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    Hi Ladies~


    Seems like we've switched mostly to FB to post, but I"m working today and can't get on FB, so I'll start a thread here.


    RR: Not sure today, hoping for a short TM run after work depending on how the day goes. I'll aim for 5 miles. It's still snowing here and supposed to continue all day. It looks like we've got 6-8" already. Ran a really hilly but fast 8 miler at my parent's house yesterday before we left to drive home.


    TR: was so so so happy to be home! ran through the house, opening and closing all the cabinets, playing with every single toy, and just laughing. he traveled really well- slept great, took good long naps, and had fun playing with all of his cousins.


    NRR: working 6-1  today and tomorrow. my younger brother and his gf are coming out Sunday and staying through New Year's Day, so i'll have to clean and grocery shop Saturday. Ha, went grocery shopping for the essentials yesterday after we got home, and the place was packed! I laugh at the panic- omg, it's snowing! haha

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      RR: 6m today. glad I took a rest day yesterday as Tues's repeats trashed my legs. coach is away til 4th so I am trying to get fitter and stronger in the interim.


      NRR: grocery shopping, playground and maybe zoo if there's time. Basically a post-xmas 'clean up' and get re-organised day.


      NRR2: have vertigo again. I think it is related to AF (which is now 2 days late - but I tested last night and it was bfn) or maybe other triggers. I also think it is migraine associated vertigo rather than benign positional vertigo as the epley manoever is doing nothing and it feels like a migraine. I have had it for 4 days now. i will start diet trigger eliminations and see how we get on. If it is still here tomorrow I will go to docs. I can still function normally this time as it is bearable and feel better when I run. Ironically.


      BR: still sleeping - 7.10am, having sttn for as long as I can remember. He is treating me like a queen!


      FR: shepherd's pie with leftover carrots and mashed potatoes from xmas dinner for the boys. I am going to have tilapia, and a salad.

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      beskirted & manicured

        ER - SRD, unless you count hardcore shopping as exercise.


        RR - quick race report:

        I was on pace for sub 1:30 through the first half (hit 5 miles at 44Tight lippedx), but the hills and headwind started at mile 7.  The shorter, steep hill is right before mile 7 and in the best conditions, generally i run that hill and then walk for a few seconds at the top to catch my breath.  Yesterday, I walked a little bit up the hill, and then right when I reached the top, was hit by a MASSIVE headwind that made it impossible to catch my breath.  Then it was the trail section, again normally it is a very fast section of the course, but it was muddy/slushy and coincidentally the same trail where I faceplanted before Chicago, so I HAD to be cautious.  I think I did a good job considering the wind and the fact that the snowstorm started in the middle of the race, so the roads were getting progressively worse.  Official chip time for 10 miles - 1:31:42.


        TR - WOULD NOT SLEEP! Put him to bed around 830 and he was still banging around his room close to 11 pm.


        FR - no idea


        NRR - I intended to take B to daycare and take the train to Toronto to shop, but I called daycare late, I guess the other kids are off this week, so she made other plans.  Now I have to brave the roads and drive, because I do not want to be chasing B around a busy commuter train and have to drag the BOB around too.



        rg - we're still supposed to get another couple cms of blowing snow.  I checked the traffic cameras and the major highways don't look too bad, but my street is unplowed.


        bermy - I hope your vertigo goes away soon!

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          RR - hoping for 4 miles soon, but the roads aren't clear in my area... not sure what I'll do


          BR - napping is a mess, but STTN more consistently now... she's getting more restless when sitting for long periods of time and always wants to stand... she hasn't figured out how to pull herself into standing by holding onto furniture yet....


          FR - family dinner tonight at the restaurant my aunt works at....looking forward to it but we have a lot of leftovers in the fridge and I don't want them to waste...



          zorbs - way to go on the race, those sound like some tough conditions... wind plus snow can be dream killers...


          bermy - hope your vertigo passes... my sister has/had vertigo and she's a wreck when it hits..


          rg - hope you get a run in today... it's not looking promising for me..

            Good Morning Ladies - I can't see FB at work so I'll post here for now.


            RR: nada zip.  need to figure out how to have enough energy to be able to run at night until the dog is old enough to go in the mornings.  Now I spend my normal morning run time walking the dog.


            KR: off to separate places today - One to Pre-K, one to Grandpa's.  After spending so much time together the time apart will do them good.


            Bermy - Hope you feel better.  Do you have low blood pressure? I'm wondering if that could be the cause of  your vertigo.   I have really low pressure and can get light headed at times.  Would make sense then why it improves if you run.


            Rgirl: enjoy your company!


            Zorbs: Great job at your race.  You ladies that run in such terrible weather are WAY braver than I am!


              Morning....I am glad we are here today.


              RR:  Did 5 on the TM this morning.  Had to get out early as the fitness center closed at 8!


              TR: Is loving all of his presents.  Slept pretty good last night.


              NRR:  Going on a date with DH today.  We are going to see Jack Reacher, then some shopping/returns and dinner out.  I am looking forward to it a lot.  J will be with Grandma.


