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Jumping the Gun Monday (Preggos) (Read 30 times)

Laura G in Idaho

    My goodness, I don't have time to do personals for everyone. Just want to say how much I enjoy this group, and how I love reading everyone's updates, even if I can't always respond to each of them individually.


    RR:  My 4 mile run today was SO SLOW!!!  It was 58:19 for 4 miles!  I used to walk faster than that, not-pregnant.  I will give myself the excuse that I was running outdoors with snow and ice, but still, that was pretty slow.  Ha ha!  No lower leg burning/soreness this time.  About 2.3 miles into the run, I stopped and walked 0.2 miles of it.  I was having crampy contractions, so I walked until the feeling left.  The rest of the run was good, even if incredibly slow.


    ER:  Did the Perfect Pregnancy Workout sculpting DVD again today, and yeah, the chair dips were HARD for me today.  The entire video was harder for me to day than on Friday.  Still had some soreness from last time.  I hope I'm actually getting stronger so I can do more.  I want those awesome upper arms, too!


    PGR:  Since my run, I've been having a lot of crampiness/contractions/back ache/pressure.  So, I'm trying to take it easy a while to see if it goes away.  The feelings aren't intensifying, so I take that as a good sign that I'm not having preterm labor.  Just praying the feelings go away so I can really relax.  This could get exhausting if it keeps up much longer (almost 3 hours already).