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    RR - 10K with Sam.  My feet were cold all day yesterday and are warm now, not looking foward to the cold slush.


    TR - apparently he was an angel for DH while I was at work, but threw a huge tantrum at bathtime and was glad it was DH's night to bathe him.


    FR - grilled cheese, tomato soup.


    NRR - have a nyquil hangover.

    5K - 24:10 | 8K - 40:41  | 10K - 51:40.6 | HM - 1:51:10 | 30K - 2:44:54 | Marathon - 3:59:26





      RR: 7 tonight on the TM.


      TR: went to bed after 11 last night. So tired this morning.


      NRR: went to lulu looking for something green to wear for Shamrock and they had nada. got a pacesetter skirt instead. Went to whole foods for goodies. It was wonderful. Now we are heading to the annual law enforcement award ceremony. Talk about snoozefest. Smile


      FR: breakfast for dinner.


      Zorbs: I love when C acts up for DH so he doesn't think I am being overly dramatic about the tantrums.


        RR: 10m with stroller. Yesterday's 5m recovery was pretty horrible - it was lashing rain, 37 and all in all not very pleasant. I had my hood up but still, the rain was stinging my face. You know you are training when you go out and run in that. It was probably luxurious compared to the snow you girls have had so I will stop b*tching about it. I have to figure out when I am going to do my 20m - it is supposed to snow tomorrow but I am flying out sunday so I only have fri/sat to choose from. hhmmm. Set up coaching session with bermy coach for monday so want to be rested.


        NRR: waiting on best buy to deliver TV stand/cabinet thing. went to mall yesterday and bought some jeans, well, more like skinny jeans/ jeggins from gap. Thought of you mrszm as I pulled the first pair off the shelf, tried them on and they fit perfectly. It very rarely happens. I also go two long sleeved t-shirts. then I went to gas station and used a US pump for the first time. In Bermy you have to pay someone to pump your gas, no choice as they authorise the pump system. it has been a decade since I pumped my gas. Anyway, long story short but I had to go in as the pumps don't take bermy cards and then I had no idea which petrol was which and how much the car would take. And I wouldn't leave DS in the car when I went inside as I saw the news of abduction. The kid came out and helped me in the end.


        BR: had a blast at barnes and noble with their train set and cuddling every single toy and book. We must have spent 40 mins in there and came away with some books.


        FR: whole foods was a hit although pricey except for some things which were crazy cheap like cannellini beans. DS had a blast in their police car trolley. He has never been in one before.

        5K 21.12   10K 50:12   HM 2:07   FM 3:50:31


          NRR2: got accused of being posh. In Publix by the cashier. I told him I was not posh, but British.

          5K 21.12   10K 50:12   HM 2:07   FM 3:50:31


            RR - SRD. Will do a short yoga dvd tonight.


            TR - I had her out sledding before our stroller run yesterday evening and she didn't throw a fit in the stroller for the first time in weeks. Maybe the key is the let her play outside and tire her out before putting her in the stroller. Of course, it was just a 5k run so I'm not sure if this technique will hold up for longer runs.


            FR - Pork chops with apple cider sauce, mashed potatoes and broccoli.


            NRR - Despite all the complaining about snow, I have to say it looks quite picturesque here, with thick snow blanketing all the trees. And it's really mild out. But alas, it is not to last as it is supposed to get cold and windy again tomorrow.




            zorbs - Did you catch DH's man cold or is the Nyquil preventative? I hope your feet stayed dry on your run! It's not slushy here, but I guess it's probably a few degrees warmer where you are.

            5k - 20:46          10k - 41:27         10 mile - 1:15:32          Half marathon - 1:39:15      


              RR: 7 miles with 3 at tempo pace in a bit.


              TR: slept in til 7 this morning, awesome!


              NRR: my mom is coming out today Smile


              zorbs: hope the run goes well. Cold wet feet sucks! My run was like that yesterday.


              becky- wow that's a late night! Sounds like a fun shopping trip!

