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Cupcake Connoisseur

    It's still not Friday. But at least it isn't Monday!


    November 10 - Richmond - 26.2

    April 28 - Toledo, OH - 26.2


    Cupcake Connoisseur

      12.2 speed work miles for me this morning. 6 of those 12 were tempo.


      Not a bad run considering I was going on 3 hours of sleep. Kept tempo pace pretty well..was at MP when I first started the interval and when I ended I was around 9:05-9:20. I will take it. Right calf cramped up on my final 2 cool down miles. I am wondering if I am missing something in my diet. I have NEVER had that happen during a run before. Stretched them when I got home and will try epsom salt bath and foam roller later.


      My God I could not sleep last night. During peak weeks I can usually fall asleep before I put my head on the pillow! I tossed and turned for 4 hours. 4 HOURS. I think I was thinking about work crap and getting angry..and then my anxiety kicked in because I knew I had to get up at 3:15 - AHHH I was going crazy. I almost took an anxiety pill but then I wouldn't have woken up in time. Haha. Not sure what was going on..I guess stress. Hopefully I sleep better tonight.


      Busy day again today. Hopefully I can make it through.



      Sandy – I did not watch the Superbowl. Haha. I did watch JT performance and I thought it was awesome! His dance moves were ON POINT. I heard people were complaining but not sure about what? I am proud of myself for standing up to him, too! If he gave me a VALID reason as to why he didn’t want me working from home maybe I would back off..but we have nothing going on so what is the big deal? I was starting to feel bad last night but then I just got angry again haha. I am trying to picture your desk but I just can’t! Bar stool height is tall! What kind of chair do you have? What did you end up doing this morning?


      Judy – Funny you mention the footing difference when walking vs running. I have that issue! I think my running posture is pretty good but I walk funny. LOL. Well crap, maybe I run funny, too!


      Karen – I am getting in to Fargo around 6:50pm and leaving on Sunday around 5:30pm if that helps at all. Glad you didn’t have any issues with the foot yesterday. Awesome workout!


      Tessa – Hope you were able to get out of work a bit early! Nice miles!


      Docket – Nice treadmill workout yesterday!


      Run4kupcakes – Ugh, sorry to hear about the foot! Taking it easy is smart. I do NOT use a diffuser..but I do blow dry with a paddle brush which seems to help a ton! I use the straightener every day though.


      Lisa – Wow, not opening your laptop for an entire weekend – awesome. Have to do that sometimes Smile Nice miles the past couple days. How is wedding planning with DD going?


      Kathryn – I am laughing about the joint comment.



      Ah crap. Fire alarm is going off. Is this how the day is going to go? Now I will have 50x calls about why it went off. Talk with you ladies later!


      November 10 - Richmond - 26.2

      April 28 - Toledo, OH - 26.2


      Cupcake Connoisseur

        Oh, got some sewage going into the cafe too this morning! What a great Wednesday!


        November 10 - Richmond - 26.2

        April 28 - Toledo, OH - 26.2

          Woohoo Wednesday! I had 5 on the calendar, but decided to walk the dogs instead and see how that went.  Still not 100%, but maybe a little better from moving around this morning?  Will see how the day goes.  Swimming is good, except the flip turn is awkward bc I can't turn over as well right now...


          Lizzie--sewage in the cafe????  Ugh.


          Have a great day everyone!!


          Mighty Mouse

            Lizzie, I’ve definitely been there about the sleep. What works for me is this:

            Relax and breathe deeply and very slowly.

            Feel the air slowly coming in your lungs while slowly counting. (You can start with any number.) When the lungs feel really full, exhale, start the count again, same number, same slow speed. Let any thoughts flow out easily without your brain fastening on them. Think about the counting and sound of your breath.

            Try it when mammal appears. LOL 


            Tuesday I got in a 45 minute run on the track and was able to keep up a faster pace. I’ve had a sore lower back this week from doing a plow on a too hard surface. We learn the hard way. I already banned the pigeon pose a few years ago. It kept me from running several days. Grrrr!

            Today it is snowing a lot, so I will probably exercise here at home if DC doesn’t drive to the gym.

            I plan a good yoga session.

            Safe and happy runs, All! 


              Kat – yep, watched the Super Bowl episode on Monday and stayed up last night, too.  Last night’s was SAD.  My sister texted me this morning “Why did I watch that before work?  I’m a big puffy mess!”  haha.  But, now with the Olympics, it isn’t on again until the 27th.


