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    Good morning!  I've read the last couple days, but just have time for a quick note now.   I'm driving up for for the Santa Hustle soon. Bib pick up is today.  It looks like fun!


    Good luck, Lisa Marie! 


    Lisa, great ideas for the FA race.  : )  Either theme could be a hit with the insane one better timed around Halloween. Have you thought about assigning a "good guy" group vs the "bad guys" if you do the Maybury?


    Hope everyone who was sick is getting better.  How is Amy?


    I ran the last 2 days on the treadmill. I tried the Bruce protocol one day (can't do those last 2 levels) and then 5 the other.  It would be better if it weren't so warm in the gym.  I'm dripping by mile 2! Good training for Houston, I guess.  : )


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      Morning! Getting ready to go run. Camille Amy is doing better from what she said on FB. Tessa on the contrary I think you'd be great with moderator stuff. You don't have to be on all the time. Heck I doubt we will have fights in the groups or spam attacks but every little bit helps. Off to run then puppy pool



        Morning Ladies!


        Camille - have fun at the Santa Hustle!  Is it you that is having the stress test for the arrythmia - when is it?  Curious how long you have had the arrthymia's?  Since my "episodes of PVC's" last summer I have been doing alot of research about it,.  I saw an ECP that ordered an MRI (b/o my DF and cousin died of "sudden cardiac event" in their 50's), and there is some genetic disorder in the SA node.  Anyhow long story short....the MRI was normal, 


        LCruns - Would be great if you could make it down for some runs.  We meet at 8:30 at the Tridge.  We vary our routes - out to CNC/around town/some Tridge, don't usually like to just run straight out and back on the Tridge.  At least 3 of us plan on running all winter - unless really horrible out.  Our plan is to rotate miles 8/10/12 ish.  We are a slower than you (some in the 9's/some 10's).  There is a Sunday Women's group that runs at noon, I have never run with them, they usually do 40 minutes on the Tridge.  You certainly would have alot of opportunities here, but the commute would be brutal....


        Marjorie - Enjoy puppy pool!


        Snowing here today, hoping to go to gym for some weight training today.  DH joined Planet Fitness and I can go as a guest.  It is snowing here...very pretty!




          Good morning.


          Camille - What is the Bruce protocol?


          Carol - Hope the snow brings a little holiday spirit; overcast here and too mild to snow.


          Got out yesterday for the first time in weeks/months for three miles with DD. What a complainer! Gifted athletically but ask her to do three miles in the rain and you would think she was going to melt. Light rain I might add. "My shoes are splashing water up my leg, I'm hot, no you said we would only do one lap, I can't do this." I know it was  because she was with me and that she sucks it up in practice, camp, games, etc. Wow, we're going to have a "fun" winter while I train her for some distance!


          Christmas stuff today with nothing planned for tonight. Been making an effort to get out more lately, so a night in with chilled wine might be my choice. DH has been away all week so probably looking for time at home. We're so close to NYC but we'll watch the city lights from our living room.


          Hoping to find a 5K to painfully return to running; may have missed al the reindeeer dashes but will keep my eye out for any and all.


          Enjoy the weekend and good runs for those who are racing.






             A few pics from where we had dd's birthday outing at.  Skyzone.. it's all trampoline stuff.  5 courts like the first pic with some being for dodgeball, a big sea of foam cubes to jump into, basketball area.  Fun! The walls are trampolines too. 




            Run to live; live to run

              10.5. Now we are at the puppy pool. I cleaned the kitchen and bathrooms before we left.



                Good Morning Ladies:


                Marjorie:  I don't watch Housewives, but I would assume it is the same Ojai.  It is a beautiful place.  There is a huge income gap there.  There are bazillion dollar homes, but also big problems with gangs and poverty.  You could say the same for Santa Barbara. 


                Lisa-Maria:  Have fun.  You are going to have a fantastic time!


                Camille:  Are you getting excited?  Sometimes packet pickup is just a pain in the a#$, but sometimes it is so much fun.


                I'm off for a run after some coffee.  I'll post when I get back.

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                LC Runs

                  Nice workout to report on this snowy Saturday - 7.7 outside, roads were fine.  Then, weights, abs and 10 mins on the stairclimber once I got home.  Felt good to move, been feeling like a slug!


                  Camille - good luck and have fun!


                  Marjorie - enjoy your day!


                  Carol - 8:30?   That is perfect!  I train in the 9-9:40 range so that works great.  May have to wait till January, but I will keep you posted. Smile  Is your DH going to PF at the Bay City mall?  My BF was talking about joining since he works in Bay City.


                  Carolyn - nice 3 with DD.  I think we toughen with age lol


                  Lisa - looks like a blast!


                  Linda - have a good run Smile


                  Just running errands today, girls need to sort their Girl Scout cookies and we're going to get our Xmas tree after BF gets home from work.  Xmas parade tonight.

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                    Morning all,

                    Had my first swim class today. I still breathe more water than air, but I think I'm getting better. Will see if I'm competent at the end of this six week program. There are six of us in the class, and I'm probably right in the middle ability-wise, so it should work out okay. Oatmeal and coffee now, will try to get a run in this afternoon since it's supposed to get in the 60s. Always-cold girl wants to sweat a little.


                    Good luck Lisa Marie (heck it's 11 already, you're probably already done!). Can't wait to here about your first race.


