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    Morning Ladies~


    Brrr, it's cold out this morning. I'm up early again- have to open the gym at 5 and i'm working until 1. I'm so ready for the weekend!!!


    RR: whatever i can muster up the energy for this afternoon, after i get out of work and R wakes up from his nap. Probably 4ish. This is the only thing i hate about working mornings- it seriously kills my running mileage b/c i have no energy to run later in the day. sigh, next week will be better! ran 6.2 with him yesterday and it was COLD!


    TR: was great yesterday except for crying the last mile of our run. no idea what that was about. He's really into trying to figure out how things work- taking everything apart and putting back together a million times. it's cute to see his little mind work.


    NRR: just ready for the weekend- we're hoping to bang out the rest of our christmas shopping! DH had an all day training yesterday, so he worked 8-4:30 and we actually got to have dinner together. it was nice!

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    beskirted & manicured

      ER - SRD.  I'm still feeling that random 10 pm workout from Wednesday night.  No breaks at work today anyways.


      TR - barely saw him yesterday.


      FR - frozen pizza & leek & potato soup.  Have to grocery shop for the family chrismas dinner tomorrow, you know, the one I said I'd host? this seemed like a good idea a few months ago? just like a marathon?


      NRR - alcoholic friend plugged my ass warmer into a jack at his house - it turned on.  then he plugged it into his car, also turned on.  I knew the cigarette lighter was a bit wonky on my car but since other things worked in it, I never dreamed that was the problem..but at least I do not need a new ass warmer!


      NRR#2 - didn't sleep well on Wednesday night and missed my nap yesterday.  I was so beyond tired at work that I wasn't feeling it anymore.  Actually I stopped feeling tired about  4 days ago. Took a bigger dose of Nyquil last night and did sleep, but what is 5 hours when you've missed a whole week almost?



      rg - I'd have a nap when you get home and run in the early evening, instead of trying to fit it in right when you get home from work.

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        Patty: glad your butt warmer isn't broken! Enjoy the rest day. Sorry about the lack of sleep, I hope you can catch up this weekend. I'd love to take a nap this afternoon, but I probably won't have time. DH leaves for work around 1:30, and depending on what time R goes down for his nap he's usually up by 2. Oh well. A shorter run is still better than no run I guess!

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          RR: speedwork session was awesome, again. You ladies are probably bored of me saying that. We did loads of warm up drills including more bounding and plyometric work. Then 4 sets of (4x100m)+(1x400m). Then on the 16th 100m, when I was starting to lose 2 seconds, we called it quits. Phew. I sprinted the length of a soccer pitch (English football pitch size) and then I jogged back and then sprinted again. I am sure my coach is forcing me to run in front of people as there were loads out but she never lets up and makes me do it. I think that’s part of my nerves at races. When it’s just me and the trail I am just fine. My quads feel enormous this morning. I think I fancy some junky long miles today and tomorrow. Yeah!


          NRR: xmas party last night was awful. I knew it wasn’t going to be anything like the one from weds. Anyway, we made an xmas tree dec and then got outta there. Playgroup this morning and then hopefully an afternoon at the park if the weather stays good.


          DS: teething. Was up a lot last night from 2am. I didn’t get out of his room until 10pm to go to bed.


          FR: shepherd’s pie. We ate all the spinach pie last night. After a tough speed session, what do you girls eat? Spinach pie just wasn’t hitting the spot. I think I needed more protein. Darn it, why do I think of these things a day later!

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            ER: work today (yes I am starting to count this as my workout) long walk tomorrow. ~TR~: cranky. Hopefully this morning she isn't so cranky. Spending this evening with nana and papa. They are going to look at Christmas lights. She is obsessed right now. Saturday night we will go to the penguin house. It is truly god awful and she will love it. This house has like 200 of those tacky blow up christmas decorations (all penguins) in the yard and has March of the Penguins projected on their garage. It is hideous.~NRR~: tonight I have my work Christmas party. We girls just go to a nice dinner and do an ornament exchange. We have fun. Dh has a going away party to go to.~PGR~: feeling big. Yesterday I was feeling pretty crampy all afternoon. They were like period cramps in my tummy and across my low back. The back cramps would come and go, but the tummy ones were all afternoon. Maybe it was gas? Stay put baby boy!