              Lisa – I love seeing your race calendar in your signature!  Wow, that’s a LOT!  And back to back 50Ks in April?!  Holy cats.  OMG that’s sooooo nice to keep the laptop locked up on the weekends.  I hear ya on the blechy dreadmill but you got ‘er done.


              HCK – Good plan to continue to rest the foot.  Some of those DDD are kind of weird.  And too much food!


              Damaris – glad you are feeling better and had a fun night out with your friend!  Airplanes are really good at dehydrating a person, aren’t they.  Nice job on the run and going by feel.


              Tessa – LOL on dead dinosaur fabric.  Dance tights!!  That’s awesome.  My first marathon I ran in a turtleneck haha


              Karen – nice brick yesterday!  I’m still calling it a brick.  Hope the ankle continues to feel good and it was just some wonky misalignment.


              Lizzie – 3 hours sleep?!!!!!!!!!!  Gurrrrrrrrrl.  That sounds painful.  You amaze me.  For real.  Awesome run.  Ouch on the cramp!  For me that means not enough salt but I don’t want to prescribe that for everyone.  Man, I hope you can sleeeeeeeeeeep tonight.  Especially since tomorrow is a REST DAY.  Freakin Mammel getting you all riled up in the middle of the night.  No valid reason AT ALL.  LOL – I just took a pic of my work space and I will FB message you with it haha.  Oh no on the fire alarm!  And ewwwwwwwwwww on the sewage!  Good luck with the madness.


              Okay, why is it that people cannot READ and FOLLOW instructions?!  That would REALLY make my life easier.  Spin this morning was just meh.  Maybe I shoulda pushed harder.  Stayed up and watched This Is Us last night – it was a good one.  Ready for the week to be over!

              Glass City Marathon 4/28/2019


                Fire alarms, sewage in the cafeteria?  Gees Lizzie, sounds like a great day!  All we have is more snow!


                Sue...sounds like you are improving some....keep it up.


                Legs with trainer this morning...today he had me flipping tires, I did it 10 times!!!  Okay, he helped a little on number 9 and 10.


                I will come back later, have some books to shelve.





                6/8 Hatfield/McCoy Half, 8/18 lake Erie Shores and Islands Half, 9/21 Mighty Niagara Half Lewiston, NY, 10/7 Cleveland Rock & Roll Half 10/6 or Detroit Free Press 10/20, A Christmas Story 5 or 10K Cleveland 12/7, Santa Hustle Half Cedar Point 12/15

                Running with the Turtles

                  Shoveled the driveway this morning.  It wasn't too bad, it was light fluffy snow.    My foot didn't bother me, so that is a plus.  And it is warming up today, into the teens!  Yay!  


                  Lizzie, wow, great miles this morning!  And with tempo!  Interesting about the calf cramp.  Hope that doesn't happen again!  And hope you get some sleep tonight!  Sorry about Mammel.  He told you that you should have lied?  Umm, OK.  Yeah, next time do that.  Tell him you have "woman issues".  That should shut him up.    Mammel would love me, I sit at my desk with my shoes off.  Sometimes I go and talk to people barefoot.  At least I have socks on.    Well, honestly I always hated running.  I liked biking and inline skating but I avoided running.  That race experience did not help.  I was just so bad at it.    You should read some erotica by that author.  I heard she is very good.  


                  Sandy, I kinda watched the Super Bowl.  I was reading my book at the same time.    The halftime show was OK, I liked the Prince tribute.  Are they sticking with the "Bold North" thing?  Like the Packers have the Frozen Tundra?  My co-worker was actually just down the street from the stadium during the game.  Her daughter lives there and went into labor last week.  She said that driving around was pretty bad.  While I have a Kindle, I always read actual books from the library.    I don't think my race experience would happen these days.  At least I hope not.     It was such a small event, I think they had one table set up for registering.  When I got back, everything was gone.  Mr. Math actually watched This is Us for the first time ever after the Super Bowl, he said "I wanted to find out how that guy died".   DD wanted to watch last night's episode right away, I told her to pace herself, since it won't be on for awhile again!


                  Karen, I'm glad the foot is OK!


                  Tessa, ha, I would wear the shirt from the fluffy flower.  If you put it that way.    Unfortunately, I sweat too much!  Two aid stations for a marathon!  I will check out your book suggestions!  I will be set for awhile.


                  Damaris, glad you are feeling better and got your workout done!


                  Waves to everyone!



