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    Snow here but it's stopped now.  Going to head into the gym though as I know that it wouldn't be safe to run in the fluffy stuff. will be no shoulder to road.  otherwise would be lovely!  We had about 4-6 inches fall during the afternoon/evening yesterday.


    Ginny-that is odd with the oven door.  fun to run in santa hat.  I ran on Christmas Eve morning but didnt think to even wear red.


    Judy-nice job staying active in inclement weather.


    Julie-I hear ya on teh trip to ER from roller skating. hope you had fun! I am now awakening from turkey coma.


    Laura-Gizmo is a cutie!


    Marjorie-you are a brave woman...and smart for not over indulging.


    Carol-I'm pretty much a food junkie.  at least my lunches are clean again since I'm back at work these 3 days.


    Tessa-was pretty much a white scene from my office window yesterday but roads not too bad. just took double usual time since freeways were about 25-30 mph. usual LA speed I imagine.


    LisaMarie-YakTrax work well on snow but not glare ice. screw shoes (google it)are supposed to help but I opt for tm on ice days. if there is packed snow then road with trax on. there are also spikes that can be worn for ice.


    Camille - congrats on the challenge!




      Good morning,


      Had quite a storm here yesterday.  Library sent us home at 3, so that was nice!  All calm now and I see the snow plow has left a huge pile at the end of our driveway.  Will have to dig out again to get the car out this morning...that's what DH is for, right?  Actually, I like to shovel, but that stuff the plow leaves behind is too darn heavy!


      Have a good day





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      Mighty Mouse

        Wednesday the roads were all snow covered and really slippery so I went directly home and did an hour of cardio (lots of marching and jogging in place).

        Ginny, good heavens about the oven door! Shocked I'm glad no one was hurt. I think I can recall my oven breaking right before having to roast the turkey. The engineer from the apartments rescued me and the bird. Big grin Fortunately it was an easy fix.

        Today I’m off to get my hair cut and colored hopefully. After that I will do my cardio again at home. Track tomorrow.

        Happy runs, All!  :::HUGS:::



          Morning Ladies!


          LisaMMR - You certainly got a lot more snow then we did.  Just a dusting here.  Enjoy the DM!


          Ginny - What a treat to be sent home early because of snow!!!


          Judy - You have got to be one of the most disciplined people I know - you go girl!!!


          Off to work....Have a great day!




          Fire Jumper

            Good morning all!


            LOT's of snow here, this morning. It is beautiful. The early morning after a fresh snow, when the first hints of light are in the sky, is breathtaking. It reminds me that there are parts of winter that I am to be grateful for.


            Cindy and I had a lovely time when we met for coffee at the Blue Bee Cafe in the sweet little town that she grew up in. It's about 35 minutes from where I live, and we managed to get in a good, long conversation before I had to head back over the mountain to beat the storm. Cindy, I hope that you and your family have a safe and enjoyable trip home! I look forward to seeing you again in August!


            Cindy & Julie at the Blue Bee Cafe


            ROLLER SKATING was a HOOT!   I loved it soooo much.  I really thought about it, and I do believe that it has been at least 25 years since I've had a pair of roller skates on.  It took about 15 minutes to get my feet back under me and then I was zipping around the rink.  What fun!!  No falls, no bruises.  My RB#1 managed to dent the floor three times... lol.... but no trips to the ER.  I'm ready to go again.


            Catching up on a few personals from yesterday:

            LC - hooray for "hypoallergenic" dogs!   Can't wait to see the Gizmo pics!


            Marjorie - how awesome that you keep your good eating habits through the holidays.  I have had to be careful, due to my bodies desire to make me obese again.  Fortunately, with only a few indulgences  my weight has remained steady.


            Lisa Marie - I live in very rural upstate New York - Oneonta - which is half way between Albany and Binghamton (and south of Syracuse).  No power outages, though!  So, we're good!


            Tessa, Camille - my newest discovery on the baking front is biscotti!  Oh my gosh.  I am having a good time with that.  I load them up with toasted almods and cranberries... add a touch of vanilla flavoring and I'm good to go.  I don't do much baking, so this is a new frontier for me Smile


            Karen - it's the gym for me as well.  The shoulders are slender in this area, and they are currently covered with what the plows leave behind.  ugh.


            Ginny - when I was new to the north and didn't understand snow, I actually tried to drive over one of those mounds left by the plows.  My car ended up on top of the mound, with the wheels not making contact with the ground.  *blush*  I was on my way to church, in heels and a dress ... it's funny now. 


            Hi Carol and Judy!


            Have a great day!


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              HI!  I took some time out and unplugged for Christmas.  Got alot done, enjoyed being with family.  I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas.  Didn't want to get out of bed this morning so I will run after work.


              Have a great day.  I need to catch up on the personals!


                Cindy and Julie, great pic!   So nice that you got to meet.


