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MA runner girl


    PRs: 5k - 21:23, half marathon - 1:39:43, marathon - 4:01:15

    MA runner girl



      RR: 6 miles yesterday! I felt good, even ran 3 miles straight without walking! Later I was walking down to the basement and missed the last step and stubbed my toe on the cement. It hurt so badly! But it feels ok this morning so hopefully it's fine. Braving the gym for a swim after work. Fingers crossed I get a lane!


      PGR: 29w1d. Can't beleive I'm into my 30th week! CRAZY! (don't I say something like this every week??) I am definitely feeling more fatigued, and feeling more uncomfortable, but it's still not too bad. Not much worse than the top of belly burning I've had all along (which I still feel a few times a day...)


      PGR2: DH did a ton of work on the nursery this weekend! It's all cleared out of office stuff, and he took out all the old trim and put a few coats of primer on the wood window (we are painting white). Hopefully he can paint this weekend!!


      PGR3: I have a cold. UGH! Pregnancy colds are THE worse. What can I do for the congestion? Just allow my sleep to suffer? (Netti pot or whatever it is freaks me out) I'm so tired because I couldn't fall asleep and then DH's alarm went off at 4:30 and I immediately woke up and couldn't fall back asleep. It didn't help that he pressed sleep 2 more times. I finally pushed him out of bed lol


      NPGR: Just work. This week is going to be insane, probably more so than last week. Sigh.


      Have a great day!

      PRs: 5k - 21:23, half marathon - 1:39:43, marathon - 4:01:15


        Good morning!


        MA - sorry about the cold. Ugh. I've never tried the Neti Pot, but have heard good things about it. Hopefully it'll just blow over soon with some extra rest. Maybe take a day off exercise?


        PGR - 28wks2days.Today is the first day of our childbirth class! Looking forward to it. It's a pretty intense one that lasts for 8 weeks, once a week.


        RR- Saturday took it pretty easy and just went for a long walk with dh. Sunday, ran about 5.5 miles. Felt okay. My one shin has been hurting. I sometimes have pain in the place where I had a stress fracture when I was 18...13 years ago!! I am not too worried, because it usually blows over, but I will prob give it a few days.


        Over the weekend, a friend that I used to run with told me that her coach advised against running in the third trimester because he thinks it can cause damage to the pelvic floor. He suggests switching to the elliptical. This kind of freaks me out, because I have heard some stories about people who find themselves peeing their pants while running for a while after having a baby. But I also haven't really seen any evidence to confirm this. Any thoughts?? Not very keen to go inside, especially during NY resolution month! I think I may scale back my running a bit anyway over the next couple of months because pressure on my bladder is not very comfortable.


        NPGR - we bought a nice new couch on the weekend. I know "nesting" is supposed to mean setting things up for baby, but this one's for us. Well, I'm sure we'll have lots of time with baby on the couch too! Nicest piece of furniture I've ever owned...will arrive in 6 weeks.


        Hope everyone had a good weekend. Not sure I'll have time to come back for personals later...sorry.


          Hi all, finally back.


          MA - I use the neti pot, you can also try a humidifier and those breathe right strips. I hope you get over the cold soon, I agree, preg colds are the worst! Great job on the run though!


          Liz - Women who don't exercise during their pregnancy pee themselves coughing or sneezing after the baby's born. So I think the better advice would be to work your pelvic floor now and when the baby's here and you'll be all right. And wear a pad those first few times you venture out. Wink


          RR - Last week I managed one jog and a walk as well as swimming in the pool. I'm not a swimmer like some of you, but just pushing DS around the pool or holding him was enough of a workout. I guess that counts as something. I think everyone's on the resolution train so I wasn't able to workout at the hotel, that's a first! Usually hotel workout rooms are deserted, most busy I've seen is one person coming in when I'm in there. I'm glad to get back to the gym, I want to work out 3x this week.