              rr: 3 or so today.


              er: plank 1:11


              nrr: had a dream my ss sent me back her package because he hated it.


              tr: taking the girls to see pinkalicious the musical tonight!


              br: sleeping and napping lots. he got an aaron rodgers jersey from st nick and insisted on wearing it yesterday.


              fr: free for all tonight as girls and i will have to leave right as dh gets home from work.


              rg: you have insane mileage.


              zorbs: yay for ass warmer and sleep.


              bermy: my favorite jeans are guess. may have to try express.




                rr:  8 after work.  We have plans all day tomorrow and I won't have time for my lr so today it is!  I think it will be solo unless RP magically got my e-mail and shows up. I am good either way!  I NEED to do my planks!


                br:  Was cute opening his stocking last night.  He was more interested in the card he gave me than the toys he got.  We did read both of the books!


                nrr:  Game night was fun.  We laughed a lot which to me is the best part of it all!  I am hoping to be productive today at work.  I have Monday off as a Personal Day for Christmas Shopping, etc.  Oh, and they keep bumping up snow totals.  We are up to 2-3 inches from a light dusting.  My guess is we will get 5-7 inches and I will be hanging out with J solo Sunday.  DH plows snow and is all worked up.  


                fr:  Ate way too much rich food and my tummy is off this morning.  I need to rehyrdate as I was the only one drinking the wine last night.



                rg - Yay for dinner with DH.  I don't know how you do those early morning hours.  Crying baby for me = running faster to make it stop quicker!


                zorbs - Lunch included a pit stop? 


                bermy - Bummer about the xmas party and the 2am wake up.  Those teeth are horrible.  We had quite a few tylonol nights when J was teething.  


                cmg - I think the penguins sound cute!  I hope work goes fast.  And, yes, at this point, working is a workout!


                mrszm - I am sure your ss will love her gift!  You are a great gift giver!  Have fun tonight with the girls.  I am sure they are stoked about going.  That is fun that your DH and C will have a "boys night".  

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                  RR - usual Friday RD... still wishing I had sucked it up and ran yesterday when I had the chance..


                  BR - visit to work was ok... she was cute and smiley but also super clingy.  some of the baby-crazy women were quick to, well, not quite criticize, but point out how difficult C would be to care for if she has such separation anxiety and how I should've left her with babysitters more often and to teach her that she shouldn't cry when I'm not around.... yea, REALLY supportive there huh?  Like I don't already feel anxious about leaving her in a few months or that somehow it's my fault C is so clingy...

                  Anyways.. some weird sleeping going on... she had 2 loooong naps (and one short one), then slept 8-12:30, woke up crying, I nursed at 1am, and she slept until 6:45, then went back to sleep when I turned some music on and slept until 8... hmm...


                  NRR - seriously still sick.  Now I'm close to losing my voice.



                  rg - hope the day flies by for you!


                  zorbs - glad your warmer got fixed... when I get in the car, one of the first things I do is turn my seat warmer on!


                  bermy - sorry for the long night, I hope you get a nap in today!


                  cm - i love penguins but that sounds extreme... our neighbourhood, thankfully, doesn't have a lot of crazy decorations..


                  mrsz - i think aaron rodgers is cute Smile


                    Few min. before we leave Smile. RG: do you ever take a day off? Yay for dinner with DH. Good luck on your shopping tomorrow. ZORBS: good luck grocery shopping BERMY: your coach sounds awesome. I can't wait for a super hard workout MRSZACHTongueinkalicious the musical. Awesome! They will love that. MER: I love game nights. I'm so glad he loved his stocking.

                      I don't know why it put a face in for pinkalicious?

                        RR- prob 2-3 miles really easy. Tomorrow is the 25k trail race DH- is home! He went to bed at 8 and is still sleeping. I will have to cash in some sleep in time Sunday. FR- pizza night tonight! Zorbs- so glad your ass warmer works! I love potato leek soup. Yum Bermy- why was the Christmas party a bust? Boring? RG- yay for dinner with DH! Over 6 miles with jogger must be tough. Yesterday I did 5 with the double jogger and I wanted to abort 3 miles in. They are just getting so heavy. I wonder how many more calories we burn with the jogger Smile

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                          CMGRuns- crazy about the cramps! Are you feeling like it's close? I know it's early but wasn't your first early? Both mine were on the early side. Thank god! MRS Z- funny about your dream. I'm sure your SS will love it! Mer- game night sounds so fun. What games did you play? Ctimestwo- so sorry you are still sick. Hope you get better soon!

