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Tuesdays Supermoms are COLD! (Read 35 times)


    Morning Supermoms~


    Single digits temps here today, and below zero with the windhcills factored in all day. Checking the hourly forecast for when I'll be running, looks like a windchill of "only" -5*. Ok, I can do that. Brr!


    RR: the usual 5-6 on my lunch break today at work. Not teaching any classes today, so just a single workout. Ran a nice 5 yesterday, and taught spin class which was ok. My legs were feeling it after Sunday's LR.


    TR: after our FB discussion yesterday about boy parts, i had to laugh. I always strip R down in his room and let him run nekkie to the bathroom on bath nights. well last night he stopped just outside the bathroom door, looked up at me and grinned, then peed on the carpet. Haha.


    NRR: not too much, just trying to stay warm! slept better last night, wasn't awake every 30 minutes.

     5K: 19:15       Half: 1:29:35       Marathon: 3:13:08



    beskirted & manicured

      RR - 5 miles with Sam.  I am determined to run outside every scheduled run day during this cold snap, for "hardcore" cred, to be honest.  Currently -12C with a windchill of -21.


      TR - when I take him downstairs, he reminds me "careful!" on the stairs.


      FR - chicken pie of course.


      NRR - here is the picture of my nail polish stash for those of you who asked.



      rg - reminds me of once when my mom was watching B, she stupidly left him pants and diaperless while she went upstairs to get a fresh diaper, and of course he peed on the carpet.

      5K - 24:10 | 8K - 40:41  | 10K - 51:40.6 | HM - 1:51:10 | 30K - 2:44:54 | Marathon - 3:59:26



        RR - Freezing cold 8k today. -14C with -23C windchill here. I am sad to report that I did not do my longest run ever yesterday. I let DH sleep in and then by the time he got up, I only had time for 15k before he had to leave for work. But my half is not until March 3, so I figure this is a good time as any for a cut back week.


        BR - Sick again! Just 2 weeks after her last cold. She is so stuffed up she is snoring like an old man right now. It's kind of funny. She's 11 months old today!


        FR - Beef stroganoff and broccoli.


        NRR - Other than my run and the 3 minute walk to the library for babytime, I am staying inside today where it's warm! And really, what are the chances my ghetto car is going to start in these temperatures anyway? Ha ha, I told DH I have been complaining about my ghetto car online and he was like "Erin! Stop it! People are going to think we're living in poverty. Your car is totally fine, it's just campy!"




        rg - They totally know they aren't supposed to be peeing on the carpet and think it's hilarious to do so! I can assure you, from my numerous experiences of S peeing on the carpet, that it cleans up very easily and doesn't stain!


        Zorbs - It is pretty awesome to get those "are you CRAZY?" looks while running outside in these temps. And while running in the heat of summer, or in the rain, or in the dark, or while pregnant.  Most people seem to think running is crazy on anything but a lovely spring day.

        5k - 20:46          10k - 41:27         10 mile - 1:15:32          Half marathon - 1:39:15      


          RR: 3m recovery with DS. My legs were like lead on yesterday’s 7m and I was a bit shaky. Feels like my body has been busy getting over my cold. It has nearly all gone now.


          NRR: playgroup and laundry from trip. Looking forward to seeing my friends and their little ones this morning.


          BR: is obsessed with brushing his own hair and he does it backwards so he has a baby mohauk.


          FR: those corn cakes as yesterday we had leftover veggie shepherd’s pie.

          5K 21.12   10K 50:12   HM 2:07   FM 3:50:31




            RR:  Hitting the TM after work.  Hoping there is time for 6,  need to make up for some of the missed mileage on Sunday.  My time was 22:39, not a pr, pr post baby is something around 22:21.


            TR: Had fun at art class and is totally in to dipping food.  He was licking the ketchup container at dinner.  So hard to yell when he is so funny and cute.


            NRR:  Went to a 31 party last night.  I should have skipped it.  Oh well....the wine was good.


            FR : Not sure what is on tap for tonight.  Hopefully something warm!


            Will do personals at work soon!

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            Gazelle Girl 1/2 Marathon 4/13 - 1:48:46



              Sounds like lots of us are dealing with super cold temps today!


              rg - That is funny about R peeing.  At least he was standing by the right room!  We do the same thing with J.   He gets stripped down in his bedroom, and then runs to the bathroom....all of like 10 steps for him.


              zorbs - I was wondering if there wasnt an alternative motive for running outside!  I will be sweating it out on the tm!


              ernie - Your stories about your car crack me up!  That is awesome that you live so close to the library!  Your FR sounds delicious.


              bermy - Enjoy your short run.  You have been doing an awesome job with your training.

              Upcoming Races: 

              Gazelle Girl 1/2 Marathon 4/13 - 1:48:46





                RR - undecided.. running outside doesn't seem like a smart idea since the roads are icy and I'm still sick... not sure I want to run on the dreadmill either..


