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    If I can figure out how to post some I will!


      MOrning Ladies...


      RR: 3 and weights... yesterday was  6 miles speed work with my weight jacket of 15lbs! I am getting so much stronger


      NRR: Not much, we have been postponed by one week bc of the poor planning of the PM. My dad is bummed but still excited we are coming... I think he wants to see M and G more than anything! LOL.



      Gotta run.. Have a good one!

      MA runner girl

        Morning ladies!


        RR: 3 miles after work today. Contemplating running tomorrow morning too before this blizzard comes and I'm stuck inside for 2 days...


        NRR: Midwife appt tonight. Seems like they are way too often now that I go every 2 weeks. Not much else is going on. Apparently we are getting between 1-2 FEET of snow Friday - Saturday, so I'm assuming the all day birth class we have scheduled for Saturday is not going to happen...


        GSD - Oh man, I can't imagine speedwork with a weighted jacket! That is hardcore. I don't think you want to be coming up here right now anyways with the crazy strom we are getting!


        Have a great day ladies!

        PRs: 5k - 21:23, half marathon - 1:39:43, marathon - 4:01:15


          Good morning girls.


          GSD, speed work with weighted jacket?!?!?!? Wow!!!


          MA, have a great appointment today. Hope the storm stays calm!


          LIzo, you ok???




          TriR, spinning plus ST with trainer. Zumba last night was fun but hard. I'm so uncoordinated!!!!


          NtriR, having lunch with C today. Yippee. AF came strong cramps and wicked migraine.


          Did anyone see this on today show http://rockcenter.nbcnews.com/_news/2013/02/07/16883813-too-fast-tween-sisters-log-miles-in-endurance-runs?lite


            Morning Ladies!


            RR: thinking 3 miles after work (hoping to get outside if it's not too cold. I'm struggling with thecold weather lately. It seems that it literally goes right to my head. My hair is still not completely grown in from my surgery and it seems that the cold weather makes my head frozen--even with a hat!)


            NRR: They are calling for a major winter storm tomorrow into Saturday 1-2 feet of snow. I'm supposed to go to my brother's this weekend to meet my niece! I'm also thinking about taking a personal day from work tomorrow (if we don't get a snow day). I'm worried because I drive an hour to work and literally have to drive over a mountain to get there. I think if the snow gets bad enough I'll never be able to make it back home tomorrow afternoon. Anyway, so I think I may take a personal day tomorrow--so that I can get out way ahead of the storm and go see my niece. Smile


            MA: stay safe and warm this weekend, please! Smile


            gsd: running with a weighted jacket!? You are my idol Smile


              Morning Ladies!


              GSD- weight jacket of 15lbs?? what is this? never heard of such a thing, but it sounds crazy hard. sorry about your trip being postponed.


              MA- are you worried about this storm? I have heard anything from 6 inches to 3 feet of snow! I would try to get a run in before it hits! HOpe your appointment goes well tonight.


              RR- I had no desire to run last night, but I forced myself and ended up getting in a great 4 miles. I have a question for you ladies, so I feel like I can run longer, but I am trying very hard to increase my mileage slowly to be smart, but then I wonder if I am being too cautious? any thoughts?


              NRR- I can't believe how ridiculous this snow storm is. It kind of makes me want to be a weather forecaster.... basically you can just guess and you have job security no matter how accurate you are or not! ha! I am kind of hoping for some snow this weekend... would be nice to get some this winter!


                GSD-sorry about the delay in heading north. Hope you guys can get there soon. Way to go on the speedwork yesterday


                MA-hope you can get in those miles. We are getting freezing rain, sleet, and snow today. Fun stuff


                meli-enjoy spinning and ST tonight


                RLTW-I would totally take a personal day tomorrow. You get to see your new neice, what's more personal than that?


                RR: probably nothing today except ST since the weather is really crappy out


                NRR: two more days of work then the weekend. I am a bit mad at one of my professors. So, I am a TA and a research assistant as well. Juggling those two things can be hard sometimes. One problem is that I have to do research every day from 2-7. Well, one of my TA duties on Friday is going on during that time. I emailed my professor that I TA for asking her if I can get some of those duties done early on Friday so I can go do my research. Well, she sent me back an email saying how it was unacceptable to do that, how I should put forth my TA duties above all else, etc. I get that, since it does pay for my tuition, but still. I am just trying to make everyone happy, but it's not working Sad


                  klm-I think what you are doing is great. keep at it slowly; don't build too fast and risk injury, and your mileage will increase in no time


                    KlMcD - i am incredibly conservative about building mileage so I would say to err on the side of caution and finish a run feeling like you could do more. That being said there is probably no harm in tacking on a little extra now and then as long as it's not every run.


                    Taylor - that is a ridiculous request from your TA professor. In most of the departments I've been associated with, as long as someone gets the work done, it doesn't matter when it happens. IMHO, it is better to reschedule things to give both your fullest attention than to half-a$$ or rush something because you need to be somewhere else (not that you would do that). Maybe you could tell that your professor, in a more eloquent way? Just say, "I agree that my TA duties should get the most of my attention, and that is why I would like to reschedule that work so that I can focus on it properly instead of rushing it."