               5K: 19:15       Half: 1:29:35       Marathon: 3:13:08



                Bermy- posh, like Victoria Beckham?! Ugh that is worse weather to run in than snow! Glad things are going well for you!! R loves the train table at B&N!


                Ernie- enjoy your SRD! I find that Rbis much better behaved in the stroller/shopping cart if I have him outside to play and burn off some energy first

                 5K: 19:15       Half: 1:29:35       Marathon: 3:13:08



                  zorbs - Boo to B being a pain at bathtime but glad you didn't have to deal with him.  Hope you had a great run.


                  Becky - Don't fall asleep at the ceremony.  That stinks that lulu didn't have anything green but glad you got a skirt.  Have a good 7 tonight.


                  Bermy - You are putting in some serious miles these days.  I hope the 10 is much better than yesterdays 5.  I would try to knock out your LR tomorrow if you can you are rested for your coaching session on Monday.  I am sure you will be glad to be back with your coach for a little while.  Glad you and DS had fun at B&N and WF!  I am jealous of all of you who live near a Whole FoodsSad


                  ernie - Sounds like S needs to burn some energy before sitting in the stroller.  Enjoy your rest day and the pretty snow while it lasts.  Supposed to get cold and windy here tomorrow.  I am over winter.


                  rg - Enjoy the visit from your mom and glad R slept in.  I would love that these days.


                  RR - 5 yesterday @7:13 pace...5 again today.


                  TR - When I went to pick him up at daycare I got pulled into a conference with his teacher.  Apparently for the past 2 weeks he has been a bit naughty and needy and they don't know how to help him.  I don't either.  ADVICE PLEASE!!  Here is the situation...he has been very needy of adult attention and gets very upset when his teachers leave the room.  They do organized activities in the morning and when those are over they have a 30 min quiet (alone) play time.  He won't play alone.  They said he is constantly running and going and trying to see what others are doing and doesn't sit still for a more than a few seconds and then he is always doing things he knows he is not supposed to do like climbing on the shelves, tipping chairs over, etc.  He says..."No no no" before he does it.  Or when he climbs on something he says "sit down" before he does it.  So he knows its wrong.  Often times he will wait until the teacher looks at him and says no and then he does it.  Daycare doesn't give time outs as they can't for safety reasons but we do at home.  He does some of this at home but not very often.  He also plays very well alone when he is at home. . We have concluded that it might be the stimulation and all of the things going on around him that he can't focus/concentrate.  I just hope he doesn't turn out to be ADD or ADHD...lol.  Any advice on ways to work on this at home?


                  NRR - Super tired these days.  Exams are going well though and I am making good progress on getting things ready for the 3rd trimester of the school year.  Glad DH is home this week to help out with J.


                  FR - Got stuff to use my other pizza crust so we will be having pizza tonight.  AGAINSmile


                    Good morning!


                    RR:  Yesterday I ended up running 10 mi with H in the stroller.  I learned how difficult it is to push the BOB through snow!  I also got the windshield on there correctly, it turned out DH had installed the top part incorrectly.  I didn't get my full 12 in because H was wanting to get out of the stroller since it was late and my legs were really sore.  SRD today since my day is crazy.


                    BR:  Cute as a button.  He has this little blue chair that he loves carrying around.  Yesterday he put his chair in front of the dog, sat in it, and then started reading her a story.  Then he put his stuffed animals in the chair and sat on them.  He is hours of entertainment.


                    NRR:  AF is here and with a vengenace.  It isn't bad aside from the amount.  I have never had a period this heavy before.  IUD has been out for about a month and it has been great - increased energy, no mood swings, better moods, etc.


                    This morning at school we are learning to place IVs.  We probably won't ever do it since it is more in the scope of a nurse, but I am excited to learn!  However, I am a little concered about the amount of blood I am already losing.  Hopefully I don't pass out!


                    zorbs - Does DH always watch B when you work?


                    becky - Enjoy the ceremony.  Hope you don't fall asleep Smile


                    bermy - Funny story about the gas,  I went to high school in Oregon, where they don't allow you tp pump your own gas either, so when I moved to CA for college, it was a similar story.


                    ernie - Great idea about the sledding first!  I will have to try that.


