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beskirted & manicured

    if I call the thread magnificent, maybe the day will be?


    RR - 10K easy after work.  I might do run/walk.


    TR - says to us, "stop it, you guys!" WHERE did he learn that?!


    FR - fried noodles, veggies, tofu.

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    Bad Ass Mother Runner

      Zorbs - here's to a magnificent Monday!! Hope the run goes well!


      Rr - I think I'll try to get one more run in the hot weather done. RP posted a question on FB yesterday about running with ski goggles on and it made me feel good about running in the middle of the day heat here.


      TR - zorbs - your TR made me think of this.  Ever since we've been on vacation she's been acting out scenes that happen at home only it's me who's being bad. 'Mommy why do you keep making messes? You have to go in time out until I clean it up'. She had a bad habit of going into my flour and throwing handfuls on the floor and this is often our verbatim conversation.


      BR  - gettinMia bit of food down her throat if we put some on her tray. Last night it was potatoes And the night before Mahi Mahi.


      Nrr - I'm a loser. Left to my own devices (no dh) I migrate to a 9pm bedtime and 6 am wake up. It's going to be funny once I'm back on mountain time.


      Nrr2 - beach again today Smile. Had fun meeting Simone yesterday!!

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        RR - 7k with hill repeats. I'm feeling kind of queasy today, so hopefully it's not a disaster.


        TR - After an afternoon of trying to keep up with friends' 2 and 5 year old girls and then an evening of showing off her walking for the ILs and zooming toy trucks around their living room, you'd think she'd be tired and ready for bed early. Nope...10:30 pm.


        FR - Gnocchi with cheese sauce, broccoli


        NRR - Community centre for drop-in play this morning. My house miraculously is not a giant mess after the weekend so I plan to spend nap time drinking coffee and reading magazines.




        zorbs - If the magnificent Monday thing works out, please label the next thread something spring-like! They are calling for 10 cm of snow here tonight and it's currently -17C with the wind chill. Ha, your TR is kind of funny.


        CA - Eek, throwing hand fulls of flour on the floor is definitely a bad habit. Flour is a PITA to sweep up. I am also in your loser club and gravitate towards a 9pm bedtime. Or, at least I would, if I didn't have this night owl baby on my hands.

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          RR: 7miles with hill repeats today. Shifting my schedule around a bit in case DH has to work Saturday. He's on call, but won't know until Friday. This gives me the option of Fri/Sat for LR.


          TR: was really cute and fun yesterday. We took a nice long walk in the afternoon and he pointed out all the birds and laughed at tr dog.


          NRR: pretty quiet week for me, a few of my training clients are away on vacation, and I'm not scheduled for any shifts.


          zorbs: have a great run later! Too funny about B!


          CA: um, I go to bed at 9 every night too Smile I love sleep.


          Ernie: have fun on the hills!

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            zorbs - I hope the thread title comes true...I could use a good day.  Have a good run.  Glad you were able to get your LR in yesterday after Saturday.


            CA - Have a good hot weather run.  LOL to M acting out your conversations...too cute.  Guess he does listenSmile  Seems like O likes her solids.  Have a wonderful time at the beach.


            ernie - Sorry about the queasiness ..hope you get the run in despite.  Boo to S and her late bedtime.  She is definitely a night owl.  Good for you for taking some time to relax today.


            RR - Probably not...Ugh...I have a meeting after work today and a doctor appt after work tomorrow which means I may not get a run in until WedSad  Did get 11 in on Saturday and 5 yesterday.


            TR - Up at 4 a.m. as he couldn't stop coughing.  He has a chronic cough and we don't know what to do about it.  I am going to bring it up again at his 18 month well check in a few weeks.  He has albuterol but that doesn't really seem to do anything for him.  He only really coughs when he is laying down.  We propped his head up so he isn't flat on his back.  It is so frustrating.


            NRR - Up since 3 with a sore throat and stuffy nose.  I am so tired I need sleep.  DH is off on a business trip for the week so this is my first time in 3 weeks alone with J.  First time since feeling so crummy too.  This should be interesting.  It is a very busy week and I just want to lay in bed and do nothingSad  On a positive note...9 work days until spring break...11 total daysSmile




              RR - probably 5 but not sure if i'll be indoors or outdoors yet..


              BR - getting better at walking, although she prefers to walk holding onto a finger, wall, furniture... still, she's doing great!  She mostly walks around in socks or bare feet which is fine with me... Yesterday she ate almost an entire slice of pizza at a birthday party.  also managed to get her to eat a few spoonfuls of avocado and DH fed her a bit of banana... I consider the fruit eating a victory since she rarely eats fruit unless it's pureed into her cereal.


