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beskirted & manicured

    RR - 7 miles with 5 @ MP with Sam.  She PRd the half on Sunday..with the peak week this week.  Oh well, I didn't write the training program based on her race schedule, I wrote it based on mine!


    TR - another scream free bath & bedtime.  Oh and when we were hanging out in his room, he hugged my leg and said, "love you mommy!"  it's the first time he said it unprompted!


    FR - I wrote chicken pie on the meal planning thread, but I lied: cornmeal crusted tilapia with red pepper sauce, green beans.


    NRR - went to bed early last night, but DH coughed and hacked for awhile, so I couldn't fall asleep for ages and now I am totally brain dead.

    5K - 24:10 | 8K - 40:41  | 10K - 51:40.6 | HM - 1:51:10 | 30K - 2:44:54 | Marathon - 3:59:26



      RR - I'm still sore but no longer doing the zombie walk, so I think I'll go for a recovery run of 5k or so.


      TR - So silly. She keeps going into rooms and shutting the door and then crying because she can't get out.


      FR - Crockpot chili.


      NRR - Taking S to the Maple Syrup festival at a local farm today.




      zorbs - How did the run go with Sam? There is no way I would be able to handle a run like that today! Glad your Monday got better with a scream free bath and a "love you". Ugh, on the man cold ruining your sleep. My DH snores like a lumberjack when he has a cold, so he has taken to self-banishing himself to the guest room when he's sick, thankfully.

      5k - 20:46          10k - 41:27         10 mile - 1:15:32          Half marathon - 1:39:15      


        RR: nada as I am still sick as a dog. I think it is flu as my wrists and ankle bones really ache like to the core.


        NRR: GREEN CARD INTERVIEW in 55 mins. We look so shabby as a family as DS puked again last night so DH changed DS whilst I changed the bed and then we stayed with him - both DH and I coughing and sneezing our lungs off. DH hasn't shaved, I have shoved my gap jeggins on again. American is going to take us operating as a real family in real life (we hope).


        NRR2: last night I sold crock pot, diaper genie, king bed, stokke high chair, dining table and 50odd inch tv. Score. Much more to go, but a lot of progress (and a lot of work). Oh and a computer- the guy totally was going to use it to download naughty naughty stuff (p0rn is illegal here). Hilarious.


        BR: still not back on solids. Just on breastmilk - what he can keep down. phoning docs again after apt.


        FR: I have no desire to eat, DH probably doesn't either.Maybe we can do some toast.

        5K 21.12   10K 50:12   HM 2:07   FM 3:50:31


          zorbs - So cute about B saying I love you mommy.  Glad he had a scream free bath and bed time.  Hopefully the pattern will continue.  Ugh on your sleep.  I hope you can find time for a nap today.  I would have made DH go sleep somewhere else!


          Ernie - Have fun at the maple syrup fest.  LOL to S shutting herself in a room.  J is the master at closing every door in our house.  He opens and shuts them all the time...it is quite annoying.  Good luck with the recovery 5K...I hope you can shake out your muscle soreness.


          Bermy - Ugh Bermy!  So sorry to hear you guys are still so sick.  Even being sick you are still so productive.  Great job on selling so much stuff.  LOL to the porn guy...isn't porn illegal everywhere?  I hope you guys can all manage to keep some food down soon.  Poor Bermy family...hugs to you all!!


          RR - 6 yesterday on the TM.  Hoping to get outside this week. Not sure today...either 5-6 or Rest...I really need to get my oil changed and my eye brows waxed and I am not sure when I can fit them in.  We shall see how the day goes.


          TR - Seems he has a cold as he has a cough but the cold virus seems to be coming out of his eyes...very red around his eyes with some yellow stuff coming out but the whites of his eyes are clear.  So...we shall see if daycare calls telling me to come get him...they better not.  He is in good spirits and doesn't seem to sick.


          NRR - We have ACT and other state standardized testing for the next 3 days which means we have a messed up schedule.  Today only the Juniors come to take the ACT.  I don't have to proctor today but there is testing in my room so I have no idea where I am supposed to go.  I have a ton of work to do though so I better be somewhere I have access to computer.  Tomorrow and Thursday I have to proctor in the morning and teach all afternoon.  These will be long days.  Proctoring means you can't do anything other than watch them test...for 3+ hours.  UGH!  No cell phones, no food/drink, etc.  BOO!