                    RG - Enjoy your  mom!  And I wondered the same thing regarding bermy's comment, Posh spice? haha


                    jen - Great job on the pace.  You are flying!  I really have no advice on the behavior thing but am sending hugs your way.  The only time I can get H to sit still is with books so we might be in a similar situation soon.

                    5k - 21:32  FM - 3:27:40


                      RR:  5 after work on a TM.  Not sure if I will run in the city I work in or where I live.  All depends.


                      TR:  Was a gem last night.  Started melting down around 7:45, I think he was just so tired he didn't know what he wanted.  Its just the two of us again tonight since DH has man plans.


                      NRR:  Yesterday was nice.  I napped in the morning, read a big chunk of my book club book and got to watch some TV.  (Which I never do.)  I picked J up around 4 and we had a good night together.  I got to watch Kourtney and Kim take Miami too which was a HUGE treat.  (DH hates my shows!)


                      FR:  I felt good all day, but horrible last night.  Nauseaous and had a horrible tummy ache.  Made french toast for J and I but it didn't sit well with me at all.



                      zorbs - See....he does have good in him!  Sounds like bathtime is a constant battle for you.


                      beckykay - Yum, Whole Foods.  DH came to bed at 11 last night and I guess I was talking to him and then excalimed that I had to pee and got up.  Totally don't remember it.


                      bermy - Sounds like you are figuring out this whole US thing! Smile  Oh, to be a fly on the wall with your adventures.  B&N is the best...so is Whole Foods! Smile


                      ernie - Your FR sounds really really good.  The snow here is also very pretty on the trees, etc.  Driving in it is another story!


                      rg - Sounds like happiness all around for you!  Have a great time with your mom.


                      jen - That is a rockin pace!  Smile  What did you buy to put on your pizza.  I have to agree with others that if J is misbehaving and purposely pushing buttons, they need to stop him before it happens or figure out their discipline plan with him.  Time outs have really helped in our house.


                      Bell rang....kids are waiting....be back later!

                      Upcoming Races: 

                      Gazelle Girl 1/2 Marathon 4/13 - 1:48:46



                        Becky - Your ds is a serious night owl. I will stop complaining about S staying up past 9! I also did some lulu shopping yesterday, but online.


                        Bermy - Running in the snow tomorrow will probably be a lot more pleasant then running in the cold, lashing rain. You'll actually be warmer because you won't get as wet. Quite an ordeal at the gas station - I'm sure it will be much faster and easier next time!


                        Rg - Did you get to sleep in as well or were you working early this morning? Yay for your Mom coming to visit today! How long is she staying?


                        Jen - Nice pace yesterday! What kind of pizza are you making tonight? The not wanting to play quietly/running around constantly sounds pretty normal to me...a lot of toddlers I see refuse to sit still for long, including S. It also sounds like he is clearly testing his limits with the daycare people since he knows he is not supposed to be climbing on things, etc. Maybe he wants more attention from them and that is why he seems so needy and is acting out? I don't really have any advice, but it sounds to me like daycare is going to have to figure out a way to discipline him if they can't do time outs. It's not like you can discipline him from afar and he is too young for you to be able to explain to him that he has to behave at daycare and expect him to abide by that later.

                        5k - 20:46          10k - 41:27         10 mile - 1:15:32          Half marathon - 1:39:15      


                          Morning, flying by for now..


                          RR - not running today, and i mean it this time..


                          BR - so my massage therapist (who is also a registered nurse) thinks C, at 11 months, should be able to pull up into sitting on her own by now and suggested I send her to a physiotherapist..  I have no idea if that's a good idea or not.

                          The nanny is coming by today to spend a couple hours with C, just hanging out and getting familiar with her routine and our house.