                    Cathy - hey, I shoveled, too!  Well, I actually swept the driveway clear haha  We got about a half inch of the fluffy stuff.  Teens?!  Jealous!!  We don't get those until the weekend.  Glad the foot didn't hurt this morning!  They might be trying to stick with Bold North?  IDK  Oh, wow, your poor coworker having to be down there in that madness!  I guess getting through downtown was a nightmare.  I stayed on my side of the river hee hee.Too funny about Mr. Math needing to know about the death.  I thought they did a really good job with that!


                    Is this day over yet?  Oh!  I brought Febreeze from home (thanks, Cathy, for the idea!) now to find away to use it.  I may just leave it on his desk after he leaves haha

                    Glass City Marathon 4/28/2019



                      Cathy, there were more than 2 aid stations on the course, it was just that most of them were water only. Two had sports drink as well as water.


                      I had my friend meet me at mile 18, near her house, with a Diet Coke.


                      Susan, I would guess flip turns probably aren't good for your back. Smart to walk the dogs instead if you are not 100%.


                      Liz, cramping can be a number of things. Some people carry Tums for quick electrolytes during runs. Good luck with the fire alarm and sewage spill -- I do hope they are not connected.


                      3.8 with RN this morning -- waving to everyone -- work is getting crazier.


                      WINE o'clock somewhere!

                        Hi Ladies,


                        I have been a shaky, jittery mess the last few days.  I got a new Dr who refilled my meds.  Great except that he changed one from regular to extended release which I didn't realize.  NOT GOOD.  I shake and can't focus.  It wears off by late day, but DAMN, it is tough getting there.  Called the pharmacist this morning and he confirmed it.  Have a message into my PCP to fix it.  At least I know what is the problem now.  Really makes functioning difficult.


                        Maybe catch up later when I am feeling better.




                        Wild Hare 50K Nov 17th - TX

                        Brazos Bend 50M December 9th - TX

                        Bandera 50K January 5th - TX

                          Gym this morning for me... elliptical warm up then lower body weight machines.  Flying to Chicago tomorrow but just got a warning from Delta about weather. UGH.  HATE that since it's 4.5 hours to drive.


                          Kathryn-LOL about the running guy being high on something other than endorphins!  Hope you feel better soon!


                          Lizzie-that lack of sleep may catch up with you! But then again you're fast so maybe you can outrun it. I opened beer and wine containers instead of laptop all weekend. LOL At least one or two anyway. Hope you got the sewage situation fixed...nobody likes a crapfe.


                          Sue-dog walk better than nothing.


                          Judy-good sleep/breathing advice.


                          Sandy-doesn't seem like a lot until I see it... one reason for putting it there.  Reminder so that I don't feel like a slug. You want people to both read and follow the directions. That is asking for a lot of them.


                          Ginny-that trainer is one that could get me to flip the tire too. LOL Hope he gave you your legs back.


                          Cathy-snow here in Detroit too! But since I'm in a condo I left it for them to do.



                          Tessa-Piney Woods 10.3 mile loop had 4 aid stations (only two with food though)... I doubt that I lost weight there. LOL



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                          2019: 2-16 Cross Timbers 50 mile TX; 4-28 The Trail Half MI; 4-29 Glass City Marathon OH; 5-4 Twilight Zone 24 hour MI; 8-24 North Country 26.2 & 13.1 MI; 9-7 Run Woodstock 100m MI; 9-28 Bear Lake 24 hour MI; 10-29 Javelina Jundred 50k AZ


                            kats...hope you are feeling better by now.


                            Sandy...I watched 'This is us" this morning, I teared up a couple of times.  If you find out why people can't read and follow directions let me know.  We have a huge, very nice, sign in reference stating that there is a delay with tax forms and booklets, but no one reads it I guess because they come up to the reference desk constantly asking about tax forms....go figure.


                            Lizzie...hope work has settled down since this morning.


                            The majority of the snow predicted has missed us today, we got a dusting and now the sun is out.  They frequently get the forecast wrong for us as we sit on the bay and not right on Lake Erie.  I am not complaining.





                            6/8 Hatfield/McCoy Half, 8/18 lake Erie Shores and Islands Half, 9/21 Mighty Niagara Half Lewiston, NY, 10/7 Cleveland Rock & Roll Half 10/6 or Detroit Free Press 10/20, A Christmas Story 5 or 10K Cleveland 12/7, Santa Hustle Half Cedar Point 12/15


                            Cupcake Connoisseur

                              What a crap day (literally). Problems and complaints all day. I guess that is my job, right? LOL. Just a lot the past two days! I am ready for the weekend!


