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    RR - treadmill run this afternoon, distance depends on the kids.


    TR - taking her out to a play place this morning.  We haven't been out of the house this week and won't again till Thurs so I thought we should do something before she goes stir crazy.  i can't wait for spring!


    BR - was up in the evening again last night, no idea why, but then only up once in the night so that's good.


    FR - roast w/ the fixings.


    NRR - I'm going to FL in March w/ the girls, flights have been booked for a while, well SIL just decided to get foot surgery in March, and MIL is  going down to NH to help around the house while she recovers (she has 4 kids and is very busy).  Turns out her surgery is the day after we fly, so it worked out for MIL to fly the same day and they got her booked on the same flight to Chicago as us - then she goes on to NH and us to FL, but it will be so nice to have MIL on that first flight to help entertain M, and to help us get to our gate in Chicago.  I'll have to deal on the way back with both of them, but at least I have some help now.


    I'll try to do personals later if naps, etc work out and I get my run in.

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      rg - Dress warm on your run!!  LOL to R peeing on the carpet...the EXACT same thing happened to us on Sunday night...except it was after his bath he was running naked around the upstairs with his hooded towel on and then proceeded to pee...DH put his hand over it...lol...I laughed.


      zorbs - Thanks for the nailpolish link yesterday...I will try it.  I am a whimp and will hit the TM during the cold snap...I'll let you take the hardcore title.  WHOLLY NAIL POLISH!


      Ernie - Happy 11 months to S!!  Sorry she is sick again.  J had back-toback viruses...first croup and then something else...seriously with only days between the 2.  Sorry your run got cut short but I love your attitude...take it in stride!


      Bermy - Have a fun playdate and I hope you get caught up on your laundry.  LOL to DS and brushing his hair.  J usually fights with me on bath night when I try to get him dressed and the only way I have found to distract him is to give him his brush and tell him to comb his hair...he loves it.  Then he wants to comb mine and DH's as well.


      Mer - I have a ton of 31 bags because my old roommate sells them.  They are bit pricey but I like them for certain things.  I have one with J's name on it at daycare with all his winter gear in it.  I have one we take his things to and from daycare in each day, I have a make-up bag, a laundry basket thing, and a medium sized tote that I got for 5 bucks and haven't used...lol.  At least you had some good whine.  Enjoy your run today and first day of the new quarter!


      CTimes - BOO to still being sick.  I am guessing that C will probably skip crawling and go straight to walking...sounds like she is fond of it.  I think you are smart to skip your run and rest...get well!


      mrszm - Enjoy your ART and yay for cheaper payments.  They should credit you and if they don't I would ask.  Man C is a sleeper...J's longest naps at  home are usually 2 hours.  He rarely sleeps 12 hours...usually 11 1/2.


      arm - Enjoy your tennis clinics.  LOL to DD having to dress like a 100 year old woman...how fun for kindergartners though.  So glad L STTN for you and that you got some much needed rest.  Yum to your dinner idea!


      EH - Glad DD is excited for her party and cute that she made her invites.  Seriously I am just like you with the snacking when I am at home.  I need to chew gum or something so I don't put food in there..lol.  I hope you get your cleaning and ironing done today.


      cmg - Sorry your pictures didn't go well but at least you got some good shots!!  I had a photo shoot when J was 4 months and it was AWFUL and we got no good pics and I still had to pay $120...so not worth it.  So cute that DH gets DD ready every day.  They will have a great father daughter bond...that is awesome.  Enjoy your friend and Panera!


      RR - 8 miles on the TM - Yep I am a whimp and proud of itSmile  Also did 20 min or so of STing


      TR - Had so much fun with MIL and FIL last night.  They babysat because I had PT Conferences.  When I got him up this morning he was all smiles and happy to see his mama.  However, he wanted his dada too and he is out of townSad  I asked daycare if he hits there and they said no!  I guess that is a relief but still hate that he thinks it is ok to hit DH and me.


      NRR - SNOW DAY!!!!  So excited because my drive home yesterday was terrible and I slept like crap...didn't get to bed until 11 and then up at 5.  They didn't cancel school until 6 and I was getting J ready for daycare.  I still brought J to daycare so I can get some things done with my day off.  I think I'll take a napSmile


      FR - Prepped another freezer meal this morning and putting a casserole in the oven for J and I for the rest of the week.  I feel accomplished with my food prep.


