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    zorbs: our friends sons birthday is tomorrow. not only does he get screwed with the shortest day of the year but the world ending too. 


    rg: fun hanging out with your dh. i think my dh would laugh if i told him we were going to wrap presents together. 


    mer: enjoy your snow day!!! hit chocolate will be had in our house too!


    bermy: guess that means my ds will be 15 months on 3 days!


    cmg: had to laugh that 2-3 inches means school is closed! we have a massive amount of snow. Probably nearly 3 feet where the plows went through. 


    jen: boo to you getting sick again. although i do know the feeling. nothing like pooping early in the morning. good luck with your run!


    arm: dirty santa at the boss's house. Is that awkward?


    ernie: love little boyfriends and girlfriends. dd1 told me she has a boyfriend. 


    car: yay for sleeping through the night! Boo on the accidents though.


    beckykay: girls are getting lorax for christmas from someone. great job with the streak!


      Ernie – So sorry DD was up crying hard last night and hard to get her to go back to sleep. Have fun at the Christmas party today.  Sorry your dinner was just meh…but at least DD liked it so that is a good thing.  Yes, we have been sick so much since J started daycare 1 year ago in January.  Hopefully my immune system (and his) will be stellar!


      CA – Yay for your parents being there to help out with childcare…Always a plus.  Glad O STTN!  Have fun at your brothers for dinner.  Sounds like a fun day.  I hope M feels better and doesn’t have any more accidents.


      Becky – So glad you are talking to bossman about your obnoxious coworker.  She is ridiculous.  He can’t be too happy that she tells a sob story to clients about needing money…that doesn’t look good for his business.


      Mrszm – Enjoy the snow day with everyone home.  Nice that DH could actually stay home.  Hope you get a nice run in on the TM.  Glad you dinner was good last night.  Your dinner tonight sounds awesome.  I used to make Turkey Bacon, Lettuce, Tomato, and Avocado Sandwiches…I kind of want one now.  LOL.


        Flying by..


        RR - 4.25 stroller miles.... super windy and almost tipped the stroller over trying to make a turn.. oops..


        BR - was really good for my parents yesterday... she didn't cry until i showed up to pick her up... turns out she was hungry.

        The daycare we had hoped to place C in starting in April told me my spot was gone... ugh.. i had been trying to set up times to meet and make a deposit but the woman wasn't quick to respond and now it's full.  My coworker's MIL runs an in home daycare and said she'd love to take C in the spring.  The woman is also watching said coworker's baby, who is only 6 weeks older than C...  she'll only have 3 kids to watch, is 5 minutes from my work, has been doing this for 20 years and is flexible with days.... the biggest drawback is she costs significantly more per day than any other place i've looked into.  So we'll see... i have a couple other leads that i want to check out first.


        FR - buffet lunch was ok... it was more to socialize than eat and i found a lot of the food a bit dry.  I made sure to eat plenty of dessert.


        NRR - massage tonight.. yyyyyyyyes...



        mer - enjoy the day off!


        jen - i hope breaks come your way soon.. you're primed for a few!


        ca - when my parents visit, they basically play with C and don't really do anything that i'd call 'child care'... ha...


        becky - i just read the lorax for the first time like 2 months ago...


        Sorry i can't do more personals... lots to do today and C is napping so i need to be productive while i can..


        Honorary Old

          RR: Nope. See NRR. I might get to run again some day, the roads are impossible to push a stroller on right now so DH needs to watch R while I go.


          BR: Being cute now that he's feeling better. Last night DH left a cup of coffee on the windowsill above the sofa and I didn't realize it was there. Reid dumped it all over the two of us, thankfully it was cold! and Reid caught most of it with his sleepsack and the sleeve of my sweatshirt so only a few drops got on the couch. Unfortunately it was after R had just put on fresh clean jammies out of the bath tub. I'm the cool mom that said oh well, at least coffee smells good and just changed him LOL


          FR: Healthy chicken pot pie. Bermy would be proud- did chicken thighs, carrots, celery, onion, peas and parsnips in a homemade sauce with a whole wheat shortcrust. Was delish, will probably eat leftovers for lunch.


          NRR: I love DS's daycare but the road to her house is awful. Last night my daycare run which usually takes 25-30 mins round trip took an hour. The daycare is about a mile uphill on a crappy gravel road with a steep uphill to a rickety wood bridge over an irrigation canal. We got about 1/2" of snow on top of the existing compact snow and ice which basically was like socks on a polished hardwood floor. When I went to turn on her road there was a Sheriff's deputy and school bus blocking the lane, I barely had enough room to go around and then flashing lights up by the bridge. A school bus got stuck on the hill by the bridge and then another car hit it. I had to park about 1/4 mile from the daycare at the base of the hill and hike in to get Reid.  They had to bring in a sanding truck to get the bus out and one of the daycare helpers went into the ditch on her way up the road. This morning the road was melting off so it was pretty slick and when I was coming off the bridge and down the steep hill (and couldn't brake), one of the daycare lady's hillbilly neighbors cut me off and I had to slam on my brakes and I skidded and almost hit a mailbox. After the fiasco last night I didn't want to go anywhere so I didn't even go the 1/2 mile to the gym to run.