              FR:  We make our list of food for New Years Eve.  I am most excited for the wine!

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                Hi Ladies! We had a fun last few days but I'm glad to be back to a more normal routine. I lurked a bit on fb the past couple days but didn't get a chance to post as DH gets annoyed when I'm on my phone on fb during family time.


                RR: Hoping to do 6k @ HM pace. Not sure how that will pan out - it's looking pretty snowy out there and I'm feeling really sluggish.


                BR - Still sleeping. I think she's wiped right out from all the Christmas festivities. She got so many new toys, our living room is currently overrun with baby stuff. I'm hoping this lights a fire under DH's ass to finally finish the basement (it's about 3/4 done now)


                NRR - Doing a bit of work this morning and then thinking it's going to be a quiet, chill day. Need a few groceries but I'll just stroll over to the small store in our town rather than driving to the superstore, which will probably be insanely busy today.


                FR - Lots of leftovers to eat.


                rg - Great job getting your runs in while travelling! It's so ridiculous when people panic over a regular winter snowfall. The weather network here will play up SNOW WATCH coverage, and then we end up getting nothing more than a few inches.


                Bermy - Sorry about the vertigo. It sounds like you've had it before. Is it non-stop? Your FR sounds good...I feel like eating nothing but salad today after all the goodies eaten the past few days.


                Zorbs - Was it the Hamilton Boxing Day 10 miler you did yesterday? Impressive job on your race in that weather - sounds like you would have nailed your time goal in better conditions! Good luck braving the shopping crowds today!


                cx2 - Yay for consistent STTN! Sounds like she'll be pulling up and cruising soon. S always gets cranky and restless right before she learns a new skill - like she's really frustrated with being a baby.

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                  rg - glad you had a great trip.  that's cute about R running around the house!


                  bermy - would bcp's help with Af and the vertigo?


                  zorbs - I hope the shopping goes well.


                  cx2 - awesome with the sttn!  Naps will fall in to place.  Are you enjoying having DH around?


                  dexy - can the kids take the dogs out and play?  Sometimes DH will take our dog I the backyard to play for a while instead of a walk.

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                  Gazelle Girl 1/2 Marathon 4/13 - 1:48:46



                    Deleting mrszms post that showed up under my name......odd.

                    Upcoming Races: 

                    Gazelle Girl 1/2 Marathon 4/13 - 1:48:46



                      No clue why but my last post is showing up as runninmer....?


                        ER - yoga yesterday + 3 mi walk.  about 1/2 the walk was over slush or snow or ice, so that was fun.  Dogs were mostly good after the first mile.  Today I'm planning a plank and a walk at lunch.


                        TR - Talking up a storm.  We haven't really talk her anything like "the animal says x" so yesterday she was all about these new touch and feel cardboard books I got her.  Anyway, to break up the monotony of saying the same 8 animals over and over again I threw in "The dog says woof woof" and "the monkey say Oooh Oooh Oooh Aaah Aaah!"  She started imitating both of them.  Especially the monkey sound.  Seriously I almost squeezed the stuffing out of her I was so excited.


                        NRR - I'm going to start working on some enrichment stuff for her, like color and shape things out of felt or some other kid-friendly material.  I also need to work on some alphabet stuff.  Might just buy that though.  Oh and she had a blast playing with some over-sized legos.  I think her big sister present for when baby brother is born will be a lego table - ok it's also a present for daddy. LOL.


                        PGR - posted on FB, but the amnio results are in and the baby is kell NEGATIVE!!!!! best news ever!  No longer a high-risk pregnancy!  I get to just have "normal" care for the balance of this pregnancy.  I also can go to full term (40 weeks) instead of having early delivery looming over my head.  I'm so happy DH and I decided to do the amnio.  Such a weight lifted off my shoulders.


                        PGR2 - ok so with pregnancy #1, my boobs didn't work as a result of PCOS.  I literally did not develop boob tissue like mammary glands, etc. during puberty.  Anyway, research shows that with PCOS some women's boobs grow mammary tissue during first pregnancy and then in subsequent pregnancies their boobs actually work - produce milk, colostrum, etc. in appropriate quantities.  So - here's my question.  My boobs were leaking this morning?!  First, it seems early for that.  Is this like a subsequent pregnancy thing? or a normal thing?  looked like colostrum.  I just assume my boobs don't work very well so this is quite unexpected and I didn't know if it was "normal."  Of course I'm going to google it, but thought I'd poll you ladies as well.  Oh and I feel like my boobs are denser and more shapely?  Is this normal too?  I'm assuming yes, but again I had ZERO boob change in first pregnancy so I feel like a nube asking these simple questions.  Thanks.