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                            Bermy- your speedwork is amazing!!! sorry the party was awful. hope you guys can get out to the park later today!


                            cmg- take pictures of the penguins!! sounds like pure torture for the parents, which means the kiddos all love it. work is definitely a workout when you're this far along. stay put little man!


                            mrszm- have fun at the musical tonight! i bet the girls will love it! how old is C now? i think he and R are fairly close in age, if i remember correctly from the preggo boards.


                            mer- enjoy your LR today. a personal day for shopping etc sounds awesome- hope you can get alot done. glad you had a great time at game night last night! yeah, my last mile of the run yesterday was a 7:20 pace- trying to get home as fast as i could to stop the crying!


                            Cx2- ugh, sorry about the judgy coworkers. that's so annoying. i know people have their own kids, but everyone is different. hope you guys have a great weekend!


                            jnmiller- good luck on your trail race tomorrow!!


                            Bermy Plank Challenge: 3:05 today.


                            Gotta run- next client is here!

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                              RG - I am not a fan of morning workouts for that reason. I just feel tired all day.  What is your usual weekly mileage?  I would love to run with you sometime, it would be a good challenge.


                              Zorbs - How was your lunch?  Glad to hear the warmer is working!  Sorry to hear the sleep is still bad.  You mentioned a late workout and then not being able to sleep.  Don't they say workouts before bed tend to keep you awake?


                              bermy - I love hearing about them.  How often do you do speed?  I have decided I am going to start writing them down and doing them myself!  ps.  I totally agree that everything happens for a reason - I was so bummed about not going to the retreat but now DS is sick and I would hate to stress him by taking him somewhere different and having someone else watch him. 


                              CMG - Sorry about the cramps...that sounds like labor to me!  Have you had you cervix checked yet?


                              mrszm - Have fun at the musical!


                              mer - Hope you have a good LR.  I would love a personal shopping day...and some money to do it with Smile


                              Cx2 - Sorry to hear the others moms weren't supportive.  It seems like sometimes when moms get together, they can be very competitive.


                              Jmiller - Good luck on the race!!!  Are you ready?  How will the weather be?


                              RR:  Finally out of my funk I think!  Yesterday I ended up running on the TM the whole nap, getting in 5.5  Then I went out later with the stroller and dog and did another 3.5, for a total of 9.  I have been barely getting in 20 miles a week and I am already past 20 and still have a few days left in the week.  Hoping for an easy 3 today.


                              BR:  Poor guy woke up las night burning up.  After that he didn't sleep well.  DH has been sick all week and he finally passed it on.  This morniong, DS is sneezing and coughing a lot.  DH said that DS just wanted snuggles this morning before he left for work.  So much for that date night...but that's ok.  Maybe we will watch a movie at home and get take out.


                              NRR:  We were going to drop DS off at a really cool hourly care place tonight while we went to happy hour and dinner but now I don't think we will be doing that.  Maybe he will feel well enough to go tomorrow.  I am a little worried I will be next!


                              Still need to do my plank... (bermy - is there a preferred way to do it?  On forearms vs hands?  Hands is a lot easier for me and I feel like I could hold it forever.  Forearms not so much).

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                                Morning! Baby and toddler are still sleeping!! ---RR - Nike workout this afternoon plus my planks! ------ TR - I almost lol'ed at her when she got up from her nap yesterday. She was wearing 4 shirts and these leggings that are way too small. She couldn't get them up past her knees. I was going to take a pic but she started crying and asking me to not. Like she knew how bad she was dressed. She was up at 5 when I was nursing O and of course was not wearing what she went to bed in. ------BR - slept 9.5 hrs last night!!! She was super fussy and crying a lot later in the day yesterday, didn't nap well. I think she has some gas and tummy pain but once she got to sleep she was out! -------FR - trying to think of ways to use up the leftover ham. I'm thinking maybe homemade pizza tonight. Any other ways you guys cook with ham? I did a noodle broccoli ham casserole last night.

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