. it was 50* at 5AM, and supposed to be in the low 30's this afternoon. i HATE the wind mroe than any other element to run in! mmm, portabela fajitas sound awesome! happy bday to your DD


                    ernie- have a great run, hope it's not too windy for you. the longest stroller run i've done is 9 miles, haven't needed to take him with me for longer runs, which is nice! enjoy the shopping trip today. your sensory class sounds like so much fun!


                    bermy- congrats to your DH on his promotion! wow, i'm impressed that D sat so well for you during class. R always tries to do planks with me when i do them at night. enjyo the time with yoru coach today, too! ugh on the nap strike, I look forward to that time just to be "off duty" for a bit, although i'm usually running around cleaning, cooking, etc. one of these days i should nap while he naps...


                    mer- great job on getting everything done last night! it is eye-opening to be solo parent when you're used to sharing the responsibility. DH was so tired when i went back to work full-time in the beginning of Jan. sorry about the new TM, sounds like a bad motor. we had one like that at the gym and they replaced the whole motor unit which solved the problem.


                    jen- aw, sorry about the daycare troubles! maybe that other kid is jsut biting? hope you get a nice run in today. ooh, barley soup sounds amazing! you'll have to let me know how it turns out. did you get Kelly's cookbook?

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                      mer - WOW you are a supermom!!!  Way to go on all the stuff you accomplished last night.  Sorry the TM sucked...how can they get a new TM and it suck...bad purchase!  Hope you have time for your run today.  I am thinking a cut back week this week for me too!!


                      rg - Yes, I did buy her cookbook.  I did the beef and carrots already and it was wonderful.  Trying the soup tonight so I'll let you know.  Those were the 2 easiest recipes in the book...the others take a bit more time...but I want to try them out.


                      Bad Ass Mother Runner

                        Morning. Up early feeding O again.


                        RR - something this afternoon during naps. Have to check my schedule. Hopefully O sleeps long enough for me to fit it in.


                        TR - discovered that she has nipples the other day. She had been feeding her babies from her belly button but was running around without a shirt and looked down and saw them. She calls my breasts my 'milk' and she was excited saying 'mommy I have milk too' and then ran and grabbed teddy to feed him Smile


                        BR - up at 6 but looks like she's nursing and going back to sleep. I doubt I'll be able to fall back asleep at this point.


                        FR - not sure. I need to come up with something. Maybe a freezer casserole.


                        be back later.

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                          RR:  Yesterday I was supposed to run 5 but ended up doing 4 with the stroller.  I cut it short because the wind was crazy and H was not a fan.  10mi on the schedule today. I have a two hour break at school so I hope I can get it in then.


                          BR:  Up to nurse twice last night, most recetly at 5.  I have to wake him up at 6:40 so hopefully he won't be too tired.  I am actually getting really sad that I think my nursing days may be over soon.  I never thought I would be one of those moms that want to nurse to 2 or 3 but now I think I do.  The sad reality is my milk supply will just not support that.  I am bringing my pump to school today to be a good girl.


                          NRR (TMI):  I am having the wierdest semi-period.  I have had an IUD in for over a year and have had a pretty regular period - cycle every 28-29 days.  My period is supposed to start in one week.  The last few days I have been having a lot of brown discharge (which I know is normal for an IUD) but I also have been passing what looks like chunks of tissue.  It is probably just more of the discharge.  Last night I passed what looked like a few small clots as well.  No heavy bleeding or cramping.  My first thought was this seems like a miscarriage.  I POAS just in case and got a BFN.  It is just really wierd.


                          RG:  Yay for your mom coming to visit!  Anything fun planned?


                          zorbs:  Too funny about the diaper hat.  We are having some killer winds here too.  Wind is one of my least favorite things to run in.


                          eh:  Happy birthday to DD!!  Good luck at the doctor's appt.


                          erne -Good luck on the stroller run.  The wind just about killed me yesterday with the stroller.


                          bermy - Yay for an interview!  And your little guy sounds so well behaved.  I don't think H would ever sit in one place for a whole hour.