        Bermy - Have a good recovery run! The baby mohawk sounds so cute.


        Mer - Nice job on your race! Dipping food is fun for adults, so it's probably doubly fun for toddlers! My town is tiny, so we don't have much here, but everything we do have is less than a 15 minute walk away.


        Cx2 - Oh yeah, once they get walking on the furniture there is no more sitting around! It is fun but also more work. I didn't realize our LOs were almost exactly one month apart!


        Running eh - How do you find the JM 30-day shred? I did Chalean Extreme after having S and I thought it was awesome for building the muscle back up and getting rid of the post-baby flab. S took awhile to fall asleep last night so wasn't asleep until after 10pm, but then STTN until 9:45 this morning, so I think the cold is actually making her sleep better!


        Mrszm - Wow, your baby sleeps in like a teenager! Whoa, it is crazy cold there. My F to C conversions are no good but I know those temps are really cold!


        Arm - I love that dd had to dress up as a 100-year-old lady for kindergarten. So fun! Definitely take a cutback week - after taking one, I always feel so peppy the next week.


        CMG - Ha ha on DH getting DD ready in the morning. Does he take forever to do it, too? My DH takes soooo long to get S ready.


        Zorbs - When I was pg, this guy in town called my DH and left a message saying he had seen me running and didn't think it was a good idea. Can you imagine?? My ghetto car windows are staying up, thanks to spoons and blocks of wood holding them up. I'm going to have to take a picture of them to show you guys.


        CAR - Have fun at play place! Spring is sounding really nice right now. Your FR sounds yummy - a great cold weather meal!


        Jen - 8 miles on the treadmill is hardcore in my book! I seriously can't last more than half an hour on the TM. Yay for a snow day!!

        5k - 20:46          10k - 41:27         10 mile - 1:15:32          Half marathon - 1:39:15      


          CA – hope you get that run in. Nice to get help when you travel. 2 pairs of adult hands are very useful on flights!


          Rg – stay warm – brrrrr. Glad to hear that you are feeling it in your legs too as I thought it was just me being a training wimp… oh no on peeing. But I bet he was darn cute when he was doing it. I just mistyped ‘doing’ and wrote ‘dong’ instead. How Freudian given topic. You’re right, it was great to catch up with my friends and my DS play with their kids. They had a great half hour in the plastic kitchen.


          Zorbs – your B totally wins the cutest Mohawk competition esp with fuzzy hair. So freakin cute. How did your run go? I do take pics and should take more as I am proud of them. I want to get some proper serving platters/ presentation dishes as I just serve in our old crockery here and I am not buying any more as we are leaving in a matter of weeks (or months).


          Ernie – stay warm! Agree on not going out in the car esp with LO.


          Mer – I had never heard of that party before. Thanks for link. Cute on ketchup licking. Thanks for support on my training.


          Cx2 – dh can teach with a Mohawk?


          Eh – can’t believe I saw a post about a fm from you! What happened to my short speedy queen? Indoors. And no, not too much hair, but enough to brush it back.


          Mrszm – wow on sleep. Go little fella! Must really need it – do you put him on a baby treadmill to wear him out? I love sarcasm.


          Arm – super bbrrr on playing tennis today. Love the old woman look. Very creative!


          Cm – are you feeling a bit less frazzled?

          5K 21.12   10K 50:12   HM 2:07   FM 3:50:31


            ER- was motivated on the way home, but motivation left one I got home.  But in my defense Em's after school snack turned into 35 minutes of non-stop eating?!  Usually she sucks some milk while I change and then we go.

            TR - ate for 35 min last night after school.  granola bar, strawberries, yogurt, bananas, peas, milk, puffs.  then signed "all done." uh - ok.  where did you put it all?  By then it was time for dinner, so she played with daddy while I did the stirfry real quick.  Two nights ago she ate stuffed mushrooms so maybe she's going through a stage of increased eating?  DH got diaper duty last night while I was doing dishes and when he came back down proudly announced it was a "3 sheeter"  LOL.


            FR - Last night was quick stir-fry.  Leftovers tonight and making apple pie.  Also going to look up recipes for pot stickers and thinking of prepping the filling for those tonight to have tomorrow.

