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    VeganMama - welcome and congrats! I'm not running this pg because of a prior injury and issues TTC prior to getting pg. I have a 12 y-o DSD and currently pg with our first and second together, girl/girl twins.


    yjpm - Is the birthing ball the same as a regular exercise ball?  I think I'm going to pick one up - I had one but lost the little plug thingy after a few moves.  I'm glad you'r enjoying the last weeks of your pregnancy - it really does seem to fly by, and since this is quite possibly my ONLY pg, I'm trying to soak it all in, even the not-so-nice parts.


    Liz - good to know I'm not the only one with numb hands, or the pg brain that can't remember what that important vein is called Smile


    sasha - wow, I didn't realize you were at 30 weeks already? Time is flying!


    mann - boo to the heartburn - the 10-mile hike sounds great, especially along the pacific coast!


    I thought the only yoga studio in town was not offering prenatal classes at the beginning of 2013, but just found out that they are through the community ed program, so I can sign up - woohoo! And, they are on a night that they won't conflict with bball practices, and I don't have to have any experience to participate - I mainly want to go to meet other mamas-to-be, and shake up the exercise, so I'm excited. at $11/class, they seem a bit steep, but oh well.  I'm also going to check out the local moms of multiples group this month - hoping to find some previously untapped resources for suggestions for twins there...


      Liz - lots of women on the supermom thread ran during pregnancy and also have post-baby incontinence.  Has nothing to do with whether or not you ran.  Mostly it is associated with a vaginal birth.  Some women find Kegels help.  One of the considerations for running in the 3rd tri is the increase in the hormone relaxin which means that you could be injuring your pelvis and joints and not feel it because the hormone, which is getting you ready for the physical demands of labor, is masking the pain you would normally feel.  This is only a consideration.


      Running in the 3rd tri is a personal choice but will likely not result in a materially different birth or after birth recovery regardless of anecdotal evidence.  Staying moderately active through walking elliptical is just as effective and can be a good substitute in the 3rd tri for those who choose to scale back the running.

      Laura G in Idaho

        Hey, ladies!  So nice to read all the updates.


        PGR:  24w 3d.  Feeling good, sleeping well.  Sounds like I'm one of the few who isn't dealing with a cold.  My last pregnancy I had a cold most of the time.  Yes, it is miserable, and I feel sorry for all of you who have colds.  Take extra vitamin D3 from lanolin, about 5000 IUs per every 10 lbs body weight (including your extra pregnancy weight) every day, for up to 3 days.  Also helpful, elderberry, zinc, up to 2000 mg vitamin C daily (this is the upper limit in late pregnancy because additional C has the potential to cause scurvy in the newborn), your regular prenatal vitamins, and also extra oil-based, non-beta-carotene vitamin A up to 15,000 IU (beta-carotene, a precursor to vitamin A is associated with toxic overdoses, but it takes much more of the naturally-occuring vitamin A from animal sources, such as fish oil, butter, etc. to overdose).


        RR:  Ran 4 miles this morning.  Indoors on the indoor track at the Y.  Blegh.  I hate running inside, but it's snowing right now, and lots of ice, with the fresh dusting of snow over the top made it very, very slick.  Not just slick for me running, but I was also worried that a car could lose control and I might get hit, since I run alongside the road.  I got a lot of looks while running.  One muscle-head at the water fountain asked me when I was due, and was totally checking me out, ha ha!  It was flattering to know I still look good.  The Y is so crowded this month.  At least the daytime is better than evenings.  It's nearly impossible to get to machines you need during their busy hours in the evenings.


        ER:  Tomorrow I will be at the Y again, for a swim and some time on the exercise bike.  I don't think I'll have trouble accessing what I need in the morning, but if I'm late, I may have to wait for an exercise bike, or a swimming lane to open up.




        MA:  You are a super-star, running 6 miles in your 30th week!  The neti pot worried me, too, but after using it, and the other version, where you squirt it up your nose, I'm a believer.  Give it a try.  It really does help!  Also, keep a humidifier going all the time, especially at night.  Put some Vick's Vaporub on your chest and under your nose at night.  The eucalyptus should help with the congestion.


        Liz:  Are you taking a Bradley or similar birthing class?  I used to teach Bradley, but they wouldn't update their info or materials, so I have ventured out on my own.  Yay for the couch!  I'll tell you what I read in Clapp's book Exercising Through Your Pregnancy (2012).  He says "No difference in the incidence or degree of urinary incontinence after the birth was evident, but the duration of non-exercise-induced incontinence (lifting, coughing, and so on) was much shorter in exercisers (less than one month) than in the controls (three months to a year)." (p. 94).  I never had incontinence for my first 9 pregnancies, but after the 9th, I had a small issue for about 3 months or so after the birth.  After the 10th (my 10th was the first time I exercised through pregnancy, and I slowed WAY down, especially at the end), I had an issue for maybe 6 weeks or so.  So far, with #11, I've started having incontinence problems for about a month now.  I do my kegels, and I squat, but probably not regularly enough to really help.


        schmett:  That really rots to get a ticket for following too close.  What a bummer!  Go eat some ice cream!