                BR - now that she's figured out how to "walk" by holding onto the couch cushions, she doesn't like to sit down and play... she's gotta be "walking" along the couch, or with DH or I holding her hands, or in her walker thing...


                NRR -  been sick for almost a week now and no end in sight... the antibiotics seemed to only help my sinus issues... still feeling like i'm swallowing rocks and the coughing is getting worse... not sure if another trip to the doc is going to help, since i'm already on meds and it's probably a virus...


                zorbs - hope your freezing run goes well...


                rg - ha, sorry about the pee on the carpet, hope it wasn't too hard to clean up!


                ernie - sorry you missed your longest run ever... happy 11 months to your LO!  Mine turns 10 months tomorrow...


                bermy - DH's favourite hairstyle is a mowawk... he hopes C grows enough hair so she can wear a mowhawk.. um...hmm..


                mer - that's cute about the ketchup bottle licking.. ha, DH licks the mustard container sometimes... cute if you're a baby, not if you're a grown man!

                running eh

                  RR - totally wimped out and went back to bed after looking up the temperature this morning.  Will try to head to the gym treadmill after DS's Little Ninjas - if naps allow - otherwise it's JM 30 Day Shred during naptime.


                  NRR -  cleaning and ironing today - lots of fun!!


                  FR - chicken tortilla soup.  I REALLY need to control my snacking.  At work it's fine, I eat what I pack, but now that I am home more, it's bad news!


                  KR - DD made her invitations for her birthday party last night, she is so excited.  We decided on a Valentine theme party.


                  RG - way to be determined to get that run in, no matter the temp.  glad you are laughing about pee on the carpet,  I get so frustrated with that!


                  Zorbs - you are hardcore!!  and you should be careful on those stairs, so cute!


                  Ernie - you've got time for those long runs yet.  Is DD still sleeping well, even with her cold?  Happy 11mos!!  Campy, huh??? LOL!


                  Bermy- have fun at playgroup!  is it outdoors or indoors?  Hilarious that DS bushes his own hair!  Does he have a lot of hair?


                  mer - sounds like a great time for your race, congrats!  Did you freeze at the start line?  DD2 loves dipping too, the other day she was dipping a plastic animal in her hummus and then licking it off!


                    zorbs- way to go on your run this morning! i saw that you use hand warmers? my finger tips always get cold, maybe i'll have to try that. cute about B helping you stay safe. nice polish stash!


                    ernie- aw, sorry to hear that S is sick again! happy 11 months to her. brr, cold out! you've definitely got plently of time to get that LR up before your half. have fun at the library. R's bedroom carpet is dark brown, so no worry about stains! haha about your car- makes me laugh every time you write about it!


                    Bermy- take it easy on that run today! Have fun at the playgroup, I'm sure everyone will be glad to see you guys now that you've returned from your trip!


                    mer- great job on your 5K this weekend! not far off your PR at all, esp with it being as cold as it was. when's your next race? the art program sounds like fun. i should see if there are any around here for us to take R to. you guys still have school today?


                    Cx2- aw, rest up and get better soon mama! i think as long as you're dressed appropriately a short run outside wouldn't hurt. i probably would try to get back to see the dr again to rule out anything serious. sounds like C will be walking on her own soon! R only wanted to walk for a while too- we did endless laps around the house holding his hands some days.


                    r-eh:; little ninjas?! sounds like lots of fun for boys Smile   yeah, i laugh now about the pee, ask me again once i start potty training! hope you're able to get a good run/workout in later!

                     5K: 19:15       Half: 1:29:35       Marathon: 3:13:08



                      rr: hitting the tm soon.


                      rr2: ART this morning. insurance came back with payments cheaper than what they originally thought! Yay! Hoping they give me a credit for what i have overpayed.


                      br: slept until i woke him up at 11am yesterday. man this kid can sleep since he followed that ipmwith a 3-hour nap.


                      tr: they were super glad that school was not cancelled this morning. it was -10F at the bus stop this morning. -26F with the wind. yikes!


                      nrr: cleaning like a madwoman today. stopped by my parents' last night and chatted which was really nice since we are always around the kids when we are together.


                      fr: probably enchiladas.


                      rg: ha to the pee! That is totally something c would do!


                      zorbs: thought of you last night when i painted the girls' nails.


                      erin: uh to sickness again! I am calling the dr as dd2 has been coughing almost 2 weeks. Last time she needed antibiotics to kick the cough.


                      bermy: c loves his hair too. after baths last night dd1 looks at him and says, "nice hair." Totally sarcastically. She gets that from me.


                      mer: i am supposed to go to a 31 party tomorrow night. My sister has a purse from them that i love but they don't make that pattern any more. did you feel obligated to buy anything?


                      Cx2: so cute about walking!


                      eh: i hear ya on the snacking. Sometimes at the end of the day i will think of everything i ate and it is not good.