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            NRR2- my friend had her baby. Woman had her baby at 4:44 am and didn't tell anyone about it until almost 10 pm last night, I was dying of curiosity all day. Baby Josephine is beautiful, and I'm not one of those people who thinks all babies are cute or anything.


            zorbs- that's cute about B decorating the tree. My fake tree is old and crappy so I'm hoping to pick one up cheap on after Christmas liquidation sale. I hope the world doesn't end either, at least I have the day off but I'm going to spend it doing doctors appts and a Costco run/scope out appliances for the new house.


            runnergirl- sounds like a nice evening. So cute about Ryan playing with the interactive dog.


            mer- yay for snow day! Are you guys going to play in the snow? R is totally bewildered by it- he freezes and won't walk when I set him down on a snowy surface.


            Bermy- Is DH's family coming to Bermuda to visit you? I wish I had a relative some place exotic Smile  Have fun cooking!


            CMG- we usually only get school closures for ice. We got 6" on sunday and all they did was delay the buses one hour on Monday.


            Jen- sorry you are sick. Its the worst chasing a toddler feeling like hell. Sometimes when I'm sick I just lay on the floor and let R play on me human jungle gym style.


            arm- is a Dirty Santa gift like a white elephant exchage? I was thinking you had to bring something naughty to the party for a second LOL


            ernie- if it was only butter chicken and noodles, I could see why it would be Meh. It would need some veggies or something to give it some dimension. I don't envy your diaper future.


            CA- my MIL likes to eat raw hamburger *barf*. I like my meat more on the undercooked side, but hamburger doesn't equal steak tartare.


            Becky- Good luck talking to bossman, I hope he listens and respects you enough to know you're not being petty, she is.


            mzm- even though I hate the treadmill, I wish I had one at home since my gyn doesn't have childcare.

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            Honorary Old

              cx2- good luck with the daycare hunt! A massage sounds heavenly!!!

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                I am back!  The last few days have been crazy with the move but we are finally getting settled.


                RR: Ran 4 yesterday in the snow with DH and DS in the stroller.   We got snow so it was a little tough to push the stroller though the big drifts but DH did it like a champ.  Hoping for a few more today but I am hacking up my lungs again so we will see.  I am feeling really guilty about discontinuing my streak.


                BR:  Was up a ton last night.  And then decided he was up for good at 5.  Thankfully my mom took him and played with him until he went back to bed at 7.  I think it is a combo of still not feeling well and teething.  Poor guy is on day 8 of diarrhea but is slowing down.  I took him to the doctor a few days ago and they just told me to discontinue milk for 48 hours.  Poor little DS is starving but is finally eating more solids.


                Had orientation at daycare yesterday.  It is a really nice facility and they have really high ratings.  DS started playing right away when we had the tour of the room.  I guess he is ready Smile


                NRR:  I hate to complain but I have now been sick for over 2 weeks.  First the flu, then strep throat, and now I have what might be bronchitis.  I am hoping this is the end as I am coughing up all kinds of gunk.  It has been so hard trying to move and unpack feeling like crap every day.


                In other good news, the trails around here are awesome!  There are tons of sidewalks and trails perfect for runs 3-5 miles.  Then, there is a trail that goes about 100 miles which will be perfect for long runs.  I ran on it a few times that the last time I lived near here but I can't wait to explore it more.  I just need to get healthy!


                zorbs - Hope you get your nail polish before the end of the world.


                RG - So cute about Scout.  DS has one too but hasn't really taken too much interest in it yet.


                Mer - Enjoy your snow day!


                bermy - Sounds like another great workout.  Your speed must really me improving.


                cmg - Yay for progress.  It is frustrating though that in pregnancy, nothing is for sure.  Dilation can mean something or nothing!


                jen - Nooo!  I hope you don't get sick.


                Arm/Ernie - Enjoy your parties!


                CA - I definitely think the kids are passing a bug around right now.


                Becky - Good luck with the talk.  Let us know how it goes!


                mrszm  -  Have fun during your snow day!  Will they reschedule the holiday party? 


                Cx2 - Bummer about the daycare.  We just had an orientation at our daycare yesterday.  Unfortunately, they messed up our date bu a week so it looks like we will be paying for an extra week to hold it.

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                  Morning Supermoms! I've missed you all dearly...


                  Zorbs - my tree is the opposite...everything is above dog-level. I supposed that will have to change in the future but A doesn't care too much about the tree right now except grabbing ornaments off of it. I'm also hoping the world doesn't end tomorrow...I have big plans next week.