                          jen - Oh no about the biting!  I hope they get the issue resolved.  The things is kids at this age just bite sometimes and it is pretty normal.  Never fun to have your kid being the one bitten though.  Our daycare actually made a point of telling us biting was normal at orientation, haha, so not to be worried if we saw that on an incident report.  Luckily no bites yet.  As for the language, I am not really sure he says mama, dada and 2 more words.  He kind of has his own language.  He will say dada but not really mama.  He says it occassionally but I think it means food or milk.


                          Uh oh, H is crying...

                          5k - 21:32  FM - 3:27:40


                            rr: something on the tm today. ugh, so sick of the tm. next week should be "warmer" in the 20s, so hopefully rp and i will start in the mornings again.


                            br: i rubbed his poor gums last night for the longest time. his molars on the bottom are gigantic bumps that only seem to bother him when he is laying down. poor little guy.


                            tr: dd1 has a teddy bear picnic at school tomorrow. is it weird that we don't own a single teddy bear? gotta stop at my parents' house today to get one.


                            nrr: ordered new k-cups a couple days ago and i cannot wait for them to get here. right now i'm drinking all the crappy samplers that come with the keurig and they are far from good.


                            fr: went out for mexican last night with my friend. it was delicious but gave me the worst gut ache ever. tonight will be the chicken noodle soup i have been putting off.


                              Hi ladies,


                              RR - 4 on the TM, again... mrsz i'm sick of the TM too...


                              BR - hanging out with my mom today while i get my new orthodics and make a quick trip to the mall...


                              NRR - my sister is getting married in two days and thinks she has the flu...awesome..


                              sorry for the fly by... hard to post these days with C constantly wanting my attention...


                                rg: yup, us weekly thursday for me means one day closer to the weekend! c learned how to climb up on the kitchen chairs. so not fun.


                                zorbs: have fun at coffee this morning. hopefully you can figure out how you can still run together! lol on the diapers!


                                eh! weird about your knee pain. a day or two ago i was feeling the back of dd1's leg for a scratch she said she had which reminded me that i had a cyst on the back of my knee when i was little. so i made sure she didn't have any. for me, when i went in for my pre-op the "cyst" had disappeared and at the time they were concerned in was cancerous.


                                ernie: i am on the hunt for a new pair of jeans for dd2. she has the most adorable skinny jeans from gap that she just rediscovered. she put them on for school today and they were about 2 inches too short. she was so sad when i told her she could not wear them to school. luckily i'm going shopping this weekend! c loves getting his teeth brushed too; well the bottom ones.


                                bermy: yay for your green card appt! my friend's son is on a nap strike; i told her she would not want to be friends with me if my kids didn't nap. is bermuda super touristy?


                                mer: sounds like our tm at home. it pauses randomly where you feel like you are going to fall off. dh tightened the belt as much as he can. guess we may need to buy a new one. how were the roads for you yesterday?


                                jen: i'm interested to see what they say about "a day in the life of j"! i'm pulling for a snow day for you for tomorrow! do you have to make them up if you have too many. i think we have 2 built in but have used those 2 up already. as a teacher i would be angry to make them up, but a loves school so much i won't mind! dh and i stayed up late watching a new show he's been dying to see. he looked tired this morning!


                                car: your tr made me smile because dd1 would nurse her lovie after dd2 was born and she also used her belly button. also reminded me that the other day dd2 asked her teacher what her "poofs" were; her teacher thought she was talking about her snowman pin; nope she was talking about her teacher's boobs. had to laugh about it, but it made me feel bad that my own daughter doesn't think i have boobs because they are so small!! her teacher told her that as you get older you get them; so dh asked if that meant i was still going to get mine Wink


                                shelby: my cousin and i had the period talk yesterday and she is having similar periods to you (not with an iud though); she's going to go get checked out since she hasn't been in for an annual since her dd was born 5+ years ago! i have been spotting randomly up to getting my period the last couple months and i rejoiced when it didn't happen this week! hopefully my body has finally figured it out since stopping nursing c. our insurance now covers iuds, so i'm kinda curious about them now. wasn't before when i knew it covered 0%.