                        RR - supposed to start tennis clinics this morning but it's only 33˚ right now (which I know is warm to some of you) and probably won't be too much warmer in 45 minutes when clinic starts.  I'm wondering if anyone will show up.  Thinking I'll take L to childcare and if no one comes to clinic I'll run.  Supposed to meet friends for and early lunch, so not sure how much time I'll have to run if we do have clinic.


                        BR - sttn, thankfully.  I was hoping this cold he's got wouldn't keep him up again, I was so tired last night and needed the sleep!


                        KR - it's the 100th day of school so my kindergartener had to dress like a 100 year old lady.  She wore an old dressup dress and a pair of my old glasses without lenses and then we sprinkled baby powder in her hair to make it look gray.  She was excited to go to school.


                        FR - thinking shrimp pasta tonight, something quick and easy.  We'll go out for DD's birthday tomorrow and then order pizza for her party Friday so I don't feel like doing a grocery shopping trip just to make meals for a couple days.


                        rg - brr!  I haven't been in below 0 temps in a few years, but I know it's miserable.  Too funny about R.  The other night L stood up in the bathtub and peed.  It's like they know they're going to do it and love to watch.


                        zorbs - you are hardcore!  Wow that is a stash!  Do they go bad before you are able to wear them all?


                        ernie - sorry you didn't get to your longest run but you have plenty of time!  My half is Feb 24 and I'm feeling like this week should be a cutback week just to make sure I don't burn out or hurt myself too close to the race.  Don't worry, we don't think you're living in poverty.  Smile


                        bermy - I hope the 3m recovery makes you feel better.  It's hard to run while getting over an illness!


                        mer - that's a great time for your 5K!  I'm hoping to chip away at my PR but not sure it'll happen until next winter since the temps will be slowly warming by the time I run another one.


                        cx2 - maybe just a walk or talk yourself into a slow run on the TM?  Sometimes it's nice just to be moving, but if you're sick you might want to stay out of the cold.


                        eh - when these personal training sessions are over I should get back to 30 day shred.  It's easy to talk myself into doing a short workout.  When is your daughter's birthday?  My DD's is tomorrow - I am thinking one of these years we'll do a Valentine's Party!


                        mrszm - I'm avoiding ART now that my deductible reset, but I miss it.  I think I need some houseguests so I clean like a madwoman.  It seems to be the only time I'm motivated!


                          ~RG~: C still loves to run around screaming "I'm a nakey girl". Every time we change clothes. She thinks it is funny and I can't help but laugh too. Luckily we are over the peeing on the floor stage. ~ZORBS~: way to go on the run! I'm way impressed. ~ERNIE~: haha about your car and DH comment. Stay warm! ~BERMY~: have a great time at play group. Funny about the mohawk. I constantly put little mans hair in a mohawk...I couldn't do that with my baldy little girl. I swear she barely had any hair at 2 years and it grew so fast after that. ~MER~: great job on your 5k. I got 31 bags for C and my nieces for Christmas with their names on it. They are really cute. Have a good TM run. ~CX2~: man you almost have a walker! Feel better soon! ~EH!~: cleaning and ironing...boo. Have a good day!

                            ~TR~: was a little cranky getting up this morning. I am having a good time seeing DH get her up and ready in the mornings. I should probably start helping, but I'm usually nursing at the time they are trying to get out the door. This morning he was trying to put her pink boots on her with her red pants. Yikes DH! I told her to try her tennis shoes instead. ~BR~: even though pictures went terrible yesterday, we got some really good shots (they are on facebook). I really hate the ones with me in them though. I look terribly frazzled, which I was. Friend brought us a WubbaNub (pacifier) and ds loves it...yes! ~NRR~: a friend is coming to visit us at lunch time and bringing Panera. Yum!

                              MRSZACH: wow that baby can sleep! Have a good TM run. ARM: so cute on DD dressing up. I hope someone shows up for tennis.

                              beskirted & manicured

                                ernie - I was all prepared with witty comebacks should anyone make a snarky comment about running while pg and it never happened, amazingly enough.  Do the windows stay shut in your ghetto car at least?


                                bermy - do you ever take pictures of your food?  B had the most awesome mohawk as a baby, I miss it.


                                mer - well I opted for the TM twice last week to "save on laundry" and I was getting sick of it.


                                cx2 - nyquil and otrivin cures everything for me.  And ibuprofen for anything nyquil doesn't fix.


                                alison - I have scheduled snacktimes at work, maybe you can do the same at home?  Do not eat if it is not a scheduled eating time, the kitchen is CLOSED.


                                mrszm - my mom only bought me fake polish that washed off with water as a kid.


                                arm - see, polish never goes bad.  Even if it dries out to a powder, it can be resurrected with a few drops of polish thinner.


                                carly - some of DH's colour combos for B make me hurl.  He has this cream coloured shirt with brick red and olive green print (which is already hideous in itself) but DH has paired that with brown pants.  yeccch!

                                5K - 24:10 | 8K - 40:41  | 10K - 51:40.6 | HM - 1:51:10 | 30K - 2:44:54 | Marathon - 3:59:26