                          NRR -  the rental deal fell through, one day before it was supposed to close.  Awesome.  Our agent has another buyer lined up who is already making an offer, and I'm going to guess this one will fall through too.



                          zorbs - ugh medication hangovers are the worst, it's like your head is floating 5 feet above your body...


                          jen - sorry about J's issues at daycare... but nice that DH is around!


                          Sorry, try to be back later, C is trying to eat the laptop and won't let me type...


                            rr: probably 4 on the tm. feeling really tired and burned out lately.


                            rr/qotd: with all this lulu talk it had me online shopping yesterday. what is your go to item there? I was thinking a new pair of shorts or a tank to anticipate spring/summer. i've never been there so i am clueless as to what is the best.


                            br: i was sharing a bagel with him and the dog stole part of it so he would take a bite, hand it to me to put on the counter, go play, come back for another bite, repeat.


                            tr: both were exhausted this morning when i woke them up.


                            nrr: just realized that we have something going on nearly every hour of every day this weekend.


                            fr: chicken sandwiches.


                            bbl for personals when i am not on the ipad.


                              jen - You might be doing this already, but I am a big believer in 'meet the need and the need goes away' (as opposed to ignore or punish the need). I guess try to spend a ton of time with him one on one.

                              5K 21.12   10K 50:12   HM 2:07   FM 3:50:31


                                RR - would like to run a few miles today but I have a tennis match this morning where I play singles and doubles so if I run it'll have to be later today.  It's cold but sunny so it's a good day for an afternoon run.  I am so sore from my workout yesterday!  She had me doing TRX exercises which I've never done before.  Also wore my new lulu crops (run: inspire) for my 4 mile run, workout with PT and tennis clinic and got lots of compliments.  So far, so good!


                                BR - is in his crib talking to his stuffed animals.  I hate I have to leave him all morning but at least my mom is here so I don't have to bring him to childcare.


                                FR - thinking breakfast for dinner.  Bacon, eggs, homemade pancakes mmm


                                NRR - wish it would warm up already!


                                zorbs - I hate when I have cold feet, it makes the rest of me so cold.


                                becky - bummer you couldn't find anything green!  I have a green skirt from runningskirts and I'm hoping to find a race when we're at the beach over St. Pat's weekend to wear it in.


                                bermy - I hope you are able to get your 20 in this weekend.  It's supposed to be cold here Saturday so I could run anytime Saturday, not necessarily in the morning.  My car has a valve where I put the gas in so I don't have a gas cap and once the valve was stuck and I couldn't get the pump in.  In the end I had 3 men standing around trying to help me, all thinking I was a princess who had never pumped gas before.  It was pretty funny.  We love B&N train tables!


                                ernie - the only time L doesn't throw a fit in the stroller for runs is when he's tired, and then he usually ends up falling asleep which screws up naptime.


                                rg - yay for mom coming out again!  Have a great run!


                                jen - I'm sorry J is getting in trouble at daycare!  That's always so tough because it's not like you can punish him at home for something he did hours ago.  I guess I would just try to focus on giving him lots of attention when he's being good.  I am all about ignoring the bad behavior when you can, and redirecting to other activities rather than bringing any attention to behavior you want him to stop.  If that makes sense.  hopefully eventually he will get it!


                                shelby - you are a rockstar for running that many miles in the snow with the stroller!  Sorry AF is being a bitch but yay for feeling better off the IUD!


                                mer - sounds like the perfect snow day!  I had a hard time with carbs when I was pregnant, I had to eat lots of protein and fat (like peanut butter) to feel OK.


                                cx2 - I would see what her doctor says at her next appt.  People always have different opinions of what you should do.  My DD's doctor was concerned she wasn't walking by 14 months but my mom didn't walk until she was 17 months so I really didn't think it was a big deal.


                                mrszm - I hate that burned out feeling.  Part of me wants to jump right in to another training plan to get ready for my half at the end of april but the other part says ugh, not another training plan!