                  RG - DH helped wrap presents? Whoa! I'm super impressed.


                  runninmer - snow day, fun! The last snow day I had was in April of 2002, I believe.


                  Bermy - when is the big move?? Soon, right? Or have things changed that I'm unaware of? 15 months...wow. I've been MIA for a while.


                  CMG - Happy baby vibes to you!! I hope the snow doesn't interfere with you getting to the hospital if you need to.


                  Jen - I really hope you start feeling better and J doesn't get it. A is waking herself up pooping a lot these days.


                  armmama - wine is always a winning gift for me!


                  ERniegirl - "hi" don't think we've "met" yet. I have a 9month old and am trying to finish up my CPA so I haven't been around a lot.


                  beckykay - are you doing the run everyday from Thanksgiving to New Years thingy?


                  CAR - how old is O now? Yay for STTN and no night feedings Smile


                  on to page 2 personals after me:


                  ER/RR - My achilles has flared up for months now so I'm trying to ST more so that I can run more without hurting. Ran 2 miles Tuesday, BodyPump yesterday and am going to run another 2 or so more today. 


                  BR - 9 months old on Sunday, she is getting so big! Not crawling or pulling up on anything yet but she dives from a sitting positing to get what she wants. She'll be more mobile soon, I can see the motivation in her finally. She's been saying Mama for about 2 weeks now and interchanges it with Nana. I know she means me, though Smile (or at least I tell myself that!).


                  FR - getting my Christmas menu all ready. We are doing a Turducken (a chicken stuffed in a duck stuffed in a turkey), Crawfish & Cornbread stuffing, Butternut Squash & Shrimp Bisque, Mashed taters, green bean caserole, corn, bread, salad. All super healthy, of course. Chocolate chip pie for dessert. YUM.


                  NRR - passed 3/4 exams. Taking my next (and hopefully last) one in February.



                    mrszm - crap, your post is on page one. Well, HI!


                    cx2 - I hope you find a daycare option soon. I know how stressful it can be. Is C crawling yet? A just likes to observe other kids crawling but doesn't actually want to do it herself yet. Is she doing better with a bottle? I finally started supplementing with formula about 10 days ago. It's been a nice break and I'm only pumping twice a day versus the 5x I was.


                    superspike - do you get snow a lot in the winter? I don't know how close you are to the coast.


                    shelby - glad the move went OK! Where in Denver are you? I moved to New Orleans from Denver in 2006.


                    Honorary Old

                      NOLA- I'm about 3 hours from Puget Sound and another 1.5-2 hours to the Pacific. Its about 90 minutes to the pass across the Cascade Range. We have an annual average precipitation of about 9" (the average for Washington is 72"/year). We tend to mostly get snow in December then the temp drops a bunch and we look at the same dirty snow and ice until it starts to melt in February. Anything we get after February usually melts off within a day or two. We are considered a shrub steppe I believe- not quite a "high desert" like Bend, OR. Sorry for the weather/geography lesson LOL   I love seeing all the traditional Christmas foods people serve!


                      QOTD- What's your family's traditional Christmas meal? The only real tradition in my family is Meatballs and spaetzle (kinda similar to swedish meatballs but the spaetzle is a german noodle/small dumplings that are coated in breadcrumbs and butter) on Christmas eve.

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                        Ctimes – Good for you for getting out there in the wind and running with the stroller.  Sorry about the daycare situation.  It is so tough because you want a good place that is convenient without breaking the bank.  Enjoy the massage!!


                        Spike – Your pot pie sounds amazing.  Can you come over and cook for meJ  Glad R is feeling better and being cute.  LOL on the coffee…J did that with hot coffee.  Ugh what a nightmare with driving to and from daycare.  I hope you can get a run in tonight.  Seriously I have a picture of me laying on the floor last night and J crawling all over me…it was cute.


                        Shelby -  Glad you are all settled finally.  I here you on the sickness.  I think I have all the bugs you do.  I have a sore throat today that is progressively getting worse and I hope to god it doesn’t not turn into strep!  Glad DS is slowly starting to feel better.  That is a long time to be sick.  At least he likes his daycare.


                        NOLA – Glad you popped in.  Can’t believe DD is 9 months.  I hope your Achilles heals quickly.  Your meal sounds delicious.  Congrats on passing your exams!!


                          Speedwork was a bit of a nightmare. I did repeats with stroller in the wind up a hilly 0.6m road with a  turnaround. I was only 15-20 secs off my usual pace but I only lasted for 3 and thought enough is enough. It was pretty brutal.


                          NRR: 15mo doc apt was great. Little man is doing great. Stripping him down and being naked measured on the crinkly paper is enough to set him off into convulsive sobbing. Then the shots. Poor dude. Seems pretty ok now though. I taught both my pediatrician’s kids 10 years ago so it was nice to hear about how they are doing in college. Small island.


