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    spike - the funny thing is he does great at daycare the rest of the day, just cries when I drop him off in the morning.  His teacher says he is happy and playful after the initial morning period.  He cried when I pick him up too, ha.


    bermy - Sad on the BFN but go rock that run girl!

    5k - 21:32  FM - 3:27:40


      zorbs: i a was flutist by day; cow bell player by night.


        Rg – please be very careful when you are running on the ice. And please be careful driving in the fog. You are very special to me on this forum!


        Zorbs – you tell me you are not classy (snotting) but then you play les mis. I think you are a classy chick in disguise.


        Ernie – funny on you LO spreading it for the ultrasound! Ha ha on spaghetti for breakfast. I have run out of days to switch my LR as I have 2x8m runs too and need a rest day. I think I will do it Sunday after the race.


        Eh – hope you can fit your run in and have a good time. Have you thought any more about fm? I am so glad I am carrying on running my schedule as I had a bfn today and that would have been 7 weeks wasted. At least I feel I am moving forwards.


        Jen – enjoy your run in shorts. Less laundry! I think I am taking a bfn as a bfn and getting on with my busy life!


        Cx2 – hope your spray works. Sounds like you need a hug x


        Shelby – please fuel properly for those runs – you are doing a lot of miles and you don’t want to bonk or get injured. Cute that you feel so strongly about your LO. I am going to keep running on my schedule until my body can’t do it any more pg or not pg. My coach has measured out the 1k route with a wheel. It’s 0.62m on your garmin. Oh no on car – you were so calm on getting it fixed. Nice job resourceful girlie! I had a large mototbike that I did that to every time. I had to push it up hills so I could jump start it running it down the hill. I looked bassass. Of course often in a work skirt!


        Mer – you are right about long run and racing. That is just what I will do. Hope you can find bushes to pee in on your runs!


        Arm – I get AF every month. My doc said that my left side (before I had the ovary removed) was likely never to have been working anyway and the right just takes over. I have two tubes and they both go to right ovary apparently. Hope you can get your run in. Thanks for sharing about your DD. I wish the race was sat but cos it’s Sunday it means I can’t LR on sat. ggrr.


        Zorbs – sauce is sautéed kale, red onion with broth reduction and then eggs on top. The recipe says to poach for 4 mins but they are always hard in centre. I do them for 3 mins 20secs and they are perfectly runny. But they have to be served straight away. That’s the tricky part – getting everyone sat down and ready to receive food in 3 mins 20 secs. Agree on race/run. Very good suggestion. I will do that.


        Mrszm – what is your next race/ training goal? How annoying on playdate. I want to punch moms like that. How are you supposed to reply? “How do you cope having such a superstar for a daughter? It must be hard work?”. Seriously. Punch in the nose required. Your peer pressure made me cave.


        CA – I will get round to recipe posting. And all the others that people have asked for. I am crap at typing so I am so impatient at computer. I want a speak/mic that types. Except the voice recognition hates my british accent. Even Siri does. She makes up all sorts of rubbish. Enjoy your run. How far are you with your schedule now?


        Spike – yay for good day at day care. Hope tempo goes well. YEAH on selling house! Yes, just do a little bit every day and it won’t be overwhelming. And chuck out anything that you don’t think you need. Seriously, be brutal with yourself. It’s SOOOOO therapeutic. If you need it, you would have used it. And have a house sale.

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        Honorary Old

          Bermy- I don't know if I want to do a yard sale. I had one a few years ago and people are awful- they show up an hour before you "open" and start milling around and are really aggressive. We had a bunch of small items stolen. There are quite a few people that have second hand/resale stores and they are really cutthroat about yardsaling. I even know a lady that had someone show up early before she opened, she asked the woman to leave and then the woman tripped and fell on her property and sued her.  I might sell some bigger stuff on craiglist or a FB virtual yardsale group that I'm on. We will see, I might change my mind later on if I decide to chuck some bigger stuff. I think I might get rid of my old computer desk and some shelves in my office- I will give the girl we are selling our house to first crack at that stuff so I don't have to move it if she wants it. I probably take 2-3 loads of stuff to Goodwill every year, I'm pretty good about purging stuff, especially clothes. The big areas for me to tackle is going to be kitchen stuff and baby stuff.

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            Bermy: didn't mean for you to succomb to peer pressure! I was too lazy to look back to yesterday's thread to see when you were gonna test. Interesting about your ovaries. Okay that sounded weird. What a great comeback for next time she brags about her smartie pants ( i am sure her classmates call her that). Only race planned is my relay in april. Not sure what i will do until then. Was looking up local races yesterday with not much luck.


              Spike - sounds awful the house sale in your area. Mine was like having a little shop. I loved it. Are you still doing your veggie menus? And I found a blankie for the back of the one I am making that was 35x35 so that will fit perfectly. I am patching like a maniac right now whilst DS is napping.

              5K 21.12   10K 50:12   HM 2:07   FM 3:50:31


                mrszm - now you can succumb to my peer pressure - I want to see a pic of those darling ice skates!

