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Mighty Mouse

    Post as you wish. Wink



    Mighty Mouse

      Monday I did 60 track minutes and 35 minutes of cardio when I got home.
      Today I plan a work out at home since I am treating a friend to a birthday dinner. Also, the ceiling of my apartment kitchen is to be painted today.
      Happy runs, All!  :::HUGS:::



        Judy - Wow....95 minutes...great job.  Enjoy the birthday dinner with your friend tonight.


        Went to swim cl"ass" kicking last night.....we did 1700 yds.  This week went much better than last.....what  a w/o this is, it def. gets my heart rate up.  I did get some help with my stroke which is what I was really looking for.


        Tonight heading out to what they call "Brew Crew" run, it is a group that meets at a local Brewery - run 30 minutes out and back, followed by a beverage if you choose Big grin  couple of my week-end run group girls are going.  Fun!


        LCruns - Too bad you don't live just a little farther down this way....(see above)....there are so many running/Tri groups starting that there are lots of opportunities .


        Off to work!



          Another SWD (scheduled warm day) for me.  Will be heading to NY again in a bit.  Former coworker is going to come for a couple of days.  She's a runner so we hope to get a run in tomorrow morning in The park. Weather is looking warmer but possibly wetter there.  No breaks I guess for me.


          Carol-that does sound like fun. They do those here too but I can't imagine dh being okay with that. ha! Maybe when dd is older the option would be for him to meet me at the brewhouse after the run. Not likely he would do that either. more enjoyable to be grumpy at times.


          Judy-nice workout missy!



          Bad Ass

            Morning!  I had such a busy day yesterday I don't think I got to check the thread until midnight!  I did 3 recovery miles yesterday, and planning on 11 miles tonight.


            judyruns, enjoy your dinner with the friend.  GOod luck with the painting.


            Carol, nice swimming class.


            Lisa, enjoy NY!

            Have a nice day, girls!



            "The most powerful weapon on earth is the human soul on fire."

            It's always fucking hot in Miami!


            Fire Jumper

              G'mornin' Ladies!


              Got my core work in yesterday, and am hoping for 3 or 4 miles at the indoor track today. The 40 degree days are coming.  The clocks change on Saturday night.  My tomato plants are ordered  (sun golds, sweet million cherries, and yellow plums) for May 1st delivery.  I can feel the sunshine on my face and smell the fresh dirt now!!


              Class went well last night.  My students are really loving the live polling that I do with them, using their cell phones.   If you do presentations, you may want to check out Polleverywhere.com.  It's a great, free tool to engage the audience in opinions and quick assessments of where the group is!


              Good morning Judy!  nice workouts!


              LC - warming "up" to the 30's.... ugh.   I'm holding out for the 40's.


              Carol - what a wonderful experience that sounds like, even with the tears.  Next week is 4 years ago that I lost my mom, and Dad has been gone 13.  I think I miss her more now than I did the first year or two that she was gone.


              Carolyn - what's a knuckle light?


              Camille - Yes, hope to show my awareness ribbon proudly.  And I LOVE the instagram.  It made me laugh!


              Lisa - Glad that your daughter got the "right" answer too!!


              Karen - Hmmm.... pavement design.  Sounds riveting. lol    Hope the trip went well.


              Sue - wow... bling AND swag.  You scored!   And contrats on 2:04!


              Ginny - Way to go on the core work!!  And you're right...  Depending on how you stand when you do your weights, you can certainly engage your abs.  A split stance can really help too.  I use a split stance on most of my upper body work.


              Marjorie - woo hoo on the 10.3 and the wood floors.  We get much entertainment from our wood floors and a dog who does not know how to move slowly when she's excited.   Hubby says she needs snow tires.... LOL


              Tessa - nice 4 ... now, the real marathon... grading papers  lol


              Gatsby - My core work is one of the most important parts of my fitness regimen.  My balance and my overall strength depend upon it.  So, you will always have a core cheerleader in me!


              Be well, all!


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              LC Runs



                Slept right through my alarm this morning, that double yesterday must have wiped me out lol .  Not sure if I'll have time after work, but will try and fit in 2-3 miles


                Judy - enjoy the birthday dinner!


                Carol - I know, I would LOVE to live by you; I would move there in a heartbeat if not for the kids.  I saw a pub run in Mt Pleasant next month but can't attend, boo hoo!!


                Lisa - safe travels and I hope the weather ends up being nicer there


                Damaris - wow, 11 miles on a weekday, you go Girl!


                Julie - have a good track run.  I know, last night it was about 35 and it felt so warm, I only needed my running pants and 2 layers on top.  I am so anxious for spring!