                    I'll be running my first full, the Richmond Marathon on November 16, 2013!



                      Good morning!


                      ER: Once again the bad weather has prohibited me from going to the gym, but being honest, there are more reasons than just that why I didn't go to the gym this morning.


                      NER: So right now its raining and pretty icy, later as the temp drops that will freeze more and then its going to snow. So we had to leave early for work again today. I'm so not happy that we've barely had winter so far but the closer I get to my due date the worse the weather gets! Anyway, the Salvation Army is coming today to pick up an old arm chair and they said the pickup wouldn't be canceled even if the weather gets too bad, just might be delayed. I'm so glad to get that thing out of our house finally, I wanted to get rid of it for years and now we don't have room for it anymore. DH DID get his severance direct deposited today, so thats a relief, though it is less than we were hoping for. I hate how much those kinds of payments are taxed! I know we'll get it back next year but that doesn't help right now! We've also stumbled on a potential new car that one of my FB friends is selling privately for a good price, so we are in the research phase of that. DH is really vague about if we'd start looking at other used cars if this one doesn't work out.


                        Sassy-see the thing is, that these duties had a date beforehand scheduled, well in advance. So that's the professor's reasoning. We are setting up for an exam we are giving our students next week, and all the TAs need to be there on Friday.I could have gotten some stuff done earler, like writing the questions on notecards, but my prof said that was "unacceptable". My boss of my research might try and talk to her about it, but I don't know what will happen with that.


                          I get to see my hottie tonight!


                          RR: did 3.34 (yay for randomness!) this morning on the TM. felt pretty good. did it was an interval run.


                          NRR: work, then a meeting over the lunch hour. Going to be volunteering for our city sculpture walk this year, and the first meeting is today.

                          After work, going to worthington for the evening with M. Then back here to work tomorrow morning. Yea, sounds lame that we have to see each other tonight and he's going to be in town anyway tomorrow.... SmileToday is my mom's birthday. Just called her to wish her a happy birthday and promise to get her present to her this weekend sometime.


                          gsd: wow ! good for you doing 6 mile with a 15 lb weight jacket!  dang girl!


                          MA:  1 -2 feet of snow! that's insane! stay safe and warm. hope you can get your run in before it starts!


                          Mel: I'm fine. I was crabby yesterday because of lack of communication between team members at work and we have a deadline in 2 weeks for the biggest project the state has ever had! I didn't see the today show, but it sounds interesting! I'll try and check it out probably tomorrow. Sorry for my vent fest!


                          rltw: a personal day sounds like a safe bet especially with the uncertainty with the weather! congrats on being a new aunt!


                          dona: how slow are you increasing your mileage? It's smart to do it slowly, but also listen to your body. if you're wanting to do more, maybe no more than 1/2 mile increments...


                          taylor: Is there a way to do your duties as an RA and TA in your own time, and just not tell the professors what and how you're getting the jobs done? That's unrealistic that they're asking you to pretty much split yourself in two...




                            Good morning, ladies!


                            RR: Did the burpees and some walking yesterday. Hopefully more walking today.  I have noticed that we (meaning us here in the Divas thread) are generally the outliers when it comes to fitness. The people with whom I'm working have been complaining about walking a mile or two out here. Uhh what? It's just a mile, relatively flat, no bushwhacking. I guess I'm mixing in with a larger cross-section of American society. Just because the Divas take care of themselves doesn't mean everyone else does. So thank you, ladies, for understanding. Smile


                            NRR: Kind of peeved at the guy from my office who's on this trip. He mentioned several times that if we went to a steakhouse, I'd be eating a salad and a potato. Uh yes, probably, and it's fine with me, so why does he keep bringing it up?  There have been some other things, like oh, lack of strong leadership on his part, that I find annoying. Le sigh... LET IT GO



                            East Coast Divas - stay safe with all that snow!!


                            GSD - Wow! Where is the bow-down emoticon when we need it! Weighted jacket - you don't mess around!


                            KLM - I'm kind of with Sassy on this. I'm afraid of reinjuring myself  so I build slowly, but I think it depends on how long the time off there's bene.


                            Taylor/Sassy - I agree, a ridiculous request. A major thing I remember about grad school was that every professor thought his/her class/project was THE MOST IMPORTANT thing ever. I don't see why you can't write the notecards ahead of time. That seems overly controlling to me.  If this person won't bend, Taylor, maybe you can get those Friday RA hours in on the other days?


                            Meli - I read about those sisters in the NY Times a while back. Kind of interesting.. I do feel like the dad is pushing them too much.


                              monk: lot happening in your household! glad you get to get rid of the arm chair. stay safe in the weather! hope the deal on the car comes through!

                              MA runner girl

                                My best friend just cancelled coming home for my shower on Sunday. Sad She lives in Philly, so by the time the storm is over it wouldn't be worth it to drive all the way here for a few hours. I'm probably irrationally sad about it! Dang hormones.

                                PRs: 5k - 21:23, half marathon - 1:39:43, marathon - 4:01:15