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beskirted & manicured

    RR - 10 miles with 8 @ MP.  Sam is the one who has to be home by 7 am.  I technically don't need to be home until 7:30..but I'd rather have company so I keep dragging myself out of bed.


    TR - kept dumping stuff (crumbs from the bottom of a chip bag, a plastic bucket that had Christmas tree pine needles in it) on the floor and demanding, "sweep! sweep!"


    FR - new Pinterest recipe - White Cheddar Chicken Rotini, salad. QUESTION: the recipe calls for dry mustard.  I don't have any, but I do have honey mustard, regular yellow mustard and dijon.  Which of the 3 would you substitute?


    NRR - massage Jen misread my email and didn't see the part about how I wanted to see her AND get a massage..so I am just having coffee with her this morning.

    5K - 24:10 | 8K - 40:41  | 10K - 51:40.6 | HM - 1:51:10 | 30K - 2:44:54 | Marathon - 3:59:26


    running eh

      RR - intervals tonight, 400s - I am NOT a fan of running in the evening, so we will see how it goes.

      RR#2 - I have been encouraging DH about the marathon training by making him breakfast if he run in the morning before work - today was bacon and eggs - is that counterproductive - a huge plate of bacon after running?


      NRR - cleaning and a few errands today.  maybe a visit to the library with the kids.


      FR - butternut squash ravioli and pork tenderloin


      KR - took the kids through the car wash yesterday, DD2 was terrified - I felt bad for her...


      Zorbs - way to get up and go - I think it's much easier to run with someone so it would be worth the extra half hour to me.  have a nice coffee with Jen!


        RR - 5 x 400 intervals. I feel so unmotivated to run now that it's freezing cold out again.


        TR - Last night, while I was making dinner, she took her diaper off and pooped in her toy box. It was as awful as you would imagine. On Sunday night, we were sitting her on my niece's potty, so maybe she thought her toy box was a potty?


        FR - Linguine with chicken, baby spinach, cherry tomatoes and parmesean.


        NRR - Is everyone in the world trying to sell stuff out of their homes these days? I am getting invited to one of those makeup/jewellery/pampered chef type parties nearly every week. I pretty much never go to them.


        Wow, I just realized my post sounds rather negative today. I might be a bit grumpy this morning!




        zorbs - Hmm, if you can teach B how to sweep the floors, his fascination with sweeping could really work in your favour! I would go with the dijon mustard - it develops a nice flavour when cooked with chicken or fish.


        eh - We are doing the same type of workout again today! Aw, poor DD2. I can see how a car wash could be scary for a kid. Bacon after every run may be counterproductive. Bacon after long runs is necessary!

        5k - 20:46          10k - 41:27         10 mile - 1:15:32          Half marathon - 1:39:15      




          RR - 5 in the dark... saw another deer, was on someone's front lawn, staring at me... I got spooked and turned and bolted the other way..


          BR - the good, the bad, the ugly..


          good - without any encouragement from us, C climbed up the basement steps.. like stepped up with her right leg, then left, then right, etc.. she did this a few times before she got tired.. there are 15-16 steps..


          the bad - while in the basement, we noticed she was eating something... there is no food anywhere in the basement... DH grabbed her and I pulled out a small round fabric furniture protector, the kind that goes on the bottom of table legs so they won't scuff the floors.  She could've choked on it.  Mom fail.


          the ugly - took C outside so she could walk around... she stumbled on a crack, put her hands down to break her fall, and then face planted.  On the cement driveway.  Scratched up her nose and forehead.  It wasn't pretty.


          NRR - the CEO of the company is in town for the ribbon cutting ceremony , welcoming everyone into our new building.  I'm actually wearing dress pants instead of jeans.



          zorbs - hope you get that massage in soon!


          eh - mmmm... bacon and eggs.  Maybe not the best meal to eat after running but it sure tastes good!


          ernie - ew poop in the toy box?  Hey maybe she's telling you she's ready to be rid of diapers and wants to use the big ppl's toilet!


            RR: 7 miles this morning once coffee settles. It's a cutback/recovery week, and I think I'm going to only do one quality workout this week instead of my usual two. My 20 was mentally tough on Sat, so I'm thinking an easier week will be good.


            TR: was so happy to get home yesterday! Ran around playing with all of his toys.


            NRR: working/training Weds-Fri this week. Off today, which is nice. Woke up to snow on the ground, yuck.

             5K: 19:15       Half: 1:29:35       Marathon: 3:13:08


              Today I can best be described as a cluttered mind.  So many things rolling around I can't think straight about any one thing:

              RR: Rock n roll marathon coming to Raleigh Apr 2014 - would be awesome not sure if I want to run a spring FM - longs runs in cold weather hold no appeal.  Maybe I should do a FM this fall and just keep up the mileage through spring?