                  Morning!  No run this morning.  Allergies went haywire and I was so stuffy I couldn't sleep.  Was thinking of calling in sick but once I got vertical and took a steamy shower things started to loosen up.  Maybe this afternoon.


                  Lisa--Hahaha!  You know I am a lightweight.  I think it was in the low 30s and wind was blowing about 20 mph.  COLD for south Florida!  I am such a wimp about the cold now.


                  Carol--brew run sounds like fun.


                    Went to the gym for speedwork and another bit of core.  It went OK, though I confess to having trouble following directions. I wrote down the paces before I went in, then couldn't resist those buttons...sped it up just a little, then down to pace, up again...


                    Sue/Lisa, I laughed about the frozen water bottle .  I've observed that people in Ga often wear a sweatshirt outside when it's 25 or 30 with no hat and no gloves and complain about being cold. I've even caught myself doing it. It's easy to get spoiled!   Smile     The weather changes dramatically from one day to the next, too, which makes dressing right a challenge.


                    I have to go to my mom's so will just say hi to everyone else!


                    Run to live; live to run

                      11.1 miles for me.  Ducks when I say it was 62 degrees.

                      Carol have a great run with the group.


                      Waves to Judy Laura and Damaris and Sue.



                      Tessa figure you like the hard wood comment.


                      Lisa spring is coming.  Dh has to mow our back yard this week.  And the yellow pollen everywhere tells me it is that time of year.


                      Julie our 2 do fine on wood as the rest of the house is wood and tile.  They don't know any different since they've always had it.  The bedrooms are carpet but we've been working at changing the rooms all to wood.



                        Hi ladies-


                        I wanted to jump in for a quick hello even though I 'm behind on reading everyone's posts. No run for me today; I went to cycle class and then core class. Crazy busy work week - the annual report for my client has to go to the printer by then end of the week. I hope everyone's having a great day-



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                          Marjorie....62 degrees??  Sounds like heaven to me.  Very sunny here today, but temps in the 20's and snow on its way once again.  I can hardly wait!


                          Judy....You are really into doing doubles  this winter!  I'm lucky I can get one workout in, good for you!!!


                          Carol...Brew Crew run sounds fun.  Nothing like that around here. I am a terrible swimmer, don't even enjoy the water that much.


                          Lisa...have fun in NY!  I know that you will.


                          Damaris...have a good 11 tonight!


                          Julie...I am going to have to try the split stance, looked it up.


                          Sue...sorry the allergies kicked in.


                          Didn't run this morning or anything else...but thinking about doing it tonight, we will see...





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                            4 this morning with running neighbour. Happy dissection of Saturday's race. She thought she saw an owl in a tree this morning, but after a little inspection I said "I think that's a plastic bag" and she agreed. her DH came out to meet us with the dogs and we all ran back -- one dog very happy to be out there with RN ("My she! The running she! My she is out here and so am I, life is good!")  and the other would have rather stayed home in bed, thank you very much.

                            And an unexpected 1.4 on city streets this morning -- a car and the bus both turned right at the same time and I'm not sure who went over the line but the car definitely came off second in that argument over space. Nobody hurt, but we knew it would take a long while for a supervisor from the transit company to get there and also that the next bus was driven by the world's slowest driver, Tony the Tortoise, so it wasn't long before passengers started bailing out of the bus in favour of walking to the light rail station, just over a mile away. Off we went. Interesting how much more you see when walking than when riding a bus down the street. Made it in, a little late but not bad.

                            Gym planned at lunch.


                              Just a work vent.  We have a machine that patrons use to get tickets to use the computers or to add money to their account so that they can print.  Anyway, we have a quite large sign on the machine today stating that the machine is not taking dollars today, to come to the desk to get change.  Patron after patron has come up to the desk this morning telling us that the machine is not taking their dollar!  It would not be so bad, but they are just so irritated...Do they just not read?  Or if they do read, does it not compute?  I just don't get it, I know this is trivial, but really????





                              6/8 Hatfield/McCoy Half, 8/18 lake Erie Shores and Islands Half, 9/21 Mighty Niagara Half Lewiston, NY, 10/7 Cleveland Rock & Roll Half 10/6 or Detroit Free Press 10/20, A Christmas Story 5 or 10K Cleveland 12/7, Santa Hustle Half Cedar Point 12/15

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                                At the airport hoping and praying the weather heading towards DC doesn't affect my flight home. Flight doesn't land until 11assuming it's on time. I just want to go home.

                                Since everyone else is blogging: http://karenrunsfar.blogspot.com/
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