                              Oh, and yes we got the sewage cleaned up Smile



                              Sandy – I am glad I don’t watch TIU. I don’t want to be crying all the time! Haha. I am excited for the Olympics! You ran your first marathon in a turtleneck?! LOL. Did you have on a puffy vest, too? Smile Seriously though. That would be HOT! Hmm..could defiantly be not enough salt. I need to hydrate better, too. Hoping the magnesium in the Epsom salt will help also. OMG I totally understand the not following directions! OR communicate! Why is that so difficult?! AAAAHHHHH!!! I am ready for this week to be over. Nice job on the spin! Those classes are tough…TOUGH. As for the febreeze – I say you go right behind him and just spray it. LOL.


                              Judy – Thank you for the tip! I am going to use that in MANY situations! Nice run yesterday!! Sorry your back is bothering you! Enjoy your snow day!


                              Susan – Glad the back is feeling a bit better.


                              Ginny – Wow, nice workout this morning! I don’t think I could flip tires. Maybe bicycle tires. LOL. Glad you missed the snow today. Wish it was headed my way!


                              Cathy – Yay for foot not bothering you! How much snow did you get? I like that woman issues idea. LOL  Smile  I go talk to people too barefooted! I don’t wear socks though  Smile  That is funny, I can picture you doing that  Smile  Hated running? Really? You are NOT bad at it! You are awesome at it! You are speedy. Inline skating!! When was the last time you did that? That sounds fun Smile


                              Tessa – Tums? What an excellent idea. Plus I love the taste of them haha. I will try that, thanks! Nice miles! Hang in there at work!


                              Kathryn – So sorry about your med situation! I have had experience with that – and it sucks. Hope you start feeling better soon!!!


                              Lisa – How are you liking the condo? The lack of sleep will hit me 2 days from now. Usually does. I agree with Sandy – you have an impressive race schedule! Hopefully your flight will be on time tomorrow!



                              Out of here soon! I have to go to Wal-mart before heading home. Ugh. Last place I want to go but they have cheap almonds and Halo Top. Priorities Smile


                              November 10 - Richmond - 26.2

                              April 28 - Toledo, OH - 26.2

                              Anonymous Guest

                                Thunderstorms this morning, so I just messed around the house, then once they cleared out around noon I went for a run. I was planning on 10, but heard thunder around mile 8.5, so headed home and cut it short at 9. The run felt good, first time I've been able to go a little faster than normal and not feel like I was dying since the cold/flu crud showed up almost 3 weeks ago. Still an occasional cough but finally feel normal. DH is finally starting to feel better too, in fact I overheard him say he scheduled a meeting Friday morning on the campus - woohoo!


                                Liz, nice run! Sorry about the sleep issues, that really sucks. Definitely sounds like it's stress-related. Fire alarms and sewage in the cafe.....that shit's on fire!


                                Susan, sounds like swimming and dog walking are the way to go right now until you get feeling back to normal.


                                Oh Kathryn, that stinks that you're feeling that way. Good that you figured it out, I hope they can fix things quickly and you get back to normal.


                                Sandy, I still haven't watched the episode after the Super Bowl...planning for lots of crying. From what I hear, last night's was more sad than Sunday's episode.


                                Ginny flipping tires! Dang, girl, your trainer has really gotten you into good shape. Glad you didn't get much snow this time.


                                Cathy, glad the foot didn't hurt from shoveling show. That's progress. I've been getting all kinds of pictures and status updates on fb from snowmaggedon back in 2010 - DH shoveling the street because the county plow got stuck on our road, several feet of snow on the cars, wearing several layers of clothes because our power was out, etc. Reminded me I will not go back to snow shoveling country - you and Sandy and Lisa and Ginny and Judy and (whoever am I missing) can keep it!


                                Tessa, good you can keep getting some miles in even when work is crazy. Helps keep you sane in all that crazy!


                                Lisa, agree with Sandy, your schedule looks pretty darn impressive. It also makes me feel like signing up for more stuff.


                                Temperatures here went from mid 70s yesterday to mid 40s today. I took a hot shower when I got done running, but my hair is wet (because I don't have a hair dryer) so now I"m freezing. I should probably move around and do something to get warm, like clean the bathrooms that need it, but I really just want to stay under this blanket. Decisions....

                                Coaching testimonial: "Not saying my workout was hard but KAREN IS EVIL."


                                Upcoming races: Twin Cities Marathon - October, Cypress Half - November, Brazos Bend 100 (yikes) - December, Houston Marathon - January, Glass City Marathon - April

                                Since everyone else is blogging: http://karenrunsfar.blogspot.com/