          FR - Probably leftovers again.




            RR - just over 6 on the TM yesterday, maybe 4 today or i'll put it off until tomorow..


            BR - now that she's better at bum scooting, she doesn't mind sitting on the floor and playing.  Gives me a few minutes to do things instead of her trying to climb all over me.


            BR2 - kind of a vent... my friend has an almost 7 month old and she seems to always compare her to C, who is almost a year.... I'll tell her C says "ma ma ma" and she says Oh yea mine's been talking since 4 months (i think she means babble, not talk)... or i'll mention C is getting better at sitting on the floor with her toys, and she'll tell me Oh yea mine can sit really well and plays all the time by herself.... ugh... can't expect a 7 month old to do the same things as an almost year old, but she seems to think her child is way ahead developmentally since hers does the "same things" as C who is older... ugh... anyways...



            zorbs - aww cute about the I love you!!  and glad to hear there was no screaming!


            jen - stuff coming out the eyes is the grossest thing... I never had it happen to me but seeing it happen to my sister was nasty...


            ernie - maple syrup festival sounds really neat!!  and so Canadian.. ha..


            bermy - hope the interview goes well, but sorry to hear you guys are all sick.  Nice that DS is still nursing... I'm pretty much done since C has been rejecting me at night....


              Grr, just accidentally deleted my post.


              RR:  8m on the schedule today.  Going to try to fit in what I can this morning.  I had to eat something because I woke up feeling a little nauseas so hopefully I can run soon.


              BR:  STTn with no bad dreams.


              NRR:  Hospital day...  Nornally I really enjoy clinic  but I am just not a big fan of this speciality (interventional radiology).  Only 3 more days.  Next week I start pediatric orthopedics which should be more interesting.


              NRR2:  Started 2 countdowns recently...11 days still spring break and 70 days till finals are over!  Then I get a two wweek break before I start into a year of clinical rotations, but at least no studying Smile

              5k - 21:32  FM - 3:27:40


                zorbs - Sounds like bath times have been going well!


                ernie - H loves to close himself in the laundry room and then get into trouble.  Have fun at the maple syrup festival!!


                bermy - So sorry to hear you are still sick!  I hope the interview goes well despite that.  I am sure you will charm them.


                jen - I don't think I could sit still and watch people take a test for 3 hours.  I hope it goes by quikly for you.  Too bad you can't have a TM in there and just run and watch them!

                5k - 21:32  FM - 3:27:40


                  Morning.  I did NOTHING last night so this might be selfish today.


                  RR:  Hoping for 5 on the TM between work and a meeting...or between a meeting and a class I have to teach tonight.


                  TR:  Was a total 2 year old last night pushing the limits constantly.  He is always crawling all over me and elbowing or kneeing me.  I know he doesn't understand what he is doing, but it is still annoying.  I tell him I am not Jungle Jane for him to crawl all over!


                  NRR:  I felt like crap last night so I was useless.  DH has been great, but I feel bad when all I want to do is sit there and be left alone.  Yesterday was just a mentally taxing day and I physically felt horrible.


                  PGR:  So I have the Gap Visa card and they sent me an offer saying they were tripling the rewards for purchases made anywhere but the Gap stores.  I charge everything anyway, so I am thinking about using that card for a little while so I can get the rewards knowing I will be buying maternity clothes since everything I have is for Fall/Winter.  Also, I looked down this morning and am totally bloated.  I showed DH and he smiled.  My reaction was, how am I supposed to hide that.  When I was pg with J, and I told my students, one commented, "I thought you looked like you were getting fat, but I didn't want to say anything".  Gee, thanks.

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                    RR - rest day.  Supposed to have tennis clinic but it's sprinkling so I'm not sure it'll happen.  I ended up running 3 miles before personal training yesterday, then 3 miles home but my ankle/leg was hurting the whole time in the same spot it did before my half so I went to the chiro and got some ART done.  He did a test with a tuning fork to see if it was a stress fracture and I was freaking out.  I'm not sure if I was freaking out over the thought of a stress fracture or because he told me if it was one that it would hurt really bad when he put the tuning fork over it.  But thankfully, he doesn't think it's a sf, he thinks it's shin splints.  Boo.  So I'm supposed to stretch stretch stretch my calves and take a rest day today.


