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    mzm- I was trying to figure out who that was masquerading as Mer Smile Holy shnikes- that is a big family gathering! How far away is the hotel? DOes it have fun stuff like an indoor pool for the girls?


    rocky- the animal noises are so fun. I hear Reid roaring from across the house and he is either playing with a little plastic lion or looking at his animal pop up book. He looooves animals, I can't wait to take him to the zoo! I think I'm going to take him to both the Denver zoo and Woodland Park Zoo in Seattle next year. Not sure about the boob change, but I think I had the leaking start in the 2nd tri. I think kids learn better by experiences than just charts/books, so your felt shapes sound like a good idea. So far the only body part R knows is Eye.


    shelbyjo- it took me a while to figure out I was pregnant because my implantation bleeding was more like heavy spotting/light period. I had some spotting on and off in the first tri which was nerve wracking but all the women in my family have that problem so I tried not to worry too much. That incline sounds awesome!!

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      posting under me as opposed to runninmer...

      rr: 5k on the tm this morning. ugly christmas sweater family fun 5k on saturday.

      br: still sleeping like crazy. slept until 11am yesterday and is still sleeping now.

      tr: are having so much fun playing with all their new things. They got so many crafty things it is unmeasurable. They are going sledding to today with my sister and bil.

      nrr: need to start packing. My entire extended family goes to a hotel for 3 days and we leave tomorrow. It's 60+ people so c will be overwhelmed. It is a super good time though!

      fr: ugh eating the fridge tonight since we will be gone after today.
      rg: i am hoping c will be as good as r with our travels!

      bermy: you eat so clean what is left to take out?!

      zorbs: excellent job on your race!!

      cx2: what kind of restaurant?

      dexy: why can't the dog run in the morning? Or is he just not old enough to run yet?

      mer: how's your foot? Wat are you up to for new year's?

      ernie: our living room is ridiculously packed with presents since they all don't fit under the tree. It is driving dh crazy!


        Dexy - Hope you can figure out how to get your runs in. Getting out for a run in the evenings can be tough.


        Mer - The fitness centre closed at 8 am? Strange! Have fun on your date night!


        Mrszm - 60+ people at your family gathering? Wow! That will be crazy and fun. Another late-sleeping baby here...she woke up just before 11 am today.


        Rocky - So cute about the animal noises. I'm so happy about your Kell negative result! Not sure about the boob leaking, but it sounds like you are having some boob changes this pregnancy, so that's probably a good sign for bfing.


        Shelby - Your incline workout sounds really hard but fun! I think I've seen pictures of it before. My DD is 10 months old.


        Spike - I'm mostly a SAHM now, but I do a bit of freelance writing from home, for various legal publications. I think I missed what happened with your fall. Did you slip on the ice? Hope you feel better soon! I suspect I also gained a few pounds over the holidays. I'm not even going to bother weighing myself until next week so I can give myself a chance to get back on track with my eating.

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        Honorary Old

          Ernie- On the evening of Christmas I went to my DS's godparents house for dinner and after I parked in their driveway I walked around the back of my car and fell down on the ice. It was so slippery I couldn't get up and had to crawl a ways in the snow. And then I ran into my DH's car when I was parking in front of my house after I came home.   R's godfather called me this morning to tell me Godmother accidentally ran into the house when pulling into the garage this morning and knocked off a chunk of wood and her side mirror, so I'm not the only one! LOL

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            Spike - the girls feel pretty good while I run. Its definitely a different sensation having 2 bras on, but at least I'm all tucked in and no bouncing around.  Its nice to have the added warmth! I never did post any pictures.  They are hard to photograph without being just flat out graphic..Also since they aren't disproportionately big, they look pretty normal.  One day when someone organizes a a Supermoms Retreat, you can check em out!


              Ernie: how old is your little one? I am so bad at remembering! It has been nice  that he is sleeping late bc then is only takes one long nap while the girls nap.


              Rocky: did i read the other day that you are switching Em to a big girl bed next month?


              Shelby: that trail sounds fun! What do you do with ds?


              Dexy: we have a lab who is great with the kids but thankfully he was a puppy before they were born Smile


              spike: what do they do for timeouts?


                Spike/ernie: the hotel has a pool with two bigger slides, basketball hoop, and a zero depth area for the wee little ones. It is one of the onLu hotels in the state that has a room to fit all of us and let's us bring in our own food and alcohol. and alcohol is a must if we must all be with each other for 3 days straight Wink


                Honorary Old

                  mzm- R is almost 18 mos, so they put him in the corner- not sure if they hang out with him there to make sure he stays or what. I have to admit that I haven't really punished R for anything yet. Usually I just grab his hands and look in his eyes and tell him no- if he doesn't stop he gets removed from the situation or if he's tired I make him go in his crib for a nap. When he was littler they used to just take him down to the end of the hall and make him crawl back to blow off steam.