            PGR - this kid is so low.  DH keeps putting his hand on top of my belly to feel movement and I have to move it way down below my belly button for him to feel kicks.  Baby boy was stretching out or something last night - very odd movements, and DH got to feel them all.  Dealt with some mild heartburn the past couple of days, but last night was better.


              ~CA~: are you taking O with you guys today too? I'm interested to see how I'll do bringing both kids out by myself. ~JEN~: bummer on terrible pictures. My photographer only charged us $75. I feel like I need to send her a gift. She is pregnant with her first so maybe I could send her a baby gift. ~ERNIE~: he is probably quicker than I am. She fights me and is so agreeable with him. ~BERMY~: much less frazzled! Still constantly nursing and he is super fussy in the evenings, but my days on the couch snuggling my little boy are pretty nice. ~ROCKY~: sounds like E might be growing! My boy was really low too, but then at the end he ran out of room and was really low and really high. Pregnancy is so wierd. I am still looking at him and thinking how on earth did you fit inside me?

                CAR - Florida in March sounds wonderful!  I hope your run went well.  You are right, spring can't come fast enough!


                jen -I was thinking of you at the party last night.  Didn't realize you have so much stuff!  I got the curling/flat iron case.  It will be nice to have for travelling!  I liked the idea of personalized bags for daycare, etc.  Ha!  Like we will ever have that need.  I guess last night when DH put J down, he said MaMa and made his car sign....he knew I was gone.  That makes me really sad.


                bermy - I didn't know much about it either until last night.  Figured a link would be helpful!  What is the time difference from where you are to Central?  Just curious.


                rocky - There was one time that J must have been stretching in my tummy and you saw something go from one side to the other.  It totally creeped DH out.  I thought it was hilarious.

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                  mer -it's 12.30pm where you are right now and 2.30pm in bermy.

                  5K 21.12   10K 50:12   HM 2:07   FM 3:50:31


                  beskirted & manicured

                    CA - of course my get out of the house excursion turned out to be way more of an adventure than I bargained for.


                    jen - I have ONE DRAWER full.  This or this I would consider to be a huge stash!


                    rocky - I think 5 + sheets merits a holy sheet.

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                    running eh

                      GAHH, I just deleted my post!


                      RR - had a great TM run.  7miles with a few small "hills" thrown in.  What do you ladies do to mimic hills?


                      mzm - How is the cleaning going?  I was supposed to do that too, but I am really good at procrastination.  YAY on the ART, that is great news!


                      arm - did anyone show up for tennis?  DD's bday is Jan 31.  She had some strange ideas for party themes, but I was able to convince her that Valentine was a great idea.  So cute about 100 day.  Last year DD had to bring 100 things and I am so disprganized, the only last minute thing I could think of was toothpicks, how boring!


                      CM - you didn't look frazzled at all in the pics, you looked fantastic.  I only wish I looked that good, and my baby is almost 2!!  I'd say just keep taking it easy if you can, enjoy time with your new little and let DH get DD ready - it's good for them Smile


                      Zorbs - that is exactly what I need to do, now to actually do it....

                      running eh

                        CA - can I come for dinner??  That is great news about MIL on the flight.  Is DH not going with you?


                        mjen - yay for a snowday.  sounds like it's been productive!  Enjoy your nap!


                        ernie - I have never done the 30DS consistantly and I bought it when I was pregnant, so I can't give you a great review, but I have a skinny friend who swears by it Smile


                        Bermy - I am shocked by the FM talk too.  I always said I would not be willing to make the time for it.  You ladies are to passionate about these long distances, that I thought I might have to try it too.  I also think I would really like to have a big goal - it might push me a bit harder.  Is  it Nashville FM that you are doing?


                        rocky - I am laughing at the three sheeter - I think that for DH, almost any diaper is at least a three sheeter!


                          I am a little late to the party today and am attempting to post from my phone. Sounds like it is freezing everywhere but here!  We are having another gorgeous blue sky 60 degree day.


                          rr:  had a terrible 8.5 mi run this morning. I undernourished this morning and felt weak and starving my whole run. I was hoping for 10 but I was just top hungry, which is a shame because I had the time. I still averaged about an 8:30 pace and did 8x100m striders. I also got to see some fighter jets take off which wax really cool (Im in the airforce base where H goes to day care). I ended up buying an overly priced smoothie when I got done because I was so ravished.