              NRR - last week of mat leave... it's hard to believe it's been a year...



              zorbs - have a good 10k later!


              ca - i would love to sleep 9-6...i'm usually tired by 9 but always manage to find something to do that prevents me from going to bed...


              ernie - coffee and magazines sounds relaxing!  my idea of relaxing would be to write emails (or post, or surf) without being interrupted every 2 minutes!


              jen - ugh, hope you get through the day ok.. it's hard waking up and already feeling tired and knowing you still have the whole day ahead..


              rg - nice that you get a break in your schedule with clients being away!


                RR:  Srd!  20 miles yesterday.  The weather was nice and warm but a little windy.  Legs felt really great (thank you sea level) although I had a little bit of a stomach emergency at mile 8.5.  It never happens to me so I started panicking because I was in our old neighborhood. Then out of nowhere my knight in shining armor (DH and H) arrived to refill my waters.  I hopped in the car and he floored it to the closest porta potty.  I was fine the rest of the run!  Tried gu chomps yesterday in addition to my honey stingers and really liked them.

                TR:  Slept slightly better last night.  Traveling is always rough.  Hopefully by the day we leave he is STTN.

                NRR:  Dh is off to work for the day so we will just hang out at the house all day.  Hoping for more beautiful weather so we can spend most of the day outside.  I am going to try to get some studying done for my big comprehensive exam in a few weeks.


                zorbs:  Ha, funny on the stop it guys.  I am thankful H hasn't learned "no" yet.


                CA:  How much longer are you there?  I am so jealous of the beach!


                ernie:  Oh no!  Are you getting this nasty stomach bug that has been going around?


                RG: What does DH do again?


                jen:  Great job on getting the runs in this weekend!  Sorry to hear you are sick again!  Hope you have a good doc appointment.


                cx2:  Sounds like you have a big girl on your hands!

                5k - 21:32  FM - 3:27:40


                  rg - Yay for an easy week!  Glad you got to enjoy the outdoors with R yesterday.  It was sooooo cold here so I am jealous.


                  CTimes - When is C's birthday?  What are you doing for it?  Enjoy your last week off.


                  shelby - Great job on the 20 and yay for DH and H being there right when you needed them.  I had that feeling of I NEED A BATHROOM NOW once on a long run...it is weird and scary!!!  I made my RP that day wait outside the gas station...lol...my RP that day was a guy...slightly embarrassing.  Enjoy NC, nice weather, and relaxation.  I hope you can get a little bit of studying done.

                    RR: Got 4 in yesterday and am hoping to do something today. I have to keep in mind that getting a workout doesn't take a lot of actual time. I forget I'm not some sort of super athlete and that if you set the treadmill fast enough/incline high enough you can beat yourself up in no time!


                    KR: discovered that my 5 yo has been peeing behind his bedroom door..Its like 10 ft from the bathroom and he has no good reason for it.  So he was sentenced to help me do chores and not play with his buddies yesterday.  We did get a lot of work done and he decided peeing behind the door wasn't the best choice to make..


                    Zorbs: I though the same thing when I read the thread title 'Magnificent?' I guess it could be ?


                    From the other day:


                    Jen: To get the dog to throw up I used a syringe with 2 tsp of Hydrogen Peroxide (1 tsp per 10 lbs of weight) then just wait.. Took about 10 minutes but it worked..yuuukk  Guess I'll take gross over some huge vet bill


                    Bermy: I love the bird feeder and so do the squirrels!  My lazy old cats enjoy laying the deck and thinking about catching them - fun for the whole family!

                    running eh

                      Hi Supermoms!  I need to get back here.  There is a direct correlation between the quality of my running and my posting here.  Unfortunately, there is also a direct correlation between posting here and my messy house, so I needed to take a break and get things in order.  I tend to have a bit of an addictive personality, I guess, so when I am here I have trouble getting other things done.  I missed you ladies a lot!  I am going to try to post here, but give myself some rules - maybe check two or three times a day only.  Anyway, LOTs of catching up to do, hope you are all doing well.


                      Zorbs - Is it magnificent yet?  It's amazing the things LO's pick up!


                      CA - I LOVE going to bed early too!  Enjoy the last bit of vacation!


                      Ernie - That night owl business is NO good!  Hope you can get some nice relaxing nap time today.


                      rg - happy hills!  So glad you are having a quiet week.


                      mjen - hang in there mama!  Hope tonight is better than last night.


                      cx2  - enjoy the last week!  Time flies!


                      shelby - so glad DH saved you!  Those emergencies are common for me and they suck!  Hope you can get some studyin in!


                      dexy - that is terrible of you 5yo, but it totally made me LOL!  Sorry! Sad


                      Honorary Old

                        RR: 5 windy miles yesterday. My RPs ran together after church and it was really windy so RP offered to babysit so I didn't have to push the stroller in it.


                        BR: Busy, busy, busy, he makes me so tired. Says "elephant" and "horse" and its really cute. Woke up in the middle of the night whining for Mama, which is not so cute. I brought him to bed with us because I knew if he got to see DH he would chill out, which he did.