                5K 21.12   10K 50:12   HM 2:07   FM 3:50:31


                  bermy: no clue if this is going to work: they had just received these hats from our neighbor (rp) who had made them. meredith is on the left and is 3.5. addison is on the right and is 5. the skates looked quite gorgeous on the ice Wink



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                    Bermy- I am doing full on veggie until at least Friday. I want to try to be meatless at least half the week during the future, we'll see if I can maintain part time willpower. DH has lost about 6 lbs since he's been watching what he eats/veggie and exercising some more. He wants to lose at least another 10. Backstory- DH was 315 lbs at his heaviest, 215 at his lowest (eating great and exercising a ton), and creeped back up to the 225-230 range since he's been on his new rotating shifts with a more sedentary job. I'm right where I want to be in the 127-130 lb range, but the veggie diet helps with not feeling so bloated.

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                    running eh

                      RR #2 - just had a great run!!  was probably about 7.75M or so - forgot to start the watch and it was a route I had never run before.  had 4kms tempo, but the dog just couldn't keep up, so we had to slow it down.  outside is sooo much better than the TM!


                      rg - DH doesn't get paid, that is the down side.  I will have to pick up a pom when I go to the grocery store tonight.


                      bermy - I am not nervous about doing the actual training for the FM if I am pregnant, what concerns me is paying for the whole ordeal and then only being able to run the 8k.  If I am going to invest my money, I want some great return Smile  What can I say, I am dutch (read cheap!).  Right now I am going to build base and plan on running a FM in the fall, but I won't book anything for now.  FR sounds so good - three of my favourite ingredients!


                      mjen - glad DS was better at daycare - the phases kids go through!!  Hope you get your run in, despite the weather


                      cx2 - hope the nasal spray helps.  I thought DD2 was going to have a super long nap yesterday, she fell asleep right away, but was awake within 1.5hrs.  Hope C sleeps well today.


                      shelby - glad you got the car stuff figured out, I probably would have been yelling at the lady at that point!  It will get better for DS, SO cute about the little hug!


                      mer - art class sounds like fun.  I hate that kind of stuff, and am so not creative, so a class that someone else teaches and where someone else cleans up the mess would be perfect!


                      arm - did you get that long run in?  hope no one else gets sick at your house.  DS seems fine today - hopefully he was just tired.

                      running eh

                        mzm - the skates are so beautiful, they must be so proud!  I am laughing about the report card thing, that is totally something that would happen here.


                        ca - did you make up your own schedule or are you following a plan ( I think I a saw you post that you are base building for a few more weeks - right?)  I need to shop too, but I am going to try to make up a meal for dinner - that usually never works out well, DH laughed when I told him! haha!


                        spike - CONGRATS on the house!!  That sounds like it will work well - you renting their place and they buying yours!  You are such a trooper, evening runs after a long days work in the dark and cold with the stroller - WOW!  I just started PT, so it's random now, but anywhere from 5-8 shifts per month (12hrs)  I used to work 5 on, 2 off, 2 on, 5 off - 2 weeks days ,2 weeks nights - If that makes sense to you..


                          CAR - hope the roads weren't too bad there and you made it out. The roads and sidewalks are awful here today.


                          Bermy - Sorry about the bfn. Although, maybe still too early to know for sure? I know you can get a bfp 10 dpo, but it doesn't always show up that early. Either way, hope you rocked your run and I'm sure you'll rock your 5k this weekend!


                          spike - Congrats on the house sale! I don't blame you for not wanting to have a garage sale...they seem like a hassle in the best of times, but with thieves and crazies and lawsuit happy people, it is definitely not worth it! My dd is 11 months old.


                          mrszm - I love your daughters' skates and their hats! My sister has a 19-month-old daughter already. I got my bfp with S the morning my sister was giving birth, which was kind of cool.

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                            eh! I am familiar with crazy shift work Smile This is DH's schedule (over a span of 5 weeks) 3D on, 3 off, 4N on, 2 off, 3 Relief shifts on, 3 N on 4 off, 4D on, 7 off.


                            Ernie- I'm going to do a donate/sell box and go from there.

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                              Got my run in!  Yay, O is having a nice long nap, so I'm going to just sum up my run quick (answer the training q's), and then maybe shower! Smile  I'm still base building, start my official training in 3 weeks or so, but I'm starting to do a bit of tempo/speed stuff to work on pushing the pace.  Today I did a 2x1 mile tempo.  I really have no idea what my goal paces should be right now, so I just used McMillan paces for a 2 hr half, I don't have the endurance for that now, and probably  not the speed either, but I'm encouraged that the tempo paces felt pretty good.  (8:36-8:50/mi).  My HM plan is from the Train Like a Mother book.  I'm playing it by ear though and will ditch the speed work if I feel it is challenging myself too much and leading to injury.  I do tend to get injured if I do too much at a time.  Oh and the run was on the TM Ernie - so I didn't have to brave the paths... it's nice out but pretty cold, and I am not ready for tempo + double stroller + snow... Smile

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                                Spike - Congrats on the house sale!