                    BR - had a great time playing with my tennis team friend last night and cried when she left.


                    KR - DD's arts night was great last night.  It's so impressive the whole thing is put on by 4th graders, down to the writing of the play, the music, the acting.  Only problem is we didn't get home until 9:00, well past bedtime!


                    FR - had rotisserie chicken and salad last night so maybe something from the freezer tonight.  Either chicken stew or chicken tacos.


                    NRR - finally getting my massage that DH gave me a GC for 10 months ago!


                    zorbs - yay for a good bedtime last night!  What a sweetie.  Sorry about the bad night of sleep.  I swear my DH will cough loudly on purpose just so I feel sorry for him, which I don't.  Annoying.


                    ernie - glad the soreness is going away!  Hopefully a recovery run will help with the rest of it.  I've never heard of a maple syrup festival, sounds yummy!  We had a sorghum festival where I used to live in Georgia but I think sorghum is nasty.


                    bermy - oh no, I'm sorry you are so sick.  I hope you are able to rest up!  You sound so busy though.  I'm sorry the little guy is still not better either, I'm sure breastmilk is the best thing for him right now!


                    jen - getting my oil changed is something I hate.  Usually I hold off until my dad is here and let him go take my car in, but this time I still have a good 2000 miles to go.  I was so bummed.  eek, proctoring does not sound fun at all!  I hope you don't get a call from daycare!


                    cx2 - that friend sounds annoying and I'd probably want to stop hanging out for a while.   Glad you are able to have a little more free time lately though!


                    shelby - I love countdowns!  How many days until you see DH again?


                    mer - ugh on that comment from a student!  I guess they are too young to know they are not supposed to say anything like that?  I bet you look adorable, bloated or not!  Will you tell everyone after your next appointment?  It's coming up, isn't it?


                      arm:  The spring break countdown is the same as when I see DH next Smile.  We are flying to NC to spend a week with him!


                      mer:  Aww the good ol bloated stage.  I am sure soon you will have an adorable little baby bump!  Will you remind me when you due date is?  Mid sept?  I have like 10 people in my life due in mid September so it is hard to remember everyone's due dates Smile.

                      5k - 21:32  FM - 3:27:40


                        CTimes - Nice job on the TM run.  I HATE the one-upper!  People who do that feel inadequate about something.  It always makes me think of the SNL skit with Kristen Wigg where she always had to one up everyone in a conversation to the point of absurd lies...hilarious.


                        shelby - Yay for DS STTN!  J woke up at 11 p.m. with a bad dream.  I hope your hospital day goes fast especially since you aren't that interested   Pediatric Orthopedics sounds way more fun!  Woohoo for only 70 more days!  Doing anything fun for spring break?  How long until you see DH again?


                        Mer - Um...you are soooooo tiny that if you eat a marshmallow I think it would show in your tummyWink  Who cares what other people think.  Tell them you are gaining weight and are sensitive so lay off!  They don't need to know anything yet.  Sorry about your crummy day yesterday.  Hoping today is better.  I hope you start to feel better soon!


                        arm - Sorry about the ankle issues.  So my chiro did the tuning fork thing with me when I thought I had a SFX...it didn't hurt at all so I didn't think anything of it but it turns out I had a really bad fracture in my 2nd toe.  Not cool. Praying you don't have one and that it starts to feel better quickly.  Yay for a massage.  Glad L had fun with your friend last night and that DD's art night was good.


                          zorbs - Two in a row is a good thing.  See, you don't have the worst kid in the world!


                          ernie - Enjoy your recovery run!  I'm sure you will feel great afterward!  Cute about S closing the doors and getting scared.  Wait until she can open and close them and it becomes a game.


                          bermy - Sorry you are feeling so crappy.  I hope your whole family is healthy again soon!  I also hope that your appointment went well today.  That is stressful even when you are feeling well!