        Ozzy:  Ha ha!  How embarrassing that might have been if the swimsuit decided to disintegrate in the pool!  Hope it'll last just a little longer for you.


        monk:  Hope that SI joint continues to improve.


        tay:  I hope the membrane sweep gets things going for you.  It's easy to get whiny at the end.  Be kind to yourself.


        TN:  Try not to worry about all the prenatal tests and scans.  Ask yourself, "If the worst result I could imagine happened, would it change how much I love my baby?  Would it change any of my decisions regarding my pregnancy or the birth?  Would I rise to the occasion?"  Of course you would.  We all get to work with the cards we are dealt, and most of the time, we rise to the occasion, no matter what the situation.


        Canada:  Nice to hear from you again.  Glad the stitches are healing.


        Vegan:  Welcome!  You'll probably be able to regain a good deal of the lost fitness from taking time off.  Muscle memory is an amazing thing.  It won't be like starting over with a couch to 5k.  A few run/walks, and you'll likely be back up to running at least a 5k in no time.


        YouJust:  As long as you are in good humor about being pregnant, it makes the waiting a lot more pleasant.  Good for you.  And, I'm so glad you're relaxed about giving birth.  The key to a less-painful birth is mental, physical, and emotional relaxation.


        sasha:  How nice to have such a great compliment from DH.  Pregnancy really is beautiful!


        Mann:  The moby wrap is great when baby is small, but as baby grows, the stretchiness doesn't support baby's weight very well.  So, you'll want to switch to a woven-material wrap when baby gets bigger.


          Update...... I went in and since I was having my membranes sweeped they checked my dilation.. When contracting I'm an easy 5cm and am now 70% effaced. She swept my membranes and said that she would couldn't believe I was walking around as far dilated as I was but the body does some weird things. I have now walked for the past 2.5hrs trying to get this lil guy out. I have great contractions when I'm walking but they seem to taper off when I sit. My legs are tired so I'm taking a break right now. The midwives were laughing because my lil guy absolutely hates contractions and rather than sitting still he starts pushing against it. The midwife called him a lil rascal.. hahaha.. I love it... Anyways... I'm hoping to try and walk his lil butt out tonight. Laura- Thanks for the reassuring thoughts on being crabby. I'm getting really excited to meet my lil guy and not be pregnant. I'm also having quite the contractions so I'm ready for them to be done and the LO to be out... TN- As for the tests and scans I skipped them all. I decided that if something was wrong with LO no matter what I was going to have him. As far as they can tell he is as healthy and strong as can be. Mann- I have horrible heartburn and learned to carry Tums with me everywhere I go. The heartburn only got worse the further along in the pregnancy that I got. Hang in there.

            Laura - you are an animal with the workouts - great job.  My worrying takes a much more morbid angle - I usually worry about something terminal - we have turned down all testing for defects other than the anatomy scan because we wouldn't terminate the pregnancy anyway, but I still can't help but worry sometimes that something may be fatally wrong with one ore both - doesn't help that I had a dream last night that we lost one twin...ugh.  But you're right, worrying about it won't change the outcome anyway, right?


            tay - Oh, sounds crazy promising, and just think, you've made it halfway through dilating already - crazy!


              TN: Right?! Time flies! I wouldn't worry too much about the hands going numb. I went through a phase like that around where you are right now. If I slept on my right side my right hand would go to sleep. But after a few weeks it went away and I don't have that problem anymore. I'm with you on not testing. I feel there's no reason since there is no way we would terminate the pregnancy. I understand about the worrying though. I used to worry that my baby would be missing an arm or something. (so weird the ideas we get in our heads), but I'm trying to let it go and give it to God b/c there's nothing I can do about it. I'm sure your babies will be good and healthy!


              Laura: Great job on the run! I know about the hated track. I hate it worse than the TM because I hate counting laps. 11 for a mile!? Lame! Sounds like you are in great shape, even if you've gained more than you want. You should be able to loose the weight no problem with all the exercise beforehand.


              Tay: Wow! 5 cm is pretty awesome! My sister went into labor with her first completely undialated and it took her 29 hours of super hard labor to get the baby out. I'm going to try to go easy and not go into labor too soon for that reason. I'd rather be a bit dialated and not have to have serious contractions for 29 hours straight!

              MA runner girl

                Well I came straight home. I was just way too tired and congested to go to the gym. I'm sure swimming would have been even worse. I'm in my pjs and resting. This cold is kicking my butt harder than I thought I guess Sad I did walk briskly for 30 min at lunch so I wasn't a complete lump on a log today.