          PGR - Almost 16 weeks (tomorrow) and have a m/w appt Wednesday. I'm tempted to get a jump on scheduling the 20w ultrasound now since I have to call to make the appt and don't know when they'll schedule me. I want a date! lol I'm going to be surprised if I've gained any weight at all this pregnancy (see NPGR), so I've been helping myself to ice cream. :P


          NPGR - Our vacation wasn't much of a vacation because a) on the way down I got my first ever ticket in my life for "following a commercial vehicle too closely" in TN. I was so shocked when I saw the lights behind me, I knew I was going the limit and was staying in my lane. 223 dollars. All I can say is, I've noticed a definite difference to how people drive in the north vs. the south. Then b) Saturday morning, DS, who has never thrown up ever, threw up. At first we thought he ate breakfast too fast so I mindlessly gave him his sippy, so he threw up water too. Then after throwing up once more, he perked right back up and was his old self. So we thought that was that. We check in to the house, I went on my jog, DH rented a scooter so we zipped around a little bit, we went grocery shopping, and then Sunday night I got what DS had. Bad. I've never been so sick in my life esp. pregnant. I couldn't even keep down water. Luckily I'm FB friends with my m/w so I was able to get her take on if I needed to go in to an ER or anything and luckily I didn't. Then everyone else got it, including my ILs and DH and even my BIL even though he and my SIL came down a few days later. Nasty stuff. It sounds like everyone is getting it, people in FL, moms in my moms group in IL were down with it. So we managed to have a fun few days, but it wasn't  exactly restful or rejuvenating. :P Glad to be home.


            Good morning!


            MA - sorry to hear about the cold - and yet you still did 6miles - superwoman! Congrats on reaching 30 weeks; I hope this work week is not as hectic as you expect it to be ...


            Liz - Oooo a new couch - sounds nice! excellent way to "nest" Smile  I'm not sure on the pelvic floor thing but like Schmett says it seems regardless of exercise there can be "leaks" and pelvic weakness postpartum. I would think things like kegels and pelvic floor tilts before and after birth would help alleviate this?


            Schmett - you can follow vehicles too closely down there?? Geez those cops would have a field day up here in vancouver! Sorry to hear about that nasty tummy bug, that sounds pretty awful. On the plus side - go indulge in some icecream for the rest of us (mocha almond fudge for me please Wink  Wink




            PGR - 37 weeks. Still well and truly here! Still plenty of mucus (sorry if tmi) but only occasional contractions so i think I'm safe for a bit. My baby shower is this saturday and I got it moved from my friends place (45min drive) to here just because i want to be within reach of home.


            ER - well, i stuck to my "time limit 45mins, intensity super-easy" boundaries this weekend - a water run on Saturday and swim yesterday...resuming my normal channel (within reason) today with an elliptical and weights workout. On Sat i dared to test my maternity swimsuit one more time and it almost fell apart in the pool, my right "nipple pad cover' was flopping and floating around as the material was so flimsy, i hate to keep knocking it down with my arms so as not to draw attention to my one flaoting b00b!


            NPGR - Worked over the weekend; we are getting our carpets re-done today (the bedrooms), I'm excited to see them when i get back home from work! Tomorrow I'm training a new guy at the workplace, better get in some reading to make sure I've got it all in my head today...


              ER: So I go from posting RR to probably shouldn't even be mentioning ER...


              PGR: 32w3d. So my SI joint is getting better, but it is still not great. In fact, it was feeling almost good last night but this morning it is more stiff again. I'm going to the chiro again tomorrow. I'm still icing it a lot, no exercising. I might start doing some stretches tonight. I don't know when I'll exercise again. I'm still taking it easy at home, but doing a bit more housework and stuff for A. I sat on the couch most of the day yesterday and my body was so sore when I went to bed. I posted a blog with my latest belly pic, will post on FB in a bit too. Oh, I got two bigger coats from my sister this weekend, thank goodness because I was having a hard time buttoning my coat and even while I could still button, it looked quite ridiculous on me! The bigger coat is so much more comfortable!


              NER:  I'm on day 9 of this cold that won't go away and now I'm afraid that with how long this is hanging on that I'm going to end up with a secondary infection this week. The past three mornings I've woke up to pee and stayed up because getting out of bed jarred the crap in my chest so I was coughing and blowing my nose for a half hour. Saturday morning I stayed up, yesterday I managed to sleep a couple more hours. This morning I was up at 5 and alarm was set for 6. I tried to sleep a little more but it wasn't happening.  I have a constant headache from all the coughing and I'm out of tylenol. Oh, and my sinuses are so sore. I just feel beat up right now! MA, I'm with you on preggo colds! And I thought this one was better because there wasn't as much of the runny nose and stuff, but this coughing is the worst!