                Julie, as coworker used to make an almond and cranberry biscotti for me. It was great!  My baking days are prob over until prob Easter.  I do it for family holidays/get togethers, but have too much of a sweet tooth to bake at other times.


                Karen, I meant to comment on the TM workouts. You'll do great at Mt Mitchell. : )


                I've a question of you folks who've lost a bunch of weight. My DD has prob gained 30 lbs since spring-prob has crossed into obese category. She's always struggled with weight,  but used to try. When she was here, she wanted every high calorie thing I've ever made and is clearly not even trying to keep weight down.. Not wanting to hurt her, I said nothing and cooked part of it (brownies, pie...things for the family gatherings). However, I'm very concerned. My sister has been morbidly obese for years (started gaining massive amounts when she married),  ruined her joints, has had a small stroke (actually TIA probably) and could never do active things with her daughter. She just missed so much of life due to her weight. I didn't say anything at all to DD.  Is there anything at all I can say without jeopardizing our relationship? She's extremely bright, studying public health and knows the dangers of obesity, but seems to not care now.  Anything I can say or do  anythingor should I just keep my mouth shut?



                  Lisa, sounds sensible not to run in fresh snow if you can't see where the road ends and the ditch begins.


                  LA freeways can be anything from 5 mph to 90 mph, depending on which freeway and what time of day.



                  It's really light this week...


                  And I hear you on the clean eating when at work. As long as we stay away from the food everyone brought in to get it out of the house...


                  Ginny, yes, put DH to work on that heavy snow. Doesn't the plow pack it as it removes the snow from the street? Glad the library sent you home to be safe.


                  Judy, marching and jogging in place? Good job, hope the people underneath don't mind.


                  Julie, great that you had a good meetup with Cindy and you had fun roller skating! Giggling on RB denting the floor. (We had a claim a while back where someone actually managed to dent the car door when she closed it by bumping it with her butt.)


                  Also laughing at the image of your car stuck on a snow mound with all wheels spinning. Some people don't realize that for four-wheel drive to work at least two wheels should be in contact with the ground.


                  Hi Susan! I figured you were either visiting or busy. Christmas was pretty good except for DH managing to run over a curb on the 23rd and ruining the wheel of the van. A bill for a new wheel and tire and trim that got knocked off --- lovely Christmas present.


                  Camille, that is a touchy question. I'm not sure there's much you can do. I guarantee you your daughter know she's heavy. And she knows what causes it and what she'd need to do to address the situation. I particularly didn't want to hear my mother say anything about it when I was obese.


                  I would say don't cook the high calorie things, tell her your doctor told you not to eat them. She's perfectly capable of cooking them herself if she wants them, you don't need to enable her by providing more food. Could you find lower calorie versions of some of her favourites? Would she sign up for a 5K with you, or go to WW if you went too? Good luck.


                  Did 4 this morning with running neighbour. A slow and easy 4 since I gave blood  last night. So much for “no exercise for 24 hours” – yeah right. Although it wasn’t as bad as the time I went in and they said “no heavy lifting for a day or two” and I was headed straight from the Red Cross to Costco. How do you get away without heavy lifting when doing a major grocery shop?


                  Happy runs, everyone.

                    Camille--I was wondering the same thing.  DS1 has really put on the pounds lately.  What shocked me was to see a pic of him 4 or 5 years ago--skinny!  I DK if I should bug him about it or not.....


                    Didn't want to get up this morning to run, so I will go after work.  If I tell you I feel obligated.  Haven't run since Saturday.  Was planning 12 but achilles was really sore so I stopped at 6 miles.  Left hamstring and achilles have been sore since the HM after Thanksgiving.  Not sure what's up with that.  The MS Blues HM is in two weeks---hope I will be ok by then.


                    I did go to the pilates/yoga class twice this week.  I gotta make it out for a run this afternoon!  I feel like such a slacker!!


                    Hi Tessa!  Bummer about the van repairs.


                    I have to get the marble cheesecake and lemon squares out of my refrigerator!   I got fruitcake cookies for Christmas.  Think I will try to freeze them.  I also made the most awesome ginger scones--as good as Starbucks.  Might as well strap one scone on each butt cheek.  Also made plum jelly yesterday with the wild plums that were in the freezer.  It has been on my to-do list.  Didn't have enough plum juice so I added grape juice.  It really just tastes like grape jelly now.  Wish I had used apple juice instead.  Oh well.  Need to make kumquat marmalade soon.  Poor tree--the limbs are all sagging.


                    Run to live; live to run

                      Hello everyone!  Got up early and did 11.5.  Was 30 degrees colder than yesterday.  The moon was huge and yellow and bright.  Very nice on the start of the run.


                      Lisa looks like you'll get more snow maybe next week?