                Liz - I guess I'm taking your advice on the rest day Wink I hope you enjoy your class tonight! We opted for the 1.5 day class in Feb as DH's schedule is too unpredictable. I'm not really concerned with running in the third tri, unless of course my midwife has a problem with it. I can't imagine that ONLY women who run have that problem...


                schmetterling - Well dang, I'm sorry your vacation was spent being sick and/or surrounded by sick people the whole time! I bet you are excited to be back home. Ha on the weight gain. I felt the same way after I was SO nauseaus and gained nothing (lost a pound even) in the first tri... let's just say I've definitely caught up! haha I think I'm going to have DH put the humidifyer in our room tonight, it's in the kitchen as far away as possible...


                Ozzy - You look amazing in your FB pic! I would be rocking that bikini too if I looked like that at 37 weeks! Wink I don't blame you for moving your shower to be close to home. My shower is at 34 weeks and that felt late to me!! (I know it's not I'm just anxious like that lol)


                Monk - I'm sad because my nice fancy winter coat doesn't button anymore... well I could still squeeeeeze the buttons on last week... thankfully I have 2 large north face jackets that still fit with room to grow! I'm sorry the SI joint is still bothering you, hoping the chiro helps you tomorrow! Hope you can kick the cold in the butt too!


                Tay - Ugh, sucks to be pregnant in the winter! There is so much sickness around. I usually don't get anything, and I've had 2 colds! Wow, 5 inches dialated! I hope things keep progressing for you. I'm glad work is all set up for you to be gone. Can't wait for you to meet your baby!


                TN - Um thanks, now I definitely don't want to try the netti pot!!! LOL I didn't think Dayquil was ok.. I will look into that. I'm sorry about that back pain, I hope you feel better. Can you get to a chiro? I swear mine is my savior!!! Eeek I hope you don't have a stomach bug. We turned down the other testing too, other than anatamy for the same reasons. I'm sure everything is just fine in there Smile


                Canada - Glad the stitch error is healing up. Good luck with that walk!


                Vegan - I'm glad you are back to getting runs in, even if it's not what you were used to prepregnancy. I'm sure any moving will help you with delivery and recovery from birth! Oh man, I can't imagine m/s until 20 weeks!!! I stopped having mine right around 13 weeks, hope yours is done!


                YJPM - I'm glad you have a plan in place and are feeling less panicked about giving birth, I'm definitely NOT there yet! LOL I'm glad that you haven't gotten to the point of being "done" yet. That's awesome, and I hope I can be the same! I love feeling baby move, it makes me so happy, every time Smile


                Sasha - You scared me.. I just copied my post in case that happens to me... lol Not you too with the cold! Man, seems like at least half of us have it... I'm glad you are feeling good, and getting positive comments. DH gave the cold to me, and I can't even tell if he has it still or not since he can take meds.. Not fair!


                Mann - I registered for both a moby and an ergo. I noticed someone bought the ergo, yay! I hear ya on the 5 day work week... oye it already feels long! I hope the run with friends goes well, I have a much easier time running with others, it goes by much faster and I don't even notice the uncomfortable things I notice while I'm alone.


                Laura - Glad you are feeling well and sleeping well! I can't imagine having a cold like this for the majority of pregnancy! ACK! Good call on the vicks, I may have DH pick some up on his way home. Thanks! I haven't gone to the gym yet this year... and I'm kinda glad. It's just so crazy for the first few weeks!


                Phew I think I got everyone!! Have a great night ladies!

                PRs: 5k - 21:23, half marathon - 1:39:43, marathon - 4:01:15


                  MA: Holy crap! 6 miles is ridiculous! I'm super proud of you! I actually went out with DH today for a 3 mile walk and he wanted to run a bit so we ended up running most of the way and I did pretty well. Slow, but I was happy to be running again. +1 to the benadryl. It will help a lot, especially at night. My midwife says it's safe for preggos.


                  Liz: Have fun with the birthing classes. They do sound intense. I can't wait for mine. I'm hoping it helps me get rid of the jitters I have about birth. Yay for a couch! I can't wait til we have a place we are going to stay for a few years and we can get one.


                  Schmett: Um, yeah, cops in the South have nothing to do and they ticket for the weirdest things. VA cops will ticket for 5 over all the time. When DH and I lived in Boston for 7 months I wondered why they even bothered with traffic cops. They never pull people over!


                  Ozzy: Congrats on 37 weeks! Now you can have your homebirth! And totally rock that bikini! You can definitely pull it off.


                  Monk: Don't be too hard on yourself where exercise is concerned. Take it easy for a week or so, especially with that cold. Give yourself time to heal from both things and then ease back into gentle walking etc. No need to injure yourself further, emotionally or physically.


                  Canada: Glad you are healing! And you can totally post here anytime. Miss you already!


                  VeganMama: Welcome and congrats on making second tri. Hopefully you will feel better soon. First tri was pretty not fun for me too. Run walking is great, and often necessary. Keep it up!


                  YJPM: Glad that you are still cool with being pregnant this far along. It gives me hope that I might still be ok at that stage instead of miserable. Great job with the workouts!