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                    mrszm - yes, sometime in the next month or two we are transitioning Em to a big girl bed and moving her baby furniture into baby boy's room.  It'll be an adventure, that's for sure!  She sleeps on a cot for nap at daycare, so I'm hoping she can translate that somewhat to nighttime sleeping.  Any tips?  At least your family goes to a hotel instead of trying to cram into everyone's houses.  We should take a cue!


                    spike - ugh, sorry about the car damage.  that sucks!  we'd love to meet up or go to the zoo with you.  I love the zoo - seriously, I'm a freak about it.  Every time DH and I go somewhere we have to go to the zoo.  I'd rather that than a fancy dinner any day!  scary about you slipping and falling!  I slipped and fell on the ice this morning getting out of my car.  I even had snow boots on with treads and everything.  I didn't hurt myself, it was a slow fall, but it was hard to get up!  Everything is so slick.


                    ernie - yes, I hope the boob changes mean good things.  Even DH has noticed they are bigger (I'm a 36A, thanks to my barrel chested italian heritage).  I'm considering getting measured for a bra today since my sports bras and regular bras are digging into me.


                    FR - did not gain over christmas because meals were such torture with BIL being an ass and nobody talking to each other.  DH and I have a lot more leftovers than originally anticipated.  Plus I have zero appetite when there is conflict.  Starting to feel hungry today which is nice.


                    Christmas related - BIL and MIL left yesterday.  I was out all morning since I didn't want to interact with them.  I'm so over it.  Talked to DH and he and I agreed that next time BIL pulls crap like that that either of us have full authority to ask him to pack up and leave on the spot.  We were sort of caught off guard, but I'm glad we have a strategy for next time.


                    Christmas related 2 - DH got me a 7QT crockpot. (an upgrade from the 3.5 QT one we've had for 10 years)  I love practical gifts.  As I was opening it and seeing what it was he said so only i could hear "perfect for a family of four."  He can be so thoughtful and sweet.


                      Rocky: my tip is to buy another crib! Seriously. dd1 was 18 months old when dd2 was born and based on all the suggestions we got from others we decided to buy a second crib. Best decision ever. We transitioned dd1 to a separate room with the new crib and transitioned her to a toddler bed when she was ready for it.


                      Rocky2: i love practical gifts too. I got a toaster, a dirt devil floor vacuum, and a recipe organizer from sil!


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                        Rocky- I was wearing my big insulated pac boots when I fell. They have yaktrax on them now- I don't care that I look like a tool when I wear them. My fall happened so fast that I was dazed for a minute- one second I was walking, and the next I was sprawled on the ground- I didn't have time to react so I fell on my hip/elbow.  I would love to meet at the zoo. We are thinking probably April/May for our next visit to Denver. I lose my appetite when I'm upset or stressed too- I was at my thinnest ever when I got pregnant with R because I hardly ate for a week or two after mom got shot. I have a small crockpot and a big crockpot- I love my new big Hamilton Beach one with the lid that clamps down and the programmable timers! I cannot imagine R in a toddler bed yet- you are brave!!! He is staying in his crib until he learns how to climb out LOL.

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                        Honorary Old

                          uggg my eczema is killing me. I feel like scratching my skin off 24/7 in the wintertime. I even applied a mixture of hard core moisturizer + Rx cortizone cream to my entire body immediately after my shower and I still itch like mad. I have tried the cooling lotions and they only provide temporary relief. Of course its my ass, belly and boobs that itch the worst. LOL

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                            Spike - my inner thighs and bottoms of my feet itch terribly in the winter.  I've tried a bunch of lotions and prescriptions, etc.  It's horrible, and not places you can scratch discreetly!  I feel your pain.


                              Rg – how sweet of your mom to help you with R. And I was cross about the sugar cookie – these people are important influence to our kids! They should be setting the example. Hope you are safe if you are running in the snow. Or enjoy that TM run.


                              Zorbs – uber jealous you are shopping in Toronto. I love shopping in Toronto. Proud of you for your race – no one else is racing on here in these conditions! You rock!


                              Cx2 – how exciting for sttn. You deserve it for being so patient and meeting your LO’s needs. That girl wants to go! Too cute on wanting to move.


                              Dexy – might have low blood pressure. I will look into it. What do you do for yours? That would also explain the link to AF – although AF is still not in town yet and I am getting anxious.


                              Mer – enjoy your date – that is exciting especially as you both work so hard throughout term times. Nice to enjoy the time together. Hopeyou had a nice xmas.


                              Mrszm or mer? - Hate bcps. I tried about 8 pre-DS and none agreed with me.


                              Mrszm – wow on family gathering! Hope you are having a good time.


                              Rocky – fab news on your little dude. Glad he is a healthy one. Try www.kellymom.com for boob questions. Sounds like your body is getting all ready!


                              ernie – you could justify your phone/fb as work! Research for your next article… Some of the questions women ask and the issues which are raised are so supportive and pertinent. I think it’s like the best support group ever. Vertigo is worse when I fling my head back to drink/tie a ponytail/ wash hair/ sleep on right side. It comes and goes.


                              Shelby – I am scared to race in case I get slower – but I know that’s silly cos I have been working hard. Will look at that plan. My DH was born and lived in Littleton CO. We have been to Coorado Spings and Pikes Peak a lot as well as Boulder. That workout sounds fantastic. I would love that – tough hardcore girl! Hope you are well enough to enjoy it Shelby.


                              Spike – Bermuda is 26m long and 1.5m wide. 60,000 people. One town. For LRs I basically push DS the length of the country and back. Boo on car, but oh well, that’s what insurance is for. YEAH on your plans! How freakin exciting!

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                                Bermy - I don't really do anything with low blood pressure other than recognize that 'low' is my 'normal'.  i don't give blood because of it and I tend to eat a lot of greens to keep my iron up as well since I am also anemic..  sometimes i just need to eat spinach.


                                Spike - try not to cause a scene with the itching :-)