                          RR:  Ended up going to the gym yesterday (first time in about 9 months) and  running 5k on the TM, 5 min on stairstepper, and 15 min ST.  I hate ST but I know it's good for me.  Today we are headed to Colorado Springs to go to the Incline.  The incline is basically a mile long set of old railroad ties that goes up the side of Pikes Peak.  You gain about 2000 feet of elevation going up.  Then you run or walk 3 miles down the trail.  It is a tough workout but we love it.  It is kind of my and DH's thing...we used to do it all the time, even the morning before he deployed for a year and the week before DS was born.  I am a little nervous since I am still having some  trouble beathing with the cough and am not sure I have entirely adjusted to the altitude yet, but I am excited!


                          BR:  Woke up 3 times again last night.  I am thinking he might still have a sore throat too.  At 4am, we finally let him CIO and he went back to sleep.  Hopefully we can start back up with sleep training and get back to STTN.


                          NRR:  One of my really good friends just told me she was pregnant.  She is really early along and actually didn't know right away because she had what she thought was a period.  Turns out she took a digital a week later (because her OPKs were so positive) and she was pregnant.  She started spotting again yesterday so she went into the OB and they did some serial hcgs.  I hope she isn't miscarrying.


                          On another note, today while we are in C Springs we are going to stop by our house and visit our old neighbors and hopefully visit a few friends.  Hope DS cooperates!


                          RG - Great job on the mileage as usual.  You are my mileage idol Smile.  Will you still run if its snowy?  I am still adjusting to the snow.


                          bermy - Sorry about the migraine and vertigo.  Your workouts sound awesome lately!  I bet your coach will be super impressed.  I can't wait for you to race again to see how much you have improved.  As to answer the question from a few days ago,  I am attempting to use the pfitz 15/55 plan.  I have done hal higdon and runner's world in the past but I am hoping this will push me to the next level.  My only concern is I don't think my base is what it should be to start the plan. Oh well!


                          zorbs - Hope the car ride is ok!  Where are you going shopping?


                          Cx2 - Our naps have also been a mess lately.  Maybe it's the holidays...


                          dexy - I hate running at night.  If I don't get it done in the mornings, I usually won't.  I hope you can find a solution.


                          mer -Nice job on the early miles.  Your fitness center closes at 8am??


                          ernie - DS also decided to sleep in today!  How old is yours again?

                          5k - 21:32  FM - 3:27:40


                            mrszm - Have fun on your trip.  And too wierd about your post!


                            rocky - So happy to hear about the amnio results!  And not sure about the milk question, but it sounds great.  Hopefully you can BF!

                            5k - 21:32  FM - 3:27:40

                              Runinmer - Yes the dog is just too young to run at this point  - she's only 11 weeks old.  The kids are still learning how to play with her as well, since she tends to nip at them and it freaks them out.  Just going to take some time for her to grow up I think; then we'll get back into the early morning run routine.


                              Honorary Old

                                Runnergirl- the forum works better for me too. I usually only post from work (I know, bad girl) because R likes to try to jab the keys and close the laptop at home and I usually have a ton of stuff to get done during naptime.


                                Bermy- Sorry about the vertigo, you are amazing for being able to take care of DS during that! I get AF related migraines which mostly manifest as ocular migraines. How big is Bermuda? Are there many towns, or is there just one main city center?


                                zorbs- have fun shopping. I think you did great at your race, especially when you consider the road conditions. Cute Iviva skirt BTW. What was your Boxing Day haul?


                                CX2- YAYYY for C STTN!! I missed that. R has good days and bad days with napping.


                                Dexy- How do the new gals feel while running? Does double bagging them make you feel claustrophobic or overheated? DId you ever post a pic of your new bod for us on FB? Not that I want to stare at your rack or anything LOL


                                runninmer- Enjoy your date night!


                                Ernie- what do you do for a living?


                                RR: Nope, my back is jacked up from falling on Christmas. Definintely going to the Chiropractor today. I waited it out a day to see if it was just residual soreness, but nope, my right hip, low back, shoulder and neck are hurting and I've had a low grade headache since the impact.


                                BR: Had 3 timeouts at daycare yesterday for pulling hair and biting. He forgot how to share over Christmas, apparently. He wouldn't stop pulling hair, so babysitter admitted that she pulled his hair a little bit so he would know what he was doing hurt. I am fine with it, he doesn't understand "Ow, that hurts" and sometimes you have to show them why they shouldn't do it. He went to bed early and slept late this morning too.


                                FR: Last night was Italian wedding soup, yum. Tonight I think maybe stirfry. I threw away all the cookies yesterday, now I need to discard the pie and get back on the wagon. I gained a couple lbs over the holiday, I was being very indulgent.


                                NRR: Might go to a hockey game on Saturday night. Need to find a babysitter, they are having a cops vs firefighter game before the semi-pro game. Upon further inspection, DH's car is more jacked up than we originally thought, the impact caused the license plate lights to regress into the bumper and it will have to be torn apart to fix it. Called the insurance last night and found out our deductible is only $100, that makes me feel better!  Got the email from our builder that our plans are almost done so we need to make our final payment to the home planner and we should get our building estimate in the next couple of weeks- nervous and excited!

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