                          Zorbs – yes, I am cooking all those for 3. The recipes are for 10 so I will cut them in half and have enough for boxing day leftovers - except for soup which I can freeze and the mashed potato which I will re-cook leftovers into a shepherd’s pie. I will serve appetizers and soup for lunch and then dinner for dinner. I usually bake too and make a little menu card for DH. I have the one from our first valentine’s day – it was a whole spread from Rachel Ray. Not clean but it won his heart. I just make small potions and we have leftovers. I am practicing for when I am an old granny and have 30 people to cook for. Hopefully.


                          Arm – are you calling me “abnormal”?! I remember you saying you chose your house as it was near a trail. We are looking at houses to buy in Nashville and I saw some on very large acres and I said to DH “I could make my own trail around that one”. How fun would that be? And mountain biking… and running at night with a head torch. Of course I didn’t even look at the house… that can all be renovated right?!


                          Rg – very cute little man with his scout. Hope your run is fun and you enjoy it. Hope you class is ok. How many xmas presents do you have? We just do stockings and no wrapping.


                          Mer – snow day – I have never had one but it must be GLORIOUS to have a free day from work. Hope J is pleasant and you can do some relaxing at least. Stay safe if you are out driving. How is the haircut?


                          Cm – I am very excited for you. Your body is working very hard right now. I bet you have your bag packed and you are all ready!


                          Jen – hope you can get a bit of a run in – but LR might hurt… see you how feel. Everything here in Bermuda is 2x or 3x US prices. A loaf of bread is 8 bucks. Yeah. And usually stale too.


                          CA – keep rolling and stretching out. Is it time for a massage?


                          Becky – I love how you share your time with your DS. I want to do that.


                          Mrszm – how do you like your haircut?


                          Ernie – I have only run on a track once in the past 6 years. My trainer (I call her coach) has a measuring wheel and we measure trails and mark them so we can train on different terrain. Enjoy your party today.


                          Cx2 – daycare sounds a nightmare to navigate. Hope you find something.


                          Spike – I am SO proud of you with all your veggies and homemade chicken pot pie. Good for you guys! Your DH will thank you when he is sliding down that fireman’s pole looking trim. I just re-read that – I didn’t mean for it to sound so sexual but I couldn’t help it. Sorry. I thought about adding something about his hose too but I will stop. I am also very proud of how calmly you dealt with the spilt coffee – who cares right?! DH’s family can’t travel on their own as they are too batty. I think we’re just stuck going to see them. I am cooking just for me, DH and DS.


                          Shelby – what are your secrets to staying so trim? Glad you have help from your mom. WTG with the stroller in the snow. I would be right there with you sweetie – respect.


                          NOLA!!!!!!!! HI!!!!! Big move is…. Waiting for green card and then will let you know. Still waiting on a police check from UK (will be stuck in xmas post) and then we have medical and interview. Long and boring and will just report details as I know them.  CONGRATS on your exams – I can’t believe you are studying with a small baby – you are amazing Nola.

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                          Honorary Old

                            Bermy- Sadly, the fireman's pole is a thing of the past or something mostly seen back East, safety hazard Wink   DH has had a cough for weeks and hasn't been working out because of that, feeling depressed about his weight and wants to work harder on eating healthy again. Knowing that he will actually eat what I cook (something he hasn't done really in a few weeks- been eating crap or very picky) is sufficient motivation for me to want to cook again. Maybe we will do our normal Vegetarian January healthy kick. Haven't done that since 2010 and R isn't a huge meat lover and can have dairy again so that sounds doable.   People who say they don't have time to cook healthy food are full of crap- I didn't eat my dinner until 8:30 pm, but dammit it was homemade and contained vegetables! Sorry about the rough speed workout, I hate wind!  Dh went on another structure fire last night, that's been about half a dozen in the past 2 mos- that's a lot for around here! He got to play with his hose last night Wink

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                              spike - your road to your DS's daycare sounds frightful. I hope you aren't too shaken up from it. A nightmare. You sound experienced though - you have lived there all your life? Do they teach you to drive in snow in the US? Hope hubby is feeling better soon. It's very tough being the partner of someone who is sick and not feeling themselves as it really does affect the whole family. Will he get time off for xmas? My coach is away for xmas in Vancouver so that's why I am starting fm training as I will just plateau otherwise. I might ask DH for help with the speedwork though. I did 30m with DS in stroller last week! I think I can justify 1 hour of help.

                              5K 21.12   10K 50:12   HM 2:07   FM 3:50:31


                                spike - and I am s disappointed about the pole thing. Darn it. I will have to erase all those mental images!!

                                5K 21.12   10K 50:12   HM 2:07   FM 3:50:31