                          jen - I hope you are able to get a lot done today!   Sorry James is coming down with something.  He seems to have less illnesses than last year, right?!  You make me laugh...you know I would eat a handfull of marshmallows before eating just one!  HA!


                          cx2 - Enjoy your newfound freedom!  I am the opposite of your friend with my kid being advanced.  I will complain about the things he isn't doing....sleeping, behaving, etc.


                          shelby - Glad you got a good nights sleep thanks to DS.  I hope you are able to get your run in and manage everything else.  I'm due October 1st.  Next appt is on the 21st.


                          armmama -  Enjoy your massage.  Yeah, I have a couple pretty good stories from things kids said to me while pg.

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                          Gazelle Girl 1/2 Marathon 4/13 - 1:48:46



                          beskirted & manicured

                            This is how badly I needed that 2nd coffee:

                            After my run, went to Tim Horton's drive through and completely missed the speaker and didn't realize until I pulled up to the pay window.


                            ernie - Sam said her legs were tired, and MP is supposed to be 5:55/km and we ran a bunch of kms faster than 5:50.  We're running the ATB course plus a bit extra for the 20 miler this weekend, I predict she might be cursing a lot by the end.  She's never run more than 30K before either.


                            bermy - I hope the US lets your germy family in!  I also hope your DS doesn't puke at the interview.


                            jen - porn is not illegal at all.  Only some kinds, I'm sure you can figure out what I mean.

                            5K - 24:10 | 8K - 40:41  | 10K - 51:40.6 | HM - 1:51:10 | 30K - 2:44:54 | Marathon - 3:59:26



                              Bermy - Hope your interview went well and you are able to get some rest and start feeling better! On the bright side, you will have nicely rested legs once you are able to run again. Did the guy actually tell you he planned to use the computer for porn? That is so funny.


                              Jen - That reminds me, my car is also due for an oil change. Oil changes always seem like such an annoying errand. I go to one of those places that has you in and out of there in 10 minutes. Totally overpriced but worth not having to wait around for a long time or leave your car. I hope you don't get the call from daycare, although if he has to stay home tomorrow it might get your out of the boring proctoring gig Wink I used to teach for a standardized test preparation company and had to proctor practice tests on occasion...that was incredibly boring, even though I was able to flip through magazines and play on my phone since it was just a practice test. I can't imagine having to sit there that long with nothing to do but watch.


                              Cx2 - Ugh, that friend sounds super annoying. I would probably start responding by fake one upping her to a ridiculous degree so she can see how idiotic it is. Like, "Oh, your baby didn't talk until 4 months? That's pretty late, isn't it? C said Mama when she was two weeks old".


                              Shelby - Do you normally run in the mornings before you eat anything? Yay for countdowns! I hope your boring clinical rotation goes by quickly.


                              Mer - At first I LOL'd at your student's comment because I was picturing a little kid that didn't know better. But then I remembered....don't you teach junior high? That is obnoxious coming from an older kid! The bloated/chubby stage sucks but I'm sure you'll have a cute baby bump in no time!


                              Arm - Ouch, sorry about the sore calf. Hopefully the stretching and resting clears it up. It's nice to have a rest day on the same day as your massage, anyway. Glad the arts night went well. Ha ha, getting home at 9pm is late...I'm often in bed at 9 during the week.

                              5k - 20:46          10k - 41:27         10 mile - 1:15:32          Half marathon - 1:39:15      


                              Bad Ass Mother Runner



                                RR - something today, not sure if it'll on the TM or outside and how far.  My legs are sore from my ST'ing yesterday, it's a good sign, I switched things up and worked a bit harder than I have been.  I've been ST'ing with other people mostly and never work as hard then, end up chatting in between sets, etc.


                                TR - taking her shopping for snacks on the airplane.


                                BR - loves Sophie the giraffe just like her sister did... not sure what that giraffe is made of but it's money for babies.


                                NRR - basically packed, just have to get carry-on put together.  It seems like I have a lot of stuff but I don't want to be doing laundry for the girls every day.  Have to be at the airport around 5:30 am tomorrow so I'll be going to bed early tonight and up super early tomorrow.


                                FR - I think we'll just finish off the leftovers tonight.  I'm happy to not cook.

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