              Not much else going on aside from all my health issues. Oh, well my nephew's birthday party was a lot of fun! As much as I don't really want to be at work, I'm kind of glad to be here because it will be the first normal week in almost a month! Hopefully I can quit sputtering and actually get some work done this week!


              liz: For what its worth... I've been incontinent since I had A. And I stopped running at 18 weeks in that pregnancy, and wasn't running nearly as much even up to that point. There are a lot of factors of pregnancy that can affect the pelvic floor, and I'd say running is still worth it because its so good to keep yourself moving, the benefits far outweigh the risks. That being said, I stopped running this time because my pelvis wouldn't let me anymore so I suppose it will be interesting to see if my incontinence gets worse this time! That is one factor that may decide if we want to have a third child... I did all sorts of diagnostic stuff with the urologist a couple years ago and the only answer they could give me was the only thing that will help me is to have surgery after I'm done having kids.


              Hopefully more personals later... gotta get a little work done so I can walk to Walgreens and get some tylenol.


                Still here.....


                ER- Walking ALOT today as I'm ready to have this baby.... Probably walk at the YMCA with my mom before lunch and then a trail walk this afternoon with the dogs since its suppose to be half way warm outside.


                PGR- 39w... Going to the doctor today to have my membrane stripped today to see if we can get things moving along. I'm dilated to 4cm and had contractions all night last night off and on so I'm hoping that the stripping will help me progress and get my cute lil tenant out.


                PGR#2- I'm not on the forum much as I've been in a whiney, pissy mood because I'm just done and I feel bad complaining all the time. I have been lurking a lot to see how everyone is doing and you all are doing great!!!


                NPGR- Everything at work is handled and set up for me to leave whenever so this lil guy wants to make his appearance would be awesome.


                MA- Sorry to hear about the cold. When I went in for my 38 week check up the nurse said that a good majority of pregnant women have this cold and that its insane. I personally have it and I've noticed that by slowing down on walking outside and staying inside and resting up it is the only thing that has helped. That and getting lots of sleep. Good luck!!


                Liz- My husband bought a new couch for us when I was 20 weeks. It was the best investment every since one of us always seems to be sleeping on the couch due to being uncomfortable.


                Schmett- I made my 20 week appt a whole month early to make sure that I  got the day that I wanted. My doctors office also fills up really fast with appts so if they let you I would.


                Ozzy- Happy to hear your still around and that lil one stayed put till 37 weeks. Now you can plan on having the birth that you wanted. I keep checking to see if your on here or if your going to beat me to having your lil tenant too. Keep up the working out schedule!!


                  MA - Great job on the 6 miles! Dayquil was on my list of safe meds, so took some of that when I was pg, and lots of steamy showers to loosen the congestion.  I'm afraid of neti pots because I read about a few people who got those brain-eating ameobas from using unfiltered tap water in their neti pot.  I have an irrational fear of brain-eating amoebas, though - two kids have died after contracting them from a lake here in MN.


                  Liz - I would agree that incontinence can be a problem for any woman post-partum, and working on kegels is probably more important that foregoing running.  Yay for new couch!


                  Schmett - Ugh on the stomach bug - no fun! I feel yucky this morning and I'm worried I've got something similar...I hope you're able to schedule the big u/s - I can't remember, are you going to find out the sex?


                  Ozzy - congrats on 37 weeks and full term! Yay for new carpet - exciting to get those projects done before baby arrives.


                  PGR: 20w6d. Dr. appt tomorrow.  Nervous about the anatomy scan results, just because I'm a worrier, apparently.  I've been getting more uncomfortable at night, and I'm not a fan of that.  My back hurt so bad Saturday night I could not sleep and ended up propping myself up on pillows and trying to sleep upright for a while to relieve the pain - but then my hands were going numb so I was paranoid I was putting pressure on that vein, so I eventually moved to the couch to see if that would help...not much. It was more tolerable last night but still hurting.