              WR: I'm the boss for 3 weeks while the real one in in Hawaii.  We have a ton of work to do and its a bit overwhelming/frustrating to have an office full of six figure salaries who can't do a dang thing.

              FR: Trying to ease into going Paleo and getting the rest of the family on board.  Would love to be able to plan menus and grocery shop accordingly

              DH: had the nerve to complain about his pants being poorly ironed...I think its a result of him being stressed about his job so I'm not too annoyed with him.


              Zorbs: I'd go with yellow mustard

              eh: I'm a huge fan of bacon so its sounds like a great breakfast to me!

              Ctimes two - when my DD was maybe 2 she ate something off the floor at the dollar store.don't look at it as a Mom Fail - it happens!




                RR: 5 at some point today.


                TR:  says "No" like there is no tomorrow!  He used to just shake his head.  Now we have the whole word.  Slept until 7 which was great.


                NRR: Not too sure what our plan is for today.  Might go to the zoo, or drop J off with grandma this afternoon and shop. We shall see.


                FR: Meatloaf, baked potato, and green beans last night. It was good, but I wasn't super hungry.


                PGR: 14 weeks today.  Got a really good start on baby's blanket since I have been off.  I like it a lot.



                zorbs - 4 am is way too early.  I know you do that a lot, but that just scruel horrible.  I guess off I knew I could Bonaparte it would be different too.


                eh - sounds like a nice day today.  Enjoy.


                ernie - your FR sounds really good.  Sorry about the toy box incident last night.


                Cx2 - Sounds like C had quite the day!  Are you feeling better about being at work?


                rg - Boo to the snow.  I was going to have a small cup of coffee, but DH dumped it before I had a chance.  Have a great run.


                dexy - hi!  Sounds like you have a lot going on.  I wish I could make six figures and do very little!!


                mrszm - great run.  We're you on the TM or outside?  That was crappy off your RP to run without you when you had plans.

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                Gazelle Girl 1/2 Marathon 4/13 - 1:48:46



                  rr: 6.25m last night in the new shoes. take that rp! srd today.


                  br: 18 month check went great. we have a very proportionate little boy.


                  tr: both girls are coughing so terribly. dr said this cold virus is lasting 3 weeks!


                  nrr: i realized yesterday that our weekend is completely free coming up! we will see if that holds true come friday...


                  fr: dr told me to go lactose free for awhile to see if that helps my gut problems. hamburgers tonight.


                  Strollermama: the new shoes were amazing! seriously, where have they been all my life?


                  zorbs: dr asked yesterday if c mimics household chores! i said he does; should i send him your way to help out?


                  eh: yup c hates the car wash. screamfest the entire time. the girls think it is funny that he hates it...


                  ernie: ewww to the poop! for awhile I was getting invited to a lot of parties too. now if i want something i just find someone who knows someone and order that way. much easier than going to the actual party. any sizing suggestions from lulu? i was checking out the size chart and figured i would use that. Also read comments and compared my weight/height to others who had listed it...


                  cx2: i would love a job where i could wear jeans every day! oh wait i do wear sweats every day. Wink awesome about the stair climbing!


                  rg: you definitely deserve to take it easy!


                  dexy: good luck being boss! i want to go to hawaii for 3 weeks!!


                  runninmer: c used to do an exaggerated nod when you would ask him something, then it was shaking his head no, and now he says "no" very matter of factly. the girls like to ask him, "do you like daddy more than mommy." i ran outside; it was friggin' windy!


                  bermy: have fun with fm lady; i bet she will be too slow for you! have fun with your laundry Wink


                    RR: running club with the lady who ran 71 fms last year.


                    NRR: laundry!!!! Now I have a washer and a dryer. I am so excited. I was doing it all night, secretly unloading and loading. I am sad and I know it. Oh and yesterday was the first day that DH and I have never paid rent, to anyone, in our whole lives. It was a good day. We love being home owners!


                    BR: slept in until 2.44am! It’s getting longer. He is feeling much better.


                    FR: last night’s corn cakes were a hit. Tonight is Kung Pao Chicken. Oh and I found a ‘world market’ at the back of town somewhere and I am so excited and I am so excited about the cooking world that is just about to open for us.

                    5K 21.12   10K 50:12   HM 2:07   FM 3:50:31


                      RR:  8 mi with 5x800, or maybe more if I am feeling up for it.

                      TR:  Woke up early this morning but then cuddled in bed with me for a while.  Loves throwing his plastic eggs of the balcony.

                      NRR:  Day off from class and clinic, yay.  I have a ton of catch up studying to do and my run.  Also hoping to hop over to REI and pick up a new pair of shoes.  And apparently our REI has a cool kid's play area on the 3rd floor so DS will enjoy that.


                      mrszm:  Glad to hear you liked them!  Did the toe box feel narrow?  I am going to go to REI this afternoon and try on a pair!  AS for lulu, I wear about one size bigger than I do in other stores.  I also wear a different size on top than bottom.  I have found their sizes are definitely made for small chests.  I do a 4 in bottoms and 6 in tops.  And I also think reading the comments are helpful and maybe doing some measurements if you have a tape laying around.


                      zorbs: Way to go on getting in 10 miles before 7am!