                      Ginny glad they sent you home early.  Ugh to the snow plow.  I hated when they would pile up everything at the edge of the driveway.  It was always super heavy and hard to shovel out of especially since ice was usually in it too.


                      Camille it is a tough situation.  Very hard to broach and not hurt feelings.  Most people know they are overweight and seem to resent being told.  Providing lower calorie stuff is all you can do, like Tessa said.


                      Sue good for you unplugging for the holiday


                      Tessa no bright moon in the sky for you today?


                      Carol is EMR hell getting any better?


                      Julie nice picture.  Yay for a great FE.




                        Susan, mmm, marmalade and jam and cookies...when can we come over?


                        Marjorie -- yes bright moon today, should be even brighter tomorrow. And it's so clear I can easily see the ocean.

                        Disney freak

                          Got in a scheduled Jazzercise class this morning.  Instructor was not so good today, but that’s what happens during the holiday season and the instructors aren't on their regular schedule.  Off to a movie with the family this afternoon - "Rise of the Guardians".  Not my first choice, but my kids are under 10, so "Lincoln" wouldn't hold their attention very long. Smile


                          Lisa – we don’t have ice here that often, so I probably won’t invest in in any traction devices.


                          Ginny – glad you made it through the storm okay.  So nice of them to leave you a pile of snow!


                          Judy – glad you got some cardio in.  BTW, YouTube has lots of cardio videos in case you get too bored with jogging in place!


                          Carol- have a great day at work!


                          Julie- glad you had fun roller skating.  It’s probably been 25 years for me, too, since I've been on some skates.


                          Sue – glad you had a nice “unplugged” Christmas.  There wasn't much going on whenever I got online anyway!


                          Camille, if my mom said something to me, I would probably be hurt.  But if she was worried enough to say something, I would probably take it to heart and do something about it. It’s a fine line.  Does she have a husband or someone close you could talk to?  Could she probably be depressed about something? I am still in the process of losing my weight, but I do know that when she compliments me about it I really appreciate it.


                          Tessa – don’t you love Costco?  We actually do Sam’s, but it’s the same thing.  If you go to ours around 11:00 on a Saturday, you can eat an entire lunch off the samples.  Sometimes they even have wine!


                          Majorie – nice early morning run!  How cold was “30 degrees colder”?

                          Lisa Marie

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                            Hi ladies-


                            Well, we're staying an extra day at my parents' in upstate NY. It snowed enough overnight that we didn't want to risk getting on the road, especially considering some of the parts of northern PA we have to traverse. Fortunately, we have the time to spare. And, as Julie noted, it really is beautiful. DH is about to head outside for a snowball fight with the boys.


                            No run for me today - both because of the weather and my shin. I ran yesterday, and I'm discouraged at how sore my shin is, considering my reduced mileage and relaxed pace for the last few weeks. So I'm going to take a week or so off and see if that helps.


                            I got to meet Julie yesterday for coffee (she was nice enough to drive over the mountain to meet me) and we have a really nice chat. I'm glad the storm held off for us.


                            Lisa - smart to run indoors.


                            Laura - that is one cute puppy!


                            Tessa - ouch on the car. DS2 left an interior light on in my van last week, and I wound up replacing the battery. Not an expense I was anxious to take on right here at Christmas.


                            Julie - I've been rollerskating a few times with the boys - it's great fun.


                            Ginny - nice that they sent you home early. I'm sure it wasn't funny at the time, but I got a chuckle out of your story about the oven door.


                            Crazysue - I know what you mean about feeling obligated once you tell people you're going to run!


                            Camille - that's a tough one. I'm not sure I have any advice. My mom has been heavy for years, and it's hard to talk to her about it. She's really working at it now, though, so I'm encouraged.


                            Hi to Carol and Judy!


                            Have a great day everyone-



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                            Run to live; live to run

                              Lisa Marie it was 31 when I ran this am.  Yesterday it was 62 when I went to run.  So today was long sleeve tech and gloves since the sun wasn't up for most of it.


                              Tessa I hope the moon is super bright tomorrow too.  Depends on how much cloud cover we get.  We have another system coming in for Saturday and it may be super cloudy tomorrow.


                              Cindy I wondered if you'd have to stay a little longer with the weather.



                              Fire Jumper

                                I am going to claim 60 minutes of cross training today!!  The poor guy that plows our driveway broke down and we had three cars to dig out. So, I dug out RB, who had to be at a hair appointment. Then dug out a friend who rents our upstairs, she had to get the work. And then I dug myself out (DH is still sick... poor baby).  My car was at the end closest to the house, so I had to shovel nearly the whole driveway.  I turned on my Garmin, put on the HR strap, and logged that puppy!    LOL  My abs, lats, obliques, delts, tris, bis, quads, and hammies ALL know that they worked hard!   260 calories later, I was a sweaty, snotty, snow covered mess.


                                You know... this is just not the life of a southern belle





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