                  RR: I think I'll squeeze in a brisk walk over lunch with the dog.  I have vball scheduled for tonight but I think my vball days are over.


                  NPGR: As I mentioned to schmett, I'm feeling pretty lousy this morning, and I'm a bit worried I have some sort of stomach bug.  We had a good weekend, took all our Christmas decorations down Saturday, started to tackle some of the mess in our office/storage room, and went to eat and to see Django Unchained yesterday.  I was a bit surprised by the number of elderly people in the theater for a Quentin Tarantino film - I think some of them were , um, unimpressed, but I thought it was pretty good.  Bball practice starts up again this week, so things are going to get a bit hectic - I need to start planning my time wisely to get things done.


                    Tayra: good luck! I have a suggestion for inducing labour, go see Life of Pi and stay up all night at a youth group allnighter, then when you go home to sleep your water will break ( ie, make it the worst time ever for it to happen and it will)


                    Sounds like you are all doing well - I think my stitch error is starting to heal, so might venture out for a walk today! Oh I guess I'm posting on the wrong forum.. haha.


                      monk - I hope your cold goes away soon! I had a cold at about 6 weeks, another one around 12 weeks, and now I've had a lingering crud that hasn't gone into a full-blown anything for about a week.  I hope you're able to get some relief from that and the SI pain.


                      tay - Sounds like you are getting close - 4 cm dialated sounds promising! I hope the membrane strip gets things moving along for you!


                        Hi All!   New to the group here! So bear with me as I get used to the abbreviations and such Smile


                        RR: I "ran" for the first time in a long while as I got injured right before I got pregnant. I think this is my 3rd try at it since then (I also had the flu and that kept me down). Anyway, with the injury my PTs has me run/walking. Did 10 intervals of 2 min run/30sec walk. It was slow...but glad I did it!  Hoping I can keep it up. It is hard adjusting to such a different routine (I ran a half marathon 2 weeks before i got pregnant and it was a good one for me)


                        PGR: 12w1d. hoping the morning sickness and heart burn are really subsiding...not getting my hopes up. Had the morning sickness until about week 20 with my first.


                        NPGR: Taking a 3 week winter session course that starts today...ack. lots to do.


                        Anyway, excited I found this forum! You guys are inspirational!  and hope you all who are sick feel better soon! Being sick and pregnant is no fun!!


                          MA: Great pic! And really nice work on the running despite stubbing your toe! You'd know by now if it were broken - I broke a toe last year when I stubbed it against my bed frame. Ouch! I've heard from my doctor you can take Benadryl for your cold. If you don't like the neti pot, there are nasal sprays that are 100% water, and one that specializes in helping clear congestion. Hope it clears soon!


                          Liz: How weird that pains you had from 13 years ago come back when we're preggo. My broken elbow has been aching - maybe it's our additional weight? I haven't heard about that no running rule in the third trimester, but I think you'd know if you're hurting your pelvic floor. I say keep up your kegels and it should help quell any issues.


                          Schmetterling: So sorry to read about your holiday. I've never heard of a ticket for following a commercial vehicle too closely. They must have been trying to reach their monthly quotas on tickets, or something. That sucks. EAT ALL THE ICE CREAM!


                          Ozzy: LOL on your bathing suit. I say rock that bikini instead!


                          Monk: What kind of exercises are best for your SI. Are you allowed to do yoga? I'm so sorry you're sick still. That SUCKS. And if it's any consolation - I've been walking around outside with an open coat and a really ugly sweatshirt because I can't zip anything up. Smile


                          Tay: sorry you're feeling cranky. It's good to see you back on the forums! Good luck today at the doc!


                          TNesq: I've read recently that the vein and lying on your back is mostly a myth - I just know that I can lie on my back somedays and others, I know when I have to move because I feel a little dizzy. Don't be afraid to try it and your body will tell you when it's time to move. And the worrying? Completely normal. I didn't relax during this pregnancy until well after 20 weeks.


                          CanadaJazz: I'm happy you're still posting here Smile




                          PGR: 38w1d. So close! A lot of people keep asking my DH if I'm "done" with this pregnancy and to be honest, I'm not! There are some annoying things, but to be honest, I still get a kick out of feeling her move around. I figured out the pelvic pain I'm experiencing is from sitting on the birthing/exercise ball! I'm doing it to help move the baby into the optimal spot for birthing, but I'm also getting up every 10 minutes to walk around to reduce stiffness.