                    Gatsby, when I read your posts I really miss NorCal. When we lived out there I didn't run. Spent most of my weekends (and some weekenights) racing sailboats. Went back there summer of 2011 and I ran some trails and realized just how much I missed by not running when we lived out there. Definitely look into Shadow. I loved it. Yosemite is just so gorgeous anyway, and then to run an ultra there - awesome. I plan to go back and run again one of these years. Not next year though - running Vermont City Marathon the weekend before and Hatfield McCoy the weekend after.


                    camille, have fun with the Santa Hustle. Holiday races are fun. I'm trying to take a few weeks off from racing, but my running club's last race of the year is tomorrow. It's a 15k on paved trails in a park in Annapolis and free to members. So we will see.


                    Nice 10.5 Marjorie. I walked by the aquatic therapy office at the pool where my swim lessons are and thought of you. This is therapy for people, but I still thought of you and the pups.


                    Carol, you can keep the snow. I'm not ready yet.


                    Carolyn, kinda laughing at DD. Hopefully she gets used to it and it turns into a really good thing for the two of you.


                    Lisa, that looks fun. And hopefully tired out the younguns. Did you have a sleepover as well? If so, brilliant pre-sleepover idea!


                    Hope you have a good run Linda!



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                      LCruns - He joined the PF in Midland.  Really nice facility!  That would be great if you came for some Sunday runs Smile


                      KarenAG - Yipee on the swim lessons!!!  You will be a Triathlete!!!


                      LisaMMR - That looks like a fun way to have a b'day party.


                      Busy cleaning etc., today....not sure I will make it to PF Wink


                      Happy races to those that are racing today - will be waiting to hear!




                      Fire Jumper

                        Good afternoon ladies!  


                        DH and I are home from our wonderful little business trip.  It was a nice trip - busy, but nice.   I tried to post a couple of times, but the unreliable wi-fi in the old building made that nearly impossible.  But, alas.... small price to pay! 


                        When I arrived home last night, my new Gamin 410 was sitting by the back door.  Woo hoo!!!  So, of course, I spent a few hours playing with it, getting it set up and getting it paired with the HRM and my computer.   I'm going for a track run later today (hopefully with new RB) to test out it's features.  


                        Camille - I'll be in Georgia on Thursday.... can't wait.  I am so praying for some nice weather so that I can run the golf cart paths around Peachtree City!!  I am very much looking forward to meeting you too!


                        Marjorie - Nice 10.5.... hope puppy pool was fun!


                        Carol - YAY for the WT.  That's one of my favorite parts of my fitness activities. 


                        Carolyn - good for you for getting out there... even with a grumpy DD.  I am looking forward to hearing about your triumphant return to 5k's!   I'm running a Frostbite 5K on NYE.  There may be one in your area, too.


                        Lisa - so FUN!  I wanna do that!  I've never even heard of such a facility.  I'm guessing they're only in less rural areas than mine. 


                        LC - nice set of activities there - well rounded.


                        Karen - WTG in sticking with the swimming - Swimming competence shall be yours!! 


                        Tessa - I had to chuckle when you said that Belhurst had you with the wine spigot!  That spigot was actually right around the corner from my room.  As most of you know, I'm in recovery.  So, I LOVE to tease the staff about wanting equal time... in the form of a Perrier Spigot.  I mean, c'mon... it's only fair, right?  


                        Happy Saturday!


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                          Good afternoon!


                          At work again today.  Managed a slow 6 miles yesterday and somewhat better 6 miles today.  At least today I finished with negative splits. Have 18 on the schedule for Monday since that is the only time RB#1 can do it.  Ran with my old group of running buddies this morning and it was a lot of fun.


                          Haven't had time to check all the personals.


                          Lisa-Marie--I do remember that you had your first 5K today--anxious to hear all about it!


                          Hope everyone is having a great weekend.  Maybe if it slows down I'll get a minute to check back!




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                            I did get a run in.  I did (4) 800's and a 4 mile, after.  The easy 4 was pretty difficult.


                            Camille:  I don't know what Bruce Protocol is either.

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                            Knit queen

                            Knit Queen

                              Hi ladies,

                              I have not got out and run yet but will soon.  have been preparing dinner fixings for my book club tonight.


                              GatsbyBird, where do you live in Northern California?  I live next to Sacramento.  I am 53 years old, married with no kids but I have a cute yellow lab named Maggie.   I am a native Northern Californian andhave lived in California (both in the south, San Diego and the north, Bay Area and central valley) all my life except for 2000 to 2002 when  I lived in Fort Collins, Colorado.  Loved Fort Collins but missed family (I am one of eight siblings) so we moved back to California.


                              Want to try to plan for a 10K and then half marathon in my future.  It will help motivate me to get and run.


                              nothing else really new.  need to sign off now and take a cinnamon streusal cake out of the oven.


                              Cheers, lisa


                              Disney freak

                                Hope everyone is having a great weekend so far!


                                Here’s a link to my race report:




                                Camille – I can tell that Houston is VERY humid.  I grew up there and recently went back to visit and ran while I was there.  Not too much harder, but I could definitely tell a difference.


                                Carol – Can I have some of your snow? We put up lights in 70 degree weather today.


                                Carolyn – What is your daughter training for?


                                Lisa – we went to one of those last week and the kids loved it.  DH got his workout that day by jumping with them.  I don’t do trampolines after my son – he was 9 lbs, 10 oz.  (tmi?)


                                Karen- swim class sounds like fun.  I went to Girl Scout “swim camp” in jr high and loved it.


                                Julie D – whoo hoo on the new watch.  I’m trying to decide if I can convince DH I need one this early in to my running!

                                Lisa Marie

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