                          Br:  STTN again!  When I went to get h this morning he was happily playing in his crib. What a doll.


                          Nrr:  no school today but I took to day care for a few hours just to get back to schedule.  Since I don't feel like driving the 20 min home and then back again, I am sticking around to run errands etc.


                          RG- unfortunately I can't let H run around naked even though he'd love it because he pees immediately


                          bermy- sorry about the poopy run


                          ugh I will have to do the rest on my computer later. Phone is being silly

                          5k - 21:32  FM - 3:27:40


                          Honorary Old

                            I'm super smart and was posting in the Monday thread LOL- I did personals for everyone who posted yesterday, but I don't have time to do them all again for today. Whoops!


                            RR: I think I will run tonight since DH is at fire training tomorrow. I'm getting really sick of this 20*F/10*F windchill weather. I wore my new lulu tights on my last two runs and the verdict is they are crazy comfortable and flattering but not as warm as my brooks or UA tights, so I have to layer up with my dorky windpants in this weather and you can't see how cute they are.


                            BR: R's godmother came over to play with him yesterday and he got suspicious and grabbed two binkies and his lovey and firmly planted himself on my lap- mama is not going anywhere! Loves to play outside and throws a fit if I make him go straight inside or to the car. Yesterday he rolled down the back cement steps (3 steps, lengthwise log roll style), tripped and caught his fall with his forehead and got knocked over by the dog while playing, but didn't get hurt because I had him majorly bundled up, like little brother on A Christmas Story style.


                            FR: yesterday was leftovers. I think tonight I'll do the roasted bnut squash with stuffing (DH can have eggs and toast if he doesn't want it). Need to make some carrot & apple turkey fingers for R while I have the oven hot too. I like to make a batch of something for R and freeze in individual portions.


                            NRR: Bossman in Thailand this week, need to get caught up from my vacation. DH must not have let the dog out when he got up for work and there was a lake of dog piss on the carpet right in the middle of R's play area this morning.. grrrr. Not exactly DH's fault, but I think Hallie is starting to get up there in age (7) where she can't hold it as long.

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                            Bad Ass Mother Runner

                              some personals quick while M watches sesame street and O squeels on her mat... we'll see how long it lasts!

                              RG - eek on the pee on the carpet! Wow, chilly there, it's cold here but warming up on Thursday.

                              zorbs - nice job getting out in the cold. I love being one of the hardcore ones on cold days, and am always amazed at how many crazies there are, especially on the river paths, there are always tons of people on a weekend morning.

                              ernie - lots of time for your LR's! Mmm love beef stroganoff!

                              bermy - good to hear that your cold is almost gone! Lol on the baby mohawk, cute!

                              mer - that's super close to your post baby PR, nice work! were you faster pre baby?

                              cx2 - m looooved walking at that stage. We went to Italy w/ my parents when she was just over a year and looooved going for walks with grandpa.

                              eh - nice work on the tm! I've never done hills on a TM, we have so many hills that it's easy to find them outside. I like zorbs idea of scheduling snack times at home, I don't do this of course but it's a great idea. DH is staying home, he has to work, my parents have a house for a month so the girls and I are staying for free.

                              mzm - that's awesome about the ART payments! I need to submit some receipts for chiro/massage, thanks for the reminder.

                              arm - 33 soudns cold for tennis! of course our tennis courts are covered with snow Smile

                              cm - nice that DH is getting DD ready... my dh has really taken over a lot w/ M since O was born, it's great. The pics on fb look great, and you look good too - I can't tell that you were frazzled. I get stressed about that kind of thing also, so I totally get it.

                              Jen - 8 miles is a looong TM run! Nice job. Keep working on the hitting, he'll get it, and don't feel bad, toddlers have to try stuff to learn what's ok and what's not. Nice job w/ the food prep!

                              rocky - sounds like Em is growing!

                              shel - nice work on the run! that sounds like a great workout for being undernourished!

                              spike - roasted squash sounds super yummy! You need some lulu base layer tights to go under the cute ones Smile

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                                CAR - My pre baby PR was a 21:XX.  I feel like I am running maybe a little faster now than before J was born.  I also think Sunday was just cold and I was coming off a 9 miler.  Excuses, excuse, I know!

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