                      RG:  Your mileage rocked last month!  You deserve an easier week.


                      ernie:  Wow, you make me so glad H hasn't learned how to take off his diaper yet.  On the other hand, DD will probably be an early potty trainer!


                      eh:  I am not a fan on night running either.  I think bacon is excellent motivation!


                      cx2:  We have a pack of neighborhood deer at our house that just hang out in the yards of all the houses.


                      dexy:  Oh, that would be fun.  I would say I would come race it with you but cross my fingers, DH will no longer be in NC!


                       mer:  Yay for 2nd tri.  Are you feeling good for your 1/2?  Your mileage has been awesome!


                      bermy:  Have fun with the new RP!  I bet she has some great stories.

                      5k - 21:32  FM - 3:27:40


                        RR - tennis clinic in a bit, then running something after.  I have not been in the mood to follow a training plan so I'm just running when I feel like it and hoping I do OK at the half this month.  I don't really care how I do, as long as it's not my slowest ever.


                        BR - now says "ba" for ball instead of the "da" he's been saying.  I don't know how he made the switch since we all say "da" now.


                        KR - back to school!


                        FR - not sure but need to get this fridge cleaned out so hoping to find something useful in there when I do.


                        NRR - another pretty day!  Really love waking up and having the sun shine in and the windows open.




                          RR: Speedwork - will use a preset on the TM because I don't currently have a training plan, ACK!


                          TR:  Played with the triplets yesterday afternoon and wore himself out, today he will be with them ALL day.  Should be interesting.  Mom said he is getting super frustrated because they can't understand him Sad  Poor boy.  I think it is just because one of them is named Ezekiel.


                          NRR:  Sanding the porch this afternoon.


                          FR:  I think DH is making chicken picatta.  I haven't cooked in forever Smile


                          Office is super quiet - bossman is in court and the other two are off today!


                            Zorbs:  Dijion.  Boo on the massage, yum coffee Smile


                            Eh:  Oooooh I love butternut squash ravioli!  I love bacon after a long run.


                            Ernie:  I am sorry, I couldn't help but laugh about the poop.  I hope your day gets better.


                            Cx2: Eh, it happens to everyone.  I wouldn't call it a mom fail.  Ouch on the fall, I hope she heals quickly.


                            RG:  Boo on the snow.


                            Dexy:  I saw that about RNR.  DH asked so does this mean we are going to Raleigh next year?



                            Boo, I hear someone on the stairs.  Gotta go find out who it is.  BBL


                            Bad Ass Mother Runner

                              Morning ladies!


                              selfish phone post.


                              RR - 3-5 miles. RP and I are taking turns watching each others kids and running solo.


                              TR - 3!! She keeps asking if she can pee standing up like daddy lol.


                              BR - doing great. She's been pushing her wake up to 4-4:30 Smile


                              FR - shrimp and rice for the birthday girl. Need to pick out a recipe and get a couple things. DQ after supper!


                              NRR - going to the zoo with RP and her kids after running. It's supposed to be 17c today!!


                              have a good one!

                              5k - 22:56        10k - 46:13          HM - 1:45:39          FM - 3:57:03

                              Blog: http://terryruns.wordpress.com/


                              beskirted & manicured

                                eh - I can't hear you, just devoured a large plate of leftover Easter ham & scalloped potatoes as a post-run snack.  If your DH eats bacon and eggs BEFORE running, he will regret it in about 3 seconds.


                                ernie - AGH on the toy box poop.  The problem is, B wants ME to sweep..I am not a fan of his creating messes on purpose for me to clean up.


                                cx2 - once I thought I saw a dog while running and it turned out to be deer. I don't think babies choke that easily.  I let B put whatever he wanted in his mouth, figured the germs would help him build immunity.


                                rg - I had to hit the road before my coffee settled this morning, what a horrible feeling.


                                dexy - re: poorly ironed pants - I hope you answered, "if you don't like it, do it yourself."


                                mer - 4 am is my limit and that's what time I got up this morning.  fortunately there are no midweek runs longer than 10 miles so I don't have to get up any earlier.


                                mrszm - I find that lulu bottoms are much more consistent, whereas the tops tend to run small, especially if you have a proportionately big torso like me.  Bottoms I always wear a 4 (although I do own a few 6's and a couple 2's) and tops I wear 4, 6, or even 8.

                                5K - 24:10 | 8K - 40:41  | 10K - 51:40.6 | HM - 1:51:10 | 30K - 2:44:54 | Marathon - 3:59:26