                          PGR2: Finished my birthing plan this weekend with help from my doula. Funny how I was so panicked about giving birth about 6 weeks ago and now my biggest concern about the birthing process is having to share a semi private room. Funny how things change as the pregnancy progresses.


                          ER: I've done the DVD for the past 4 days in a row, and I'm going to do it again today! I've just walked the dog in the frigid cold.


                          NPGR: (Kind of PGR related) Was supposed to find out if I qualify for maternity benefits on Friday, but the site wasn't updated. I'll check again today I guess...


                            TN - I think the numb hands thing is a common preg symptom. I get it all the time in the night. I don't think it's related to "that vein" (which i also can't recall the name of!).

                            Okay gotta go...


                              OMG I am so frustrated! The stupid page reloaded when I was literally just finishing my post! HATE! So I'll try to get back for personals later since all mine got deleted. Sad


                              ER: Probably a 3 mile walk today as long as it is warm enough outside. Only worked out three times last week due to having this nasty cold. I spent all day Saturday and half of Sunday in bed, sleeping and trying to get over it. If it isn't warm enough outside I'll do a video indoors.


                              PGR: 30w4d. Not much new. DH said I looked like I lost weight yesterday! SO nice of him! I was down 1lb... Not really enough to make a visible difference, but he made me feel good. Also some lady at work said I did pregnancy well, and another person asked if I was 5 months. Let's just say, yesterday was a day full of good feelings! Today I am going to meet up with a woman at the DMV to purchase her bouncy seat (one with the music and vibrator). I didn't get one for the baby shower and after seeing how well my sister's kids sleep in the one she has, I decided it was essential. I'm super excited to get it for $15 instead of $40.


                              NPGR: This cold, which seems to be all over the forum, is so frustrating! It's been holding on for like a week and I'm totally tired of it. DH has it too, and can't seem to get over it. I have to get more sudaphed for him. He's lucky, because he can take all the effective stuff.


                              Back later for personals...


                                PG: 23weeks. Had heartburn over the weekend but overall feeling good. Did some registry shopping. It was fun but I don’t think I’ve ever spent 3hr in one store before and I still have Target registry to do! There are too many options out there. Does anyone have a preference on baby carriers? I went with the moby wrap. It looked the most comfortable for mom and baby.


                                RR: I haven’t run in about 1.5 weeks. I didn’t get a chance to go Friday like I planned because I went home to check on DH and didn’t have the motivation to leave once I was home. He thinks it was food poisoning from one of my favorite places Chipotle! I wore my support band while doing weights and on a hike. I think its really going to help. I’m running with a group of friends tomorrow so I hope I can make it thru a 3miler. I went on an amazing 10 mile (mostly flat) hike along the pacific coast yesterday. It felt so nice to be outdoors in a great setting with perfect weather.


                                NPGR: First 5 day work week in a while. Its going to be a long one.


                                MA: I recommend the netti pot. I was scared of it at first but it truly helps. Just make sure you wash it before and after each use. Great job on the run!


                                Liz: My dr didn’t seem to excited that I was still running. He didn’t really say why or flat out tell me to stop but also suggested I consider switching the elliptical and wear a support band during all exercise.


                                Schm: bummer about the ticket  Hope you’re feeling better.


                                Ozzy: Sounds like you’re doing an amazing job with your workouts this far along


                                Monk: Get well soon. You sound miserable. I cant button my coat and I’m swimming in DH’s coats. I’ve been wearing a cardigan w/ scarf and just leaving my coat unbuttoned but then again its not that cold compared to where some of you live. T


                                ay: give us an update after your dr appt. Hang in there, you’re almost there! TN: I’ve also had that numbing feeling but I move positions and it goes away although its getting harder to find a comfortable sleeping position. I’m a stomach sleeper.


                                Vegan: Welcome and congrats!!!


                                You: hope you find out about your benefits soon!!! That’s crazy its taking so long.


                                Sash: Yay for all the positive comments and feeling good!!!