                        FR: Stirfried ground turkey breast and veggies over rice last night. No idea for tonight.


                        NRR: I worked like a busy little worker bee all weekend and I have almost everything that is going into the storage unit packed up and waiting for DH to haul it off. Next he will have to move furniture, and I will pack the rest of the kitchen and our clothes and stuff at the very last minute. Did the spring dog poo cleanup on Saturday and filled an entire 5 gallon bucket- gag!

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                        Honorary Old

                          RR2: I sifted through my clothes and put away my winter stuff (temps have been regularly 50*+, which means shorts and a tshirt!). I have determined that I need at least 1 skirt and 1 pair of capris and a few tanks to round out my running wardrobe.  I could also use another pair of tights for next winter, but I'll cross that bridge later.


                          Zorbs- is ATB this coming weekend?


                          CA- I have been going to bed extra early with DH gone, and R has been good and sleeping until at least 6-630 on the weekends.  If I'm going to jinx myself, it would have just happened- I threw away my screw shoes and the garbage truck came this morning, we'd better not get any more snow!


                          Ernie- Is she getting overtired? I've always given R an early bedtime, but I am also pretty strict that there reaches a certain time where R gets to go to his bed whether he thinks he's ready for bed or not because I'm just done. Usually he's asleep or at least quiet within 15-20 min.


                          Runnergirl- I love how chill R is. I wish my R wanted to sit still and color or play with playdough, but he's a  hyper one, that's for sure.


                          Jen- maybe its allergies/postnasal drip?  I've been having to give R Claritin (at the allergist's recommendation/ suggested dose) the past couple days because his nose is runny and his eyes are itchy.


                          cx2- Reid would eat fruit all day long, but he's picky about veggies. Good luck on your return to work, and happy early bday to Carli!


                          shelby- good job on your LR, how many 20+ milers does your training plan have? I have learned my lesson with being very careful what foods I eat leading up to those really long runs. I once ate blackbeans and rice the night before my 20 miler, horrible, horrible mistake. I annihilated RP's bathroom.


                          dexy- Has he had a doctor's checkup recently? I once remember hearing a story of someone's young child peeing in the closet and acting strange- they took him to the dr and found out that he had type 1 diabetes. Not trying to freak you out, just something to keep in mind if the behavior continues or escalates/progresses into something even odder. I swear it takes me just as long to get ready for my workout as it does to actually get it done.


                          eh- Hi! Well I hope you can find a balance between good running and a clean house!

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                            rg - Hey, we both did hill repeats today. Mine went well despite cold gusty winds. Hope yours went well, too! Great that you have an easier schedule at work this week.


                            Jen - Boo on not being able to run until Wednesday, but nice mileage this weekend. Sorry you had such a rough night and that DH is gone again. Do you have many sick days? Maybe you can call in one day this week and get some rest.


                            Cx2 - Impressive eating by C! Sometimes I am amazed at how much S packs away and then some days she just picks at her food. I hope you enjoy your last week of mat leave! Being able to send emails uninterrupted will be one nice thing about going back to work.


                            Shelby - Wow, best timing ever from DH yesterday! Good job on finishing your 20. I think I'm safe from the stomach bug...I ate and then felt much better. And then I was hungry again in an hour. So apparently I'm just ravenous today.


                            Dexy - Hope that puts a stop to his peeing behind the door! I actually have a vivid memory of peeing in the corner of my parents' bedroom when I was about that age. I have no idea why I did it, but they caught me and I never did it again.


                            eh - Glad to have you back! And running is far more satisfying than having a clean house, at least that's what I always tell myself Smile


                            Spike - Very productive weekend! And ewww on the 5 gallons of dog poo. Nope, S is not overtired. She's just a bona fide night owl, has been since birth, and clearly gets it from my DH.  I'm usually able to get her to bed around 9 pm, which I'm fine with, but then she'll go on occasional streaks where she's wide awake until 11 .

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                            running eh

                              spike - nasty on the dog poo - we still have cold and snow here, but once it gets warmer, I am sure I'll have the same problem.  Yay on putting away the winter clothes!


                              ernie - I only wish I was a little better with balancing things...


                              beskirted & manicured

                                CA - when I was in high school, I used to be comatose any time after 8 pm.  Now I can't sleep before 11, unless I'm sick.


                                ernie - as long as the snow melts by the weekend, I don't care.  queasy? POAS?


                                rg - enjoy  your week off!


                                jen - I hope you get some sleep!


                                cx2 - like I keep saying, I would have gone completely insane if I had taken a year off.


                                shelby - I have always managed to find a bush in an emergency.


                                dexy - omg on the pee.  and the peroxide was to make the dog puke up the underwear?  you poor thing.


                                eh - house cleanliness is not important in the grand scheme of things.


                                spike - yes ATB is this weekend.  My inknburn stuff STILL isn't here.

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